Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 41, Issue 9

2737 -- 2751Dinh-Tuan Pham. Some quick and efficient methods for bearing-only target motion analysis
2752 -- 2763Peter M. Schultheiss, Hagit Messer. Optimal and suboptimal broad-band source location estimation
2764 -- 2777Nageen Himayat, Saleem A. Kassam. Approximate performance analysis of edge preserving filters
2778 -- 2795Truong Q. Nguyen. Partial spectrum reconstruction using digital filter banks
2796 -- 2810Alfredo Restrepo, Alan Conrad Bovik. Locally monotonic regression
2811 -- 2825Dirk T. M. Slock. On the convergence behavior of the LMS and the normalized LMS algorithms
2826 -- 2838Bart De Moor. The singular value decomposition and long and short spaces of noisy matrices
2839 -- 2849Mohamed Deriche, Ahmed H. Tewfik. Signal modeling with filtered discrete fractional noise processes
2850 -- 2862Jian Li, R. T. Compton Jr.. Maximum likelihood angle estimation for signals with known waveforms
2863 -- 2871Zheng-She Liu. On-line parameter identification algorithms based on Householder transformation
2872 -- 2881V. Umapathi Reddy, L. S. Biradar. SVD-based information theoretic criteria for detection of the number of damped/undamped sinusoids and their performance analysis
2882 -- 2890A. Lee Swindlehurst, Thomas Kailath. A performance analysis of subspace-based methods in the presence of model error. II. Multidimensional algorithms
2891 -- 2906Douglas B. Williams, Don H. Johnson. Robust estimation of structured covariance matrices
2907 -- 2917Gennady Feygin, Patrick Glenn Gulak, Paul Chow. A multiprocessor architecture for Viterbi decoders with linear speedup
2918 -- 2927Sheng Chen 0001, Bernard Mulgrew, Steve McLaughlin. Adaptive Bayesian equalizer with decision feedback
2928 -- 2934Dana H. Brooks, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Multichannel adaptive blind deconvolution using the complex cepstrum of higher order cross-spectra
2934 -- 2937Masoud R. K. Khansari, Alberto Leon-Garcia. A fast algorithm for optimal linear interpolation
2937 -- 2942Chamg Long Lee, Chein-Wei Jen. Binary partition algorithms and VLSI architectures for median and rank order filtering
2942 -- 2946Theodore I. Shim, S. Unnikrishna Pillai, Won-Cheol Lee. Uniqueness of a two-step predictor based spectral estimator that generalizes the maximum entropy concept
2946 -- 2953Wen-Chih Wu, Rong-Ming Chen, Shyang Chang. An analog architecture on parameter estimation of ARMA models

Volume 41, Issue 8

2517 -- 2535Joseph B. Evans, Ping Xue, Bede Liu. Analysis and implementation of variable step size adaptive algorithms
2536 -- 2556Cormac Herley, Martin Vetterli. Wavelets and recursive filter banks
2557 -- 2573Vikram Krishnamurthy, John B. Moore. On-line estimation of hidden Markov model parameters based on the Kullback-Leibler information measure
2574 -- 2582Robert L. Lucke, Alan D. Stocker. Filtering interpolators for frame differencing signal processors
2583 -- 2590Kenneth W. Martin, Mukund Padmanabhan. Using an IIR adaptive filter bank to analyze short data segments of noisy sinusoids
2591 -- 2606Olivier Rioul. A discrete-time multiresolution theory
2607 -- 2617Peter Strobach. A generalization of McWhirter's formulas
2618 -- 2627Jack R. Williams, Anthony N. Black, Robert S. Montgomery. Cascaded frequency domain bandpass filters for multivernier spectra
2628 -- 2638Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander. Analysis of a signal estimation algorithm for diversely polarized arrays
2639 -- 2656Xiaoli Yu, Irving S. Reed, Alan D. Stocker. Comparative performance analysis of adaptive multispectral detectors
2657 -- 2664Xian-Da Zhang, Yuan-Sheng Zhang. Singular value decomposition-based MA order determination of non-Gaussian ARMA models
2665 -- 2678Joseph M. Francos, A. Zvi Meiri, Boaz Porat. A unified texture model based on a 2-D Wold-like decomposition
2679 -- 2687Meir Zibulski, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi. Oversampling in the Gabor scheme
2688 -- 2694Barun K. Kar, Dhiraj K. Pradhan. A new algorithm for order statistic and sorting
2695 -- 2716Janos Sztipanovits, D. Mitchell Wilkes, Gabor Karsai, Csaba Biegl, Lester E. Lynd Jr.. The multigraph and structural adaptivity
2717 -- 2719Seymour Stein. Differential delay/Doppler ML estimation with unknown signals
2719 -- 2724Ilan Ziskind, David Hertz. Maximum-likelihood localization of narrow-band autoregressive sources via the EM algorithm
2724 -- 2727Chuan Zhang Tang, Hon Keung Kwan. Multilayer feedforward neural networks with single powers-of-two weights

Volume 41, Issue 7

2289 -- 2299K. C. Ho, Y. T. Chan, P. C. Ching. Adaptive time-delay estimation in nonstationary signal and/or noise power environments
2300 -- 2313Paul E. Beckmann, Bruce R. Musicus. Fast fault-tolerant digital convolution using a polynomial residue number system
2314 -- 2321Hakan Caglar, Ali N. Akansu. A generalized parametric PR-QMF design technique based on Bernstein polynomial approximation
2322 -- 2348Søren Hein, Avideh Zakhor. On the stability of sigma delta modulators
2349 -- 2361Jin-Jen Hsue, Andrew E. Yagle. Fast algorithms for close-to-Toeplitz-plus-Hankel systems and two-sided linear prediction
2362 -- 2370Daniel Pak-Kong Lun, Wan-Chi Siu. An analysis for the realization of an in-place and in-order prime factor algorithm
2371 -- 2375Rainer Storn. Some results in fixed point error analysis of the Bruun-FTT algorithm
2376 -- 2388Ian L. Thng, Antonio Cantoni, Yee Hong Leung. Derivative constrained optimum broad-band antenna arrays
2389 -- 2404Dana H. Brooks, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. The cross-bicepstrum: definition, properties, and application for simultaneous reconstruction of three nonminimum phase signals
2405 -- 2412José A. R. Fonollosa, Josep Vidal. System identification using a linear combination of cumulant slices
2413 -- 2428Steven M. Kay, Venkatesh Nagesha, John Salisbury. Broad-band detection based on two-dimensional mixed autoregressive models
2429 -- 2438Shie Qian, Dapang Chen. Discrete Gabor transform
2439 -- 2447Kurt S. Riedel. Optimal data-based kernel estimation of evolutionary spectra
2448 -- 2460Petr Tichavský. High-SNR asymptotics for signal-subspace methods in sinusoidal frequency estimation
2461 -- 2470Lang Tong, Yujiro Inouye, Ruey-Wen Liu. Waveform-preserving blind estimation of multiple independent sources
2471 -- 2487Thomas P. Barnwell III, Vijay K. Madisetti, Stephen J. A. McGrath. The Georgia Tech digital signal multiprocessor
2488 -- 2490W. Chen, Nasser Kehtarnavaz, T. W. Spencer. An efficient recursive algorithm for time-varying Fourier transform
2490 -- 2494Carlos E. Davila. Line search algorithms for adaptive filtering
2494 -- 2499Daniel Pak-Kong Lun, Wan-Chi Siu. Fast radix-3/9 discrete Hartley transform
2499 -- 2502Ming Mao, Zi-Jun Gan. Statistical analysis for the convergence rate of signals to median filter roots
2502 -- 2507Michael D. Zoltowski, Seth D. Silverstein, Cherian P. Mathews. Beamspace Root-MUSIC for minimum redundancy linear arrays

