Journal: Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Volume 44, Issue Supplement-1

0 -- 0Tara Borlawsky, Omkar Lele, Philip R. O. Payne. Research-IQ: Development and evaluation of an ontology-anchored integrative query tool
0 -- 0Terrence F. Meehan, Christopher J. Carr, Jeremy J. Jay, Carol J. Bult, Elissa J. Chesler, Judith A. Blake. Autism candidate genes via mouse phenomics
0 -- 0Paea LePendu, Mark A. Musen, Nigam H. Shah. Enabling enrichment analysis with the Human Disease Ontology
0 -- 0Sasikiran Kandula, Qing Zeng-Treitler, Lingji Chen, William L. Salomon, Bruce E. Bray. A bootstrapping algorithm to improve cohort identification using structured data
0 -- 0Indra Neil Sarkar, Philip R. O. Payne. The joint summits on translational science: Crossing the translational chasm
0 -- 0Philip Ganchev, David Malehorn, William L. Bigbee, Vanathi Gopalakrishnan. Transfer learning of classification rules for biomarker discovery and verification from molecular profiling studies
0 -- 0Joshua D. Franklin, Alicia F. Guidry, James F. Brinkley. A partnership approach for Electronic Data Capture in small-scale clinical trials
0 -- 0Risa B. Myers, Jorge R. Herskovic. Probabilistic techniques for obtaining accurate patient counts in Clinical Data Warehouses
0 -- 0Indra Neil Sarkar. Selected Papers from the 2011 Summit on Translational Bioinformatics
0 -- 0Guoqian Jiang, Harold R. Solbrig, Christopher G. Chute. Quality evaluation of cancer study Common Data Elements using the UMLS Semantic Network
0 -- 0Stephen Luther, Donald J. Berndt, Dezon Finch, Matthew Richardson, Edward Hickling, David Hickam. Using statistical text mining to supplement the development of an ontology
0 -- 0Philip R. O. Payne, Peter J. Embi, Michael G. Kahn. Selected Papers from the 2011 Summit on Clinical Research Informatics
0 -- 0Suresh K. Bhavnani, Sundar Victor, William J. Calhoun, William W. Busse, Eugene Bleecker, Mario Castro, Hyunsu Ju, Regina Pillai, Numan Oezguen, Gowtham Bellala, Allan R. Brasier. How cytokines co-occur across asthma patients: From bipartite network analysis to a molecular-based classification
0 -- 0Van Anh Tran, Nathan Johnson, Susan Redline, Guo-Qiang Zhang. OnWARD: Ontology-driven web-based framework for multi-center clinical studies
0 -- 0Mickaël Fabrègue, Sandra Bringay, Pascal Poncelet, Maguelonne Teisseire, Beatrice Orsetti. Mining microarray data to predict the histological grade of a breast cancer
0 -- 0Matthew Scotch, Indra Neil Sarkar, Changjiang Mei, Robert Leaman, Kei-Hoi Cheung, Pierina Ortiz, Ashutosh Singraur, Graciela Gonzalez. Enhancing phylogeography by improving geographical information from GenBank
0 -- 0David Ruau, Michael Mbagwu, Joel T. Dudley, Vijay Krishnan, Atul J. Butte. Comparison of automated and human assignment of MeSH terms on publicly-available molecular datasets
0 -- 0Abdennaji El Fadly, Bastien Rance, Noël Lucas, Charles N. Mead, Gilles Chatellier, Pierre-Yves Lastic, Marie-Christine Jaulent, Christel Daniel. Integrating clinical research with the Healthcare Enterprise: From the RE-USE project to the EHR4CR platform

