Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 55, Issue 9

4341 -- 4353Abhijeet Sangwan, Wei-Ping Zhu, M. Omair Ahmad. Design and Performance Analysis of Bayesian, Neyman-Pearson, and Competitive Neyman-Pearson Voice Activity Detectors
4354 -- 4365G. Casinovi. L:::1:::-Norm Convergence Properties of Correlogram Spectral Estimates
4366 -- 4381M. Jachan, Gerald Matz, Franz Hlawatsch. Time-Frequency ARMA Models and Parameter Estimators for Underspread Nonstationary Random Processes
4382 -- 4392R. Arora, William A. Sethares. Adaptive Wavetable Oscillators
4393 -- 4404Hoang Duong Tuan, Tran Thai Son, Ba-Ngu Vo, Truong Q. Nguyen. Efficient Large-Scale Filter/Filterbank Design via LMI Characterization of Trigonometric Curves
4405 -- 4414Ha Hoang Kha, Hoang Duong Tuan, Ba-Ngu Vo, Truong Q. Nguyen. Symmetric Orthogonal Complex-Valued Filter Bank Design by Semidefinite Programming
4415 -- 4429Cédric Vonesch, Thierry Blu, Michael Unser. Generalized Daubechies Wavelet Families
4430 -- 4443Tsvi G. Dvorkind, H. Kirshner, Yonina C. Eldar, M. Porat. Minimax Approximation of Representation Coefficients From Generalized Samples
4444 -- 4457Petros G. Voulgaris, Christoforos N. Hadjicostis, Rouzbeh Touri. A Robust Control Approach to Perfect Reconstruction of Digital Signals
4458 -- 4473Yevgen Voronenko, Markus Püschel. Mechanical Derivation of Fused Multiply-Add Algorithms for Linear Transforms
4474 -- 4486Thomas Blumensath, Michael E. Davies. Monte Carlo Methods for Adaptive Sparse Approximations of Time-Series
4487 -- 4496Ales Holobar, Damjan Zazula. Multichannel Blind Source Separation Using Convolution Kernel Compensation
4497 -- 4510Sebastiaan van der Tol, B. D. Jeffs, Alle-Jan van der Veen. Self-Calibration for the LOFAR Radio Astronomical Array
4511 -- 4522Konstantinos Slavakis, Isao Yamada. Robust Wideband Beamforming by the Hybrid Steepest Descent Method
4523 -- 4533Nicolas Le Bihan, Sebastian Miron, Jérôme I. Mars. MUSIC Algorithm for Vector-Sensors Array Using Biquaternions
4534 -- 4548Thomas Zemen, Christoph F. Mecklenbräuker, F. Kaltenberger, Bernard H. Fleury. Minimum-Energy Band-Limited Predictor With Dynamic Subspace Selection for Time-Variant Flat-Fading Channels
4549 -- 4557Lorenzo Peotta, Pierre Vandergheynst. Matching Pursuit With Block Incoherent Dictionaries
4558 -- 4566Mohamed Marey, Heidi Steendam. Analysis of the Narrowband Interference Effect on OFDM Timing Synchronization
4567 -- 4580Hua-Lung Yang, Wen-Rong Wu. A Novel Adaptive Antenna Array for DS/CDMA Code Acquisition
4581 -- 4598Derek Yee, James P. Reilly, Thiagalingam Kirubarajan. A Blind Sequential Monte Carlo Detector for OFDM Systems in the Presence of Phase Noise, Multipath Fading, and Channel Order Uncertainty
4599 -- 4611Aydin Sezgin, Oliver Henkel. Stacked OSTBC: Error Performance and Rate Analysis
4612 -- 4626Jun Zheng, Bhaskar D. Rao. Analysis of Multiple Antenna Systems With Finite-Rate Channel Information Feedback Over Spatially Correlated Fading Channels
4627 -- 4638Zhiguo Ding, Tharmalingam Ratnarajah, Colin Cowan. On the Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff for Wireless Cooperative Multiple Access Systems
4639 -- 4655Marian Codreanu, Antti Tölli, Markku J. Juntti, Matti Latva-aho. Joint Design of Tx-Rx Beamformers in MIMO Downlink Channel
4656 -- 4668R. Rahman, Murat Alanyali, Venkatesh Saligrama. Distributed Tracking in Multihop Sensor Networks With Communication Delays
4669 -- 4682Tong Zhao, Arye Nehorai. Information-Driven Distributed Maximum Likelihood Estimation Based on Gauss-Newton Method in Wireless Sensor Networks
4683 -- 4695Shuguang Cui, Jinjun Xiao, Andrea J. Goldsmith, Zhi-Quan Luo, H. Vincent Poor. Estimation Diversity and Energy Efficiency in Distributed Sensing
4696 -- 4702M. Huang, S. Dey. Dynamic Quantization for Multisensor Estimation Over Bandlimited Fading Channels
4702 -- 4706Janne J. Lehtomäki, Jarkko Vartiainen, Markku J. Juntti, Harri Saarnisaari. CFAR Outlier Detection With Forward Methods
4707 -- 4711Gang Shi, Arye Nehorai. A Relationship Between Time-Reversal Imaging and Maximum-Likelihood Scattering Estimation
4711 -- 4716Fang Yao, T. C. M. Lee. Spectral Density Estimation Using Sharpened Periodograms
4717 -- 4721Young-Doo Kim, Eui-Rim Jeong, Yong-Hoon Lee. Adaptive Compensation for Power Amplifier Nonlinearity in the Presence of Quadrature Modulation/Demodulation Errors
4721 -- 4726Andreas Jakobsson, Magnus Mossberg. Using Spatial Diversity to Detect Narcotics and Explosives Using NQR Signals
4726 -- 4731Pei Jung Chung. Stochastic Maximum Likelihood Estimation Under Misspecified Numbersof Signals