Volume 41, Issue 6

2033 -- 2046Heung Ki Baik, V. John Mathews. Adaptive lattice bilinear filters
2047 -- 2066Jelena Kovacevic, Martin Vetterli. Perfect reconstruction filter banks with rational sampling factors
2067 -- 2074Xing Li, Nihat M. Bilgutay. Wiener filter realization for target detection using group delay statistics
2075 -- 2087V. John Mathews, Zhenhua Xie. A stochastic gradient adaptive filter with gradient adaptive step size
2088 -- 2095Athina P. Petropulu, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Blind convolution using signal reconstruction from partial higher order cepstral information
2096 -- 2109Phillip A. Regalia. Numerical stability properties of a QR-based fast least squares algorithm
2110 -- 2130P. P. Vaidyanathan. Orthonormal and biorthonormal filter banks as convolvers, and convolutional coding gain
2131 -- 2140Terence Wang, Chin-Liang Wang. In the optimum design of the block adaptive FIR digital filter
2141 -- 2154Kon Max Wong, Zhi-Quan Luo, Qu Jin. Design of optimum signals for the simultaneous estimation of time delay and Doppler shift
2155 -- 2164Chong-Yung Chi. Linear prediction, maximum flatness, maximum entropy, and AR polyspectral estimation
2165 -- 2176ByoungSeon Choi. Two chi-square statistics for determining the orders p and q of an ARMA (p, q) process
2177 -- 2192Mordechai Frisch, Hagit Messer. Transient signal detection using prior information in the likelihood ratio test
2193 -- 2207Miki Haseyama, Nobuo Nagai, Nobuhiro Miki. An adaptive ARMA four-line lattice filter for spectral estimation with frequency weighting
2208 -- 2215Debayoti Pal. Gohberg-Semencul type formulas via embedding of Lyapunov equations [signal processing]
2216 -- 2224Shimon Peleg, Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. The achievable accuracy in estimating the instantaneous phase and frequency of a constant amplitude signal
2225 -- 2235Phu D. Hoang, Jan M. Rabaey. Scheduling of DSP programs onto multiprocessors for maximum throughput
2236 -- 2246Heonchul Park, Viktor K. Prasanna. Modular VLSI architectures for computing the arithmetic Fourier transform
2247 -- 2249Thomas L. Marzetta. A simple derivation of the constrained multiple parameter Cramer-Rao bound
2249 -- 2253Roger J. Webster. Ambient noise statistics
2253 -- 2257Eweda Eweda. Analysis of a sign algorithm with delayed data
2257 -- 2259Arie Feuer, Roberto Cristi. On the optimal weight vector of a perceptron with Gaussian data and arbitrary nonlinearity
2259 -- 2261Irwin W. Sandberg. A note on the PQ theorem and the extrapolation of signals
2262 -- 2264Masoud R. K. Khansari, Alberto Leon-Garcia. Linear interpolation lattice for nonstationary signals
2265 -- 2269Kalahasthi C. Indukumar, Vellenki U. Reddy. Optimum weighted smoothing in finite data
2269 -- 2273Kuniharu Kishida, Sumasu Yamada, Nobuo Sugibayashi. Observation noise and zero loci of the time series model
2274 -- 2277Harry Lee, Fu Li. Quantification of the difference between detection and resolution thresholds for multiple closely spaced emitters
2277 -- 2280Xian-Da Zhang, Yuan-Sheng Zhang. Determination of the MA order of an ARMA process using sample correlations

