Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 35, Issue 9

1233 -- 1240Y. Miyoshi, Kazuharu Yamato, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Masuzo Yanagida, Osamu Kakusho. Analysis of speech signals of short pitch period by a sample-selective linear prediction
1241 -- 1249Sarangarajan Parthasarathy, Donald W. Tufts. Excitation-synchronous modeling of voiced speech
1250 -- 1258S. T. Alexander. Transient weight misadjustment properties for the finite precision LMS algorithm
1259 -- 1263Carlos E. Davila, Ashley J. Welch, H. Grady Rylander III. A second-order adaptive Volterra filter with rapid convergence
1264 -- 1272Hiroshi Kanai, Masato Abe, Ken'iti Kido. Accurate autoregressive spectrum estimation at low signal-to-noise ratio using a phase matching technique
1273 -- 1281Petre Stoica, Arye Nehorai, Steven M. Kay. Statistical analysis of the least squares autoregressive estimator in the presence of noise
1282 -- 1288Yoshiaki Tadokoro, Kenichi Abe. Notch Fourier transform
1289 -- 1302Kai-Bor Yu, Siuling Cheng. Signal synthesis from pseudo-Wigner distribution and applications
1303 -- 1313Xian-Da Zhang, Hiroshi Takeda. An approach to time series analysis and ARMA spectral estimation
1314 -- 1319William A. Gardner, William A. Brown III. A new algorithm for adaptive arrays
1320 -- 1333Edward A. Lee, David G. Messerschmitt. Pipeline interleaved programmable DSP's: Architecture
1334 -- 1345Edward A. Lee, David G. Messerschmitt. Pipeline interleaved programmable DSP's: Synchronous data flow programming
1346 -- 1347Philippe Delsarte, Yves V. Genin, Yves G. Kamp. Zero location of lacunary prediction polynomials
1347 -- 1350M. H. El Ayadi. An axiomatic construction of quadratic NAR power estimators for adaptive detection
1350 -- 1352Mostafa Kaveh, Hong Wang, Hsien-Sen Hung. On the theoretical performance of a class of estimators of the number of narrow-band sources
1352 -- 1353Seenu S. Reddi. Corrections and modifications to "On a spatial smoothing technique for multiple source location"
1353 -- 0Henrik V. Sorensen, Douglas L. Jones, Michael T. Heideman, C. Sidney Burrus. Corrections to "Real-valued fast Fourier transform algorithms"
1353 -- 1355Allan Steinhardt. An invariance in system identification
1355 -- 1358Nailong Wu. Properties of power spectrum estimates in the maximum entropy method
1358 -- 1360Michael D. Zoltowski, Fred Haber. A multiply constrained minimum variance approach to multiple source parameter estimation