Volume 55, Issue 8

3949 -- 3962Tuncer C. Aysal, Kenneth E. Barner. Meridian Filtering for Robust Signal Processing
3963 -- 3974Yair Noam, Joseph Tabrikian. Marginal Likelihood for Estimation and Detection Theory
3975 -- 3986Amin Zia, James P. Reilly, Jonathan Manton, Shahram Shirani. An Information Geometric Approach to ML Estimation With Incomplete Data: Application to Semiblind MIMO Channel Identification
3987 -- 3994Marco Lanucara, Riccardo Borghi. Resampling of Band-Limited Gaussian Random Signals With Flat Power Spectrum, Available Through 1-Bit Quantized Samples
3995 -- 4003Tryphon T. Georgiou. Distances and Riemannian Metrics for Spectral Density Functions
4004 -- 4017Rayan Saab, Özgür Yilmaz, Martin J. McKeown, Rafeef Abugharbieh. Underdetermined Anechoic Blind Source Separation via ell:::q:::-Basis-Pursuit With q<<1
4018 -- 4028Pedro Inácio Hübscher, José Carlos M. Bermudez, Victor H. Nascimento. A Mean-Square Stability Analysis of the Least Mean Fourth Adaptive Algorithm
4029 -- 4037Rufus Fraanje, Michel Verhaegen, S. J. Elliott. Robustness of the Filtered-X LMS Algorithm - Part I: Necessary Conditions for Convergence and the Asymptotic Pseudospectrum of Toeplitz Matrices
4038 -- 4047Rufus Fraanje, S. J. Elliott, Michel Verhaegen. Robustness of the Filtered-X LMS Algorithm - Part II: Robustness Enhancement by Minimal Regularization for Norm Bounded Uncertainty
4048 -- 4063Andrea L. Kraay, Arthur B. Baggeroer. A Physically Constrained Maximum-Likelihood Method for Snapshot-Deficient Adaptive Array Processing
4064 -- 4077Cassio G. Lopes, Ali H. Sayed. Incremental Adaptive Strategies Over Distributed Networks
4078 -- 4090Tian-Bo Deng. Coefficient-Symmetries for Implementing Arbitrary-Order Lagrange-Type Variable Fractional-Delay Digital Filters
4091 -- 4103Limin Yu, L. B. White. Optimum Receiver Design for Broadband Doppler Compensation in Multipath/Doppler Channels With Rational Orthogonal Wavelet Signaling
4104 -- 4115Akira Hirabayashi, Michael Unser. Consistent Sampling and Signal Recovery
4116 -- 4126José Luis Rojo-Álvarez, C. Figuera-Pozuelo, C. E. Martinez-Cruz, Gustavo Camps-Valls, Felipe Alonso Atienza, Manel Martínez-Ramón. Nonuniform Interpolation of Noisy Signals Using Support Vector Machines
4127 -- 4138Saad Bouguezel, M. Omair Ahmad, M. N. S. Swamy. A General Class of Split-Radix FFT Algorithms for the Computation of the DFT of Length-2:::m:::
4139 -- 4150Chun-Yang Chen, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Quadratically Constrained Beamforming Robust Against Direction-of-Arrival Mismatch
4151 -- 4161Petre Stoica, Jian Li, Yao Xie. On Probing Signal Design For MIMO Radar
4162 -- 4172Ahmed Saleh Amein, John J. Soraghan. Fractional Chirp Scaling Algorithm: Mathematical Model
4173 -- 4182Mathias Ortner, Arye Nehorai. A Sequential Detector for Biochemical Release in Realistic Environments
4183 -- 4197Peter Willett, William Dale Blair, Xin Zhang. The Multitarget Monopulse CRLB for Matched Filter Samples
4198 -- 4207Hai Huyen Dam, Sven Nordholm, Siow Yong Low, Antonio Cantoni. Blind Signal Separation Using Steepest Descent Method
4208 -- 4216Bishwarup Mondal, Satyaki Dutta, Robert W. Heath Jr.. Quantization on the Grassmann Manifold
4217 -- 4226Bahram Borna, Timothy N. Davidson. Biwindowed Discrete Multitone Transceiver Design
4227 -- 4240Jin Tang, Zhengyuan Xu. A Novel Modulation Diversity Assisted Ultrawideband Communication System
4241 -- 4257Raphael Cendrillon, Jianwei Huang, Mung Chiang, Marc Moonen. Autonomous Spectrum Balancing for Digital Subscriber Lines
4258 -- 4270Fabio Sterle. Widely Linear MMSE Transceivers for MIMO Channels
4271 -- 4283Quan Zhou, Huaiyu Dai. Asymptotic Analysis on the Interaction Between Spatial Diversity and Multiuser Diversity in Wireless Networks
4284 -- 4299Ioannis D. Schizas, Georgios B. Giannakis, Zhi-Quan Luo. Distributed Estimation Using Reduced-Dimensionality Sensor Observations
4300 -- 4311Jason L. Williams, John W. Fisher III. Approximate Dynamic Programming for Communication-Constrained Sensor Network Management
4312 -- 4315Francesco Bandiera, D. Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci. On the CFAR Property of GLRT-Based Direction Detectors
4316 -- 4320Kiyoshi Nishiyama. Computational Improvement of the Fast H::infinity:: Filter Based on Information of Input Predictor
4320 -- 4324Riccardo Bernardini. Time-Variant Unit-Norm Tight Frames by Means of Modulated Filter Banks
4325 -- 4330Lei Cao, Lei Yao, Chang Wen Chen. MAP Decoding of Variable Length Codes With Self-Synchronization Strings
4330 -- 4334Gaetano Giunta, Luc Vandendorpe, Francesco Benedetto. All-Pass Prefiltering in Pre-Post-Rake Schemes for Spread-Spectrum Communications
4335 -- 4335J. P. S. Bizarro. Erratum to On the Behavior of the Continuous-Time Spectrogram for Arbitrarily Narrow Windows

