Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 46, Issue 9

2285 -- 2290K. C. Ho, Yiu-Tong Chan. Optimum discrete wavelet scaling and its application to delay and Doppler estimation
2291 -- 2304Malcolm Hawkes, Arye Nehorai. Acoustic vector-sensor beamforming and Capon direction estimation
2305 -- 2314Richard G. Baraniuk. Beyond time-frequency analysis: energy densities in one and many dimensions
2315 -- 2325Vladimir Katkovnik, Ljubisa A. Stankovic. Instantaneous frequency estimation using the Wigner distribution with varying and data-driven window length
2326 -- 2344Yu-Min Cheng, Bor-Sen Chen. Nonuniform filter bank design with noises
2345 -- 2352Ashutosh Sabharwal, Lee C. Potter. Convexly constrained linear inverse problems: iterative least-squares and regularization
2353 -- 2358Mark E. Halpern, Murk J. Bottema, William Moran, Soura Dasgupta. Optimum open eye equalizer design for nonminimum phase channels
2359 -- 2371Marc de Courville, Pierre Duhamel. Adaptive filtering in subbands using a weighted criterion
2372 -- 2385Sridhar Gollamudi, Samir Kapoor, Shirish Nagaraj, Yih-Fang Huang. Set-membership adaptive equalization and an updator-shared implementation for multiple channel communications systems
2386 -- 2393Mounir Ghogho, Mohamed Ibnkahla, Neil J. Bershad. Analytic behavior of the LMS adaptive line enhancer for sinusoids corrupted by multiplicative and additive noise
2394 -- 2403Lihua Xie, Minyue Fu, Huaizhong Li. Passivity analysis and passification for uncertain signal processing systems
2404 -- 2412Paul Strauch, Bernard Mulgrew. Active control of nonlinear noise processes in a linear duct
2413 -- 2430Peter Strobach. Fast recursive subspace adaptive ESPRIT algorithms
2431 -- 2447Jonathan H. Manton, Vikram Krishnamurthy, H. Vincent Poor. James-Stein state filtering algorithms
2448 -- 2457Piero Barone, Riccardo March. Some properties of the asymptotic location of poles of Pade approximants to noisy rational functions, relevant for modal analysis
2458 -- 2471Yuri I. Abramovich, Douglas A. Gray, Alexei Y. Gorokhov, Nicholas K. Spencer. Positive-definite Toeplitz completion in DOA estimation for nonuniform linear antenna arrays. I. Fully augmentable arrays
2472 -- 2483Andreas Jakobsson, A. Lee Swindlehurst, Petre Stoica. Subspace-based estimation of time delays and Doppler shifts
2484 -- 2498Magnus Jansson, A. Lee Swindlehurst, Björn E. Ottersten. Weighted subspace fitting for general array error models
2499 -- 2504Athanasios P. Liavas, Phillip A. Regalia. Acoustic echo cancellation: do IIR models offer better modeling capabilities than their FIR counterparts?
2505 -- 2514Markus Lang. Allpass filter design and applications
2515 -- 2529Ulrich Möller, Miroslaw Galicki, Eva Baresova, Herbert Witte. An efficient vector quantizer providing globally optimal solutions
2530 -- 2535Mehmet V. Tazebay, Ali N. Akansu. A performance analysis of interference excision techniques in direct sequence spread spectrum communications
2535 -- 2540Ho-Youl Jung, Rémy Prost. Lossless subband coding system based on rounding transform
2541 -- 2543William Sandham, David Hamilton, Anthony Fisher, Wei Xu, M. Conway. Multiresolution wavelet decomposition of the seismocardiogram
2544 -- 2549B. Psenicka, Francisco J. García-Ugalde, Jesus Savage, S. Herrera-Garcia, Vratislav Davidek. Design of state digital filters
2549 -- 2554B. Vidakovic, C. B. Lozoya. On time-dependent wavelet denoising
2555 -- 2558Frank Müller, Patrick Brigger, Klaus Illgner, Michael Unser. Multiresolution approximation using shifted splines
2558 -- 2561T. R. Downie, B. W. Silverman. The discrete multiple wavelet transform and thresholding methods
2562 -- 2565Moritz Harteneck, Robert W. Stewart. Adaptive IIR filtering using QR matrix decomposition
2566 -- 2571Paolo Prandoni, Martin Vetterli. An FIR cascade structure for adaptive linear prediction
2571 -- 2574José M. F. Moura, Marcelo G. S. Bruno. DCT/DST and Gauss-Markov fields: conditions for equivalence
2574 -- 2579Tetsuya Hoya. Graph theoretic techniques for pruning data and their applications

Volume 46, Issue 8

2081 -- 2087Albertus C. den Brinker, Harm J. W. Belt. Optimal free parameters in orthonormal approximations
2088 -- 2100Soura Dasgupta, Minyue Fu, Chris Schwarz. Robust relative stability of time-invariant and time-varying lattice filters
2101 -- 2112Alexander Flaig, Gonzalo R. Arce, Kenneth E. Barner. Affine order-statistic filters: "medianization" of linear FIR filters
2113 -- 2121Athanasios A. Rontogiannis, Sergios Theodoridis. New fast QR decomposition least squares adaptive algorithms
2122 -- 2130Da-Zheng Feng, Zheng Bao, Licheng Jiao. Total least mean squares algorithm
2131 -- 2138Jian Huang, Guoxiang Gu. A direct approach to the design of QMF banks via frequency domain optimization
2139 -- 2146Yow-Ling Gau, Irving S. Reed. An improved reduced-rank CFAR space-time adaptive radar detection algorithm
2147 -- 2156Rodney A. Kennedy, Thushara D. Abhayapala, Darren B. Ward. Broadband nearfield beamforming using a radial beampattern transformation
2157 -- 2165Joseph M. Francos, Benjamin Friedlander. Parameter estimation of two-dimensional moving average random fields
2166 -- 2179Athanassios Manikas, Christos Proukakis. Modeling and estimation of ambiguities in linear arrays
2180 -- 2194Louis Shue, Brian D. O. Anderson, Subhrakanti Dey. Exponential stability of filters and smoothers for hidden Markov models
2195 -- 2201Avishai Bartov, Hagit Messer. Lower bound on the achievable DSP performance for localizing step-like continuous signals in noise
2202 -- 2206Chandra Vaidyanathan, Kevin M. Buckley. Performance analysis of the enhanced minimum variance spatial spectrum estimator
2207 -- 2216Jens Baltersee, Jonathon A. Chambers. Nonlinear adaptive prediction of speech with a pipelined recurrent neural network
2217 -- 2220Dennis Goeckel, Alfred O. Hero III, Wayne E. Stark. Data-recursive algorithms for blind channel identification in oversampled communication systems
2220 -- 2225Oguz Tanrikulu, Anthony G. Constantinides. Cascaded power symmetric IIR filter banks and continuity constrained adaptive algorithms for acoustic echo cancellation in subbands
2225 -- 2230Didier Mauuary, Geneviève Jourdain, T. Terre. Fast ambiguity processing in SOFAR propagation involving periodic signals and M sequences
2231 -- 2235Jian Li, Renbiao Wu. An efficient algorithm for time delay estimation
2236 -- 2238Magdy T. Hanna. On the generalized eigenvectors of a class of moment matrices
2239 -- 2243Innho Jee, R. A. Haddad. Optimum design of vector-quantized subband codecs
2243 -- 2248Anton Bartolo, Bradley D. Clymer, Richard C. Burgess, John P. Turnbull. An efficient method of FIR filtering based on impulse response rounding
2248 -- 2251G. G. Walter, J. Zhang. Orthonormal wavelets with simple closed-form expressions
2252 -- 2258Gi-Hong Im, Naresh R. Shanbhag. A pipelined adaptive NEXT canceller
2259 -- 2262Pascal Bondon. Interpolation of complex stationary processes
2262 -- 2263Petre Stoica, Björn E. Ottersten. Comments on "Min-norm interpretations and consistency of MUSIC, MODE, and ML"
2263 -- 2267D. V. Sidorovich, Alex B. Gershman. Two-dimensional wideband interpolated root-MUSIC applied to measured seismic data
2267 -- 2270Huaijin Gu. Estimating the number of signals and signal resolution
2270 -- 2274Sheng Ma, Chuanyi Ji. A unified approach on fast training of feedforward and recurrent networks using EM algorithm

