Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 34, Issue 6

1361 -- 1375Yoram Bresler, Albert Macovski. On the number of signals resolvable by a uniform linear array
1376 -- 1379Meng Hwa Er, Antonio Cantoni. An unconstrained partitioned realization for derivative constrained broad-band antenna array processors
1380 -- 1390Don R. Hush, Nasir Ahmed 0001, Ruth David, Samuel D. Stearns. An adaptive IIR structure for sinusoidal enhancement, frequency estimation, and detection
1391 -- 1400Yutaka Kaneda, Juro Ohga. Adaptive microphone-array system for noise reduction
1401 -- 1409Richard L. Moose, Mauro J. Caputi. A convergence analysis of a passive underwater tracking system with nonlinear feedback
1410 -- 1418Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. Adaptive detection of transient signals
1419 -- 1426Peter Kabal, Ravi P. Ramachandran. The computation of line spectral frequencies using Chebyshev polynomials
1427 -- 1439Chieh Tsao, Robert M. Gray. Shape-gain matrix quantizers for LPC speech
1440 -- 1448David J. Goodman, Gordon B. Lockhart, Ondria J. Wasem, Wai-Choong Wong. Waveform substitution techniques for recovering missing speech segments in packet voice communications
1449 -- 1464Thomas F. Quatieri, Robert J. McAulay. Speech transformations based on a sinusoidal representation
1465 -- 1472Hyman J. Murveit, Robert W. Brodersen. An integrated-circuit-based speech recognition system
1473 -- 1484A. A. (Louis) Beex, M. D. A. Rahman. On averaging burg spectral estimators for segments
1485 -- 1492Mrinmoy Bhattacharya, Ramesh C. Agarwal, Suhash C. Dutta Roy. Bandpass and bandstop recursive filters with low sensitivity
1493 -- 1501Robert R. Bitmead, Ah Chung Tsoi, P. J. Parker. A Kalman filtering approach to short-time Fourier analysis
1502 -- 1510J. Cadzow, Yungong Sun. Sequences with positive semidefinite Fourier transforms
1511 -- 1528Hsing-Hsing Chiang, Chrysostomos L. Nikias, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Efficient implementations of quadratic digital filters
1529 -- 1541Amir Dembo, David Malah. WMMSE design of digital filter banks with specified composite response
1542 -- 1549Shaul Florian, Arie Feuer. Performance analysis of the LMS algorithm with a tapped delay line (two-dimensional case)
1550 -- 1565Daniel R. Fuhrmann, Bede Liu. Rotational search methods for adaptive Pisarenko harmonic retrieval
1566 -- 1572Sophocles J. Orfanidis, L. M. Vail. Zero-tracking adaptive filters
1573 -- 1582Ganapati Panda, Bernard Mulgrew, Colin F. N. Cowan, Peter N. Grant. A self-orthogonalizing efficient block adaptive filter
1583 -- 1588G. M. Pitstick, J. R. Cruz, Robert J. Mulholland. Approximate realization algorithms for truncated impulse response data
1589 -- 1602Charles M. Rader, Allan O. Steinhardt. Hyperbolic householder transformations
1603 -- 1611Ping Xue 0004, Bede Liu. Adaptive equalizer using finite-bit power-of-two quantizer
1612 -- 1628Carlo Braccini, Giuseppe Gambardella. Form-invariant linear filtering: Theory and applications
1629 -- 1642Richard M. Leahy, Constantinos E. Goutis. An optimal technique for constraint-based image restoration and reconstruction
1643 -- 1653Erkki Oja, Hidemitsu Ogawa. Parametric projection filter for image and signal restoration
1654 -- 1655Nasir Ahmed 0001, Arthur A. Webster. On an adaptive noise cancellation application for radar
1655 -- 1658J. Bee Bednar, Rao K. Yarlagadda, Terry L. Watt. L1 deconvolution and its application to seismic signal processing
1658 -- 1659Charles G. Boncelet Jr.. 2/6 multiplications