Volume 41, Issue 5

1749 -- 1765Tsuhan Chen, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Multidimensional multirate filters and filter banks derived from one-dimensional filters
1766 -- 1779Richard J. Hartnett, Gloria Faye Boudreaux-Bartels. On the use of cyclotomic polynomial prefilters for efficient FIR filter design
1780 -- 1789Yong Ching Lim, Rong-Huan Yang, Soo Ngee Koh. The design of weighted minimax quadrature mirror filters
1790 -- 1808Zhi-Jian Mou. Minimal structures for symmetric FIR filters of arbitrary length
1809 -- 1823Richard C. North, James R. Zeidler, Walter H. Ku, Terence R. Albert. A floating-point arithmetic error analysis of direct and indirect coefficient updating techniques for adaptive lattice filters
1824 -- 1835Anand K. Soman, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Coding gain in paraunitary analysis/synthesis systems
1836 -- 1846Sridhar Lakshmanan, Haluk Derin. Extendability tests for multidimensional covariance sequences
1847 -- 1866L. Todd McWhorter, Louis L. Scharf. Cramer-Rao bounds for deterministic modal analysis
1867 -- 1880Mingui Sun, Robert J. Sclabassi. Discrete-time instantaneous frequency and its computation
1881 -- 1892Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander. Performance analysis of spatial smoothing with interpolated arrays
1893 -- 1905Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander. Direction finding for diversely polarized signals using polynomial rooting
1906 -- 1924John R. Deller Jr., Souheil F. Odeh. Adaptive set-membership identification in O(m) time for linear-in-parameters models
1925 -- 1939Naresh R. Shanbhag, Keshab K. Parhi. A pipelined adaptive lattice filter architecture
1940 -- 1944Zhi Ding, C. Richard Johnson Jr.. On the nonvanishing stability of undesirable equilibria for FIR Godard blind equalizers
1944 -- 1947Miroslav V. Dokic, Peter M. Clarkson. On the performance of a second-order adaptive Volterra filter
1947 -- 1951Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny. On statistical efficiency of the LMS algorithm in system modeling
1951 -- 1953Mark P. Mahon, Leon H. Sibul, Hector M. Valenzuela. A sliding window update for the basis matrix of the QR decomposition
1953 -- 1955Naoki Mikami, Masaki Kobayashi, Yukiko Yokoyama. Roundoff-error reduction for evaluation of a function by polynomial approximation with error feedback in fixed-point arithmetic
1956 -- 1961Kalavai J. Raghunath, Keshab K. Parhi. Parallel adaptive decision feedback equalizers
1961 -- 1964Stephan V. Schell, William A. Gardner. Blind adaptive spatiotemporal filtering for wide-band cyclostationary signals
1965 -- 1969John J. Shynk, Christina K. Chan. Performance surfaces of the constant modulus algorithm based on a conditional Gaussian model
1970 -- 1974Chin-Liang Wang, Rong-Yih Chen. Optimum design of the hard-switching dual sign algorithm for adaptive echo cancellation
1974 -- 1979Victor E. DeBrunner. Computational analysis of rotational search methods for adaptive Pisarenko harmonic retrieval
1980 -- 1982Albertus C. den Brinker. Calculation of the local cross-correlation function on the basis of the Laguerre transform
1982 -- 1986Hongya Ge, Donald W. Tufts. Estimating the frequencies of two sinusoids using only the phase angles of complex-valued data
1986 -- 1990T. J. McHale, Gloria Faye Boudreaux-Bartels. An algorithm for synthesizing signals from partial time-frequency models using the cross Wigner distribution
1990 -- 1993Neri Merhav, Chin-Hui Lee. On the asymptotic statistical behavior of empirical cepstral coefficients
1993 -- 1996Carlo M. Monti, Gianfranco L. Pierobon, Umberto Viaro. Synthesis of spectral densities using finite automata
1996 -- 2008Branko Ristic, Boualem Boashash. Kernel design for time-frequency signal analysis using the Radon transform
2008 -- 2010Dulal C. Kar, V. V. Bapeswara Rao. A new systolic realization for the discrete Fourier transform
2010 -- 2013Vladimir Bochev. Distributed arithmetic implementation of artificial neural networks
2013 -- 2017Po-Rong Chang, Bao-Fuh Yeh. A numerically stable pipeline net VLSI architecture for the isomorphic Hopfield model
2018 -- 2022K. Sivakumar, Uday B. Desai. Image restoration using a multilayer perceptron with a multilevel sigmoidal function

Volume 41, Issue 4

1493 -- 1517Hong Fan. A structural view of asymptotic convergence speed of adaptive IIR filtering algorithms. I. Infinite precision implementation
1518 -- 1531Paul L. Feintuch, Neil J. Bershad, Allen K. Lo. A frequency domain model for `filtered' LMS algorithms-stability analysis, design, and elimination of the training mode
1532 -- 1550Petros Maragos, James F. Kaiser, Thomas F. Quatieri. On amplitude and frequency demodulation using energy operators
1551 -- 1561Chimin Tsai, Adly T. Fam. Low roundoff noise augmented realizations of IIR filters
1562 -- 1575Ja-Ling Wu, Wei-Jou Duh, Shyh-Huei Hsu. Basis-vector-decomposition based two-stage computational algorithms for DFT and DHT
1576 -- 1588Saleh A. Alshebeili, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos, A. Enis Çetin. Cumulant based identification approaches for nonminimum phase FIR systems
1589 -- 1602Richard G. Baraniuk, Douglas L. Jones. A signal-dependent time-frequency representation: optimal kernel design
1603 -- 1617Marwan U. Bikdash, Kai-Bor Yu. Analysis and filtering using the optimally smoothed Wigner distribution
1618 -- 1634Benjamin Friedlander, Anthony J. Weiss. Direction finding for wide-band signals using an interpolated array
1635 -- 1651Constantin Papaodysseus, Elias Koukoutsis, Costas N. Triantafyllou. Error sources and error propagation in the Levinson-Durbin algorithm
1652 -- 1663Q. T. Zhang, Kon Max Wong. Information theoretic criteria for the determination of the number of signals in spatially correlated noise
1664 -- 1668Anil Kumar, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. Time-domain analysis of cross correlation for time delay estimation with an autocorrelated signal
1668 -- 1672David N. Swingler. Simple approximations to the Cramer-Rao lower bound on direction of arrival for closely spaced sources
1672 -- 1675Marina V. Dragosevic. Stationary points of the recursive generalized least squares algorithm for adaptive notch filtering
1676 -- 1677Alan Edelman, G. W. Stewart. Scaling for orthogonality
1677 -- 1680Stephen D. Hendry. Computation of harmonic comb filter weights
1680 -- 1685Harold G. Longbotham, David H. Eberly. The WMMR filters: a class of robust edge enhancers
1685 -- 1689Sumit Roy 0001. Design of linear phase FIR filters using the LMS algorithm
1689 -- 1692Phillip L. Ainsleigh, James D. George. Full Newton and constraint methods for semilinear signal modeling
1692 -- 1697Mrityunjoy Chakraborty, Surendra Prasad. Multivariate ARMA modeling by scalar algorithms
1698 -- 1701Samuel Itzikowitz, Amir Averbuch. General smoothing techniques for estimating deterministic undamped sinusoidal frequencies from noisy data
1702 -- 1705J. Oli Jonsson, Allan O. Steinhardt. FA of the multiwindow harmonic detector and its application to real data
1705 -- 1707Joël Le Roux, P. Sole, A. Murat Tekalp, A. Tanju Erdem. Tekalp-Erdem estimator gives the LS estimate for Fourier phase and log-Fourier modulus
1707 -- 1710Darel A. Linebarger. Redundancy averaging with large arrays
1710 -- 1714Hiroyuki Mino, Kazuo Yana. Estimation of the density of the filtered Poisson impulse process: a parametric approach
1715 -- 1716Dimitris N. Politis. On the maximum entropy problem with autocorrelations specified on a lattice
1716 -- 1721Donald W. Tufts, Abhijit A. Shah. Estimation of a signal waveform from noisy data using low-rank approximation to a data matrix
1721 -- 1724Greg Vines, Monson N. Hayes III. Nonlinear address maps in a one-dimensional fractal model
1724 -- 1727Roger J. Webster. Minimum detectable signal for spectrogram displays
1727 -- 1728Roger J. Webster. Comment on `Inverse invariant distributions'
1728 -- 1730Christopher J. Zarowski. A QR-type algorithm for fitting the delta AR model to autocorrelation windowed data
1730 -- 1734Xinhua Zhuang, Ling Chen, Su-Shing Chen. An experimental comparison between maximum entropy and minimum relative-entropy spectral analysis
1734 -- 1736Chaitali Chakrabarti, D. Raghuramireddy, Rolf Unbehauen. Comments on `Highly modular systolic structures for denominator-separable 2-D recursive filters' [and reply]
1737 -- 1739Giuseppe Martinelli, Lucio Prina Ricotti, Giuseppe Marcone. Neural clustering for optimal KLT image compression

