Journal: IEEE Internet Computing

Volume 8, Issue 6

4 -- 7Robert E. Filman. From the Editor in Chief: The Interface Space
8 -- 11Greg Goth. IE Security Flaws Spike Interest in Alternative Browsers
12 -- 15Alison Skratt. Elsewhere
16 -- 17Michael K. Reiter, Pankaj Rohatgi. Homeland Security
18 -- 24Kenneth Goldman, Enriquillo Valdez. Matchbox: Secure Data Sharing
25 -- 33Michael Atighetchi, Partha Pratim Pal, Franklin Webber, Richard E. Schantz, Christopher C. Jones, Joseph P. Loyall. Adaptive Cyberdefense for Survival and Intrusion Tolerance
34 -- 39Ariel Pashtan, Aware Networks, Andrea Heusser, Peter Scheuermann. Personal Service Areas for Mobile Web Applications
40 -- 50James Joshi, Rafae Bhatti, Elisa Bertino, Arif Ghafoor. Access-Control Language for Multidomain Environments
51 -- 59Nikola Milanovic, Miroslaw Malek. Current Solutions for Web Service Composition
60 -- 68Uwe Zdun, Michael Kircher, Markus Völter. Remoting Patterns
69 -- 79Harry Chen, Timothy W. Finin, Anupam Joshi, Lalana Kagal, Filip Perich, Dipanjan Chakraborty. Intelligent Agents Meet the Semantic Web in Smart Spaces
88 -- 90Daniel A. Menascé. Composing Web Services: A QoS View
91 -- 93Genevieve Bell. Intimate Computing?
94 -- 96Steve Vinoski. WS-Nonexistent Standards

Volume 8, Issue 5

4 -- 6Robert E. Filman. From the Editor in Chief: Interface Pains
7 -- 9Greg Goth. News & Trends
10 -- 13David Clark. From the Newsstand
14 -- 21Rowena Chau, Chung-Hsing Yeh. Fuzzy Conceptual Indexing for Concept-Based Cross-Lingual Text Retrieval
22 -- 28Hady Wirawan Lauw, Siu Cheung Hui, Edmund Ming-Kit Lai. Shared-Storage Auction Ensures Data Availability
30 -- 33Nevil Brownlee, Kenneth C. Claffy. Internet Measurement
34 -- 41Vinay J. Ribeiro, Rudolf H. Riedi, Richard G. Baraniuk. Locating Available Bandwidth Bottlenecks
42 -- 49Prashant Rajvaidya, Kevin C. Almeroth. Multicast Routing Instabilities
50 -- 56Paul Barford, Joel Sommers. Comparing Probe- and Router-Based Packet-Loss Measurement
57 -- 64Thomas Karagiannis, Mart Molle, Michalis Faloutsos. Long-Range Dependence: Ten Years of Internet Traffic Modeling
66 -- 72Vassiliki A. Koutsonikola, Athena Vakali. LDAP: Framework, Practices, and Trends
74 -- 83Walter Binder, Jarle Hulaas. A Portable CPU-Management Framework for Java
84 -- 93E. Michael Maximilien, Munindar P. Singh. A Framework and Ontology for Dynamic Web Services Selection
94 -- 96Steve Vinoski. Is Your Middleware Dead?
97 -- 99Craig W. Thompson. Agents, Grids, and Middleware
100 -- 102Daniel A. Menascé. Mapping Service-Level Agreements in Distributed Applications
103 -- 104Li Gong. It s China(town)

Volume 8, Issue 4

4 -- 6Robert E. Filman. From the Editor in Chief: Not Free, But Relatively Inexpensive
7 -- 9Greg Goth. News & Trends
10 -- 11Adam Stone. Preserving Security and Privacy
12 -- 15David Clark. Elsewhere
16 -- 22Zehua Liu, Wee Keong Ng, Ee-Peng Lim. Personalized Web Views for Multilingual Web Sources
24 -- 31Lee W. McKnight, James Howison, Scott Bradner. Guest Editors Introduction: Wireless Grids--Distributed Resource Sharing by Mobile, Nomadic, and Fixed Devices
32 -- 39Mark Gaynor, Steve Moulton, Matt Welsh, Ed LaCombe, Austin Rowan, John Wynne. Integrating Wireless Sensor Networks with the Grid
40 -- 46Junseok Hwang, Praveen Aravamudham. Middleware Services for P2P Computing in Wireless Grid Networks
48 -- 53Christopher Metz, Mallik Tatipamula. A Look at Native IPv6 Multicast
54 -- 61Flavio De Paoli, Leonardo Mariani. Dependability in Peer-to-Peer Systems
63 -- 71Marc-Philippe Huget. Agent UML Notation for Multiagent System Design
72 -- 79Richard R. Brooks, Thomas E. Keiser. Mobile Code Daemons for Networks of Embedded Systems
81 -- 84Steve Vinoski. Dark Matter Revisited
85 -- 87Daniel A. Menascé, Emiliano Casalicchio. QoS in Grid Computing

