Journal: Marketing Science

Volume 38, Issue 6

913 -- 917K. Sudhir. Editorial: An Update on the Frontiers Section
918 -- 926Nico Neumann, Catherine E. Tucker, Timothy Whitfield. Frontiers: How Effective Is Third-Party Consumer Profiling? Evidence from Field Studies
927 -- 936Pengyuan Wang, Guiyang Xiong, Jian Yang. Frontiers: Asymmetric Effects of Recreational Cannabis Legalization
937 -- 947Xueming Luo, Siliang Tong, Zheng Fang, Zhe Qu. Frontiers: Machines vs. Humans: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Disclosure on Customer Purchases
948 -- 972Hana Choi, Carl F. Mela. Monetizing Online Marketplaces
973 -- 993Michael Lewis 0004, Yanwen Wang, Chunhua Wu. Season Ticket Buyer Value and Secondary Market Options
994 -- 1022Anna E. Tuchman. Advertising and Demand for Addictive Goods: The Effects of E-Cigarette Advertising
1023 -- 1037Mohammad Zia, Ram C. Rao. Search Advertising: Budget Allocation Across Search Engines
1038 -- 1058Elea McDonnell Feit, Ron Berman. Test & Roll: Profit-Maximizing A/B Tests
1059 -- 1081John R. Hauser, Felix Eggers, Matthew Selove. The Strategic Implications of Scale in Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis

Volume 38, Issue 5

733 -- 0K. Sudhir. Introduction to the Special Section on Mobile Technologies
734 -- 755Yanwen Wang, Chunhua Wu, Ting Zhu. Mobile Hailing Technology and Taxi Driving Behaviors
756 -- 772Unnati Narang, Venkatesh Shankar. Mobile App Introduction and Online and Offline Purchases and Product Returns
773 -- 792Sam Ransbotham, Nicholas H. Lurie, Hongju Liu. Creation and Consumption of Mobile Word of Mouth: How Are Mobile Reviews Different?
793 -- 811Brett Hollenbeck, Sridhar Moorthy, Davide Proserpio. Advertising Strategy in the Presence of Reviews: An Empirical Analysis
812 -- 834Dmitri Kuksov, Chenxi Liao. Opinion Leaders and Product Variety
835 -- 851Sanjay Jain 0007. Time Inconsistency and Product Design: A Strategic Analysis of Feature Creep
852 -- 870Tinglong Dai, Kinshuk Jerath. Salesforce Contracting Under Uncertain Demand and Supply: Double Moral Hazard and Optimality of Smooth Contracts
871 -- 887Bicheng Yang, Tat Chan, Raphael Thomadsen. A Salesforce-Driven Model of Consumer Choice
888 -- 909Cheng Chou, Timothy P. Derdenger, Vineet Kumar. Linear Estimation of Aggregate Dynamic Discrete Demand for Durable Goods: Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality

Volume 38, Issue 4

543 -- 566Przemyslaw Jeziorski, Elena Krasnokutskaya, Olivia Ceccarini. Skimming from the Bottom: Empirical Evidence of Adverse Selection When Poaching Customers
567 -- 583Mina Ameri, Elisabeth Honka, Ying Xie. Word of Mouth, Observed Adoptions, and Anime-Watching Decisions: The Role of the Personal vs. the Community Network
584 -- 608W. Jason Choi, Amin Sayedi. Learning in Online Advertising
609 -- 642Mantian (Mandy) Hu, Chu (Ivy) Dang, Pradeep K. Chintagunta. Search and Learning at a Daily Deals Website
643 -- 668Matthew McGranaghan, Jura Liaukonyte, Geoffrey Fisher, Kenneth C. Wilbur. Lead Offer Spillovers
669 -- 689Zibin Xu, Anthony J. Dukes. Product Line Design Under Preference Uncertainty Using Aggregate Consumer Data
690 -- 710Adam N. Smith, Peter E. Rossi, Greg M. Allenby. Inference for Product Competition and Separable Demand
711 -- 727Feihong Xia, Rabikar Chatterjee, Jerrold H. May. Using Conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machines to Model Complex Consumer Shopping Patterns