Volume 41, Issue 3

1021 -- 1034Shoupu Chen, Gonzalo R. Arce. Microstatistic LMS filtering
1035 -- 1047Tsuhan Chen, P. P. Vaidyanathan. The role of integer matrices in multidimensional multirate systems
1048 -- 1060Weidong Chen. A new extrapolation algorithm for band-limited signals using the regularization method
1061 -- 1076Russell C. Hardie, Charles G. Boncelet Jr.. LUM filters: a class of rank-order-based filters for smoothing and sharpening
1077 -- 1086Douglas L. Jones. Efficient computation of time-varying and adaptive filters
1087 -- 1102Junghsi Lee, V. John Mathews. A fast recursive least squares adaptive second order Volterra filter and its performance analysis
1103 -- 1113M. A. Mendlovitz. 1-optimal estimation for discrete-time linear systems
1114 -- 1127Kambiz Nayebi, Thomas P. Barnwell III, Mark J. T. Smith. Nonuniform filter banks: a reconstruction and design theory
1128 -- 1139Truong Q. Nguyen. The design of arbitrary FIR digital filters using the eigenfilter method
1140 -- 1148Ashok K. Rao, Yih-Fang Huang. Tracking characteristics of an OBE parameter-estimation algorithm
1149 -- 1160Markus Rupp. The behavior of LMS and NLMS algorithms in the presence of spherically invariant processes
1161 -- 1169Radomir T. Sokolov, James C. Rogers. Time-domain cepstral transformations
1170 -- 1183Anand K. Soman, P. P. Vaidyanathan. On orthonormal wavelets and paraunitary filter banks
1184 -- 1200Henrik V. Sorensen, C. Sidney Burrus. Efficient computation of the DFT with only a subset of input or output points
1201 -- 1222Lin Yin, Jaakko Astola, Yrjö Neuvo. A new class of nonlinear filters-neural filters
1223 -- 1236Yehoshua Y. Zeevi, Eyal Shlomot. Nonuniform sampling and antialiasing in image representation
1237 -- 1247William Campbell, David N. Swingler. Frequency estimation performance of several weighted Burg algorithms
1248 -- 1258Franz Hlawatsch, Werner Kozek. The Wigner distribution of a linear signal space
1259 -- 1271Tim J. Nohara, Simon Haykin. AR-based growler detection in sea clutter
1272 -- 1280Fazal Noor, Salvatore D. Morgera. Recursive and iterative algorithms for computing eigenvalues of Hermitian Toeplitz matrices
1281 -- 1304S. Unnikrishna Pillai, Theodore I. Shim, Dante C. Youla. A new technique for ARMA-system identification and rational approximation
1305 -- 1318William M. Steedly, Randolph L. Moses. The Cramer-Rao bound for pole and amplitude coefficient estimates of damped exponential signals in noise
1319 -- 1330D. Mitchell Wilkes, James A. Cadzow. The effects of phase on high-resolution frequency estimators
1331 -- 1339Daniel Yellin, Boaz Porat. Blind identification of FIR systems excited by discrete-alphabet inputs
1340 -- 1356Knud Steven Knudsen, Leonard T. Bruton. Recursive pruning of the 2D DFT with 3D signal processing applications
1357 -- 1377K. J. Ray Liu, Ching-Te Chiu. Unified parallel lattice structures for time-recursive discrete cosine/sine/Hartley transforms
1378 -- 1385Behrooz Parhami, Hsun-Feng Lai. Alternate memory compression schemes for modular multiplication
1386 -- 1391Miriam A. Doron, Anthony J. Weiss. Performance analysis of direction finding using lag redundancy averaging
1391 -- 1394Xianya Xie, Robin J. Evans. Frequency-wavenumber tracking using hidden Markov models
1394 -- 1398Pierre Zakarauskas, John M. Ozard, Peter Brouwer. Neural networks for independent range and depth discrimination in passive acoustic localization
1398 -- 1400S. Barash, Yaacov Ritov. Logarithmic pruning of FFT frequencies
1400 -- 1405Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny. Application of orthonormal transforms to implementation of quasi-LMS/Newton algorithm
1405 -- 1409S. F. Hsieh, K. J. Ray Liu, K. Yao. A unified square-root-free approach for QRD-based recursive-least-squares estimation
1409 -- 1412Wooshik Kim, Monson H. Hayes. Phase retrieval using a window function
1413 -- 1415Michael P. Lamoureux. The poorman's transform: approximating the Fourier transform without multiplication
1415 -- 1421Guy Le Besnerais, Yves Goussard. Improved square-root forms of fast linear least squares estimation algorithms
1421 -- 1425Martin W. Y. Poon, Rafaat H. Khan, Le Ngoc Son. A singular value decomposition (SVD) based method for suppressing ocean clutter in high frequency radar
1425 -- 1428Won Sik Youn, Chong Kwan Un. A linearly constrained beamforming robust to array imperfections
1428 -- 1431Hehong Zou, Ahmed H. Tewfik. Parametrization of compactly supported orthonormal wavelets
1431 -- 1435Paul M. Baggenstoss, Ramdas Kumaresan. On the estimation of rational transfer functions from samples of the power spectrum
1435 -- 1438L. S. Biradar, V. U. Reddy. A Newton-based Ziskind-Wax alternating projection algorithm applied to spectral estimation
1439 -- 1445Boualem Boashash, Peter O'Shea. Use of the cross Wigner-Ville distribution for estimation of instantaneous frequency
1445 -- 1449Ronald D. Degroat, Eric M. Dowling, Darel A. Linebarger. The constrained MUSIC problem
1449 -- 1453Wade H. Foy. Comparison of methods for spectral estimation with interrupted data
1453 -- 1458K. J. Ray Liu, S. F. Hsieh. Fast orthogonalization algorithm and parallel architecture for AR spectral estimation based on forward-backward linear prediction
1458 -- 1461Brian C. Lovell, Robert C. Williamson, Boualem Boashash. The relationship between instantaneous frequency and time-frequency representations
1461 -- 1464C. Radhakrishna Rao, Lincheng Zhao. Asymptotic behavior of maximum likelihood estimates of superimposed exponential signals
1464 -- 1469Tamal Bose, Mei-Qin Chen. Design of two-dimensional digital filters in the spatial domain
1469 -- 1472James C. Ehrhardt. Hexagonal fast Fourier transform with rectangular output
1472 -- 1476Jaehee You, S. Simon Wong. Serial-parallel FFT array processor
1476 -- 1481Emilio L. Zapata, Francisco Argüello. Application-specific architecture for fast transforms based on the successive doubling method