Volume 55, Issue 7-2

3553 -- 3567Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo, Antonio Cantoni. Analytic Implementations of the Cardinalized Probability Hypothesis Density Filter
3568 -- 3576Liya Thomas, Lamine Mili. A Robust GM-Estimator for the Automated Detection of External Defects on Barked Hardwood Logs and Stems
3577 -- 3584Antonio De Maio. Rao Test for Adaptive Detection in Gaussian Interference With Unknown Covariance Matrix
3585 -- 3595Mukund N. Desai, Rami Mangoubi. Robust Subspace Learning and Detection in Laplacian Noise and Interference
3596 -- 3605Parvathinathan Venkitasubramaniam, Lang Tong, Ananthram Swami. Quantization for Maximin ARE in Distributed Estimation
3606 -- 3622Serdar Sezginer, Pascal Bianchi, Walid Hachem. Asymptotic Cramér-Rao Bounds and Training Design for Uplink MIMO-OFDMA Systems With Frequency Offsets
3623 -- 3632Dennis R. Morgan. On Level-Crossing Excursions of Gaussian Low-Pass Random Processes
3633 -- 3644Meryem Jabloun, Francois Leonard, Michelle Vieira, Nadine Martin. A New Flexible Approach to Estimate the IA and IF of Nonstationary Signals of Long-Time Duration
3645 -- 3658Koby Todros, Joseph Tabrikian. Blind Separation of Independent Sources Using Gaussian Mixture Model
3659 -- 3669Naixiang Lian, Vitali Zagorodnov, Yap-Peng Tan. Error Inhomogeneity in Wavelet-Based Compression
3670 -- 3686Pancham Shukla, Pier Luigi Dragotti. Sampling Schemes for Multidimensional Signals With Finite Rate of Innovation
3687 -- 3703Patrick Vandewalle, Luciano Sbaiz, J. Vandewalle, Martin Vetterli. Super-Resolution From Unregistered and Totally Aliased Signals Using Subspace Methods
3704 -- 3716David P. Wipf, Bhaskar D. Rao. An Empirical Bayesian Strategy for Solving the Simultaneous Sparse Approximation Problem
3717 -- 3729Johan Thomas, Yannick Deville, Shahram Hosseini. Differential Fast Fixed-Point Algorithms for Underdetermined Instantaneous and Convolutive Partial Blind Source Separation
3730 -- 3745Suleyman S. Kozat, Andrew C. Singer, G. C. Zeitler. Universal Piecewise Linear Prediction Via Context Trees
3746 -- 3759Nicolas Petrochilos, Alle-Jan van der Veen. Algebraic Algorithms to Separate Overlapping Secondary Surveillance Radar Replies
3760 -- 3772Patrick S. Huggins, Steven W. Zucker. Greedy Basis Pursuit
3773 -- 3786Daniel J. Ryan, Iain B. Collings, I. Vaughan L. Clarkson. GLRT-Optimal Noncoherent Lattice Decoding
3787 -- 3799Layla Tadjpour, Shang-Ho Tsai, C. C. Jay Kuo. An Approximately MAI-Free Multiaccess OFDM System in Fast Time-Varying Channels
3800 -- 3806Ali N. Akansu, Radha Poluri. Walsh-Like Nonlinear Phase Orthogonal Codes for Direct Sequence CDMA Communications
3807 -- 3822Yu-Hao Chang, Shang-Ho Tsai, Xiaoli Yu, C. C. Jay Kuo. Ultrawideband Transceiver Design Using Channel Phase Precoding
3823 -- 3836Yanxin Na, Mohammad Saquib, Giridhar D. Mandyam. A Pilot-Aided Multicode CDMA Transmission Over Wireless Channels
3837 -- 3850Amir D. Dabbagh, David James Love. Precoding for Multiple Antenna Gaussian Broadcast Channels With Successive Zero-Forcing
3851 -- 3866Cenk Toker, Sangarapillai Lambotharan, Jonathon A. Chambers. Joint Transceiver Design for MIMO Channel Shortening
3867 -- 3878Javier Vía, Ignacio Santamaría, Jesús Pérez. Deterministic CCA-Based Algorithms for Blind Equalization of FIR-MIMO Channels
3879 -- 3891Kaibin Huang, Robert W. Heath Jr., Jeffrey G. Andrews. Space Division Multiple Access With a Sum Feedback Rate Constraint
3892 -- 3904Qingjiang Tian, Edward J. Coyle. Optimal Distributed Detection in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
3905 -- 3923Thanongsak Himsoon, W. Pam Siriwongpairat, Weifeng Su, K. J. Ray Liu. Differential Modulation With Threshold-Based Decision Combining for Cooperative Communications
3924 -- 3930Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri. An EM-Based Forward-Backward Kalman Filter for the Estimation of Time-Variant Channels in OFDM
3930 -- 3936Paul Honeine, Cédric Richard, Patrick Flandrin. Time-Frequency Learning Machines
3937 -- 3942Da-Zheng Feng, Wei Xing Zheng. An Approximate Inverse-Power Algorithm for Adaptive Extraction of Minor Subspace