Volume 35, Issue 8

1089 -- 1100Paul Milenkovic. Acoustic tube reconstruction from noncausal excitation
1101 -- 1115Astrid Schmidt-Nielsen. The effect of narrow-band digital processing and bit error rate on the intelligibility of ICAO spelling alphabet words
1116 -- 1119Rashid Ansari. IIR discrete-time Hilbert transformers
1120 -- 1125David M. W. Evans. An improved digit-reversal permutation algorithm for the fast Fourier and Hartley transforms
1126 -- 1138Giovanni Jacovitti, Alessandro Neri, Roberto Cusani. Methods for estimating the autocorrelation function of complex Gaussian stationary processes
1139 -- 1152Yoram Bresler, Albert Macovski. Three-dimensional reconstruction from projections with incomplete and noisy data by object estimation
1153 -- 1169Petros Maragos, Ronald W. Schafer. Morphological filters-Part I: Their set-theoretic analysis and relations to linear shift-invariant filters
1170 -- 1184Petros Maragos, Ronald W. Schafer. Morphological filters-Part II: Their relations to median, order-statistic, and stack filters
1185 -- 1189Maurizio Piacentini, Ciro Cafforio, Fabio Rocca. Algorithms for image reconstruction after nonuniform sampling
1190 -- 1198Susan A. Werness. Statistical evaluation of predictive data compression systems
1199 -- 1201Jaakko Astola, Pekka Heinonen, Yrjö Neuvo. On root structures of median and median-type filters
1201 -- 1203Norman C. Griswold, Don R. Halverson, Gary L. Wise. A note on adaptive block truncation coding for image processing
1203 -- 1207R. Hangartner, Vijay K. Jain. Efficient microprocessor-based tandemable 32 kbit/s ADPCM/PCM transcoder
1207 -- 1210Antonio M. Lepschy, Gian Antonio Mian, Umberto Viaro. A contribution to the stability analysis of second-order direct-form digital filters with magnitude truncation
1210 -- 1211Weiping Li. Wigner distribution method equivalent to dechirp method for detecting a chirp signal
1211 -- 1212Hans D. Mittelmann, James A. Cadzow. Continuity of closest rank-p approximations to matrices
1213 -- 1215Zou Mou-Yan, Rolf Unbehauen. On the evaluation of two-dimensional correlation sequences
1215 -- 1217Kenji Nakayama. A discrete optimization method for high-order FIR filters with finite wordlength coefficients
1217 -- 1220Ganapati Panda, A. Alvarez, P. M. Grant, C. F. N. Cowan. A transform domain circular convolution algorithm for adaptive filtering
1221 -- 1223F. Perez, Tadao Takaoka. A prime factor FFT algorithm implementation using a program generation technique
1223 -- 1225H. C. Schau, A. Z. Robinson. Passive source localization employing intersecting spherical surfaces from time-of-arrival differences
1223 -- 0M. Sudhakara Reddy, Suhash C. Dutta Roy, Satya N. Hazra. A note on "Realization of first-order two-dimensional all-pass digital filters"

Volume 35, Issue 7

917 -- 926Lloyd J. Griffiths, Kevin Buckley. Quiescent pattern control in linearly constrained adaptive arrays
927 -- 936Vellenki Umapathi Reddy, Arogyaswami Paulraj, Thomas Kailath. Performance analysis of the optimum beamformer in the presence of correlated sources and its behavior under spatial smoothing
937 -- 946Ravi P. Ramachandran, Peter Kabal. Stability and performance analysis of pitch filters in speech coders
947 -- 954Biing-Hwang Juang, Lawrence R. Rabiner, Jay G. Wilpon. On the use of bandpass liftering in speech recognition
955 -- 967Man Mohan Sondhi, Juergen Schroeter. A hybrid time-frequency domain articulatory speech synthesizer
968 -- 973Brian A. Hanson, Hisashi Wakita. Spectral slope distance measures with linear prediction analysis for word recognition in noise
974 -- 986Umesh K. Bhargava, Rangasami L. Kashyap, Dennis M. Goodman. Two nonparametric methods for identifying the impulse response of linear systems
987 -- 993Peter M. Clarkson, Paul R. White. Simplified analysis of the LMS adaptive filter using a transfer function approximation
994 -- 1014Erlendur Karlsson, Monson H. Hayes III. Least squares ARMA modeling of linear time-varying systems: Lattice filter structures and fast RLS algorithms
1015 -- 1023Harry Leib, Moshe Eizenman, Subbarayan Pasupathy, Jeffrey L. Krolik. Adaptive lattice filter for multiple sinusoids in white noise
1024 -- 1036H. Kimura, Y. Honoki. A hybrid approach to high resolution two-dimensional spectrum analysis
1037 -- 1045Zse-Cherng Lin, Glen Wade. Signal processing and image reconstruction in microscopic acoustical holography
1046 -- 1064Oscar H. Ibarra, Michael A. Palis. VLSI algorithms for solving recurrence equations and applications
1065 -- 1068Neil J. Bershad. On the optimum gain parameter in LMS adaptation
1068 -- 1069Israel Gohberg, Thomas Kailath, Israel Koltracht. A note on diagonal innovation matrices
1070 -- 1071Satya N. Hazra, M. Sudhakara Reddy. On the design of IIR digital filters with equiripple stopband transmission
1071 -- 1072M. Ibrahim. New high-resolution pseudospectrum estimation method
1072 -- 1076K. C. Shet, B. V. Rao. Modified fast Kalman algorithm
1076 -- 1079Hsuen-Chyun Shyu, Trieu-Kien Truong, Irving S. Reed, In-Shek Hsu, J. J. Chang. A new VLSI complex integer multiplier which uses a quadratic-polynomial residue system with fermat numbers
1079 -- 1082Sergios Theodoridis, Nicholas Kalouptsidis. A fast algorithm for block LS design of FIR filters with linear phase and optimum lag
1082 -- 0Ja-Ling Wu. Comments on "A new discrete Fourier transform algorithm using butterfly structure fast convolution"