Volume 41, Issue 2

525 -- 533Giovanni Jacovitti, Gaetano Scarano. Discrete time techniques for time delay estimation
534 -- 548Ken D. Sauer, Charles A. Bouman. A local update strategy for iterative reconstruction from projections
549 -- 558Jitendra K. Tugnait. Time delay estimation with unknown spatially correlated Gaussian noise
559 -- 572Ashraf S. Alkhairy, Kevin G. Christian, Jae S. Lim. Design and characterization of optimal FIR filters with arbitrary phase
573 -- 582Neil J. Bershad, John J. Shynk, Paul L. Feintuch. Statistical analysis of the single-layer backpropagation algorithm. I. mean weight behavior
581 -- 591Neil J. Bershad, John J. Shynk, Paul L. Feintuch. Statistical analysis of the single-layer backpropagation algorithm. II. MSE and classification performance
592 -- 601Daniel Boudreau, Peter Kabal. Joint time-delay estimation and adaptive recursive least squares filtering
602 -- 616Søren Hein, Avideh Zakhor. Optimal decoding for data acquisition applications of sigma delta modulators
617 -- 628John B. Kenney, Charles E. Rohrs. The composite regressor algorithm for IIR adaptive systems
629 -- 637Gang Li, Michel Gevers. Roundoff noise minimization using delta-operator realizations [digital filters]
638 -- 648Chao Lu, James W. Cooley, Richard Tolimieri. FFT algorithms for prime transform sizes and their implementations on VAX, IBM3090VF, and IBM RS/6000
649 -- 656Jose C. Principe, Bert de Vries, Pedro Guedes de Oliveira. The gamma-filter-a new class of adaptive IIR filters with restricted feedback
657 -- 666Juyang Weng. Windowed Fourier phase: completeness and signal reconstruction
667 -- 680Geoffrey A. Williamson, Peter M. Clarkson, William A. Sethares. Performance characteristics of the median LMS adaptive filter
681 -- 691Fu-Chun Zheng, Steve McLaughlin, Bernard Mulgrew. Blind equalization of nonminimum phase channels: higher order cumulant based algorithm
692 -- 702Pascal Bondon, Messaoud Benidir, Bernard C. Picinbono. Polyspectrum modeling using linear or quadratic filters
703 -- 720William A. Brown III, Herschel H. Loomis Jr.. Digital implementations of spectral correlation analyzers
721 -- 726Ronald L. Dilsavor, Randolph L. Moses. Analysis of modified SMI method for adaptive array weight control
727 -- 741Jeng-Kuang Hwang, Yung-Chang Chen. Superresolution frequency estimation by alternating notch periodogram
742 -- 749Marc Lavielle. Detection of changes in the spectrum of a multidimensional process
750 -- 767Patrick J. Loughlin, James W. Pitton, Les E. Atlas. Bilinear time-frequency representations: new insights and properties
768 -- 780Constantin Papaodysseus, George Carayannis, Elias Koukoutsis, Eleftherios Kayafas. Comparing LS FIR filtering and l-step ahead linear prediction
781 -- 787Dimitris N. Politis. ARMA models, prewhitening, and minimum cross entropy
788 -- 803Bhaskar D. Rao, K. V. S. Hari. Weighted subspace methods and spatial smoothing: analysis and comparison
804 -- 820Sze-Fong Yau, Yoram Bresler. Maximum likelihood parameter estimation of superimposed signals by dynamic programming
821 -- 833Michael Unser, Akram Aldroubi, Murray Eden. B-spline signal processing. I. Theory
834 -- 848Michael Unser, Akram Aldroubi, Murray Eden. B-spline signal processing. II. Efficiency design and applications
849 -- 857Ping-Ya Zhao, Dao-Rong Yu. An unbiased and computationally efficient LS estimation method for identifying parameters of 2D noncausal SAR models
858 -- 888Pedro R. Gelabert, Thomas P. Barnwell III. Optimal automatic periodic multiprocessor scheduler for fully specified flow graphs
889 -- 900Yeu-Shen Jehng, Liang-Gee Chen, Tzi-Dar Chiueh. An efficient and simple VLSI tree architecture for motion estimation algorithms
901 -- 905Ravi K. Kolagotla, Shu-sun Yu, Joseph JáJá. VLSI implementation of a tree searched vector quantizer
906 -- 912Marc Moonen, Joos Vandewalle. A systolic array for recursive least squares computations
913 -- 925Ramin A. Nobakht, Sasan H. Ardalan, David E. van den Bout. Adaptive filtering of nonlinear systems with memory by quantized mean field annealing [digital subscriber loop example]
926 -- 930Hiroshi Yasukawa, Shoji Shimada. An acoustic echo canceller using subband sampling and decorrelation methods
930 -- 934Moeness G. Amin, Paul J. Davis, Fred Allen Jr.. An application of the LMS algorithm in smoothing pseudo-Wigner distribution
935 -- 939Rong-Ming Chen, Shyang Chang. The minimum discrepancy measure: its use in univariate white noise tests
939 -- 942Howard Holtz, Bonita J. Campbell. The design of FIR and IIR filters which are equivalent to a least-squares process
943 -- 946Chung-Ping Kwong. Further results on the control-theoretic analysis of the LMS algorithm
946 -- 956Dennis R. Morgan, James C. Thi. A multitone pseudocascade, filtered-X LMS adaptive notch filter
956 -- 960LJubisa Stankovic, Srdjan Stankovic. Wigner distribution of noisy signals
960 -- 965Ja-Ling Wu, Soo-Chang Pei. The vector split-radix algorithm for 2D DHT
965 -- 970Pao-Ta Yu, Wen-Long Wang. Root properties of median filters under three appending strategies
970 -- 977Avideh Zakhor. On stability of reconstruction from Fourier transform modulus
977 -- 981Damjan Zazula, Ludvik Gyergyek. Direct frequency-domain deconvolution when the signals have no spectral inverse
981 -- 985Chong-Yung Chi, Jung-Yuag Kung. A phase determination method for nonminimum phase ARMA systems by a single cumulant sample
985 -- 988Jinho Choi 0001, Iickho Song. Asymptotic distribution of the MUSIC null spectrum
988 -- 990Serge Dégerine. A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of the maximum likelihood estimate in autoregressive models
990 -- 994S. F. Hsieh, K. J. Ray Liu, K. Yao. Estimation of multiple sinusoidal frequencies using truncated least squares methods
994 -- 996Panajotis Agathoklis. The double bilinear transformation for 2-D systems in state-space description
996 -- 1000Gopinath R. Kuduvalli, Rangaraj M. Rangayyan. An algorithm for direct computation of 2-D linear prediction coefficients
1000 -- 1005Alan Gatherer, Teresa H. Y. Meng. A robust adaptive parallel DFE using extended LMS