Volume 46, Issue 7

1785 -- 1797Gaetano Giunta. Fast estimators of time delay and Doppler stretch based on discrete-time methods
1798 -- 1813Rajashri R. Joshi, Andrew E. Yagle. Levinson-like and Schur-like fast algorithms for solving block-slanted Toeplitz systems of equations arising in wavelet-based solution of integral equations
1814 -- 1826Didier Pinchon, Pierre Siohan. Analysis, design, and implementation of two-channel linear-phase filter banks: a new approach
1827 -- 1836Michael Unser, Philippe Thévenaz, Akram Aldroubi. Shift-orthogonal wavelet bases
1837 -- 1850Ulf A. Lindgren, Holger Broman. Source separation using a criterion based on second-order statistics
1851 -- 1860H. Fan. On delta-operator Schur-Cohn zero-location tests for fast sampling
1861 -- 1871Yu Hen Hu. On the convergence of the CORDIC adaptive lattice filtering (CALF) algorithm
1872 -- 1877Antoni Fertner. Improvement of bit-error-rate in decision feedback equalizer by preventing decision-error propagation
1878 -- 1885Jacob Sheinvald. On blind beamforming for multiple non-Gaussian signals and the constant-modulus algorithm
1886 -- 1900Benoît Champagne, Qing-Guang Liu. Plane rotation-based EVD updating schemes for efficient subspace tracking
1901 -- 1915Lalitha Venkataramanan, John L. Walsh, Roman Kuc, Fred J. Sigworth. Identification of hidden Markov models for ion channel currents. I. Colored background noise
1916 -- 1929Lalitha Venkataramanan, Roman Kuc, Fred J. Sigworth. Identification of hidden Markov models for ion channel currents. II. State-dependent excess noise
1930 -- 1944Erchin Serpedin, Georgios B. Giannakis. Blind channel identification and equalization with modulation-induced cyclostationarity
1945 -- 1953Fulvio Gini. A radar application of a modified Cramer-Rao bound: parameter estimation in non-Gaussian clutter
1954 -- 1966Hongbin Li, Jian Li, Petre Stoica. Performance analysis of forward-backward matched-filterbank spectral estimators
1967 -- 1979Yongfeng Miao, Yingbo Hua. Fast subspace tracking and neural network learning by a novel information criterion
1980 -- 1990Anthony Zaknich. Introduction to the modified probabilistic neural network for general signal processing applications
1991 -- 2000Pau-Choo Chung, E-Liang Chen, Jia-Bin Wu. A spatiotemporal neural network for recognizing partially occluded objects
2001 -- 2011Robert Essenreiter, Martin Karrenbach, Sven Treitel. Multiple reflection attenuation in seismic data using backpropagation
2012 -- 2015Bruno Emile, Pierre Comon, J. Le Roux. Estimation of time delays with fewer sensors than sources
2015 -- 2019R. J. Webster, K. G. Wright. Synthetic hard limiting
2019 -- 2026Won Ha Kim, T. Nguyen, Yu Hen Hu. Adaptive wavelet packet based image coding with optimal entropy-constrained lattice vector quantizer (ECLVQ)
2027 -- 2030Rajashri R. Joshi, Andrew E. Yagle. Split versions of the Levinson-like and Schur-like fast algorithms for solving block-slanted-Toeplitz systems of equations
2031 -- 2034David J. Scholl. Translation-invariant data visualization with orthogonal discrete wavelets
2035 -- 2040Veselin N. Ivanovic, Ljubisa A. Stankovic, Dusan Petranovic. Finite word-length effects in implementation of distributions for time-frequency signal analysis
2041 -- 2044Chi-Wah Kok, Truong Q. Nguyen. Multirate filter banks and transform coding gain
2044 -- 2047Frank M. Candocia, José C. Príncipe. Comments on "Sinc interpolation of discrete periodic signals"
2047 -- 2053Miriam Furst, Hagit Messer, Irit Shaaya-Segal. Extracting information from noisy measurements of periodic signals propagating through random media
2054 -- 2056Andrew E. Yagle. Phase retrieval from Fourier magnitude and several initial time samples using Newton's formulae
2056 -- 2058Kelly K. Johnson, Irwin W. Sandberg. Notes on the stability of bilinear filters
2058 -- 2061Piet M. T. Broersen, H. Einar Wensink. Autoregressive model order selection by a finite sample estimator for the Kullback-Leibler discrepancy
2061 -- 2065Tsung-Hsien Liu, Jerry M. Mendel. Azimuth and elevation direction finding using arbitrary array geometries
2066 -- 2068John E. Dzielski, Mark E. Kotanchek. On the structure of the signal subspace in a correlated signal environment
2069 -- 2070Yangfeng Su, Amit Bhaya. On the Bose-Trautman condition for stability of two-dimensional linear systems

