Journal: IJMLO

Volume 2, Issue 4

305 -- 317Sandy El Helou, Denis Gillet, Christophe Salzmann, Yassine Aziz Rekik. Feed-oriented awareness services for e-logbook mobile users
318 -- 328Kathryn MacCallum, Kinshuk. Mobile technology in collaboration: evaluation of a web-based discussion board
329 -- 345Hans L. Cycon, Henrik Regensburg, Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch, Mark Palkow. Video-based e-learning in groups: combining SIP and multicast in a mobile learning internet infrastructure
346 -- 357Mohammed Otair, A. Y. Al-Zoubi. A new Mobile Business Sales Transaction System
358 -- 368Jeanne Schreurs. Mobile e-learning course scenario model on PDA
369 -- 377Miguel Ángel García-Ruíz, Arthur Walter Edwards, Samir Abou El-Seoud, Raúl Aquino-Santos. Collaborating and learning a second language in a Wireless Virtual Reality Environment

Volume 2, Issue 3

201 -- 215T. Bhuvaneswari, S. L. Beh. Changes in teaching and learning through digital media for higher education institutions
216 -- 236Kay Fielden, Pam Malcolm. Towards a deeper understanding of cell phones in schools: aligning school policy
237 -- 249Claire Bradley, Richard Haynes, Tom Boyle. Designing multimedia learning objects for PDAs
250 -- 270Dean Mohamedally, Panayiotis Zaphiris. Constructionist assessment with mobile software-based paper prototyping
271 -- 282Hiroaki Ogata, Li Hui Gan, Chengjiu Yin, Takahito Ueda, Yasuko Oishi, Yoneo Yano. LOCH: supporting mobile language learning outside classrooms
283 -- 300Yong Lu, Appa Rao Korukonda. Exploratory investigation of student attitudes toward technology based on Wi-Fi usage

Volume 2, Issue 2

103 -- 118Eunice Ratna Sari, Adi B. Tedjasaputra. Exploring potentials and challenges of mobile ICT for learning in Finland and Indonesia
119 -- 132Kenji Matsuura, Naka Gotoda, Keiji Niki, Kazuhide Kanenishi, Yoneo Yano. Supporting multi-step annotation to promote reflective learning: triggered by a cell-phone
133 -- 148Fatma Meawad, Geneen Stubbs. A framework for enabling on-demand personalised mobile learning
149 -- 165Teemu Henrikki Laine, Jarkko Suhonen. Establishing a mobile blog system in a distance education environment
166 -- 186Arianit Kurti, Daniel Spikol, Marcelo Milrad. Bridging outdoors and indoors educational activities in schools with the support of mobile and positioning technologies
187 -- 200Hokyoung Ryu, David Parsons. A learner-centred design of a location-aware learning reminder

Volume 2, Issue 1

4 -- 17Adnan Omar, Lai C. Liu, Kai S. Koong. From disaster recovery to Mobile Learning: a case study
18 -- 35J. Wei, J. Zhuo, H. Zhang. Development of a mobile learning model with usability features for online education
36 -- 47Jesus Tanguma, Lai C. Liu, Kai S. Koong. Hybrid learning and effects on student assessment outcomes
48 -- 61Joseph Rene Corbeil, Janice Wilson Butler, Maria Elena Valdes-Corbeil. Faculty, are you ready for mobile learning? E-learners say they are geared up and ready to engage
62 -- 80Faranak Fotouhi-Ghazvini, Peter S. Excell, Ali Moeini, David Robison. A psycho-pedagogical approach to m-learning in a developing-world context
81 -- 98Yanjie Song. SMS enhanced vocabulary learning for mobile audiences