Volume 41, Issue 12

3216 -- 3231Zeev Berman, John S. Baras. Properties of the multiscale maxima and zero-crossings representations
3232 -- 3244Thierry Blu. Iterated filter banks with rational rate changes connection with discrete wavelet transforms
3245 -- 3265Alan C. Bovik, Petros Maragos, Thomas F. Quatieri. AM-FM energy detection and separation in noise using multiband energy operators
3266 -- 3274Bernhard Claus. Multiscale statistical signal processing: identification of a multiscale AR process from a sample of an ordinary signal
3275 -- 3292Leon Cohen. The scale representation
3293 -- 3305Ricardo L. de Queiroz, K. R. Rao. Time-varying lapped transforms and wavelet packets
3306 -- 3312Laura Ann Drake, Janet C. Rutledge, Jonathan Cohen. Wavelet analysis in recruitment of loudness compensation
3313 -- 3330Gianpaolo Evangelista. Pitch-synchronous wavelet representations of speech and music signals
3331 -- 3340Karlheinz Gröchenig. Acceleration of the frame algorithm
3341 -- 3359Cormac Herley, Jelena Kovacevic, Kannan Ramchandran, Martin Vetterli. Tilings of the time-frequency plane: construction of arbitrary orthogonal bases and fast tiling algorithms
3360 -- 3364Augustus J. E. M. Janssen. The Zak transform and sampling theorems for wavelet subspaces
3365 -- 3376Masoud R. K. Khansari, Alberto Leon-Garcia. Subband decomposition of signals with generalized sampling
3377 -- 3396Mark R. Luettgen, William Clement Karl, Alan S. Willsky, Robert R. Tenney. Multiscale representations of Markov random fields
3397 -- 3415Stéphane Mallat, Zhifeng Zhang. Matching pursuits with time-frequency dictionaries
3416 -- 3424Mutsumi Ohta, Satoshi Nogaki. Hybrid picture coding with wavelet transform and overlapped motion-compensated interframe prediction coding
3425 -- 3444Antonia Papandreou, Franz Hlawatsch, Gloria Faye Boudreaux-Bartels. The hyperbolic class of quadratic time-frequency representations. I. Constant-Q warping, the hyperbolic paradigm, properties, and members
3445 -- 3462Jerome M. Shapiro. Embedded image coding using zerotrees of wavelet coefficients
3463 -- 3479Deepen Sinha, Ahmed H. Tewfik. Low bit rate transparent audio compression using adapted wavelets
3480 -- 3496Anand K. Soman, P. P. Vaidyanathan, Truong Q. Nguyen. Linear phase paraunitary filter banks: theory, factorizations and designs
3497 -- 3511Peter Steffen, Peter N. Heller, Ramesh A. Gopinath, C. Sidney Burrus. Theory of regular M-band wavelet bases
3512 -- 3523Michail K. Tsatsanis, Georgios B. Giannakis. Time-varying system identification and model validation using wavelets
3524 -- 3535Xiang-Gen Xia, Zhen Zhang. On sampling theorem, wavelets, and wavelet transforms
3536 -- 3541Ronald L. Allen, Farhad A. Kamangar, Ernest M. Stokely. Laplacian and orthogonal wavelet pyramid decompositions in coarse-to-fine registration
3541 -- 3543James C. Anderson. A wavelet magnitude analysis theorem
3543 -- 3549Richard G. Baraniuk, Douglas L. Jones. Shear madness: new orthonormal bases and frames using chirp functions
3549 -- 3554Toshio Irino, Hideki Kawahara. Signal reconstruction from modified auditory wavelet transform
3554 -- 3562Lance M. Kaplan, C. C. Jay Kuo. Fractal estimation from noisy data via discrete fractional Gaussian noise (DFGN) and the Haar basis
3562 -- 3566Djalil Kateb, Karim Drouiche. The Stromberg wavelet and the Franklin system
3566 -- 3568Wayne Lawton. Applications of complex valued wavelet transforms to subband decomposition
3568 -- 3572Benoît Macq, Jean-Yves Mertès. Optimization of linear multiresolution transforms for scene adaptive coding
3572 -- 3579Olivier Rioul. Regular wavelets: a discrete-time approach
3579 -- 3584Berkman Sahiner, Andrew E. Yagle. Image reconstruction from projections under wavelet constraints
3584 -- 3590Naoki Saito, Gregory Beylkin. Multiresolution representations using the autocorrelation functions of compactly supported wavelets
3591 -- 3596Michael Unser. On the optimality of ideal filters for pyramid and wavelet signal approximation
3596 -- 3600Eva Wesfreid, M. Victor Wickerhauser. Adapted local trigonometric transforms and speech processing