Volume 46, Issue 6

1485 -- 1493Masahiro Okuda, Masaaki Ikehara, Shinichi Takahashi. Fast and stable least-squares approach for the design of linear phase FIR filters
1494 -- 1504Thierry Blu. A new design algorithm for two-band orthonormal rational filter banks and orthonormal rational wavelets
1505 -- 1516Paulo Gonçalves, Richard G. Baraniuk. Pseudo affine Wigner distributions: definition and kernel formulation
1517 -- 1527Michael S. Richman, Thomas W. Parks, Ramachandra G. Shenoy. Discrete-time, discrete-frequency, time-frequency analysis
1528 -- 1543P. P. Vaidyanathan. Theory of optimal orthonormal subband coders
1544 -- 1557Parviz Saghizadeh, Alan N. Willson Jr.. A new approach to the design of critically sampled M-channel uniform-band perfect-reconstruction linear-phase FIR filter banks
1558 -- 1570Xiang-Gen Xia. A new prefilter design for discrete multiwavelet transforms
1571 -- 1579Hyeokho Choi, David C. Munson. Analysis and design of minimax-optimal interpolators
1580 -- 1590Mohammed A. Hasan, Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, Gerald J. Dobeck. Separation of multiple time delays using new spectral estimation schemes
1591 -- 1600Torsten Söderström, Jan Jezek, Vladimír Kucera. An efficient and versatile algorithm for computing the covariance function of an ARMA process
1601 -- 1611Jacek Ilow, Dimitrios Hatzinakos. Analytic alpha-stable noise modeling in a Poisson field of interferers or scatterers
1612 -- 1623Martin Kristensson, Björn E. Ottersten. A statistical approach to subspace based blind identification
1624 -- 1630Gustavo A. Hirchoren, Carlos E. D'Attellis. Estimation of fractal signals using wavelets and filter banks
1631 -- 1638Wei Xing Zheng. On a least-squares-based algorithm for identification of stochastic linear systems
1639 -- 1664Isao Yamada, Kaoru Kurosawa, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Kohichi Sakaniwa. Algebraic multidimensional phase unwrapping and zero distribution of complex polynomials-characterization of multivariate stable polynomials
1665 -- 1675Thomas Hofmann, Joachim M. Buhmann. Competitive learning algorithms for robust vector quantization
1676 -- 1681Rudi Vuerinckx. Design of high-order Chebyshev FIR filters in the complex domain under magnitude constraints
1681 -- 1684L. Montgomery Smith. Decomposition of FIR digital filters for realization via the cascade connection of subfilters
1685 -- 1688Bojan Djokic, Miodrag Popovic, Miroslav D. Lutovac. A new improvement to the Powell and Chau linear phase IIR filters
1688 -- 1694Ivan W. Selesnick, C. Sidney Burrus. Generalized digital Butterworth filter design
1694 -- 1698Fabrizio Argenti, Enrico Del Re. Design of IIR eigenfilters in the frequency domain
1698 -- 1702Eli Shusterman, Meir Feder. Analysis and synthesis of 1/f processes via Shannon wavelets
1703 -- 1708Youhong Lu, Joel M. Morris. Some results on discrete Gabor transforms for finite periodic sequences
1708 -- 1709Branko Ristic, Boualem Boashash. Comments on "The Cramer-Rao lower bounds for signals with constant amplitude and polynomial phase"
1709 -- 1715Fabrizio Argenti, Benedetto Brogelli, Enrico Del Re. Design of pseudo-QMF banks with rational sampling factors using several prototype filters
1716 -- 1720Barry G. Sherlock, Donald M. Monro. On the space of orthonormal wavelets
1720 -- 1725Ake Andersson, Holger Broman. A second-order recursive algorithm with applications to adaptive filtering and subspace tracking
1726 -- 1730Yong Hoon Lim, Yong Soo Cho, Il Whan Cha, Dae Hee Youn. An adaptive nonlinear prefilter for compensation of distortion in nonlinear systems
1730 -- 1737Demetrios G. Lainiotis, Paraskevas Papaparaskeva. A new class of efficient adaptive nonlinear filters (ANLF)
1737 -- 1741Per Christian Hansen, Søren Holdt Jensen. FIR filter representations of reduced-rank noise reduction
1741 -- 1744Christopher J. Zarowski. The MDL criterion for rank determination via effective singular values
1744 -- 1749Craig S. MacInnes. DOA estimation of nonstationary coherent signals using signal vector randomization
1749 -- 1752Piet M. T. Broersen. The quality of models for ARMA processes
1753 -- 1757Norman Yuen, Benjamin Friedlander. Asymptotic performance analysis for signature waveform estimation in synchronous CDMA systems
1757 -- 1763Javier Hormigo, Gabriel Cristóbal. High resolution spectral analysis of images using the pseudo-Wigner distribution
1763 -- 1769Manish Goel, Naresh R. Shanbhag. Finite-precision analysis of the pipelined strength-reduced adaptive filter
1769 -- 1776Chanchal Chatterjee, Vwani P. Roychowdhury. On hetero-associative neural networks and adaptive interference cancellation
1777 -- 0Balas K. Natarajan, Konstantinos Konstantinides, Cormac Herley. Correction To "occam Filters For Stochastic Sources With Application To Digital Images"