Volume 55, Issue 7-1

3161 -- 3171Guang-Hong Yang, Dan Ye. Adaptive Reliable H::infinity:: Filtering Against Sensor Failures
3172 -- 3184Hao Chen, Pramod K. Varshney, S. M. Kay, J. H. Michels. Theory of the Stochastic Resonance Effect in Signal Detection: Part I-Fixed Detectors
3185 -- 3191Hichem Snoussi, Ali Mohammad-Djafari. Estimation of Structured Gaussian Mixtures: The Inverse EM Algorithm
3192 -- 3206Youshen Xia, Mohamed S. Kamel. Cooperative Recurrent Neural Networks for the Constrained L::1:: Estimator
3207 -- 3217Sandeep P. Sira, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola, Darryl Morrell. Dynamic Configuration of Time-Varying Waveforms for Agile Sensing and Tracking in Clutter
3218 -- 3226J. M. C. Clark, S. A. Robbiati, R. B. Vinter. The Shifted Rayleigh Mixture Filter for Bearings-Only Tracking of Maneuvering Targets
3227 -- 3238A. Abramson, I. Cohen. Recursive Supervised Estimation of a Markov-Switching GARCH Process in the Short-Time Fourier Transform Domain
3239 -- 3246Xiaofeng Wu, Zi Qiang Lang, S. A. Billings. Analysis of Output Frequencies of Nonlinear Systems
3247 -- 3261Y. Stitou, F. Turcu, Yannick Berthoumieu, Mohamed Najim. Three-Dimensional Textured Image Blocks Model Based on Wold Decomposition
3262 -- 3271Robert Jenssen, Deniz Erdogmus, José C. Príncipe, Torbjørn Eltoft. The Laplacian Classifier
3272 -- 3282Yi Liu, Yuan F. Zheng. Soft SVM and Its Application in Video-Object Extraction
3283 -- 3293E. L. Santos, Michael D. Zoltowski, M. Rangaswamy. Indirect Dominant Mode Rejection: A Solution to Low Sample Support Beamforming
3294 -- 3301Hai Deng, Braham Himed, Michael C. Wicks. Concurrent Extraction of Target Range and Doppler Information by Using Orthogonal Coding Waveforms
3302 -- 3311Athanasios P. Liavas, D. Tsipouridou. On the Performance of the Mismatched MMSE and the LS Linear Equalizers
3312 -- 3324Wing-Kin Ma. Blind ML Detection of Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes: Identifiability and Code Construction
3325 -- 3335Keyvan Zarifi, Alex B. Gershman. Blind Subspace-Based Signature Estimation in DS-CDMA Systems With Unknown Wide-Sense Stationary Interference
3336 -- 3348Nima Khajehnouri, Ali H. Sayed. Distributed MMSE Relay Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks
3349 -- 3359Norman C. Beaulieu, Xiaodi Zhang. On the Maximum Number of Receiver Diversity Antennas That Can Be Usefully Deployed in a Cochannel Interference Dominated Environment
3360 -- 3365Gye-Tae Gil, Young-Doo Kim, Yong-Hoon Lee. Non-Data-Aided Approach to I/Q Mismatch Compensation in Low-IF Receivers
3366 -- 3379Thomas Magesacher. Spectral Compensation for Multicarrier Communication
3380 -- 3389H. Wang, Thia Kirubarajan. Random Unitary Beamforming With Partial Feedback for MISO Downlink Transmission Using Multiuser Diversity
3390 -- 3404Chun-Yang Chen, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Precoded FIR and Redundant V-BLAST Systems for Frequency-Selective MIMO Channels
3405 -- 3416Haitong Sun, Zhi Ding. Iterative Transceiver Design for MIMO ARQ Retransmissions With Decision Feedback Detection
3417 -- 3428Peilu Ding, David James Love, Michael D. Zoltowski. Multiple Antenna Broadcast Channels With Shape Feedback and Limited Feedback
3429 -- 3444Yunxia Chen, Qing Zhao. An Integrated Approach to Energy-Aware Medium Access for Wireless Sensor Networks
3445 -- 3455Ke Liu, Hesham El Gamal, Akbar M. Sayeed. Decentralized Inference Over Multiple-Access Channels
3456 -- 3470Sergio Barbarossa, Gesualdo Scutari. Decentralized Maximum-Likelihood Estimation for Sensor Networks Composed of Nonlinearly Coupled Dynamical Systems
3471 -- 3483Yi Sun, Junmin Shi. Retransmission Diversity in Large CDMA Random Access Systems
3484 -- 3495Holger Boche, Martin Schubert. On the Structure of the Multiuser QoS Region
3496 -- 3511Hyunggon Park, Mihaela van der Schaar. Bargaining Strategies for Networked Multimedia Resource Management
3512 -- 3525Zafer Aydin, Yucel Altunbasak, Hakan Erdogan. Bayesian Protein Secondary Structure Prediction With Near-Optimal Segmentations
3526 -- 3535David Halupka, Alireza Seyed Rabi, Parham Aarabi, Ali Sheikholeslami. Low-Power Dual-Microphone Speech Enhancement Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays
3536 -- 3537Saralees Nadarajah. Comments on Widely Linear Reception Strategies for Layered Space-Time Wireless Communications
3537 -- 3541Saralees Nadarajah, Samuel Kotz. A Supplement to the Gaussian Transform of Distributions
3541 -- 3547Ran Tao, Bing-zhao Li, Yue Wang. Spectral Analysis and Reconstruction for Periodic Nonuniformly Sampled Signals in Fractional Fourier Domain
3547 -- 3549P. Panek. Error Analysis and Bounds in Time Delay Estimation