Volume 41, Issue 11

3085 -- 3101Fernand S. Cohen, Shubha Kadambe, Gloria Faye Boudreaux-Bartels. Tracking of unknown nonstationary chirp signals using unsupervised clustering in the Wigner distribution space
3102 -- 3113Ariela Zeira, Peter M. Schultheiss. Realizable lower bounds for time delay estimation
3114 -- 3126W. Li. On vector transformation
3127 -- 3137Joseph J. Sacchini, William M. Steedly, Randolph L. Moses. Two-dimensional Prony modeling and parameter estimation
3138 -- 3152Andreas S. Spanias. Block time and frequency domain modified covariance algorithms for spectral analysis
3153 -- 3157Ali N. Akansu, Hakan Caglar, Yipeng Liu. An objective performance measure in multiresolution signal decomposition
3157 -- 3161Yuk-Hee Chan, Wan-Chi Siu. Mixed-radix discrete cosine transform
3161 -- 3166Jue Chang, John R. Glover Jr.. The feedback adaptive line enhancer: a constrained IIR adaptive filter
3166 -- 3171J. W. Kim, C. K. Un. A robust adaptive array based on signal subspace approach
3171 -- 3174Luc Knockaert. A class of statistical and spectral distance measures based on Bose-Einstein statistics
3174 -- 3177Alex C. Kot, Donald W. Tufts, Richard J. Vaccaro. Analysis of linear prediction by matrix approximation
3177 -- 3182Donald E. Lyon, Peter J. Sherman. Practical issues concerning the family of multichannel MV spectra for recovery of point spectrum
3182 -- 3186S. Hamid Nawab, Daniel M. Beyerbach, Erkan Dorken. Principal decomposition of time-frequency distributions
3186 -- 3190Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. On the generalized likelihood ratio test for a class of nonlinear detection problems
3190 -- 3193Petre Stoica, Torsten Söderström. On the constrained MUSIC technique
3193 -- 3196Fleur T. Tehrani, Robert E. Ford. Phase equalization of one and two-dimensional recursive filers
3196 -- 3199Jitendra K. Tugnait. Estimation of linear parametric models using inverse filter criteria and higher order statistics
3199 -- 3202Langford B. White. A fast recursive algorithm for the maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of a periodic signal
3202 -- 3206Ilan Ziskind, David Hertz. Multiple frequencies and AR parameters estimation from one bit quantized signal via the EM algorithm

Volume 41, Issue 10

2965 -- 2976Ross F. Barrett, David A. Holdsworth. Frequency tracking using hidden Markov models with amplitude and phase information
2977 -- 2989Mohamed Deriche, Ahmed H. Tewfik. Maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of discrete fractionally differenced Gaussian noise process
2990 -- 3002George-Othon Glentis, Nicholas Kalouptsidis. Finite-precision analysis of a covariance algorithm for least squares FIR filtering and AR modeling
3003 -- 3009Gang Liang, D. Mitchell Wilkes, James A. Cadzow. ARMA model order estimation based on the eigenvalues of the covariance matrix
3010 -- 3023Xiaqi Liu, Hong Fan. Schur type algorithms for spatial LS estimation with highly pipelined architectures
3024 -- 3051Petros Maragos, James F. Kaiser, Thomas F. Quatieri. Energy separation in signal modulations with application to speech analysis
3052 -- 3056Aldo W. Morales, Raj Acharya. Statistical analysis of morphological openings
3057 -- 3061Martin Ohsmann. Fast cosine transform of Toeplitz matrices, algorithm and applications
3062 -- 3065Leszek Rutkowski. Multiple Fourier series procedures for extraction of nonlinear regressions from noisy data
3066 -- 3070Steven M. Kay, Debasis Sengupta. Detection in incompletely characterized colored non-Gaussian noise via parametric modeling
3070 -- 3074Eyjolfur Gislason, Marnar Johansen, Knut Conradsen, Bjarne K. Ersbøll, Søren K. Jacobsen. Three different criteria for the design of two-dimensional zero phase FIR digital filters
3074 -- 3077Ronald J. Steriti, Michael A. Fiddy. Regularized image reconstruction using SVD and a neural network method for matrix inversion