1659 -- 1661ByoungSean Choi. On the relation between the maximum entropy probability density function and the autoregressive model
1661 -- 1662Amir Dembo. The relation between maximum likelihood estimation of structured covariance matrices and periodograms
1662 -- 1665Sverre Holm, Georg Ottesen. Bias in the cross spectrum and time delay estimates due to misalignment
1665 -- 1666S. W. Lang. On the design and implementation of shift-varying filters
1666 -- 1667Moon Ho Lee, M. Kaveh. Fast Hadamard transform based on a simple matrix factorization
1668 -- 1671Randolph L. Moses, A. A. (Louis) Beex. A comparison of numerator estimators for ARMA spectra
1671 -- 1674B. Vijaya K. V. Kumar, Craig A. Rahenkamp. Modifications to the McClellan, Parks, and Rabiner computer program for designing higher order differentiating FIR filters
1674 -- 1675V. V. Bapeswara Rao, K. Sankara Rao. A new algorithm for real-time median filtering
1675 -- 1677Fred J. Taylor. On the complex residue arithmetic system (CRNS)
1678 -- 0Hong Wang. Recursive estimation and time-series analysis

Volume 34, Issue 5

1029 -- 1037Bradley M. Bell, Terry E. Ewart. Separating multipaths by global optimization of a multidimensional matched filter
1038 -- 1045Robert Schreiber. Implementation of adaptive array algorithms
1046 -- 1053Donald W. Tufts, Costas D. Melissinos. Simple, effective computation of principal eigenvectors and their eigenvalues and application to high-resolution estimation of frequencies
1054 -- 1063Peter Kroon, Ed F. Deprettere, Robert J. Sluyter. Regular-pulse excitation-A novel approach to effective and efficient multipulse coding of speech
1064 -- 1073Harvey Fox Silverman. A high-quality digital filterbank for speech recognition which runs in real time on a standard microprocessor
1074 -- 1080Andrej Ljolje, Frank Fallside. Synthesis of natural sounding pitch contours in isolated utterances using hidden Markov models
1081 -- 1089Yoram Bresler, Albert Macovski. Exact maximum likelihood parameter estimation of superimposed exponential signals in noise
1090 -- 1096Richard V. Cox. The design of uniformly and nonuniformly spaced pseudoquadrature mirror filters
1097 -- 1110Evangelos Eleftheriou, David D. Falconer. Tracking properties and steady-state performance of RLS adaptive filter algorithms
1111 -- 1123William A. Gardner. Measurement of spectral correlation
1124 -- 1138Arye Nehorai, Boaz Porat. Adaptive comb filtering for harmonic signal enhancement
1139 -- 1152Taikang Ning, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Multichannel AR spectrum estimation: The optimum approach in the reflection coefficient domain
1153 -- 1161John P. Princen, Alan Bernard Bradley. Analysis/Synthesis filter bank design based on time domain aliasing cancellation
1162 -- 1164Guy R. L. Sohie, Leon H. Sibul. Stochastic operator norms for two-parameter adaptive lattice filters
1165 -- 1170Fred J. Taylor. An analysis of the distributed arithmetic digital filter
1171 -- 1181Jitendra K. Tugnait. Modeling and identification of symmetric noncausal impulse responces
1182 -- 1200Günter Wackersreuther. Some new aspects of filters for filter banks
1201 -- 1209Hong Wang, Mostafa Kaveh. On the performance of signal-subspace processing- Part I: Narrow-band systems
1210 -- 1220Darrell Williamson. Roundoff noise minimization and pole-zero sensitivity in fixed-point digital filters using residue feedback
1221 -- 1227Steven M. Kay, Gerald J. Lemay. Edge detection using the linear model
1228 -- 1244Petros Maragos, Ronald W. Schafer. Morphological skeleton representation and coding of binary images