Volume 38, Issue 3

365 -- 391Hui Li, Kannan Srinivasan. Competitive Dynamics in the Sharing Economy: An Analysis in the Context of Airbnb and Hotels
392 -- 416Masakazu Ishihara, Andrew T. Ching. Dynamic Demand for New and Used Durable Goods Without Physical Depreciation: The Case of Japanese Video Games
417 -- 441Daria Dzyabura, John R. Hauser. Recommending Products When Consumers Learn Their Preference Weights
442 -- 460Quan Zheng, Xiajun Amy Pan, Janice E. Carrillo. Probabilistic Selling for Vertically Differentiated Products with Salient Thinkers
461 -- 480Monic Sun, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, Feng Zhu. U-Shaped Conformity in Online Social Networks
481 -- 499Beth L. Fossen, David A. Schweidel. Measuring the Impact of Product Placement with Brand-Related Social Media Conversations and Website Traffic
500 -- 515Anthony J. Dukes, Yi Zhu. Why Customer Service Frustrates Consumers: Using a Tiered Organizational Structure to Exploit Hassle Costs
516 -- 538Kristina Klein, Franziska Völckner, Hernán A. Bruno, Henrik Sattler, Pascal Bruno. Brand Positioning Based on Brand Image-Country Image Fit

Volume 38, Issue 2

193 -- 225Brett R. Gordon, Florian Zettelmeyer, Neha Bhargava, Daniel Chapsky. A Comparison of Approaches to Advertising Measurement: Evidence from Big Field Experiments at Facebook
226 -- 252Kanishka Misra, Eric M. Schwartz, Jacob D. Abernethy. Dynamic Online Pricing with Incomplete Information Using Multiarmed Bandit Experiments
253 -- 273Kohei Kawaguchi, Kosuke Uetake, Yasutora Watanabe. Effectiveness of Product Recommendations Under Time and Crowd Pressures
274 -- 295Beth L. Fossen, David A. Schweidel. Social TV, Advertising, and Sales: Are Social Shows Good for Advertisers?
296 -- 316O. Cem Ozturk, Pradeep K. Chintagunta, Sriram Venkataraman. Consumer Response to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Negative Demand Spillover to Competitors
317 -- 342Necati Ertekin, Jeffrey D. Shulman, Haipeng (Allan) Chen. On the Profitability of Stacked Discounts: Identifying Revenue and Cost Effects of Discount Framing
343 -- 359Marc Fischer. Practice Prize Paper-Managing Advertising Campaigns for New Product Launches: An Application at Mercedes-Benz

Volume 38, Issue 1

1 -- 20Artem Timoshenko, John R. Hauser. Identifying Customer Needs from User-Generated Content
21 -- 43Miremad Soleymanian, Charles B. Weinberg, Ting Zhu. Sensor Data and Behavioral Tracking: Does Usage-Based Auto Insurance Benefit Drivers?
44 -- 67Xinyu Cao, T. Tony Ke. Cooperative Search Advertising
68 -- 87Dmitri Kuksov, J. Miguel Villas-Boas. The Performance Measurement Trap
88 -- 106Daria Dzyabura, Srikanth Jagabathula, Eitan Muller. Accounting for Discrepancies Between Online and Offline Product Evaluations
107 -- 128Yufeng Huang. Learning by Doing and the Demand for Advanced Products
129 -- 149Qiang Fu, Ganesh Iyer. Multimarket Value Creation and Competition
150 -- 169Zijun (June) Shi, Kaifu Zhang, Kannan Srinivasan. Freemium as an Optimal Strategy for Market Dominant Firms
170 -- 190Xi Li, Yanzhi Li, Mengze Shi. Managing Consumer Deliberations in a Decentralized Distribution Channel