Volume 35, Issue 6

717 -- 723Pierre Comon, Yves Robert. -1
724 -- 735Yosef Rockah, Peter M. Schultheiss. Array shape calibration using sources in unknown locations-Part II: Near-field sources and estimator implementation
736 -- 740Oded Ghitza. Auditory nerve representation criteria for speech analysis/synthesis
741 -- 750M. Lahat, Russel J. Niederjohn, David A. Krubsack. A spectral autocorrelation method for measurement of the fundamental frequency of noise-corrupted speech
751 -- 763Richard M. Stern, Moshé J. Lasry. Dynamic speaker adaptation for feature-based isolated word recognition
764 -- 769J. C. Andrieux, Marc R. Feix, Gerard Mourgues, Pierre Bertrand, Boujema Izrar, V. Tuan Nguyen. Optimum smoothing of the Wigner-Ville distribution
770 -- 783S. H. Ardalan, S. T. Alexander. Fixed-point roundoff error analysis of the exponentially windowed RLS algorithm for time-varying systems
784 -- 795Chong-Yung Chi, David G. Long, Fuk-Kwok Li. Roundoff noise analysis for digital signal power processors using Welch's power spectrum estimation
796 -- 806Leon Cohen. Wigner distribution for finite duration or band-limited signals and limiting cases
807 -- 817Amir Dembo, David Malah. The design of optimal uniform filter banks with specified composite response
818 -- 824Pierre Duhamel, Martin Vetterli. Improved Fourier and Hartley transform algorithms: Application to cyclic convolution of real data
825 -- 831Okan K. Ersoy. A two-stage representation of DFT and its applications
832 -- 838Pekka Heinonen, Yrjö Neuvo. FIR-median hybrid filters
839 -- 848Hari Krishna, Salvatore Domenic Morgera. The Levinson recurrence and fast algorithms for solving Toeplitz systems of linear equations
849 -- 863Henrik V. Sorensen, Douglas L. Jones, Michael T. Heideman, C. Sidney Burrus. Real-valued fast Fourier transform algorithms
864 -- 877Magdy Tawfik Hanna, Marwan A. Simaan. Design and implementation of velocity filters using multichannel array processing techniques
878 -- 887Hidenori Kimura, T. Osada. Canonical pipelining of lattice filters
888 -- 889Chong-Yung Chi. A further analysis for the minimum-variance deconvolution filter performance
890 -- 893Susan R. Curtis, Shlomo Shitz, Alan V. Oppenheim. Reconstruction of nonperiodic two-dimensional signals from zero crossings
893 -- 895Alfonso Farina, A. Russo, F. Scannapieco. Radar detection in coherent Weibull clutter
895 -- 897Renlong Pan, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Phase reconstruction in the trispectrum domain
897 -- 900Andreas Polydoros, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Detection of unknown-frequency sinusoids in noise: Spectral versus correlation domain
900 -- 903Surendra Prasad, K. V. S. Hari. Improved ARMA spectral estimation using the canonical variate method
904 -- 907Kich Man Ty, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Multidimensional filters for high-speed processing
907 -- 909D. Mitchell Wilkes, Monson H. Hayes III. An eigenvalue recursion for Toeplitz matrices