Volume 46, Issue 5

1194 -- 1201Yair Shimshoni, Nathan Intrator. Classification of seismic signals by integrating ensembles of neural networks
1202 -- 1207Q. Q. Huynh, Leon N. Cooper, Nathan Intrator, Harel Z. Shouval. Classification of underwater mammals using feature extraction based on time-frequency analysis and BCM theory
1208 -- 1220Mohamed Ibnkahla, Neil J. Bershad, Jacques Sombrin, Francis Castanie. Neural network modeling and identification of nonlinear channels with memory: algorithms, applications, and analytic models
1221 -- 1228Sigang Qiu. The undersampled discrete Gabor transform
1229 -- 1237Serguei Primak, Vladimir Lyandres. On the generation of the baseband and narrowband non-Gaussian processes
1238 -- 1244W. B. Gordon. A variational approach to the extraction of in-phase and quadrature components
1245 -- 1255Zoran Cvetkovic, Martin Vetterli. Oversampled filter banks
1256 -- 1259Zoran Cvetkovic, Martin Vetterli. 2(Z)
1260 -- 1274GinKyu Choi, R. A. Haddad. Theory and design of dyadic subband tree structures with embedded PDF-optimized quantizers
1275 -- 1281Hua Xu, Wu-Sheng Lu, Andreas Antoniou. An improved method for the design of FIR quadrature mirror-image filter banks
1282 -- 1297Srinath Hosur, Ahmed H. Tewfik, Daniel Boley. ULV and generalized ULV subspace tracking adaptive algorithms
1298 -- 1313Neil J. Bershad, José Carlos M. Bermudez. Sinusoidal interference rejection analysis of an LMS adaptive feedforward controller with a noisy periodic reference
1314 -- 1332Brett Ninness, Juan Carlos Gomez. Frequency domain analysis of tracking and noise performance of adaptive algorithms
1333 -- 1343Gregory G. Raleigh, Tibor Boros. Joint space-time parameter estimation for wireless communication channels
1344 -- 1350Andrew Logothetis, Vikram Krishnamurthy. An interval-amplitude algorithm for deinterleaving stochastic pulse train sources
1351 -- 1364Alex B. Gershman. Pseudo-randomly generated estimator banks: a new tool for improving the threshold performance of direction finding
1365 -- 1373Marc Lavielle. Optimal segmentation of random processes
1374 -- 1385Jason J. Ford, John B. Moore. Adaptive estimation of HMM transition probabilities
1386 -- 1396Petr Tichavský, Carlos H. Muravchik, Arye Nehorai. Posterior Cramer-Rao bounds for discrete-time nonlinear filtering
1397 -- 1402Magdy T. Hanna. A singular value decomposition derivation in the discrete frequency domain of optimal noncentro-symmetric 2-D FIR filters
1403 -- 1416Naresh R. Shanbhag, Gi-Hong Im. VLSI systems design of 51.84 Mb/s transceivers for ATM-LAN and broadband access
1417 -- 1425Rosaria Silipo, C. Marchesi. Artificial neural networks for automatic ECG analysis
1426 -- 1430Chee Kiang Goh, Yong Ching Lim. An efficient algorithm for the design of weighted minimax M-channel cosine-modulated filter banks
1430 -- 1434R. Sharma, William A. Sethares, James A. Bucklew. Analysis of momentum adaptive filtering algorithms
1434 -- 1438Balas K. Natarajan, Konstantinos Konstantinides, Cormac Herley. Occam filters for stochastic sources with application to digital images
1439 -- 1443A. J. Willis, R. De Mello Koch, B. Spear, A. Klopper. A maximum a posteriori algorithm for reconstruction of targets in incompletely defined correlated noise
1443 -- 1451Yasemin Yardimci, A. Enis Çetin, James A. Cadzow. Robust direction-of-arrival estimation in non-Gaussian noise
1452 -- 1455Stuart Golden, Benjamin Friedlander. A modification of the discrete polynomial transform
1456 -- 1458David N. Swingler. Approximate bounds on frequency estimates for short cisoids in colored noise
1458 -- 1463Jitendra K. Tugnait. Identification of multivariable stochastic linear systems via spectral analysis given time-domain data
1463 -- 1469Darren B. Ward, Zhi Ding, Rodney A. Kennedy. Broadband DOA estimation using frequency invariant beamforming
1469 -- 1473S. Chen, Y. Wu. Maximum likelihood joint channel and data estimation using genetic algorithms

Volume 46, Issue 4

830 -- 844Qingtang Jiang. Orthogonal multiwavelets with optimum time-frequency resolution
845 -- 856Jean-Charles Faugère, François Moreau de Saint-Martin, Fabrice Rouillier. Design of regular nonseparable bidimensional wavelets using Grobner basis techniques
857 -- 873Nikolay Polyak, William A. Pearlman. Filters and filter banks for periodic signals, the Zak transform, and fast wavelet decomposition
874 -- 885Gianpaolo Evangelista, Sergio Cavaliere. Discrete frequency warped wavelets: theory and applications
886 -- 902Matthew S. Crouse, Robert D. Nowak, Richard G. Baraniuk. Wavelet-based statistical signal processing using hidden Markov models
903 -- 919Ahmet Kirac, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Theory and design of optimum FIR compaction filters
920 -- 929Pierre Moulin, Mehmet Kivanç Mihçak. Theory and design of signal-adapted FIR paraunitary filter banks
930 -- 940Bo Xuan, Roberto H. Bamberger. FIR principal component filter banks
941 -- 955Jörg Kliewer, Alfred Mertins. Oversampled cosine-modulated filter banks with arbitrary system delay
956 -- 967Scott R. Velazquez, Truong Q. Nguyen, Steven R. Broadstone. Design of hybrid filter banks for analog/digital conversion
968 -- 978Mark Spurbeck, Clifford T. Mullis. Least squares approximation of perfect reconstruction filter banks
979 -- 995Ali N. Akansu, Pierre Duhamel, Xueming Lin, Marc de Courville. Orthogonal transmultiplexers in communication: a review
996 -- 1011Luc Vandendorpe, Laurent Cuvelier, François Deryck, Jérôme Louveaux, Olivier van de Wiel. Fractionally spaced linear and decision-feedback detectors for transmultiplexers
1012 -- 1026Igor Kozintsev, Kannan Ramchandran. Robust image transmission over energy-constrained time-varying channels using multiresolution joint source-channel coding
1027 -- 1042Stéphane Mallat, Frédéric Falzon. Analysis of low bit rate image transform coding
1043 -- 1053Henrique S. Malvar. Biorthogonal and nonuniform lapped transforms for transform coding with reduced blocking and ringing artifacts
1054 -- 1068Michael G. Strintzis, Dimitrios Tzovaras. Optimal pyramidal decomposition for progressive multidimensional signal coding using optimal quantizers
1069 -- 1084Julian Magarey, Nicholas G. Kingsbury. Motion estimation using a complex-valued wavelet transform
1085 -- 1093Pramila Srinivasan, Leah H. Jamieson. High-quality audio compression using an adaptive wavelet packet decomposition and psychoacoustic modeling
1094 -- 1104Chuang He, José M. F. Moura. Focused detection via multiresolution analysis
1105 -- 1118Enrique A. Barría, Jogikal M. Jagadeesh. Wavelet functions to estimate velocity in spatiotemporal signals
1119 -- 1125Jérôme Lebrun, Martin Vetterli. Balanced multiwavelets theory and design
1125 -- 1130Milos Doroslovacki. On the least asymmetric wavelets
1130 -- 1133Akram Aldroubi, Patrice Abry, Michael Unser. Construction of biorthogonal wavelets starting from any two multiresolutions
1133 -- 1138Dong Wei, Alan C. Bovik. Sampling approximation of smooth functions via generalized coiflets
1138 -- 1141Ivan W. Selenick. Formulas for orthogonal IIR wavelet filters
1142 -- 1151S. C. Chan, Y. Luo, K. L. Ho. M-channel compactly supported biorthogonal cosine-modulated wavelet bases
1152 -- 1154Andrew E. Yagle. Divide-and-conquer 2-D phase retrieval using subband decomposition and filter banks
1154 -- 1158Li Chen, Kwok Ping Chan, Truong Q. Nguyen. A generalized algorithm for linear-phase paraunitary filter banks
1158 -- 1167Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Hitoshi Kiya. Conditions for convergence of a delayless subband adaptive filter and its efficient implementation
1168 -- 1173Roberto Manduchi, Pietro Perona, Doug Shy. Efficient deformable filter banks
1174 -- 1178Jacques Fayolle, Christophe Ducottet, Jean-Paul Schon. Application of multiscale characterization of edges to motion determination
1179 -- 1184Jiebo Luo, Ricardo L. de Queiroz, Zhigang Fan. A robust technique for image descreening based on the wavelet transform
1185 -- 1188Wageeh W. Boles, Boualem Boashash. A human identification technique using images of the iris and wavelet transform