1245 -- 1257Ioannis Pitas, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Detection of wave reflectors and wave sources in the earth subsurface
1258 -- 1268Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Allen Gersho. Nonlinear space-variant postprocessing of block coded images
1269 -- 1277Doron Rotem, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi. Image reconstruction from zero crossings
1278 -- 1288John W. Woods, Sean D. O'Neil. Subband coding of images
1289 -- 1300Kazuo Iwano, Kenneth Steiglitz. Optimization of one-bit full adders embedded in regular structures
1301 -- 1309Veljko M. Milutinovic, José A. B. Fortes, Leah H. Jamieson. A multimicroprocessor architecture for real-time computation of a class of DFT algorithms
1310 -- 1318Junichi Takahashi, Takashi Kimura, Sanshiro Hattori, Atsushi Iwata. A ring array processor architecture for highly parallel dynamic time warping
1319 -- 1322Gerard Alengrin, Michel Barlaud, Jean Menez. Unbiased parameter estimation of nonstationary signals in noise
1322 -- 1323Kevin M. Buckley. Broad-band beamforming and the generalized sidelobe canceller
1324 -- 1326Robert L. Burr, Dean W. Lytle. Comments on "A general method of minimum cross-entropy spectral estimation"
1326 -- 1329James J. Clark, Peter D. Lawrence. Analysis of the error in the reconstruction of N-dimensional stochastic processes
1329 -- 1330Antoni Fertner, Anders Sjolund. Comparison of various time delay estimation methods by computer simulation
1331 -- 1334Yih-Fang Huang. A recursive estimation algorithm using selective updating for spectral analysis and adaptive signal processing
1335 -- 1336Zhongqi Jing, Adly T. Fam. A new scheme for designing IIR filters with finite wordlength coefficients
1336 -- 0N. M. Mitrou. Corrections to "Results on nonrecursive digital filters with nonequidistant taps"
1336 -- 1338Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. A modification of the Kumaresan-Tufts methods for estimating rational impulse responses
1338 -- 1340D. V. B. Rao. An explanation to the limitation observed in the Kumaresan-Prony algorithm
1340 -- 1342Richard H. Roy III, Arogyaswami Paulraj, Thomas Kailath. ESPRIT-A subspace rotation approach to estimation of parameters of cisoids in noise
1342 -- 1344John J. Shynk. A complex adaptive algorithm for IIR filtering
1344 -- 1346Petre Stoica, Arye Nehorai. The poles of symmetric linear prediction models lie on the unit circle
1346 -- 1347Rudolph E. Thun. On residue number system decoding
1347 -- 1349Chien-Chung Yeh. Projection approach to bearing estimations
1350 -- 1351Alfred O. Hero III. Radar data processing: Vol. I-Introduction and tracking

Volume 34, Issue 4

653 -- 660Michel Bouvet. Expansions of the likelihood ratio and applications
661 -- 668Magdy Tawfik Hanna, Marwan A. Simaan. Array filters for attenuating coherence interference in the presence of random noise
669 -- 678Lawrence C. Ng, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. Multisensor multitarget time delay vector estimation
679 -- 690Pao-Chi Chang, Robert M. Gray. Gradient algorithms for designing predictive vector quantizers
691 -- 696Edward B. Richardson, Nikil S. Jayant. Subband coding with adaptive prediction for 56 kbits/s audio
697 -- 708Oded Ghitza, Julius L. Goldstein. Scalar LPC quantization based on format JND's
709 -- 729Gary Edward Kopec. Formant tracking using hidden Markov models and vector quantization
730 -- 743Ashok K. Krishnamurthy, Donald G. Childers. Two-channel speech analysis