Volume 35, Issue 5

597 -- 613Kon Wong, Shuang Chen. Detection of narrow-band sonar signals using order statistical filters
614 -- 617Alfred M. Bruckstein. On "Soft" bit allocation
618 -- 625Russell J. Niederjohn, Michal W. Krutz, Bruce M. Brown. An experimental investigation of the perceptual effects of altering the zero-crossings of a speech signal
626 -- 635S. T. Alexander, Zong M. Rhee. Analytical finite precision results for Burg's algorithm and the autocorrelation method for linear prediction
636 -- 644Neil J. Bershad. Behavior of the ε-normalized LMS algorithm with Gaussian inputs
645 -- 653Philippe Delsarte, Yves V. Genin. On the splitting of classical algorithms in linear prediction theory
654 -- 660Giovanni Jacovitti, Roberto Cusani. An efficient technique for high correlation estimation
661 -- 670Nicholas Kalouptsidis, Sergios Theodoridis. Fast adaptive least squares algorithms for power spectral estimation
671 -- 679Chinubhai Ghelabhai Khatri, Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao. Effects of estimated noise covariance matrix in optimal signal detection
680 -- 695Yong Lee, Adly Fam. An edge gradient enhancing adaptive order statistic filter
696 -- 697Shean-Tsong Chiu. Estimation of the speed of moving source from time delay estimate
698 -- 699Alan Di Cenzo. Transform lengths for correlation and convolution
699 -- 701A. Hills, K. S. Scott. Perceived degradation effects in packet speech systems
701 -- 703Augustus J. E. M. Janssen. A note on "Positive time-frequency distributions"
703 -- 705L. Cohen. Author's reply
705 -- 707J. McKown, M. Rude, L. Griffiths. A frequency-domain implementation of the block P-vector adaptive algorithm
707 -- 708Chrysostomos L. Nikias, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Sufficient condition of extendibility for two-dimensional quadrant-symmetric autocorrelations
709 -- 0Seenu S. Reddi. On a spatial smoothing technique for multiple source location
710 -- 0Seenu S. Reddi. Spatial smoothing and a class of stochastic filters

Volume 35, Issue 4

413 -- 424Hagit Messer, Yeheskel Bar-Ness. Closed-loop least mean square time-delay estimator
425 -- 432Messaoud Benidir, Bernard C. Picinbono. Extensions of the stability criterion for ARMA filters
433 -- 437Larry J. Eriksson, Mark C. Allie, Richard A. Greiner. The selection and application of an IIR adaptive filter for use in active sound attenuation
438 -- 449Tryphon Thomas Georgiou. Realization of power spectra from partial covariance sequences
450 -- 454V. John Mathews, Sung Ho Cho. Improved convergence analysis of stochastic gradient adaptive filters using the sign algorithm
455 -- 470Teresa H. Y. Meng, David G. Messerschmitt. Arbitrarily high sampling rate adaptive filters
471 -- 475Fausto Milinazzo, Cedric A. Zala, Ian Barrodale. On the rate of growth of condition numbers for convolution matrices
476 -- 492Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Theory and design of M-channel maximally decimated quadrature mirror filters with arbitrary M, having the perfect-reconstruction property
493 -- 503Alan Conrad Bovik. Streaking in median filtered images
504 -- 510David Burshtein, Ehud Weinstein. Confidence intervals for the maximum entropy spectrum
511 -- 519David Izraelevitz, Jae S. Lim. A new direct algorithm for image reconstruction from Fourier transform magnitude
520 -- 526Richard G. Lane, W. R. Fright, Robert H. T. Bates. Direct phase retrieval
527 -- 532Nuio Tsuchida, Yoji Yamada, Minoru Ueda. Hardware for image rotation by twice skew transformations
533 -- 542George A. Lampropoulos, M. M. Fahmy. A new realization fo 2-D digital filters
543 -- 552Hanoch Lev-Ari. Modular architectures for adaptive multichannel lattice algorithms
553 -- 555Alfred M. Bruckstein. On optimal image digitization
556 -- 559Giordano Bruno, Maria Domenica Di Benedetto, Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto, Angelo Gilio, Paolo Mandarini. A Bayesian-adaptive decision method for the V/UV/S classification of segments of a speech signal
559 -- 561Leon Cohen. On a fundamental property of the Wigner distribution
561 -- 564Delores M. Etter, Don R. Hush. A new technique for adaptive frequency estimation and tracking
564 -- 566D. R. Farrier, D. J. Jeffries. Resolution of signal wavefronts by eigenvector rotation
566 -- 568David Hertz, Ezra Zeheb. Simplifications in multidimensional stability margin computations
568 -- 571George S. Kang, Lawrence J. Fransen. Experimentation with synthesized speech generated from line-spectrum pairs
571 -- 574Amaln Kundu, Sanjit Kumar Mitra. A computationally efficient approach to the removal of impulse noise from digitized speech
574 -- 577Giuseppe Martinelli, Gianni Orlandi. Convergence improvement in the adaptive implementation of Pisarenko's method
577 -- 579Zou Mou-Yan, Rolf Unbehauen. On the approximate factorization of 2-D polynomials
579 -- 580James A. Ritcey. On the probability density of a maximum likelihood mean frequency estimator
581 -- 582John A. Scales, Sven Treitel. On the connection between IRLS and Gauss' method for l1inversion: Comments on "Fast algorithms for lpdeconvolution"
582 -- 584Petre Stoica, Arye Nehorai. On stability and root location of linear prediction models
584 -- 586Barry D. Van Veen, Richard Roberts. A framework for beamforming structures
586 -- 587Andrew Varga, Frank Fallside. A technique for using multipulse linear predictive speech synthesis in text-to-speech type systems