Volume 46, Issue 3

549 -- 553Dinu Coltuc, Ioannis Pitas. Fast computation of a class of running filters
554 -- 562Guoan Bi, Lee W. Yu. DCT algorithms for composite sequence lengths
563 -- 570Vassil S. Dimitrov, Graham A. Jullien, William C. Miller. A residue number system implementation of real orthogonal transforms
571 -- 586Minsheng Wang, A. K. Chan, C. K. Chui. Linear frequency-modulated signal detection using Radon-ambiguity transform
587 -- 597Laura Rebollo-Neira, Anthony G. Constantinides, Tania Stathaki. Signal representation for compression and noise reduction through frame-based wavelets
598 -- 608Jun Shen, C. L. Nikias. (p, q)-metric estimator of arbitrary complex impulsive interference in linear systems
609 -- 624Kjetil F. Kaaresen. Evaluation and applications of the iterated window maximization method for sparse deconvolution
625 -- 635V. N. Parikh, A. Z. Baraniecki. The use of the modified escalator algorithm to improve the performance of transform-domain LMS adaptive filters
636 -- 646Victor Solo, Xuan Kong. Performance analysis of adaptive eigenanalysis algorithms
647 -- 654Louis L. Scharf, John K. Thomas. Wiener filters in canonical coordinates for transform coding, filtering, and quantizing
655 -- 668Emma J. McCoy, Andrew T. Walden, Donald B. Percival. Multitaper spectral estimation of power law processes
669 -- 681Tony Gustafsson. Instrumental variable subspace tracking using projection approximation
682 -- 690Michaela C. Vanderveen, Alle-Jan van der Veen, Arogyaswami Paulraj. Estimation of multipath parameters in wireless communications
691 -- 708Sergio Barbarossa, Anna Scaglione, Georgios B. Giannakis. Product high-order ambiguity function for multicomponent polynomial-phase signal modeling
709 -- 719Norman Yuen, Benjamin Friedlander. Performance analysis of higher order ESPRIT for localization of near-field sources
720 -- 736M. Sanjeev Arulampalam, Rob J. Evans, Khaled Ben Letaief. Error event simulation for HMM tracking algorithms using importance sampling
737 -- 752Victor A. N. Barroso, José M. F. Moura, João Xavier. Blind array channel division multiple access (AChDMA) for mobile communications
753 -- 757Mustafa K. Emresoy, Patrick J. Loughlin. Weighted least squares implementation of Cohen-Posch time-frequency distributions
758 -- 761Guoxiang Gu, Jian Huang. Convergence results on the design of QMF banks
761 -- 766C. Sidney Burrus, J. E. Odegard. Coiflet systems and zero moments
766 -- 771Khaled A. Mayyas, Tyseer Aboulnasr. On transient error surfaces of output error IIR adaptive filtering
771 -- 775Markus Rupp. A family of adaptive filter algorithms with decorrelating properties
775 -- 779Scott C. Douglas, Quanhong Zhu, Kent F. Smith. A pipelined LMS adaptive FIR filter architecture without adaptation delay
779 -- 783Ying-Chang Liang, Abdul Rahim Leyman. (Almost) periodic moving average system identification using higher order cyclic-statistics
784 -- 787Mrityunjoy Chakraborty. An efficient algorithm for solving general periodic Toeplitz systems
788 -- 790Luc Knockaert, Daniel De Zutter. An exponential truncation bound for analytic Fourier series
790 -- 795Enzo Baccarelli, Roberto Cusani. Recursive filtering and smoothing for reciprocal Gaussian processes with Dirichlet boundary conditions
796 -- 800Hsiang-Tsun Li, Petar M. Djuric. MMSE estimation of nonlinear parameters of multiple linear/quadratic chirps
800 -- 803Madhusudan Bhandary. Detection of the number of signals in the presence of white noise in decentralized processing
803 -- 804P. H. Bauer, K. R. Ralev. Comments on "Stability and absence of overflow oscillations for 2-D discrete-time systems"
805 -- 809Bing-Fei Wu, Yu-Lin Su. The ergodicity analysis of two-dimensional discrete wavelet-based fBm fields
809 -- 813Gang Li. 2-sensitivity minimization
813 -- 817Nikolai S. Rubanov, Eugene I. Bovbel, Peter D. Kukharchik, V. J. Bodrov. The modified number theoretic transform over the direct sum of finite fields to compute the linear convolution