Volume 44, Issue 6

919 -- 926Theodosios Theodosiou, I. S. Vizirianakis, Lefteris Angelis, A. S. Tsaftaris, Nikos Darzentas. MeSHy: Mining unanticipated PubMed information using frequencies of occurrences and concurrences of MeSH terms
927 -- 935Zhihui Luo, Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz, Chunhua Weng. Dynamic categorization of clinical research eligibility criteria by hierarchical clustering
936 -- 942Cyril Dalmasso, Philippe Broët. Detection of chromosomal abnormalities using high resolution arrays in clinical cancer research
943 -- 947Thomas George Kannampallil, Guido F. Schauer, Trevor Cohen, Vimla L. Patel. Considering complexity in healthcare systems
948 -- 957Reza Khajouei, Linda W. P. Peute, Arie Hasman, Monique W. M. Jaspers. Classification and prioritization of usability problems using an augmented classification scheme
958 -- 967Jeremiah Scholl, Syed Abdul Shabbir, Luai Awad Ahmed. A case study of an EMR system at a large hospital in India: Challenges and strategies for successful adoption
968 -- 977Andreas Holzinger, Primoz Kosec, Gerold Schwantzer, Matjaz Debevc, Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof, Julia Frühauf. Design and development of a mobile computer application to reengineer workflows in the hospital and the methodology to evaluate its effectiveness
978 -- 988Blaine Reeder, Anne M. Turner. Scenario-based design: A method for connecting information system design with public health operations and emergency management
989 -- 996Adrian Benton, Lyle Ungar, Shawndra Hill, Sean Hennessy, Jun Mao, Annie Chung, Charles E. Leonard, John H. Holmes. Identifying potential adverse effects using the web: A new approach to medical hypothesis generation
997 -- 1003Giuseppe Milani, Corrado Masciullo, Cinzia Sala, Riccardo Bellazzi, Iwan Buetti, Giorgio Pistis, Michela Traglia, Daniela Toniolo, Cristiana Larizza. Computer-based genealogy reconstruction in founder populations
1004 -- 1019Hai Hu, Mick Correll, Leonid Kvecher, Michelle Osmond, Jim Clark, Anthony Bekhash, Gwendolyn Schwab, De Gao, Jun Gao, Vladimir Kubatin, Craig D. Shriver, Jeffrey Hooke, Larry G. Maxwell, Albert J. Kovatich, Jonathan G. Sheldon, Michael N. Liebman, Richard J. Mural. DW4TR: A Data Warehouse for Translational Research
1020 -- 1031José Antonio Miñarro-Giménez, Mikel Egaña Aranguren, Rodrigo Martínez-Béjar, Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis, Marisa Madrid. Semantic integration of information about orthologs and diseases: The OGO system
1032 -- 1038Feifan Liu, Lamont D. Antieau, Hong Yu. Toward automated consumer question answering: Automatically separating consumer questions from professional questions in the healthcare domain
1039 -- 1055Marco Stuit, Hans Wortmann, Nick B. Szirbik, Jan Roodenburg. Multi-View Interaction Modelling of human collaboration processes: A business process study of head and neck cancer care in a Dutch academic hospital
1056 -- 1067Jiajie Zhang, Muhammad F. Walji. TURF: Toward a unified framework of EHR usability
1068 -- 1075Hua Xu, Samir AbdelRahman, Yanxin Lu, Joshua C. Denny, Son Doan. Applying semantic-based probabilistic context-free grammar to medical language processing - A preliminary study on parsing medication sentences
1076 -- 1085Hoon Jin, Han-Chul Lee, Sung Sup Park, Yong-Su Jeong, Seon-Young Kim. Serum cancer biomarker discovery through analysis of gene expression data sets across multiple tumor and normal tissues
1086 -- 1092Yijia Zhang, Hongfei Lin, Zhihao Yang, Yanpeng Li. Neighborhood hash graph kernel for protein-protein interaction extraction
1093 -- 1101Jian-xing, Howard Burkom, Jerome I. Tokars. Method selection and adaptation for distributed monitoring of infectious diseases for syndromic surveillance
1102 -- 1112Samantha Kleinberg, George Hripcsak. A review of causal inference for biomedical informatics
1113 -- 1122Jiaping Zheng, Wendy Webber Chapman, Rebecca S. Crowley, Guergana K. Savova. Coreference resolution: A review of general methodologies and applications in the clinical domain