744 -- 754Robert J. McAulay, Thomas F. Quatieri. Speech analysis/Synthesis based on a sinusoidal representation
755 -- 764Enrico Bocchieri, George R. Doddington. Frame-specific statistical features for speaker independent speech recognition
765 -- 779François Charot, Patrice Frison, Patrice Quinton. Systolic architectures for connected speech recognition
780 -- 784Joseph Picone, K. M. Goudie-Marshall, George R. Doddington, William M. Fisher. Automatic text alignment for speech system evaluation
785 -- 792Nevio Benvenuto, Lewis E. Franks, Francis S. Hill Jr.. Dynamic programming methods for designing FIR filters using coefficients -1, 0 and +1
793 -- 806Neil J. Bershad. Analysis of the normalized LMS algorithm with Gaussian inputs
807 -- 815Paulo Sergio Ramirez Diniz, Andreas Antoniou. More economical state-space digital-filter structures which are free of constant-input limit cycles
816 -- 823R. Lynn Kirlin, Alireza Moghaddamjoo. A robust running-window detector and estimator for step-signals in contaminated Gaussian noise
824 -- 828Yong Ching Lim, Sydney R. Parker. On the identification of systems from data measurements using ARMA lattice models
829 -- 836Fuyun Ling, Dimitris G. Manolakis, John G. Proakis. A recursive modified Gram-Schmidt algorithm for least- squares estimation
837 -- 845Fuyun Ling, Dimitris G. Manolakis, John G. Proakis. Numerically robust least-squares lattice-ladder algorithms with direct updating of the reflection coefficients
846 -- 857Francesco Palmieri. Sampling theorem for polynomial interpolation
858 -- 867Françoise Peyrin, Rémy Prost. A unified definition for the discrete-time, discrete-frequency, and discrete-time/Frequency Wigner distributions
868 -- 879William A. Sethares, Dale Lawrence, C. Richard Johnson Jr., Robert R. Bitmead. Parameter drift in LMS adaptive filters
880 -- 897Peter Strobach. Pure order recursive least-squares ladder algorithms
898 -- 911Peter D. Wendt, Edward J. Coyle, Neal C. Gallagher Jr.. Stack filters
912 -- 918Wai-Kwong Yeung, Fan-Nian Kong. Time domain deconvolution when the kernal has no spectral inverse
919 -- 936M. Reha Civanlar, Henry Joel Trussell. Digital signal restoration using fuzzy sets
937 -- 943Abderrezak Guessoum, Russell M. Mersereau. Fast algorithms for the multidimensional discrete Fourier transform
944 -- 951Iickho Song, Saleem A. Kassam. A new noiseless coding technique for binary images
952 -- 962Mehrdad Soumekh. Image reconstruction techniques in tomographic imaging systems
963 -- 972A. Murat Tekalp, Howard Kaufman, John W. Woods. Identification of image and blur parameters for the restoration of noncausal blurs
973 -- 978Gerard G. L. Meyer, Howard L. Weinert. On the design of fault-tolerant signal detectors
979 -- 989Robert Michael Owens, Joseph JáJá. A VLSI chip for the winograd/Prime factor algorithm to compute the discrete Fourier transform
990 -- 992M. S. Ahmed, Khaldoun K. Tahboub. Recursive Wiener filtering for image restoration
992 -- 994Lokesh Datta, Salvatore Domenic Morgera. Some results on matrix symmetries and a pattern recognition application
994 -- 995Fernando Giannella. C-R bounds for the AR parameter estimation as a function of a data length
995 -- 0J. Robert Heath. A note on "Realization of digital filters using input-scaled floating-point arithmetic"
996 -- 997Josef Hekrdla. Index transforms of multidimensional cyclic convolutions and discrete Fourier transforms
997 -- 1000Vijay K. Jain, Tapan K. Sarkar. High performance signal-modeling by pencil-of-functions method: Band-pass case