Volume 41, Issue 1

1 -- 12Miriam Hamilton, Peter M. Schultheiss. Passive Ranging in Multipath Dominant Environments: Part II-Unknown multipath parameters
13 -- 19Ali N. Akansu, Richard A. Haddad, Hakan Caglar. The Binomial QMF-Wavelet Transform for Multiresolution Signal Decomposition
20 -- 30S. Thomas Alexander, Avinash L. Ghimikar. A Method for Recursive Least Squares Filtering Based Upon an Inverse QR Decomposition
31 -- 42J. Andrew Bangham. Properties of a Series of Nested Median Filters, Namely the Data Sieve
43 -- 54Kostas Berberidis, Sergios Theodoridis. Efficient Symmetric Algorithms for the Modified Covariance Method for Autoregressive Spectral Analysis
55 -- 66Hong Fan, Xin Qi Liu. GAL and LSL Revisited: New Convergence Results
67 -- 81Michael J. Grimble. Polynomial Matrix Solution of the H/Infinity/ Filtering Problem and the Relationship to Riccati Equation State-Space Results
82 -- 92R. David Koilpillai, P. P. Vaidyanathan. A Spectral Factorization Approach to Pseudo-QMF Design
93 -- 107Elliot N. Linzer, Ephraim Feig. Implementation of Efficient FFT Algorithms on Fused Multiply- Add Architectures
108 -- 121Petros Maragos, Fan-Kon Sun. Measuring the Fractal Dimension of Signals: Morphological Covers and Iterative Optimization
122 -- 130Richard S. Orr. The Order of Computation for Finite Discrete Gabor Transforms
131 -- 146Vinay P. Sathe, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Effects of Multirate Systems on the Statistical Properties of Random Signals
147 -- 151Mark C. Sullivan. A Signed Maximum Correlation Multiplier for LMS Filter Adaptation
152 -- 161Donald W. Tufts, Haiguang Chen. Iterative Realization of the Arithmetic Fourier Transform
162 -- 184Lin Yia, Jaakko Astola, Yrjö Neuvo. Adaptive Stack Filtering with Application to Image Processin
185 -- 193Moeness G. Amin. Introducing the Spectral Diversity
194 -- 204Piet M. T. Broersen, H. Einar Wensink. On Finite Sample Theory for Autoregressive Model Order Selection
205 -- 212Vinod Chandran, Stephen L. Elgar. Pattern Recognition Using Invariants Defined From Higher Order Spectra- One Dimensional Inputs
213 -- 221Julian F. Y. Cheung, Ludwik Kurz. A Generalized M-Interval Partition Detector with Application to Signal Detection in Impulsive Noise
222 -- 231Michael P. Clark, Clifford T. Mullis. Quadratic Estimation of the Power Spectrum Using Orthogonal Time-Division Multiple Windows
232 -- 244Meir Feder. Parameter Estimation and Extraction of Helicopter Signals Observed with a Wide-Band Interference
245 -- 266Javier R. Fonoliosa, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Wigner Higher Order Moment Spectra: Definition, Properties, Computation and Application to Transient Signal Analysis
267 -- 277Svein Jacobsen. Statistics of Leakage-Influenced Squared Coherence Estimated by Bartlett's and Welch's Procedures
278 -- 287Werner Krattenthaler, Franz Hlawatsch. Time-Frequency Design and Processing of Signals Via Smoothed Wigner Distributions
288 -- 295J. Eric Salt, Brian L. F. Daku, Hugh C. Wood. Noncontact Velocity Measurement Using Time Delay Estimation Techniques
296 -- 312Ilan Sharfer, Hagit Messer. The Bispectrum of Sampled Data: Part 1-Detection of the Sampling Jitter
313 -- 322Adriaan van den Bos, Joost Herman Swarte. Resolvability of the Parameters of Multiexponentials and Other Sum Models
323 -- 333Rainer von Sachs. Estimating the Spectrum of a Stochastic Process in the Presence of a Contaminating Signal
334 -- 343Xianya Xie, Robin J. Evans. Multiple Frequency Line Tracking with Hidden Markov Models - Further Results
344 -- 364Michael D. Zoltowski, Gregory M. Kautz, Seth D. Silverstein. Beamspace Root-MUSIC
365 -- 384Brian T. Kelley, Vijay K. Madisetti. Efficient VLSI Architectures for the Arithmetic Fourier Transform (AFT)
385 -- 386Yaakov Bar-Shalom, Francesco Palimieri, Anil Kumar, Hemchandra M. Shertukde. Analysis of Wide-Band Cross Correlation for Time-Delay Estimation
387 -- 390Tamal Bose, David A. Trautman. Stability of First-Order Multidimensional Digital Filters Under Quantization
391 -- 394Jonathan N. Bradley, R. Lynn Kirlin. Phase-Locked Loop Cancellation of Interfering Tones
395 -- 397Long-Wen Chang. Roundoff Error Problem of the Sytolic Array for DFT
398 -- 402Ming-Shih Chen, Pei-Hwa Lin, Hsiao-Chuan Wang. Speaker Identification Based on a Matrix Quantization Method
403 -- 406Serge Dégerine. Sample Partial Autocorrelation Function
407 -- 410Ronald D. Degroat, Eric M. Dowling. The Data Least Squares Problem and Channel Equalization
411 -- 413Miriam A. Doron, Anthony J. Weiss, Hagit Messer. Maximum-Likelihood Direction Finding of Wide-Band Sources
414 -- 417Miriam A. Doron, Eyal Doron, Anthony J. Weiss. Coherent Wide-Band Processing for Arbitrary Array Geometry
418 -- 418M. J. Er. On the Limiting Solution of Quadratically Constrained Broad-Band Beam Formers
419 -- 422Arie Feuer, Roberto Cristi. On the Steady State Performance of Frequency Domain LMS Algorithms
423 -- 426William A. Gardner, R. S. Roberts. One-Bit Spectral-Correlation Algorithms
427 -- 431Mohammed Ahmed Ghouse. Modular Realizations of the DFT From the Goertzel DFT Modules (of Smaller Dimension)
432 -- 435Huaijin Gu. Frequency Resolution and Estimation of AR Spectral Analysis
436 -- 441Jiun-In Guo, Chi-Min Liu, Chein-Wei Jen. A New Array Architecture for Prime-Length Discrete Cosine Transform
442 -- 445Fengduo Hu, Tapan K. Sarkar, Yingbo Hua. Utilization of Bandpass Filtering for the Matrix Pencil Method
446 -- 448Jules S. Jaffe. A Simplified Derivation of the Performance of Edge-Connected Crossed-Electrode Arrays for Two-Dimensional Projection and Beamforming
449 -- 450Don Metzger. Investigation of Finite Register Length Effects on Winograd FFT Computation Using Floating Point Math
451 -- 456Maciej Niedzwiecki. Statistical Reconstruction of Multivariate Time Series
457 -- 462Seong Keun Oh, Chong Kwan Un. A Sequential Estimation Approach for Performance Improvement of Eigenstructure-Based Methods in Array Processing
463 -- 472Antonia Papandreou, G. Faye Boudreaux-Bertels. Generalization of the Choi-Williams Distribution and the Butterworth Distribution for Time-Frequency Analysis
473 -- 476Hyung-Rae Park, Young-Soo Kim. A Solution to the Narrow-Band Coherency Problem in Multiple Source Location
477 -- 479Soo-Chang Pei, Er-Jung Tsai. Cross-Terms Analysis in the Modified Instantaneous Power Spectrum
480 -- 484N. Rama Murthy, M. N. S. Swamy. On a Novel Decomposition of the DCT and its Application
485 -- 0Seenu S. Reddi. An Exact Solution to Range Computation with Time Delay Information for Arbitrary Array Geometries
486 -- 488Gaetano Scarano, Donatella Caggiati, Giovanni Jacovitti. Cumulant Series Expansion of Hybrid Nonlinear Moments of /et
489 -- 494David N. Swingler. Frequency Estimation for Closely Spaced Sinsoids: Simple Approximations to the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound
495 -- 0L. Wei, Y. Hua. A Further Remark on the Shifted Cross Array for Estimating 2-D Directions of Wave Arrival
495 -- 498Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander. On the Cramer-Rao Bound for Direction Finding of Correlated Signals
499 -- 500Langford B. White. Likelihood Ratio Detection Using a Finite Memory
501 -- 504Xiao-Liang Xu, Kevin M. Buckley. An Analysis of Beam-Space Source Localization
505 -- 507Andrew E. Yagle. Multichannel Coupled Split Algorithms for Non-Hermitian Block-Toeplitz Matrices
508 -- 510Ya-Qin Zhang, Murray H. Loew, Raymond L. Pickholtz. Probabilistic Image Model and Its Information-Theoretic Properties
511 -- 524Changguo Zhou, Fred Haber, Dwight L. Jaggard. The Resolution Threshold of MUSIC with Unkown Spatially Colored Noise