Volume 44, Issue 5

713 -- 727Kenneth J. Turner, Alex Gillespie, Lynne J. McMichael. Rigorous development of prompting dialogues
728 -- 737Brian E. Chapman, Sean Lee, Hyunseok Peter Kang, Wendy Webber Chapman. Document-level classification of CT pulmonary angiography reports based on an extension of the ConText algorithm
738 -- 748Laila Cure, José Zayas-Castro, Peter Fabri. Clustering-based methodology for analyzing near-miss reports and identifying risks in healthcare delivery
749 -- 759David Sánchez 0001, Montserrat Batet. Semantic similarity estimation in the biomedical domain: An ontology-based information-theoretic perspective
760 -- 774Arnaud Sallaberry, Nicolas Pecheur, Sandra Bringay, Mathieu Roche, Maguelonne Teisseire. Sequential patterns mining and gene sequence visualization to discover novelty from microarray data
775 -- 788Ray L. Somorjai, B. Dolenko, A. E. Nikulin, W. Roberson, N. Thiessen. Class proximity measures - Dissimilarity-based classification and display of high-dimensional data
789 -- 804Isabel Segura-Bedmar, Paloma Martínez, César de Pablo-Sánchez. Using a shallow linguistic kernel for drug-drug interaction extraction
805 -- 814Jung-Wei Fan, Carol Friedman. Deriving a probabilistic syntacto-semantic grammar for biomedicine based on domain-specific terminologies
815 -- 823Maciej A. Mazurowski, Joseph Y. Lo, Brian P. Harrawood, Georgia D. Tourassi. Mutual information-based template matching scheme for detection of breast masses: From mammography to digital breast tomosynthesis
824 -- 829Cao D. Nguyen, Katheleen J. Gardiner, Krzysztof J. Cios. Protein annotation from protein interaction networks and Gene Ontology
830 -- 838Han Zhang, Marcelo Fiszman, Dongwook Shin, Christopher M. Miller, Graciela Rosemblat, Thomas C. Rindflesch. Degree centrality for semantic abstraction summarization of therapeutic studies
839 -- 847Harsh Dweep, Carsten Sticht, Priyanka Pandey, Norbert Gretz. miRWalk - Database: Prediction of possible miRNA binding sites by "walking" the genes of three genomes
848 -- 858Daehyun Kim, Balaji Polepalli Ramesh, Hong Yu. Automatic figure classification in bioscience literature
859 -- 868Di Zhao, Chunhua Weng. Combining PubMed knowledge and EHR data to develop a weighted bayesian network for pancreatic cancer prediction
869 -- 880Catalina Martínez-Costa, Marcos Menárguez Tortosa, Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis. Clinical data interoperability based on archetype transformation
881 -- 896Bader Aljaber, David Martínez, Nicola Stokes, James Bailey. Improving MeSH classification of biomedical articles using citation contexts
897 -- 908Heather A. Taylor, Dori Sullivan, Cydney Mullen, Constance M. Johnson. Implementation of a user-centered framework in the development of a web-based health information database and call center
909 -- 918Karen Marie Lyng, Birgitte Seierøe Pedersen. Participatory design for computerization of clinical practice guidelines

Volume 44, Issue 4

509 -- 518Liang-Chih Yu, Chien-Lung Chan, Chao-Cheng Lin, I.-Chun Lin. Mining association language patterns using a distributional semantic model for negative life event classification
519 -- 528Juan C. Caicedo, Fabio A. González, Eduardo Romero. Content-based histopathology image retrieval using a kernel-based semantic annotation framework
529 -- 535B. Chandra, Manish Gupta 0005. An efficient statistical feature selection approach for classification of gene expression data
536 -- 544Yue W. Webster, Ernst R. Dow, Jacob Koehler, Ranga Chandra Gudivada, Mathew J. Palakal. Leveraging health social networking communities in translational research
553 -- 564Christos D. Melas, Leonidas A. Zampetakis, Anastasia Dimopoulou, Vassilis Moustakis. Modeling the acceptance of clinical information systems among hospital medical staff: An extended TAM model
565 -- 575Fulvia Ferrazzi, Felix B. Engel, Erxi Wu, Annie P. Moseman, Isaac S. Kohane, Riccardo Bellazzi, Marco Ramoni. Inferring cell cycle feedback regulation from gene expression data
576 -- 586Xiangming Mu, Hohyon Ryu, Kun Lu. Supporting effective health and biomedical information retrieval and navigation: A novel facet view interface evaluation
587 -- 594Lawrence D. Fu, Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs, Lily Wang, Constantin F. Aliferis. A comparison of evaluation metrics for biomedical journals, articles, and websites in terms of sensitivity to topic
595 -- 606Ickwon Choi, Brian J. Wells, Changhong Yu, Michael W. Kattan. An empirical approach to model selection through validation for censored survival data
607 -- 614Chia-Hung Wei, Yue Li, Pai Jung Huang. Mammogram retrieval through machine learning within BI-RADS standards
615 -- 620Maria C. Albertini, Fabiola Olivieri, Raffaella Lazzarini, Francesca Pilolli, Francesco Galli, Giorgio Spada, Augusto Accorsi, Maria R. Rippo, Antonio D. Procopio. Predicting microRNA modulation in human prostate cancer using a simple String IDentifier (SID1.0)
621 -- 636Luca-Dan Serbanati, Fabrizio L. Ricci, Gregorio Mercurio, Andrei Vasilateanu. Steps towards a digital health ecosystem
637 -- 647Francisco Azuaje, Huiru Zheng, Anyela Camargo, Haiying Wang. Systems-based biological concordance and predictive reproducibility of gene set discovery methods in cardiovascular disease
648 -- 654Murat Sariyar, Andreas Borg, Klaus Pommerening. Controlling false match rates in record linkage using extreme value theory
655 -- 662Paul A. Harris, Jonathan A. Swafford, Terri L. Edwards, Minhua Zhang, Shraddha S. Nigavekar, Tonya R. Yarbrough, Lynda D. Lane, Tara Helmer, Laurie A. Lebo, Gail Mayo, Daniel R. Masys, Gordon R. Bernard, Jill M. Pulley. StarBRITE: The Vanderbilt University Biomedical Research Integration, Translation and Education portal
663 -- 676Gyemin Lee, William Finn, Clayton Scott. Statistical file matching of flow cytometry data
677 -- 687Salvador Tortajada, Elies Fuster-Garcia, Javier Vicente, Pieter Wesseling, Franklyn A. Howe, Margarida Julià-Sapé, Ana-Paula Candiota, Daniel Monleón, Àngel Moreno-Torres, Jesús Pujol, John R. Griffiths, Alan Wright, Andrew Peet, M. Carmen Martinez-Bisbal, Bernardo Celda, Carles Arús, Montserrat Robles, Juan Miguel García-Gómez. Incremental Gaussian Discriminant Analysis based on Graybill and Deal weighted combination of estimators for brain tumour diagnosis
688 -- 699Joshua Feblowitz, Adam Wright, Hardeep Singh, Lipika Samal, Dean F. Sittig. Summarization of clinical information: A conceptual model
700 -- 701Reza Khajouei, Leila Ahmadian, Monique W. M. Jaspers. Methodological concerns in usability evaluation of software prototypes
702 -- 703Adem Karahoca, Dilek Karahoca, Erkan Bayraktar, Ekrem Tatoglu. Response to Commentary: Methodological concerns in usability evaluation of software prototypes by Khajouei et al.
704 -- 712Sarah A. Collins, Daniel M. Stein, David K. Vawdrey, Peter D. Stetson, Suzanne Bakken. Content overlap in nurse and physician handoff artifacts and the potential role of electronic health records: A systematic review