Volume 8, Issue 3

4 -- 6Robert E. Filman. From the Editor in Chief: Days of Miracle and Wonder
7 -- 8. Letters to the Editor
9 -- 12Greg Goth. News
13 -- 14Adam Stone. Demanding Internet Enterprise
15 -- 18David Clark. Elsewhere
19 -- 26Cristina Schmidt, Manish Parashar. Enabling Flexible Queries with Guarantees in P2P Systems
27 -- 28Elisa Bertino, Krithi Ramamritham. Guest Editors Introduction: Data Dissemination on the Web
29 -- 36Khaled Ragab, Naohiro Kaji, Yuji Horikoshi, Hisayuki Kuriyama, Kinji Mori. Autonomous Decentralized Community Communication for Information Dissemination
37 -- 45Dimitrios Katsaros, Yannis Manolopoulos. Web Caching in Broadcast Mobile Wireless Environments
46 -- 53Gero Mühl, Andreas Ulbrich, Klaus Herrmann, Torben Weis. Disseminating Information to Mobile Clients Using Publish-Subscribe
54 -- 59Richard R. Brooks. Mobile Code Paradigms and Security Issues
60 -- 65Christopher Metz. The Latest in VPNs: Part II
66 -- 73Katia P. Sycara, Massimo Paolucci, Julien Soudry, Naveen Srinivasan. Dynamic Discovery and Coordination of Agent-Based Semantic Web Services
74 -- 84Carles Pairot, Pedro García López, Antonio F. Gómez-Skarmeta. Dermi: A New Distributed Hash Table-Based Middleware Framework
85 -- 89Craig W. Thompson, Patrick Parkerson. DBMS[me]
90 -- 93Steve Vinoski. More Web Services Notifications
94 -- 96Daniel A. Menascé. Performance and Availability of Internet Data Centers

Volume 8, Issue 2

0 -- 95Grenville J. Armitage. Making the Internet Go Away
4 -- 8Robert E. Filman. From the Editor in Chief: Air System Information Management
9 -- 11Greg Goth. News
12 -- 13Adam Stone. Evolutionary IPv6
14 -- 18. Elsewhere
19 -- 25Seng Kee Tan, Yu Ge, Kean Soon Tan, Chee-Wei Ang, Nirmalya Ghosh. Dynamically Loadable Protocol Stacks: A Message Parser--Generator Implementation
26 -- 33Siu Nam Chuang, Alvin T. S. Chan, Jiannong Cao, Ronnie Cheung. Actively Deployable Mobile Services for Adaptive Web Access
34 -- 44Mourad Ouzzani, Athman Bouguettaya. Efficient Access to Web Services
45 -- 53Peter Triantafillou, Nikos Ntarmos, John Yannakopoulos. A Cache Engine for E-Content Integration
54 -- 60Fernando Bellas. Standards for Second-Generation Portals
61 -- 69John Evans, Clarence Filsfils. Deploying Diffserv at the Network Edge for Tight SLAs, Part 2
70 -- 75Steve Phelps, Valentina A. M. Tamma, Michael Wooldridge, Ian Dickinson. Toward Open Negotiation
76 -- 82Jan-Mark S. Wams, Maarten van Steen. Unifying User-to-User Messaging Systems
83 -- 85Genevieve Bell. Auspicious Computing?
86 -- 90Steve Vinoski. Web Services Notifications
91 -- 93Daniel A. Menascé. QoS-Aware Software Components

Volume 8, Issue 1

0 -- 95Andrew P. Black. Post-Javaism
4 -- 6Robert E. Filman. From the Editor in Chief: Lessons from System Development
7 -- 0Jean Bacon. IEEE Distributed Systems Online: Looking to the Future
8 -- 11Greg Goth, Lisa Rein. News and Trends
12 -- 14Adam Stone. Internet Connectivity: Visions for the Networked Community
15 -- 18. Elsewhere
19 -- 27Hans Albrecht Schmid, Gustavo Rossi. Modeling and Designing Processes in E-Commerce Applications
28 -- 29Charles J. Petrie, Akhil Sahai. Guest Editors Introduction: Business Processes on the Web
30 -- 36Mark Klein, Abraham Bernstein. Toward High-Precision Service Retrieval
37 -- 45Jae-Yoon Jung, Wonchang Hur, Suk-Ho Kang, Hoontae Kim. Business Process Choreography for B2B Collaboration
46 -- 54Boualem Benatallah, Fabio Casati, Farouk Toumani. Web Service Conversation Modeling: A Cornerstone for E-Business Automation
55 -- 60Gregor Gaertner, Vinny Cahill. Understanding Link Quality in 802.11 Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
61 -- 65John Evans, Clarence Filsfils. Deploying Diffserv at the Network Edge for Tight SLAs, Part 1
66 -- 75Michi Henning. A New Approach to Object-Oriented Middleware
76 -- 82José M. Vidal, Paul A. Buhler, Christian Stahl. Multiagent Systems with Workflows
83 -- 86Craig W. Thompson. Everything Is Alive
87 -- 89Steve Vinoski. The More Things Change . . .
90 -- 92Daniel A. Menascé. Response-Time Analysis of Composite Web Services