1000 -- 1002C. P. Kwong, K. P. Shiu. Structured fast Hartley transform algorithms
1000 -- 0William Branham Jones, Allan Steinhardt. Corrections to "Finding the poles of lattice filter"
1002 -- 1004H.-C. Lue, M. T. Manry. Efficient calculation of signal and noise variances
1004 -- 1006Dennis R. Morgan, William J. Cassarly. Effect of word-length truncation on quantized Gaussian random variables
1006 -- 1008Keinosuke Nagai. Measurement of time delay using the time shift property of the discrete Fourier transform (DFT)
1008 -- 1010Keinosuke Nagai. Pruning the decimation-in-time FFT algorithm with frequency shift
1010 -- 1011Joseph Picone, Dimitrios P. Prezas, Walter T. Hartwell, Joseph L. LoCicero. The stepdown procedure for complex predictor coefficients
1011 -- 1013M. Sudhakara Reddy, Suhash C. Dutta Roy, Satya N. Hazra. Realization of first-order two-dimensional all-pass digital filters
1013 -- 1016Darrell Williamson, S. Sridharan. Error feedback in a class of orthogonal polynomial digital filter structures
1017 -- 1018Dennis R. Morgan. Adaptive signal processing
1018 -- 1019Gregory H. Wakefield. Optimum signal processing: An introduction

Volume 34, Issue 3

393 -- 398Henry Cox, Robert M. Zeskind, Theo Kooij. Practical supergain
399 -- 404Steven Kay, Lewis Pakula. Detection performance of the circular correlation coefficient receiver
405 -- 422Georges Vezzosi. Estimation of phase angles from the cross-spectral matrix
423 -- 433Yoshikazu Miyanaga, Nobuhiro Miki, Nobuo Nagai. Adaptive identification of a time-varying ARMA speech model
434 -- 441Mark J. T. Smith, Thomas P. Barnwell III. Exact reconstruction techniques for tree-structured subband coders
442 -- 451Gloria Faye Boudreaux-Bartels, Thomas W. Parks. Time-varying filtering and signal estimation using Wigner distribution synthesis techniques
452 -- 461Neil J. Bershad, Paul L. Feintuch. A normalized frequency domain LMS adaptive algorithm
462 -- 469James A. Cadzow, Otis M. Solomon Jr.. Algebraic approach to system identification
470 -- 478Philippe Delsarte, Yves V. Genin. The split Levinson algorithm
479 -- 484Graham C. Goodwin, Robin J. Evans, Rogelio Lozano-Leal, Robert A. Feik. Sinusoidal disturbance rejection with application to helicopter flight data estimation
485 -- 491Monson H. Hayes III, Mark A. Clements. An efficient algorithm for computing Pisarenko's harmonic decomposition using Levinson's recursion
492 -- 498Luc Knockaert. A recursive algorithm for linear system identification
499 -- 510Jae Lee, Chong Un. Performance of transform-domain LMS adaptive digital filters
511 -- 517Toshifumi Matsuoka, Tadeusz J. Ulrych. Information theory measures with application to model identification
518 -- 526Giovanni L. Sicuranza, Giovanni Ramponi. Adaptive nonlinear digital filters using distributed arithmetic
527 -- 534Jan L. Talmon, Jan A. Kors, Jan H. van Bemmel. Adaptive Gaussian filtering in routine ECG/VCG analysis
535 -- 545Jörg Bohmann, Heinrich Meyr. An all-digital realization of a baseband DLL implemented as a dynamical state estimator
546 -- 553Mehdi Hatamian. A real-time two-dimensional moment generating algorithm and its single chip implementation
554 -- 564Rodney W. Johnson, Bruce R. Musicus. Multichannel relative-entropy spectrum analysis
565 -- 572Ioannis Pitas, Michael G. Strintzis. General in-place calculation of discrete Fourier transforms of multidimensional sequences
573 -- 584Ioannis Pitas, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Nonlinear mean filters in image processing
585 -- 602Guaning Su, Martin Morf. Modal decomposition signal subspace algorithms