Volume 55, Issue 6-2

2765 -- 2773Ahmad Khodayari-Rostamabad, Shahrokh Valaee. Information Theoretic Enumeration and Tracking of Multiple Sources
2774 -- 2784Simon J. Julier, Joseph J. LaViola Jr.. On Kalman Filtering With Nonlinear Equality Constraints
2785 -- 2794J. Ahmadi-Shokouh, H. Keshavarz. A Vector-Hydrophone s Minimal Composition for Finite Estimation-Variance in Direction-Finding Near/Without a Reflecting Boundary
2795 -- 2809Rémy Boyer, Lieven De Lathauwer, Karim Abed-Meraim. Higher Order Tensor-Based Method for Delayed Exponential Fitting
2810 -- 2825Volkan Cevher, Rajbabu Velmurugan, James H. McClellan. Acoustic Multitarget Tracking Using Direction-of-Arrival Batches
2826 -- 2839A. S. Chhetri, Darryl Morrell, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola. On the Use of Binary Programming for Sensor Scheduling
2840 -- 2850Gang Shi, Arye Nehorai. Cramér-Rao Bound Analysis on Multiple Scattering in Multistatic Point-Scatterer Estimation
2851 -- 2860Jun Xiao, Patrick Flandrin. Multitaper Time-Frequency Reassignment for Nonstationary Spectrum Estimation and Chirp Enhancement
2861 -- 2876Yuri I. Abramovich, Nicholas K. Spencer, Michael D. E. Turley. Order Estimation and Discrimination Between Stationary and Time-Varying (TVAR) Autoregressive Models
2877 -- 2884Chuanhou Gao, Jixin Qian. Evidence of Chaotic Behavior in Noise From Industrial Process
2885 -- 2896Özgür Çetin, Mari Ostendorf, Gary D. Bernard. Multirate Coupled Hidden Markov Models and Their Application to Machining Tool-Wear Classification
2897 -- 2913Han Zheng, Hong Wang, Le Yi Wang, Gang George Yin. Cyclic System Reconfiguration and Time-Split Signal Separation With Applications to Lung Sound Pattern Analysis
2914 -- 2924Yong Ching Lim, Ya Jun Yu, Kok Lay Teo, Tapio Saramäki. FRM-Based FIR Filters With Optimum Finite Word-Length Performance
2925 -- 2936Doru-Florin Chiper, M. N. S. Swamy, M. Omair Ahmad. An Efficient Unified Framework for Implementation of a Prime-Length DCT/IDCT With High Throughput
2937 -- 2944Vitaly Kober. Fast Algorithms for the Computation of Sliding Discrete Hartley Transforms
2945 -- 2953Lutz Gröll, Andreas Kapp. Effect of Fast Motion on Range Images Acquired by Lidar Scanners for Automotive Applications
2954 -- 2964Mylene C. Q. Farias, John M. Foley, Sanjit K. Mitra. Detectability and Annoyance of Synthetic Blocky, Blurry, Noisy, and Ringing Artifacts
2965 -- 2973Lieven De Lathauwer, Joséphine Castaing, Jean-François Cardoso. Fourth-Order Cumulant-Based Blind Identification of Underdetermined Mixtures
2974 -- 2992Abdellatif Zaidi, Pablo Piantanida, Pierre Duhamel. Broadcast- and MAC-Aware Coding Strategies for Multiple User Information Embedding
2993 -- 3006Monica Nicoli, Simone Ferrara, Umberto Spagnolini. Soft-Iterative Channel Estimation: Methods and Performance Analysis
3007 -- 3021Shuangchi He, Jitendra K. Tugnait, Xiaohong Meng. On Superimposed Training for MIMO Channel Estimation and Symbol Detection
3022 -- 3031Serge Dégerine, Elimane Kane. A Comparative Study of Approximate Joint Diagonalization Algorithms for Blind Source Separation in Presence of Additive Noise
3032 -- 3047Donatella Darsena, Giacinto Gelli, Luigi Paura, Francesco Verde. A Constrained Maximum-SINR NBI-Resistant Receiver for OFDM Systems
3048 -- 3060Belkacem Mouhouche, Philippe Loubaton, Walid Hachem. Asymptotic Analysis of Reduced-Rank Chip-Level MMSE Equalizers in the Downlink of CDMA Systems
3061 -- 3072Yen-Chin Liao, Chien-Ching Lin, Hsie-Chia Chang, Chih-Wei Liu. Self-Compensation Technique for Simplified Belief-Propagation Algorithm
3073 -- 3088Michael Joham, David A. Schmidt, Johannes Brehmer, Wolfgang Utschick. Finite-Length MMSE Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding for Frequency Selective Vector Channels
3089 -- 3103Katsutoshi Kusume, Michael Joham, Wolfgang Utschick, Gerhard Bauch. Cholesky Factorization With Symmetric Permutation Applied to Detecting and Precoding Spatially Multiplexed Data Streams
3104 -- 3115Shengli Zhou, Peter Willett. Submarine Location Estimation Via a Network of Detection-Only Sensors
3116 -- 3125Veselin N. Ivanovic, Radovan D. Stojanovic. An Efficient Hardware Design of the Flexible 2-D System for Space/Spatial-Frequency Signal Analysis
3126 -- 3138Ming-Yung Ko, Claudiu Zissulescu, Sebastian Puthenpurayil, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, Bart Kienhuis, Ed F. Deprettere. Parameterized Looped Schedules for Compact Representation of Execution Sequences in DSP Hardware and Software Implementation
3139 -- 3143Rémy Boyer, Karim Abed-Meraim. Asymptotic Performance for Delayed Exponential Process
3143 -- 3148Shahrokh Nayeb Nazar, Ioannis N. Psaromiligkos. Minimum Variance Channel Estimation in MC-CDMA Systems: Bias Analysis and Cramér-Rao Bound
3148 -- 3149Saralees Nadarajah. A Comment on Partial-Update NLMS Algorithms With Data-Selective Updating
3150 -- 3154Saad Ahemd Qazi, Apostolos Georgakis, Lampros K. Stergioulas, Mohammad Shikh-Bahaei. Interference Suppression in the Wigner Distribution Using Fractional Fourier Transformation and Signal Synthesis