Volume 35, Issue 3

249 -- 266Kevin M. Buckley. Spatial/Spectral filtering with linearly constrained minimum variance beamformers
267 -- 273Craig R. Holt. Two-channel likelihood detectors for arbitrary linear channel distortion
274 -- 285Richard L. Moose. Passive range estimation of an underwater maneuvering target
286 -- 299Yosef Rockah, Peter M. Schultheiss. Array shape calibration using sources in unknown locations-Part I: Far-field sources
300 -- 313John A. Stuller. Maximum-likelihood estimation of time-varying delay-Part I
314 -- 327Mark J. T. Smith, Thomas P. Barnwell III. A new filter bank theory for time-frequency representation
328 -- 337Chanchal Chatterjee, Rangasami L. Kashyap, Giridhar Boray. Estimation of close sinusoids in colored noise and model discrimination
338 -- 349V. John Mathews, Dae Hee Youn, N. Ahmed. A unified approach to nonparametric spectrum estimation algorithms
350 -- 355Louis L. Scharf, Donald W. Tufts. Rank reduction for modeling stationary signals
356 -- 372Martin Vetterli. A theory of multirate filter banks
373 -- 383Darwin T. Kuan, Alexander A. Sawchuk, Timothy C. Strand, Pierre Chavel. Adaptive restoration of images with speckle
384 -- 390Ioannis Pitas, Michael G. Strintzis. Multidimensional cyclic convolution algorithms with minimal multiplicative complexity
391 -- 394N. B. Chakraborti, Rachita Misra. A hybrid Hadamard LPC scheme for picture coding
394 -- 397A. P. Gerheim, J. W. Stoughton. Further results in Walsh domain filtering
397 -- 399Y. Huang, Mawlin Yeh. Adaptive hybrid balancing based on a novel recursive estimation algorithm and spectral analysis
400 -- 401Slava M. Katz. Estimation of probabilities from sparse data for the language model component of a speech recognizer
402 -- 403Neeraj Magotra, Nasir Ahmed 0001, Eric Chael. A comparison of two source azimuth estimation schemes
403 -- 404Günter Wackersreuther. Supplement to "On two-dimensional polyphase filter banks"
404 -- 406Patrick C. Yip, Kamisetty Ramam Rao. On the shift property of DCT's and DST's