Volume 46, Issue 2

281 -- 293Alain C. Barthelemy, Peter K. Willett. Volumetric array prewhitening
294 -- 305Maria-João D. Rendas, José M. F. Moura. Ambiguity in radar and sonar
306 -- 321J. W. Adams, J. L. Sullivan. Peak-constrained least-squares optimization
322 -- 334Sudhakar Kalluri, Gonzalo R. Arce. Adaptive weighted myriad filter algorithms for robust signal processing in α-stable noise environments
335 -- 341Haitao Guo, Gary A. Sitton, C. Sidney Burrus. The quick Fourier transform: an FFT based on symmetries
342 -- 353Kannan Ramchandran, Michael T. Orchard. An investigation of wavelet-based image coding using an entropy-constrained quantization framework
354 -- 363William Turin, Robert A. Boie. Bar code recovery via the EM algorithm
364 -- 374Peter Händel. Predictive digital filtering of sinusoidal signals
375 -- 390Deepa Kundur, Dimitrios Hatzinakos. A novel blind deconvolution scheme for image restoration using recursive filtering
391 -- 404Seung Soo Chae, Sung Bum Pan, Gi Hun Lee, Rae-Hong Park, Byung-Uk Lee. Hardware architectures of adaptive equalizers for the HDTV receiver
405 -- 418Alle-Jan van der Veen, Michaela C. Vanderveen, Arogyaswami Paulraj. Joint angle and delay estimation using shift-invariance techniques
419 -- 428Robert D. Nowak. Penalized least squares estimation of Volterra filters and higher order statistics
429 -- 439Luciano Izzo, Antonio Napolitano. Multirate processing of time series exhibiting higher order cyclostationarity
440 -- 448L. Todd McWhorter, Louis L. Scharf. Multiwindow estimators of correlation
449 -- 462A. Lee Swindlehurst. Time delay and spatial signature estimation using known asynchronous signals
463 -- 474Erdogan Dilaveroglu. Nonmatrix Cramer-Rao bound expressions for high-resolution frequency estimators
475 -- 486Jason J. Ford, John B. Moore. On adaptive HMM state estimation
487 -- 496Zenon D. Ulman, Maciej Czyzak. Highly parallel, fast scaling of numbers in nonredundant residue arithmetic
497 -- 501Ivan W. Selesnick, Markus Lang, C. Sidney Burrus. A modified algorithm for constrained least square design of multiband FIR filters without specified transition bands
501 -- 506K. C. Ho. Fast CWT computation at integer scales by the generalized MRA structure
506 -- 507Virgil P. Stokes, Peter Händel. Comments on "On amplitude and frequency demodulation using energy operators"
507 -- 514Palghat P. Vaidyanathan, Tsuhan Chen. Structures for anticausal inverses and application in multirate filter banks
515 -- 518Torbjörn Wigren. Fast converging and low complexity adaptive filtering using an averaged Kalman filter
519 -- 523Roy A. Axford Jr., Laurence B. Milstein, James R. Zeidler. The effects of PN sequences on the misconvergence of the constant modulus algorithm (CMA)
524 -- 526Mohamad Adnan Al-Alaoui. Comments on "FSK demodulation using an adaptive recursive digital filter"
526 -- 527Barry G. Quinn, I. Vaughan L. Clarkson, Peter J. Kootsookos. Comments on "On the performance of the weighted linear predictor frequency estimator"
527 -- 530Athina P. Petropulu, Haralambos Pozidis. Phase reconstruction from bispectrum slices
531 -- 534Carlos E. Davila. A subspace approach to estimation of autoregressive parameters from noisy measurements
535 -- 0B. Johnson, D. Uptegrove, D. Morgan, J. Beach. Corrections To "the Operation Of Multichannel Feedforward Adaptive Systems"

Volume 46, Issue 12

3153 -- 3165A. T. Walden, D. B. Percival, E. J. McCoy. Spectrum estimation by wavelet thresholding of multitaper estimators
3166 -- 3180Riccardo Bernardini, Martin Vetterli. Discrete- and continuous-time local cosine bases with multiple overlapping
3181 -- 3194Nikolaos Nikolaidis, Ioannis Pitas. Nonlinear processing and analysis of angular signals
3195 -- 3205Gonzalo R. Arce. A general weighted median filter structure admitting negative weights
3206 -- 3219Gianfranco Cariolaro, Tomaso Erseghe, Peter Kraniauskas, Nicola Laurenti. A unified framework for the fractional Fourier transform
3220 -- 3234Bor-Sen Chen, Yue-Chiech Chung, Der-Feng Huang. Optimal time-frequency deconvolution filter design for nonstationary signal transmission through a fading channel: AF filter bank approach
3235 -- 3245Alexander Nazin, Vladimir Katkovnik. Minimax lower bound for time-varying frequency estimation of harmonic signal
3246 -- 3255Shih-Jen Yang, Ju-Hong Lee, Bin-Chang Chieu. Perfect-reconstruction filter banks having linear-phase FIR filters with equiripple response
3256 -- 3268Helmut Bölcskei, Franz Hlawatsch, Hans Georg Feichtinger. Frame-theoretic analysis of oversampled filter banks
3269 -- 3281Steven A. Benno, José M. F. Moura. Scaling functions robust to translations
3282 -- 3291James T. Miller, Ching-Chung Li. Adaptive multiwavelet initialization
3292 -- 3303Qingtang Jiang. On the design of multifilter banks and orthonormal multiwavelet bases
3304 -- 3314Stephen P. Harris, Emmanuel C. Ifeachor. Automatic design of frequency sampling filters by hybrid genetic algorithm techniques
3315 -- 3325George V. Moustakides. Locally optimum adaptive signal processing algorithms
3326 -- 3332Tanya L. Conroy, John B. Moore. The limits of extended Kalman filtering for pulse train deinterleaving
3333 -- 3344Umberto Spagnolini. Cancellation of polarized impulsive noise using an azimuth-dependent conditional mean estimator
3345 -- 3359Peter Strobach. Fast orthogonal iteration adaptive algorithms for the generalized symmetric eigenproblem
3360 -- 3377Haralambos Pozidis, Athina P. Petropulu. System reconstruction based on selected regions of discretized higher order spectra
3378 -- 3397Yue Joseph Wang, Shang-Hung Lin, Huai Li, Sun-Yuan Kung. Data mapping by probabilistic modular networks and information-theoretic criteria
3398 -- 3403Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, S. Charleston, J. Wilbur, Gerald J. Dobeck. A new time delay estimation in subbands for resolving multiple specular reflections
3403 -- 3408Fabrizio Argenti, Enrico Del Re. Rational sampling filter banks based on IIR filters
3408 -- 3414Vesa Välimäki, Timo I. Laakso. Suppression of transients in variable recursive digital filters with a novel and efficient cancellation method
3414 -- 3420T. D. Bui, Guangyi Chen. Translation-invariant denoising using multiwavelets
3420 -- 3422A. Sowa. High accuracy multiwavelets with short supports
3423 -- 3426Torbjörn Wigren. Adaptive filtering using quantized output measurements
3427 -- 3431Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny, George Mathew. Nyquist filters with robust performance against timing jitter
3432 -- 3436Y. Inouye. Criteria for blind deconvolution of multichannel linear time-invariant systems
3436 -- 3441M. Z. Ikram, Karim Abed-Meraim, Yingbo Hua. Estimating the parameters of chirp signals: an iterative approach
3441 -- 3444Jason Goldberg, Hagit Messer. Inherent limitations in the localization of a coherently scattered source
3445 -- 3449Kamal Premaratne, M. M. Ekanayake, J. I. Suarez, Peter H. Bauer. Two-dimensional delta-operator formulated discrete-time systems: state-space realization and its coefficient sensitivity properties