603 -- 613Heng-Da Cheng, King-sun Fu. VLSI architecture for dynamic time-warp recognition of handwritten symbols
614 -- 615Arthur R. Butz. Some properties of a class of rank order smoothers
616 -- 618Guan-Zhong Dai, Jerry M. Mendel. General problems of minimum-variance recursive waveshaping
618 -- 620Samy Mohamed El-Hennawey, C. R. Carter. MEM and ARMA estimators of signal carrier frequency
621 -- 623Ashok K. Gupta, M. Penafiel. Digital whitening of band-limited white noise in the presense of colored noise
623 -- 624Eric W. Hansen: Correction to "Fast Hankel transform algorithm"
624 -- 626Michael C. Jones. The discrete Gerchberg algorithm
626 -- 630Goran S. Jovanovic. A new algorithm for speech fundamental frequency estimation
630 -- 632Eliahu Ibrahim Jury, T. Y. Ruridant. On the evaluation of double square integral in the (s1, s2) complex biplane
633 -- 637R. V. Raja Kumar, R. N. Pal. Recursive center-frequency adaptive filters for the enhancement of bandpass signals
633 -- 0Mostafa Kaveh, Arthur Jay Barabell. Corrections to "The statistical performance of the MUSIC and the minimum-norm algorithms in resolving plane waves in noise"
637 -- 640Ramdas Kumaresan, Louis L. Scharf, Arnab K. Shaw. An algorithm for pole-zero modeling and spectral analysis
640 -- 642Hideaki Sakai. A parallel least-squares linear prediction method based on the circular lattice filter
642 -- 644Naoki Suehiro, Mitsutoshi Hatori. Fast algorithms for the DFT and other sinusoidal transforms

Volume 34, Issue 2

225 -- 231Robert E. Morley Jr., A. Maynard Engebretson, Joseph G. Trotta. A multiprocessor digital signal processing system for real-time audio applications
232 -- 244Jean-Jacques Fuchs. State-space modeling and estimation of time differences of arrival
245 -- 251John P. Ianniello. Large and small error performance limits for multipath time delay estimation
252 -- 263Rodney Lynn Kirlin, Alireza Moghaddamjoo. Robust adaptive Kalman filtering for systems with unknown step inputs and non-Gaussian measurement errors
264 -- 271Hubert Kaeslin. A systematic approach to the extraction of diphone elements from natural speech
272 -- 284Huanqun Chen, Tapan K. Sarkar, Sohail A. Dianat, John Brule. Adaptive spectral estimation by the conjugate gradient method
285 -- 295Pierre Duhamel. Implementation of "Split-radix" FFT algorithms for complex, real, and real-symmetric data
296 -- 308P. Fabre, C. Gueguen. Improvement of the fast recursive least-squares algorithms via normalization: A comparative study
309 -- 316Richard W. Harris, Douglas M. Chabries, F. Avery Bishop. A variable step (VS) adaptive filter algorithm
317 -- 330Augustus J. E. M. Janssen, Raymond N. J. Veldhuis, Lodewijk B. Vries. Adaptive interpolation of discrete-time signals that can be modeled as autoregressive processes
331 -- 341Mostafa Kaveh, Arthur Jay Barabell. The statistical performance of the MUSIC and the minimum-norm algorithms in resolving plane waves in noise
342 -- 349Bernard C. Picinbono, Messaoud Benidir. Some properties of lattice autoregressive filters
350 -- 361Palghat Vaidyanathan, Sanjit K. Mitra, Yrjö Neuvo. A new approach to the realization of low-sensitivity IIR digital filters
362 -- 374Paul Le Guernic, Albert Benveniste, Patricia Bournai, Thierry Gautier. Signal-A data flow-oriented language for signal processing
375 -- 378Theagenis J. Abatzoglou. A fast local maximum likelihood estimator for time delay estimation
378 -- 379William A. Gardner. Comments on "Convergence analysis of LMS filters with uncorrelated data"