Volume 55, Issue 6-1

2373 -- 2374A.-J. van der Veen. 2006 Best Paper Award Recipients: A Message From the Editor-in-Chief
2375 -- 2385Luzhou Xu, Jian Li. Iterative Generalized-Likelihood Ratio Test for MIMO Radar
2386 -- 2394Francesco Bandiera, Olivier Besson, D. Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci, L. L. Scharf. GLRT-Based Direction Detectors in Homogeneous Noise and Subspace Interference
2395 -- 2406Pradeep Aggarwal, Narayan Prasad, Xiaodong Wang. An Enhanced Deterministic Sequential Monte Carlo Method for Near-Optimal MIMO Demodulation With QAM Constellations
2407 -- 2413Heidi Hindberg, Alfred Hanssen. Generalized Spectral Coherences for Complex-Valued Harmonizable Processes
2414 -- 2424Laurent Cavalier, Marc Raimondo. Wavelet Deconvolution With Noisy Eigenvalues
2425 -- 2431Yushin Cho, William A. Pearlman. Quantifying the Coding Performance of Zerotrees of Wavelet Coefficients: Degree-k Zerotree
2432 -- 2445Chunjian Li, Søren Vang Andersen. Efficient Blind System Identification of Non-Gaussian Autoregressive Models With HMM Modeling of the Excitation
2446 -- 2457Ricardo Merched. Fast Computation of Constrained Decision Feedback Equalizers
2458 -- 2471R. Yu. Characterization and Sampled-Data Design of Dual-Tree Filter Banks for Hilbert Transform Pairs of Wavelet Bases
2472 -- 2485Guang Deng. Robust Sequential Learning Algorithms for Linear Observation Models
2486 -- 2496Hasan S. Mir, John D. Sahr, Gary F. Hatke, C. M. Keller. Passive Source Localization Using an Airborne Sensor Array in the Presence of Manifold Perturbations
2497 -- 2508Pei Jung Chung, Johann F. Böhme, Christoph F. Mecklenbräuker, Alfred O. Hero. Detection of the Number of Signals Using the Benjamini-Hochberg Procedure
2509 -- 2519Vishwanath Venkataraman, John J. Shynk. A Multistage Hybrid Constant Modulus Array With Constrained Adaptation for Correlated Sources
2520 -- 2532Mathias Ortner, Arye Nehorai, Aleksandar Jeremic. Biochemical Transport Modeling and Bayesian Source Estimation in Realistic Environments
2533 -- 2541Francesco Bandiera, Antonio De Maio, Giuseppe Ricci. Adaptive CFAR Radar Detection With Conic Rejection
2542 -- 2556Rodney A. Kennedy, Parastoo Sadeghi, Thushara D. Abhayapala, Haley M. Jones. Intrinsic Limits of Dimensionality and Richness in Random Multipath Fields
2557 -- 2569E. Alameda-Hernandez, Desmond C. McLernon, Aldo G. Orozco-Lugo, Mauricio M. Lara, Mounir Ghogho. Frame/Training Sequence Synchronization and DC-Offset Removal for (Data-Dependent) Superimposed Training Based Channel Estimation
2570 -- 2582Lin Zhou, Jian-Kang Zhang, Kon Max Wong. A Novel Signaling Scheme for Blind Unique Identification of Alamouti Space-Time Block-Coded Channel
2583 -- 2592Javad Haghighat, Walaa Hamouda, M. Reza Soleymani. Lossless Source Coding Using Nested Error Correcting Codes
2593 -- 2604O. Munoz-Medina, Josep Vidal, Adrian Agustin. Linear Transceiver Design in Nonregenerative Relays With Channel State Information
2605 -- 2616Richard K. Martin, Geert Ysebaert, Koen Vanbleu. Bit Error Rate Minimizing Channel Shortening Equalizers for Cyclic Prefixed Systems
2617 -- 2627Yi Ma, Rahim Tafazolli. Estimation of Carrier Frequency Offset for Multicarrier CDMA Uplink
2628 -- 2645Chih-Yuan Lin, Jwo-Yuh Wu, Ta-Sung Lee. Robust Constrained-Optimization-Based Linear Receiver for High-Rate MIMO-OFDM Against Channel Estimation Errors
2646 -- 2660Wei Yu, Tian Lan. Transmitter Optimization for the Multi-Antenna Downlink With Per-Antenna Power Constraints
2661 -- 2675Radhika Gowaikar, Babak Hassibi. Statistical Pruning for Near-Maximum Likelihood Decoding
2676 -- 2687Tobias Dahl, Silvana Silva Pereira, Nils Christophersen, David Gesbert. Intrinsic Subspace Convergence in TDD MIMO Communication
2688 -- 2702Holger Boche, Marcin Wiczanowski. Optimization-Theoretic Analysis of Stability-Optimal Transmission Policy for Multiple-Antenna Multiple-Access Channel
2703 -- 2719Francois Caron, Manuel Davy, Emmanuel Duflos, Philippe Vanheeghe. Particle Filtering for Multisensor Data Fusion With Switching Observation Models: Application to Land Vehicle Positioning
2720 -- 2730Shihao Ji, Ronald Parr, Lawrence Carin. Nonmyopic Multiaspect Sensing With Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
2731 -- 2735Mark P. Kolba, Leslie M. Collins. Information-Based Sensor Management in the Presence of Uncertainty
2735 -- 2740Thinh Nguyen. Robust Data-Optimized Stochastic Analog-to-Digital Converters
2740 -- 2746Are Hjørungnes, David Gesbert. Complex-Valued Matrix Differentiation: Techniques and Key Results
2746 -- 2751Chong Lin, Qing-Guo Wang, Tong Heng Lee, Yong He. Fuzzy Weighting-Dependent Approach to H::infinity:: Filter Design for Time-Delay Fuzzy Systems
2752 -- 2757Clayton Scott, Mark Davenport. Regression Level Set Estimation Via Cost-Sensitive Classification
2757 -- 2758S. Ramakrishnan, S. Udpa. Comments on Detection of Distributed Sources Using Sensor Arrays
2759 -- 2759Yuanwei Jin, Benjamin Friedlander. Authors Reply to Comments on Detection of Distributed Sources Using Sensor Arrays