Volume 46, Issue 11

2853 -- 2861J. L. Sullivan, J. W. Adams. PCLS IIR digital filters with simultaneous frequency response magnitude and group delay specifications
2862 -- 2876Athanasios A. Rontogiannis, Sergios Theodoridis. Multichannel fast QRD-LS adaptive filtering: new technique and algorithms
2877 -- 2887Buyurman Baykal, Anthony G. Constantinides. Sliding window adaptive fast QR and QR-lattice algorithms
2888 -- 2897Adel Belouchrani, Moeness G. Amin. Blind source separation based on time-frequency signal representations
2898 -- 2908Ivan W. Selesnick. Multiwavelet bases with extra approximation properties
2909 -- 2917Hans-Peter Bernhard. A tight upper bound on the gain of linear and nonlinear predictors for stationary stochastic processes
2918 -- 2925Deepa Kundur, Dimitrios Hatzinakos. On the use of Lyapunov criteria to analyze the convergence of blind deconvolution algorithms
2926 -- 2937Matthew R. James, Ian R. Petersen. Nonlinear state estimation for uncertain systems with an integral constraint
2938 -- 2952Arash Hassibi, Stephen Boyd. Integer parameter estimation in linear models with applications to GPS
2953 -- 2966Carles Antón-Haro, José A. R. Fonollosa, Zoran Zvonar, Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa. Probabilistic algorithms for blind adaptive multiuser detection
2967 -- 2974Fulvio Gini, Georgios B. Giannakis. Generalized differential encoding: a nonlinear signal processing perspective
2975 -- 2989Luciano Izzo, Antonio Napolitano. The higher order theory of generalized almost-cyclostationary time series
2990 -- 3002Brian M. Sadler, Stephen D. Casey. On periodic pulse interval analysis with outliers and missing observations
3003 -- 3013Hui Liu, Georgios B. Giannakis. Deterministic approaches for blind equalization of time-varying channels with antenna arrays
3014 -- 3022Michail K. Tsatsanis, Zhengyuan Xu. Performance analysis of minimum variance CDMA receivers
3023 -- 3029Yuehua Wu, Kwok-Wai Tam. On determination of the number of signals in spatially correlated noise
3030 -- 3044Kwok-Wai Wang, H. Vincent Poor. Blind adaptive multiuser detection in multipath CDMA channels based on subspace tracking
3045 -- 3057Jean Pierre Delmas, Jean-François Cardoso. Performance analysis of an adaptive algorithm for tracking dominant subspaces
3058 -- 3067T. Stamkopoulos, Kostas I. Diamantaras, Nikolaos Maglaveras, Michael G. Strintzis. ECG analysis using nonlinear PCA neural networks for ischemia detection
3068 -- 3081Craig L. Fancourt, José Carlos Príncipe. Competitive principal component analysis for locally stationary time series
3082 -- 3087S. Gracias, V. U. Reddy. An equalization algorithm for wavelet packet based modulation schemes
3088 -- 3092Michael J. Vrhel, Akram Aldroubi. Projection based prefiltering for multiwavelet transforms
3092 -- 3099Sangsin Na. Probabilistic comparisons of morphological dilation and erosion with their equivalent linear shift-invariant systems in the case of a memoryless uniform source
3099 -- 3104Georgios B. Giannakis, Erchin Serpedin. Blind identification of ARMA channels with periodically modulated inputs
3104 -- 0Yariv Ephraim, Neri Merhav, Harry L. van Trees. Authors' reply to "Comments on 'Min-Norm interpretations and consistency of MUSIC, MODE, and ML'"
3104 -- 3109Vladimir Katkovnik. Robust M-periodogram
3109 -- 3111Jérôme Idier, Jean-François Giovannelli. Structural stability of least squares prediction methods
3112 -- 3116Eugene Scott Baker, Ronald D. Degroat. A correlation-based subspace tracking algorithm
3117 -- 3123Jitendra K. Tugnait. On blind separation of convolutive mixtures of independent linear signals in unknown additive noise
3123 -- 3127M. J. Grimble. Polynomial systems approach to continuous-time weighted optimal linear filtering and prediction
3127 -- 3130Stuart Golden, Benjamin Friedlander. Estimation and statistical analysis of exponential polynomial signals
3131 -- 3135Alex B. Gershman. Direction finding using beamspace root estimator banks
3136 -- 3139Benjamin Friedlander, Anthony J. Weiss. On the second-order statistics of the eigenvectors of sample covariance matrices
3140 -- 3142Félix Galindo, Javier Sanz. Filtering of multidimensional semiperiodic signals

Volume 46, Issue 10

2589 -- 2600Mehmet Bilgen, Michael F. Insana. Covariance analysis of time delay estimates for strained signals
2601 -- 2610Zhuquan Zang, Antonio Cantoni, Kok Lay Teo. ∞ optimization methods
2611 -- 2615J. Homer, Robert R. Bitmead, Iven M. Y. Mareels. Quantifying the effects of dimension on the convergence rate of the LMS adaptive FIR estimator
2616 -- 2625Harry Oung, Flemming Forsberg. Theory and applications of adaptive constant-Q distributions
2626 -- 2637Vladimir Katkovnik. Discrete-time local polynomial approximation of the instantaneous frequency
2638 -- 2650Gianpaolo Evangelista, Sergio Cavaliere. Frequency-warped filter banks and wavelet transforms: a discrete-time approach via Laguerre expansion
2651 -- 2663J. Homer, Iven M. Y. Mareels, Robert R. Bitmead, Bo Wahlberg, A. Gustafsson. LMS estimation via structural detection
2664 -- 2673Thomas M. Panicker, V. John Mathews, Giovanni L. Sicuranza. Adaptive parallel-cascade truncated Volterra filters
2674 -- 2683V. Shtrom, H. Howard Fan. New class of zero-forcing cost functions in blind equalization
2684 -- 2697Arvind V. Keerthi, John J. Shynk. Separation of cochannel signals in TDMA mobile radio
2698 -- 2707G. Tong Zhou, William R. Schafer, Ronald W. Schafer. A three-state biological point process model and its parameter estimation
2708 -- 2725Peter Strobach. Bi-iteration recursive instrumental variable subspace tracking and adaptive filtering
2726 -- 2735Petar M. Djuric. Asymptotic MAP criteria for model selection
2736 -- 2743Jacob Sheinvald, Mati Wax, Anthony J. Weiss. Localization of multiple sources with moving arrays
2744 -- 2756Shawn M. Verbout, James M. O. Jeffrey, Jeffrey T. Ludwig, Alan V. Oppenheim. Parameter estimation for autoregressive Gaussian-mixture processes: the EMAX algorithm
2757 -- 2766Q. T. Zhang. A statistical resolution theory of the AR method of spectral analysis
2767 -- 2780Chi-Sing Leung, Lai-Wan Chan. An error control scheme for transmission of vector quantization data over noisy channels
2781 -- 2789Hsin-Chia Fu, Yeong-Yuh Xu. Multilinguistic handwritten character recognition by Bayesian decision-based neural networks
2790 -- 2796Gung Feng. Data smoothing by cubic spline filters
2796 -- 2804Moeness G. Amin, William J. Williams. High spectral resolution time-frequency distribution kernels
2804 -- 2807Peter Kraniauskas, Gianfranco Cariolaro, Tomaso Erseghe. Method for defining a class of fractional operations
2807 -- 2812Bo Xuan, Roberto H. Bamberger. Multidimensional, paraunitary principal component filter banks
2812 -- 2818Alfred Mertins. Subspace approach for the design of cosine-modulated filter banks with linear-phase prototype filter
2819 -- 2821Harold S. Stone. Convolution theorems for linear transforms
2822 -- 2824Wen Chen 0004, Shuichi Itoh. A sampling theorem for shift-invariant subspace
2825 -- 2829Hyun Woo Kang, Yong Soo Cho, Dae Hee Youn. Adaptive precompensation of Wiener systems
2829 -- 2832Thomas M. Panicker, V. John Mathews. Parallel-cascade realizations and approximations of truncated Volterra systems
2833 -- 2837John Tsimbinos, Kenneth V. Lever. Input Nyquist sampling suffices to identify and compensate nonlinear systems
2837 -- 2841Michael Frey, David Andescavage. An analytic theory for power law detection of bursty targets in multiplicative noise
2841 -- 2847Boaz Lerner, Hugo Guterman, Its'hak Dinstein. A classification-driven partially occluded object segmentation (CPOOS) method with application to chromosome analysis