379 -- 0A. Feuer, E. Weinstein. Authors' reply
379 -- 380Henry Stark, John W. Woods. Authors' reply to "Comments on 'direct Fourier reconstruction in computer tomography'"
380 -- 383Yôiti Suzuki, Toshio Sone, Ken'iti Kido. A new FFT algorithm of radix 3, 6, and 12
383 -- 385Ja-Ling Wu, Soo-Chang Pei. Fast biased polynominal transforms

Volume 34, Issue 1

1 -- 7David Hertz. Time delay estimation by combining efficient algorithms and generalized cross-correlation methods
8 -- 12Ilkka Karasalo. Estimating the covariance matrix by signal subspace averaging
13 -- 20Arogyaswami Paulraj, Thomas Kailath. Eigenstructure methods for direction of arrival estimation in the presence of unknown noise fields
21 -- 27William Harrison, Jae S. Lim, Elliot Singer. A new application of adaptive noise cancellation
28 -- 42Paul H. Milenkovic. Glottal inverse filtering by joint estimation of an AR system with a linear input model
43 -- 51Werner Verhelst, Oscar Steenhaut. A new model for the short-time complex cepstrum of voiced speech
52 -- 59Sadaoki Furui. Speaker-independent isolated word recognition using dynamic features of speech spectrum
60 -- 68Prabhakara C. Balla, Andreas Antoniou, Salvatore Domenic Morgera. Higher radix aperiodic-convolution algorithms
69 -- 76Neil J. Bershad. On the optimum data nonlinearity in LMS adaptation
77 -- 90John M. Cioffi. The block-processing FTF adaptive algorithm
91 -- 95Michael T. Heideman, C. Sidney Burrus. nDFT
96 -- 104Steven M. Kay, R. Sudhaker. A zero crossing-based spectrum analyzer
105 -- 117Jae Lee, Chong Un. Block realization of multirate adaptive digital filters
118 -- 130Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. Computation of the exact information matrix of Gaussian time series with stationary random components
131 -- 139D. V. Bhaskar Rao. Analysis of coefficient quantization errors in state-space digital filters
140 -- 151Douglas T. Sherwood, Neil J. Bershad. Nonlinear quantization effects in the frequency domain complex scalar LMS adaptive algorithm
152 -- 156Henrik V. Sorensen, Michael T. Heideman, C. Sidney Burrus. On computing the split-radix FFT
157 -- 165Arthur R. Butz. A class of rank order smoothers
166 -- 177Ramasamy Krishnan, Graham A. Jullien, William C. Miller. Complex digital signal processing using quadratic residue number systems
178 -- 191Ju-Hong Lee, John M. Woods. Design and implementation of two-dimensional fully recursive digital filters
192 -- 199Günter Wackersreuther. On two-dimensional polyphase filter banks
200 -- 202Madeleine Bonnet, Odile Macchi. A low-complexity echo canceller performing the channel phase acquisition
202 -- 203T. A. C. M. Claasen, W. F. G. Mecklenbraucker. Authors' reply to "Comments on 'comparison of the convergence of two algorithms for adaptive FIR digital filters'"
203 -- 205Guido M. Cortelazzo. On the role of input signals in deterministic linear filtering
205 -- 207Daniel R. Fuhrmann. On an approximate subspace method for eigenfilter computation
208 -- 209Odile Macchi, Eweda Eweda. Equalization with few adaptive frequency gains for rapidly evolutive selective fading
209 -- 213Hermann Ney, Dieter Mergel, Stephen M. Marcus. On the automatic training of phonetic units for word recognition
213 -- 215Eugene I. Plotkin, Leonid M. Roytman, M. N. Shanmukha Swamy. Estimating the steady-state frequency of a sine-wave burst with extremely short record length
216 -- 220K. M. M. Prabhu, H. Renganathan. Optimum binary windows for discrete Fourier transforms
221 -- 0Allan Steinhardt. Fast algorithms for digital signal processing