Volume 35, Issue 2

129 -- 132Lin-Cheng Zhao, Paruchuri R. Krishnaiah, Zhi-Dong Bai. Remarks on certain criteria for detection of number of signals
133 -- 143David K. Burton. Text-dependent speaker verification using vector quantization source coding
144 -- 153Xiangkun Chen, Thomas W. Parks. Design of FIR filters in the complex domain
154 -- 157Luc Knockaert. An order-recursive algorithm for estimating pole-zero models
158 -- 161Tung Ng. Some aspects of an adaptive digital notch filter with constrained poles and zeros
162 -- 172Gregory Beylkin. Discrete radon transform
173 -- 180David Shi Chen, Jan P. Allebach. Analysis of error in reconstruction of two-dimensional signals from irregularly spaced samples
181 -- 197H. M. Kim, N. K. Bose. Approaches toward restoration of bilinearly degraded images
198 -- 207Jorge L. C. Sanz, Eric B. Hinkle. Computing projections of digital images in image processing pipeline architectures
208 -- 218Xinhua Zhuang, Einar Østevold, Robert M. Haralick. A differential equation approach to maximum entropy image reconstruction
219 -- 225Takao Nishitani, Ichiro Kuroda, Masao Satoh, Tadaharu Katoh, Yasuo Aoki. A CCITT standard 32 kbit/s ADPCM LSI codec
226 -- 228Francisco Casacuberta, Enrique Vidal. A nonstationary model for the analysis of transient speech signals
228 -- 0E. I. Jury, T. Y. Ruridant. Corrections to "On the evaluation of double square integral in the (s1, s2) complex biplane"
228 -- 231Dimitris Manolakis, George Carayannis. A lattice-ladder structure for multipulse linear predictive coding of speech
231 -- 235Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. On the accuracy of the Kumaresan-Tufts method for estimating complex damped exponentials
235 -- 237Kou-Hu Tzou. A fast computational approach to the design of block quantization
237 -- 240Bayya Yegnanarayana, Arvind Raghunathan. Representation of images through group-delay functions

Volume 35, Issue 12

1649 -- 1660Nader M. Namazi, John Stuller. A new approach to signal registration with the emphasis on variable time delay estimation
1661 -- 1669Julius O. Smith III, Jonathan S. Abel. Closed-form least-squares source location estimation from range-difference measurements
1670 -- 1683Lawrence J. Ziomek, Richard J. Blount Jr.. Underwater acoustic model-based signal processing
1684 -- 1698Jeffrey H. Derby, Claude Galand. Multirate subband coding applied to digital speech interpolation
1699 -- 1712Harvey F. Silverman. Some analysis of microphone arrays for speech data acquisition
1713 -- 1724Moeness G. Amin. Computationally lag-invariant recursive spectrum estimators
1725 -- 1726Steve Elgar. Relationships involving third moments and bispectra of a harmonic process
1727 -- 1735Bernard Mulgrew, Colin F. N. Cowan. An adaptive Kalman equalizer: Structure and performance
1736 -- 1749Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, Ping Wah Wong. Two-dimensional block Kalman filtering for image restoration
1750 -- 1760Wirendre A. Perera. Architectures for multiplierless fast Fourier transform hardware implementation in VLSI
1761 -- 1773William Robertson, Doug Pincock. A new architecture for digital time domain beamforming
1774 -- 1776Herbert Gish, Douglas Cochran. Invariance of the magnitude-squared coherence estimate with respect to second-channel statistics
1776 -- 1778Sverre Holm. FFT pruning applied to time domain interpolation and peak localization
1778 -- 1779Nicolaos B. Karayiannis, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Comments on "Two-dimensional interpolation by generalized spline filters based on partial differential equation image models"
1779 -- 1781T.-C. Chen, Rui J. P. de Figueiredo. Authors' reply
1781 -- 1782David C. Swanson, Frank W. Symons Jr.. A fixed-point implementation of the unnormalized least-squares lattice using scaled-integer arithmetic