Volume 46, Issue 1

1 -- 10Wu-Sheng Lu, Soo-Chang Pei, Chien-Cheng Tseng. A weighted least-squares method for the design of stable 1-D and 2-D IIR digital filters
11 -- 20Lihua Xie, Wei-Yong Yan, Yeng Chai Soh. 2 optimal filter reduction: a closed-loop approach
21 -- 30Hartmut Brandenstein, Rolf Unbehauen. Least-squares approximation of FIR by IIR digital filters
31 -- 38Mauricio D. Sacchi, Tadeusz J. Ulrych, Colin J. Walker. Interpolation and extrapolation using a high-resolution discrete Fourier transform
39 -- 50Eric Moreau, Odile Macchi. Self-adaptive source separation. II. Comparison of the direct, feedback, and mixed linear network
51 -- 58Arvind V. Keerthi, Amit Mathur, John J. Shynk. Misadjustment and tracking analysis of the constant modulus array
59 -- 69Wouter Dehandschutter, J. van Herbruggen, Jan Swevers, Paul Sas. Real-time enhancement of reference signals for feedforward control of random noise due to multiple uncorrelated sources
70 -- 82Chenshu Wang, Moeness G. Amin. Performance analysis of instantaneous frequency-based interference excision techniques in spread spectrum communications
83 -- 102Benoit Leprettre, Nadine Martin, F. Glangeaud, J.-P. Navarre. Three-component signal recognition using time, time-frequency, and polarization information-application to seismic detection of avalanches
103 -- 114Gil M. Raz, Barry D. Van Veen. Baseband Volterra filters for implementing carrier based nonlinearities
115 -- 129Karl J. Molnar, James W. Modestino. Application of the EM algorithm for the multitarget/multisensor tracking problem
130 -- 140John P. Oakley. Statistical properties of local extrema in two-dimensional Gaussian random fields
141 -- 148Malcolm D. Macleod. Fast nearly ML estimation of the parameters of real or complex single tones or resolved multiple tones
149 -- 160Jian Li, Petre Stoica, Zheng-She Liu. Comparative study of IQML and MODE direction-of-arrival estimators
161 -- 169Martin Haardt, Josef A. Nossek. Simultaneous Schur decomposition of several nonsymmetric matrices to achieve automatic pairing in multidimensional harmonic retrieval problems
170 -- 182Jean Pierre Delmas, Florence Alberge. Asymptotic performance analysis of subspace adaptive algorithms introduced in the neural network literature
183 -- 190David Stanhill, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi. Two-dimensional orthogonal filter banks and wavelets with linear phase
191 -- 195Tze Fen Li. Multipath time delay estimation using regression stepwise procedure
195 -- 199Nam Ik Cho, Sang Uk Lee. Optimal design of finite precision FIR filters using linear programming with reduced constraints
200 -- 203Xiang-Gen Xia. A quantitative analysis of SNR in the short-time Fourier transform domain for multicomponent signals
203 -- 209David B. H. Tay. Design of filter banks using transformation of variables: new results
209 -- 214Sriram Jayasimha, C. G. Hiremath. Pseudo-QMF banks with near-equiripple performance
215 -- 218Gopal Harikumar, Yoram Bresler. FIR perfect signal reconstruction from multiple convolutions: minimum deconvolver orders
218 -- 222Junibakti Sanubari, Keiichi Tokuda, M. Onoda. Robust recursive time series modeling based on an AR model excited by a t-distribution process
223 -- 227Sergio L. Netto, Panajotis Agathoklis. Efficient lattice realizations of adaptive IIR algorithms
227 -- 231Inbar Fijalkow, C. E. Manlove, C. Richard Johnson Jr.. Adaptive fractionally spaced blind CMA equalization: excess MSE
231 -- 234Vassilios Chatzis, Ioannis Pitas. Nonlinear location and scale estimators of fuzzy numbers
235 -- 239David D. Sworder, John E. Boyd. Jump-diffusion processes in tracking/recognition
239 -- 243Jason Knipe, Xiaobo Li, Bin Han. An improved lattice vector quantization scheme for wavelet compression
243 -- 246Murat Torlak, Guanghan Xu, Brian L. Evans, Hui Liu. Fast estimation of weight vectors to optimize multi-transmitter broadcast channel capacity
247 -- 250J. Yuan. Tests of Gaussianity and linearity for random fields using estimated higher order spectra
250 -- 254Tayfun Akgül, Amro El-Jaroudi. Reconstruction of mixed-phase signals from sum-of-autotriplecorrelations using least squares
255 -- 258Christophe Bourin, Pascal Bondon. Efficiency of high-order moment estimates
259 -- 263Antoine Chevreuil, François Desbouvries, Alexei Gorokhov, Philippe Loubaton, Christophe Vignat. Blind equalization in the presence of jammers and unknown noise: solutions based on second-order cyclostationary statistics
263 -- 268Gustavo A. Ruiz, Juan A. Michell. Memory efficient programmable processor chip for inverse Haar transform
269 -- 275Daniel T. Davis, Jenq-Neng Hwang. Expanding Gaussian kernels for multivariate conditional density estimation