Volume 44, Issue 3

385 -- 386Kazuhiko Ohe, Michio Kimura. Shigekoto Kaihara (1937-2011)
387 -- 389Vimla L. Patel, Kanav Kahol, Timothy G. Buchman. Biomedical Complexity and Error
413 -- 424Vimla L. Patel, Trevor Cohen, Tripti Murarka, Joanne Olsen, Srujana Kagita, Sahiti Myneni, Timothy G. Buchman, Vafa Ghaemmaghami. Recovery at the edge of error: Debunking the myth of the infallible expert
425 -- 431Kanav Kahol, Mithra Vankipuram, Vimla L. Patel, Marshall L. Smith. Deviations from protocol in a complex Trauma environment: Errors or innovations?
432 -- 440Mithra Vankipuram, Kanav Kahol, Trevor Cohen, Vimla L. Patel. Toward automated workflow analysis and visualization in clinical environments
441 -- 454Thomas George Kannampallil, Zhe Li, Min Zhang, Trevor Cohen, David J. Robinson, Amy Franklin, Jiajie Zhang, Vimla L. Patel. Making sense: Sensor-based investigation of clinician activities in complex critical care environments
455 -- 462Loubna Bouarfa, Pieter P. Jonker, Jenny Dankelman. Discovery of high-level tasks in the operating room
463 -- 468Alexander Turchin, Oliver D. James, Eric D. Godlewski, Maria Shubina, Christopher M. Coley, Tejal K. Gandhi, Carol A. Broverman. Effectiveness of interruptive alerts in increasing application functionality utilization: A controlled trial
469 -- 476Amy Franklin, Ying Liu, Zhe Li, Vickie Nguyen, Todd R. Johnson, David J. Robinson, Nnaemeka Okafor, Brent King, Vimla L. Patel, Jiajie Zhang. Opportunistic decision making and complexity in emergency care
477 -- 485Avi Parush, Chelsea Kramer, Tara Foster-Hunt, Kathryn Momtahan, Aren Hunter, Benjamin Sohmer. Communication and team situation awareness in the OR: Implications for augmentative information display
486 -- 496Carla M. Pugh, Susan Santacaterina, Debra A. DaRosa, Richard E. Clark. Intra-operative decision making: More than meets the eye
497 -- 504Christa E. Bartos, Brian S. Butler, Rebecca S. Crowley. Ranked Levels of Influence model: Selecting influence techniques to minimize IT resistance
505 -- 506Thomas George Kannampallil. Handbook of Human Factors in Medical Device Design, Matthew B. Weinger, Michael E. Wiklund, Daryle J. Gardner-Bonneau (Eds.). CRC Press, New York, NY (2010). 844 pp., ISBN-10: 0805856277