Volume 35, Issue 11

1509 -- 1516Phillip A. Regalia, Sanjit Kumar Mitra. A class of magnitude complementary loudspeaker crossovers
1517 -- 1523S. Unnikrishna Pillai, Fred Haber. Statistical analysis of a high resolution spatial spectrum estimator utilizing an augmented covariance matrix
1524 -- 1532Barry D. Van Veen, Richard Roberts. Partially adaptive beamformer design via output power minimization
1533 -- 1538Y. Q. Yin, Paruchuri R. Krishnaiah. On some nonparametric methods for detection of the number of signals
1539 -- 1546Avedis S. Arslanian, Tariq Salim Durrani. Detection performance of complex lattice processors
1547 -- 1556Mohamed A. El-Sharkawy, Behrouz Peikari. Adaptive stochastic filters with no strict positive real condition
1557 -- 1564Zhongqi Jing. A new method for digital all-pass filter design
1565 -- 1569Nicholas Kalouptsidis, Sergios Theodoridis. Parallel implementation of efficient LS algorithms for filtering and prediction
1570 -- 1578Sylvie Marcos, Odile Macchi. Tracking capability of the least mean square algorithm: Application to an asynchronous echo canceller
1579 -- 1582Louis L. Scharf, Barry D. Van Veen. Low rank detectors for Gaussian random vectors
1583 -- 1591Hong Wang, Mostafa Kaveh. On the performance of signal-subspace processing-Part II: Coherent wide-band systems
1592 -- 1602Avideh Zakhor, Alan V. Oppenheim. Quantization errors in the computation of the discrete Hartley transform
1603 -- 1610A. K. Mahalanabis, Kefu Xue. An efficient two-dimensional Chandrasekhar filter for restoration of images degraded by spatial blur and noise
1611 -- 1618Boualem Boashash, Peter J. Black. An efficient real-time implementation of the Wigner-Ville distribution
1619 -- 1627Christophe P. Rialan, Louis L. Scharf. Cellular architectures for implementing projection operators
1628 -- 1629John G. Ackenhusen. Regular form of Durbin's recursion for programmable signal processors
1630 -- 1631Nirmal K. Bose. Efficient evaluation of multivariate polynomials over multidimensional grids
1631 -- 1633Francisco Casacuberta, Enrique Vidal, Héctor M. Rulot. On the metric properties of dynamic time warping
1633 -- 1636D. V. Satish Chandra. Accumulation of coefficient roundoff error in fast Fourier transforms implemented with logarithmic number system
1636 -- 1639Chong-Yung Chi. A fast maximum likelihood estimation and detection algorithm for Bernoulli-Gaussian processes
1639 -- 1642Alex ChiChung Kot, S. Parthasarathy, Donald W. Tufts, Richard J. Vaccaro. Statistical performance of single sinusoid frequency estimation in white noise using state-variable balancing and linear prediction
1642 -- 1643C. Santhosh Kumar. Comments on "Quadrature mirror filter design for an arbitrary number of equal bandwidth channels"
1644 -- 0Charles M. Rader. IEEE individual learning package