Volume 44, Issue 2

183 -- 197Timothy W. Bickmore, Daniel Schulman, Candace L. Sidner. A reusable framework for health counseling dialogue systems based on a behavioral medicine ontology
198 -- 215Adinda Freudenthal, Thomas Stüdeli, Pablo Lamata, Eigil Samset. Collaborative co-design of emerging multi-technologies for surgery
216 -- 220P. Owlia, M. Vasei, B. Goliaei, I. Nassiri. Normalized impact factor (NIF): An adjusted method for calculating the citation rate of biomedical journals
221 -- 228Emily H. Chan, Robyn Tamblyn, Katia M. L. Charland, David L. Buckeridge. Outpatient physician billing data for age and setting specific syndromic surveillance of influenza-like illnesses
229 -- 238Bin Han, Lihua Li, Yan Chen, Lei Zhu, Qi Dai. A two step method to identify clinical outcome relevant genes with microarray data
239 -- 250Samson W. Tu, Mor Peleg, Simona Carini, Michael Bobak, Jessica Ross, Daniel L. Rubin, Ida Sim. A practical method for transforming free-text eligibility criteria into computable criteria
251 -- 265Serguei V. S. Pakhomov, Ted Pedersen, Bridget T. McInnes, Genevieve B. Melton, Alexander Ruggieri, Christopher G. Chute. Towards a framework for developing semantic relatedness reference standards
266 -- 276Monica M. Horvath, Stephanie Winfield, Steve Evans, Steve Slopek, Howard Shang, Jeffrey M. Ferranti. The DEDUCE Guided Query tool: Providing simplified access to clinical data for research and quality improvement
277 -- 288Yonggang Cao, Feifan Liu, Pippa Simpson, Lamont Antieau, Andrew Bennett, James J. Cimino, John W. Ely, Hong Yu. AskHERMES: An online question answering system for complex clinical questions
289 -- 298Alexander C. Yu, James J. Cimino. A comparison of two methods for retrieving ICD-9-CM data: The effect of using an ontology-based method for handling terminology changes
299 -- 309Felipe Mancini, Fernando Sequeira Sousa, Fábio Oliveira Teixeira, Alex Esteves Jacoud Falcão, Anderson Diniz Hummel, Thiago Martini da Costa, Pável Pereira Calado, Luciano Vieira de Araújo, Ivan Torres Pisa. Use of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in Portuguese for categorizing web-based healthcare content
310 -- 318Aurélie Névéol, Rezarta Islamaj Dogan, Zhiyong Lu. Semi-automatic semantic annotation of PubMed queries: A study on quality, efficiency, satisfaction
319 -- 325Tim Van den Bulcke, Paul Vanden Broucke, Viviane Van Hoof, Kristien Wouters, Seppe Vanden Broucke, Geert Smits, Elke Smits, Sam Proesmans, Toon Van Genechten, François Eyskens. Data mining methods for classification of Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (MCADD) using non-derivatized tandem MS neonatal screening data
326 -- 332Wen-Shan Jian, Hsyien-Chia Wen, Jeremiah Scholl, Syed Abdul Shabbir, Peisan Lee, Chien-Yeh Hsu, Yu-Chuan Li. The Taiwanese method for providing patients data from multiple hospital EHR systems
333 -- 342Bradley Malin, Steve Nyemba, John Paulett. Learning relational policies from electronic health record access logs
343 -- 353Leonardo Lezcano, Miguel-Ángel Sicilia, Carlos Rodríguez-Solano. Integrating reasoning and clinical archetypes using OWL ontologies and SWRL rules
354 -- 360Ning Kang, Erik M. van Mulligen, Jan A. Kors. Comparing and combining chunkers of biomedical text
361 -- 369Lorenzo Beretta, Alessandro Santaniello. Implementing ReliefF filters to extract meaningful features from genetic lifetime datasets
370 -- 371Graciela Gonzalez. Biomedical Informatics in Translational Research, Hai Hu, Richard J. Mural, Michael N. Liebman (Eds.). Artech House (2008)
372 -- 383Remko van der Togt, Piet J. M. Bakker, Monique W. M. Jaspers. A framework for performance and data quality assessment of Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) systems in health care settings
384 -- 0Vimla L. Patel, Riccardo Bellazzi, Silvana Quaglini. Corrigendum to In Memoriam: Professor Mario Stefanelli (1945-2010) [J Biomed Inform (2010) 859-60]

Volume 44, Issue 1

3 -- 7Barry Smith, Richard H. Scheuermann. Ontologies for clinical and translational research: Introduction
8 -- 25Mathias Brochhausen, Andrew D. Spear, Cristian Cocos, Gabriele Weiler, Luis Martín, Alberto Anguita, Holger Stenzhorn, Evangelia Daskalaki, Fatima Schera, Ulf Schwarz, Stelios Sfakianakis, Stephan Kiefer, Martin Doerr, Norbert M. Graf, Manolis Tsiknakis. The ACGT Master Ontology and its applications - Towards an ontology-driven cancer research and management system
26 -- 34William R. Hogan. Towards an ontological theory of substance intolerance and hypersensitivity
35 -- 41Albert Goldfain, Barry Smith, Lindsay G. Cowell. Towards an ontological representation of resistance: The case of MRSA
42 -- 47Pantelis Topalis, Emmanuel Dialynas, Elvira Mitraka, Elena Deligianni, Inga Siden-Kiamos, Christos Louis. A set of ontologies to drive tools for the control of vector-borne diseases
48 -- 58Y. Megan Kong, Carl Dahlke, Qun Xiang, Yu Qian, David R. Karp, Richard H. Scheuermann. Toward an ontology-based framework for clinical research databases
59 -- 74Dennis G. Thomas, Rohit V. Pappu, Nathan A. Baker. NanoParticle Ontology for cancer nanotechnology research
75 -- 79Alexander D. Diehl, Alison Deckhut Augustine, Judith A. Blake, Lindsay G. Cowell, Elizabeth S. Gold, Timothy A. Gondré-Lewis, Anna Maria Masci, Terrence F. Meehan, Penelope A. Morel, Anastasia Nijnik, Bjoern Peters, Bali Pulendran, Richard H. Scheuermann, Q. Alison Yao, Martin S. Zand, Christopher J. Mungall. Hematopoietic cell types: Prototype for a revised cell ontology
80 -- 86Christopher J. Mungall, Michael Bada, Tanya Z. Berardini, Jennifer I. Deegan, Amelia Ireland, Midori A. Harris, David P. Hill, Jane Lomax. Cross-product extensions of the Gene Ontology
87 -- 93Christopher J. Mungall, Colin R. Batchelor, Karen Eilbeck. Evolution of the Sequence Ontology terms and relationships
94 -- 101Michael Bada, Lawrence Hunter. Desiderata for ontologies to be used in semantic annotation of biomedical documents
102 -- 117Marianne Shaw, Landon Fridman Detwiler, Natalya Noy, James F. Brinkley, Dan Suciu. vSPARQL: A view definition language for the semantic web
118 -- 125Montserrat Batet, David Sánchez, Aïda Valls. An ontology-based measure to compute semantic similarity in biomedicine
126 -- 136Bernardo Gonçalves, Giancarlo Guizzardi, José Gonçalves Pereira Filho. Using an ECG reference ontology for semantic interoperability of ECG data
137 -- 145Jessica D. Tenenbaum, Patricia L. Whetzel, Kent Anderson, Charles D. Borromeo, Ivo D. Dinov, Davera Gabriel, Beth A. Kirschner, Barbara Mirel, Timothy D. Morris, Natasha Fridman Noy, Csongor Nyulas, David Rubenson, Paul R. Saxman, Harpreet Singh, Nancy Whelan, Zach Wright, Brian D. Athey, Michael J. Becich, Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Mark A. Musen, Kevin A. Smith, Alice F. Tarantal, Daniel L. Rubin, Peter Lyster. The Biomedical Resource Ontology (BRO) to enable resource discovery in clinical and translational research
146 -- 154John H. Gennari, Maxwell Lewis Neal, Michal Galdzicki, Daniel L. Cook. Multiple ontologies in action: Composite annotations for biosimulation models
155 -- 162Pinar Wennerberg, Klaus Schulz, Paul Buitelaar. Ontology modularization to improve semantic medical image annotation
163 -- 179Kaihong Liu, William R. Hogan, Rebecca S. Crowley. Natural Language Processing methods and systems for biomedical ontology learning