Volume 35, Issue 10

1365 -- 1376Henry Cox, Robert M. Zeskind, Mark M. Owen. Robust adaptive beamforming
1377 -- 1385Tie-Jun Shan, Arogyaswami Paulraj, Thomas Kailath. On smoothed rank profile tests in eigenstructure methods for directions-of-arrival estimation
1386 -- 1400Yifan Gong, Jean-Paul Haton. Time domain harmonic matching pitch estimation using time-dependent speech modeling
1401 -- 1413Marcia A. Bush, Gary E. Kopec. Network-based connected digit recognition
1414 -- 1422Yoh'ichi Tohkura. A weighted cepstral distance measure for speech recognition
1423 -- 1434Stephen J. Elliott, Ian M. Stothers, Philip A. Nelson. A multiple error LMS algorithm and its application to the active control of sound and vibration
1435 -- 1439Brian K. Lien, Gregory Y. Tang. Reversed Chebyshev implementation of McClellan transform and its roundoff error
1440 -- 1454Md. Anisur Rahman, Kai-Bor Yu. Total least squares approach for frequency estimation using linear prediction
1455 -- 1461Hsieh S. Hou. A fast recursive algorithm for computing the discrete cosine transform
1462 -- 1472Bernard D. Steinberg. A theory of the effect of hard limiting and other distortions upon the quality of microwave images
1473 -- 0Robert L. Burr. Minimum cross-entropy spectral analysis and prewhitening methods
1474 -- 1476M. K. Ibrahim. Improvement in the speed of the data-adaptive weighted Burg technique
1476 -- 1479M. K. Ibrahim. On line splitting in the optimum tapered Burg algorithm
1479 -- 1480Douglas L. Jones, Thomas W. Parks. On computing equally spaced samples of a complex Gaussian function
1480 -- 1481James F. Kaiser. On the fast generation of equally spaced values of the Gaussian function A exp (-at * t)
1481 -- 1483Jaleh Komaili, Leonard A. Ferrari, P. V. Sankar. Estimating the bandwidth of a normal process from the level crossings of its envelope
1484 -- 1485Henrique S. Malvar. Fast computation of the discrete cosine transform and the discrete Hartley transform
1486 -- 1487Albert H. Nuttall. Efficient evaluation of polynomials and exponentials of polynomials for equispaced arguments
1487 -- 1489G. R. Reddy, V. V. Rao. Signal delay and waveform estimation through differential cepstrum averaging
1489 -- 1492Frances A. Reed. The behavior of absolutely optimal array filters for sensor arrays in the presence of noise
1492 -- 1494Giovanni L. Sicuranza, Giovanni Ramponi. A variable-step adaptation algorithm for memory-oriented Volterra filters
1494 -- 1498Rabab Kreidieh Ward, Bahaa E. A. Saleh. Deblurring random blur

Volume 35, Issue 1

1 -- 0Mostafa Kaveh. Editorial transactions goes monthly
2 -- 8Matthew J. Yedlin, Ian F. Jones, B. Barry Narod. Application of the Karhunen-Loève transform to diffraction separation
9 -- 18Hidefumi Kobatake. Optimization of voiced/Unvoiced decisions in nonstationary noise environments
19 -- 28James A. Cadzow, Otis M. Solomon Jr.. Linear modeling and the coherence function
29 -- 42Cédric Demeure, Louis L. Scharf. Linear statistical models for stationary sequences and related algorithms for Cholesky factorization of Toeplitz matrices
43 -- 47Dennis R. Morgan, Athanasios Aridgides. Interpolation and extrapolation of an ideal band-limited random process
48 -- 59Fathy F. Yassa. Optimality in the choice of the convergence factor for gradient-based adaptive algorithms
60 -- 69Gonzalo R. Arce, Michael P. McLoughlin. Theoretical analysis of the max/Median filter
70 -- 85Yoram Bresler, Shmuel J. Merhav. Recursive image registration with application to motion estimation
86 -- 97William E. Higgins, David C. Munson Jr.. An algorithm for computing general integer-order Hankel transforms
98 -- 106Michael P. McLoughlin, Gonzalo R. Arce. Deterministic properties of the recursive separable median filter
107 -- 111Soheil I. Sayegh, Yon-Lin Kok, Joo-Heng Hong. An algorithm to find two-dimensional signals with specified zero crossings
112 -- 114Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, Robert A. King. Two-dimensional block transforms and their properties
114 -- 116Aníbal R. Figueiras-Vidal, José Manuel Páez-Borrallo, Ramón García Gómez. On using cooccurrence matrices to detect periodicities
116 -- 118R. A. Pepe, J. D. Rogers. Simulation of fixed-point operations with high-level languages
118 -- 120Phillip A. Regalia, Sanjit Kumar Mitra. Tunable digital frequency response equalization filters
120 -- 122Addiaan Van Den Bos. A new method for synthesis of low-peak-factor signals