Volume 55, Issue 5-2

1981 -- 1993Husheng Li, Sharon M. Betz, H. Vincent Poor. Performance Analysis of Iterative Channel Estimation and Multiuser Detection in Multipath DS-CDMA Channels
1994 -- 2006Wayne R. Blanding, Peter K. Willett, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. Offline and Real-Time Methods for ML-PDA Track Validation
2007 -- 2015Huiqin Yan, H. Howard Fan. Signal-Selective DOA Tracking for Wideband Cyclostationary Sources
2016 -- 2030Ilia Rapoport, Yaakov Oshman. Weiss-Weinstein Lower Bounds for Markovian Systems. Part 1: Theory
2031 -- 2042Ilia Rapoport, Yaakov Oshman. Weiss-Weinstein Lower Bounds for Markovian Systems. Part 2: Applications to Fault-Tolerant Filtering
2043 -- 2051I. Djurovic. Estimation of the Sinusoidal Signal Frequency Based on the Marginal Median DFT
2052 -- 2065Robert J. Drost, Andrew C. Singer. Factor-Graph Algorithms for Equalization
2066 -- 2076Ye Jiang, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola. Discrete Time-Frequency Characterizations of Dispersive Linear Time-Varying Systems
2077 -- 2083Hideaki Sakai, Jun-Mei Yang, Tetsuo Oka. Exact Convergence Analysis of Adaptive Filter Algorithms Without the Persistently Exciting Condition
2084 -- 2095Guilherme Holsbach Costa, José Carlos M. Bermudez. Statistical Analysis of the LMS Algorithm Applied to Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction
2096 -- 2109Hernan Rey, Leonardo Rey Vega, Sara Tressens, Jacob Benesty. Variable Explicit Regularization in Affine Projection Algorithm: Robustness Issues and Optimal Choice
2110 -- 2121Ying Deng, V. John Mathews, Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny. Low-Delay Nonuniform Pseudo-QMF Banks With Application to Speech Enhancement
2122 -- 2135Ya Jun Yu, Yong Ching Lim. Roundoff Noise Analysis of Signals Represented Using Signed Power-of-Two Terms
2136 -- 2144Hagai Kirshner, Moshe Porat. On the Approximation of L::2:: Inner Products From Sampled Data
2145 -- 2157David Schwingshackl, Gernot Kubin. Polyphase Representation of Multirate Nonlinear Filters and Its Applications
2158 -- 2169John G. McWhirter, Paul D. Baxter, Tom Cooper, Soydan Redif, J. Foster. An EVD Algorithm for Para-Hermitian Polynomial Matrices
2170 -- 2181Dejan V. Djonin, Vikram Krishnamurthy. Q-Learning Algorithms for Constrained Markov Decision Processes With Randomized Monotone Policies: Application to MIMO Transmission Control
2182 -- 2192Alper T. Erdogan. Globally Convergent Deflationary Instantaneous Blind Source Separation Algorithm for Digital Communication Signals
2193 -- 2202Alon Amar, Anthony J. Weiss. Fundamental Limitations on the Number of Resolvable Emitters Using a Geolocation System
2203 -- 2214Feng Zhu, Xianda Zhang, Yafeng Hu, Deguang Xie. Nonstationary Hidden Markov Models for Multiaspect Discriminative Feature Extraction From Radar Targets
2215 -- 2225Nikolaus H. Lehmann, Eran Fishler, Alexander M. Haimovich, Rick S. Blum, Dmitry Chizhik, Leonard J. Cimini Jr., Reinaldo A. Valenzuela. Evaluation of Transmit Diversity in MIMO-Radar Direction Finding
2226 -- 2238Zijian Tang, Rocco Claudio Cannizzaro, Geert Leus, Paolo Banelli. Pilot-Assisted Time-Varying Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems
2239 -- 2250Borching Su, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Generalized Signal Richness Preservation Problem and Vandermonde-Form Preserving Matrices
2251 -- 2262Jeremy Roberson, Xiaofei Dong, Zhi Ding. Channel Estimation and Equalization Techniques in Downsampled ARQ Systems
2263 -- 2272Hyungjin Kim, Jiangtao Wen, John D. Villasenor. Secure Arithmetic Coding
2273 -- 2283Qiang Zhao, Hongbin Li. Differential Modulation for Cooperative Wireless Systems
2284 -- 2293Tarkesh Pande, David James Love, James V. Krogmeier. Reduced Feedback MIMO-OFDM Precoding and Antenna Selection
2294 -- 2309Yunxia Chen, Qing Zhao, Vikram Krishnamurthy, Dejan V. Djonin. Transmission Scheduling for Optimizing Sensor Network Lifetime: A Stochastic Shortest Path Approach
2310 -- 2322Ivan Ivanov, Ranadip Pal, Edward R. Dougherty. Dynamics Preserving Size Reduction Mappings for Probabilistic Boolean Networks
2323 -- 2337Carlos De Marziani, Jesús Ureña, Álvaro Hernández, Manuel Mazo, Fernando J. Álvarez, Juan Jesús García, P. Donato. Modular Architecture for Efficient Generation and Correlation of Complementary Set of Sequences
2338 -- 2349Y. Wang, Y. Tang, Y. Jiang, Y. G. Chung, S.-S. Song, M. S. Lim. Novel Memory Reference Reduction Methods for FFT Implementations on DSP Processors
2350 -- 2354Andreas Jakobsson, Stephen R. Alty, Jacob Benesty. Estimating and Time-Updating the 2-D Coherence Spectrum
2355 -- 2356N. Gu, Y. Xiang, F. Rouillier, Z. Cao. Comments on A Blind Signal Separation Method for Multiuser Communications
2357 -- 2358Luis Castedo, Adriana Dapena, Carlos J. Escudero. Reply to Comments on A Blind Signal Separation Method for Multiuser Communications
2358 -- 2364A. Renaux, Philippe Forster, Eric Boyer, Pascal Larzabal. Unconditional Maximum Likelihood Performance at Finite Number of Samples and High Signal-to-Noise Ratio
2365 -- 2369A. Renaux, L. Najjar-Atallah, Philippe Forster, Pascal Larzabal. A Useful Form of the Abel Bound and Its Application to Estimator Threshold Prediction

Volume 55, Issue 5-1

1589 -- 1604Mark R. Morelande, Christopher M. Kreucher, Keith Kastella. A Bayesian Approach to Multiple Target Detection and Tracking
1612 -- 1623Ting He, Lang Tong. Detecting Encrypted Stepping-Stone Connections
1624 -- 1633Duc-Son Pham, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Ramon F. Brcich, Yee Hong Leung. A Nonlinear M-Estimation Approach to Robust Asynchronous Multiuser Detection in Non-Gaussian Noise
1634 -- 1643Junlin Li, Ghassan Alregib. Rate-Constrained Distributed Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
1644 -- 1658Cédric Herzet, Valery Ramon, Luc Vandendorpe. A Theoretical Framework for Iterative Synchronization Based on the Sum-Product and the Expectation-Maximization Algorithms
1659 -- 1672Sheetal Kalyani, Krishnamurthy Giridhar. Mitigation of Error Propagation in Decision Directed OFDM Channel Tracking Using Generalized M Estimators
1673 -- 1687El Mostafa Fadaili, Nadège Thirion-Moreau, Eric Moreau. Nonorthogonal Joint Diagonalization/Zero Diagonalization for Source Separation Based on Time-Frequency Distributions
1688 -- 1695Maciej Niedzwiecki, Adam Sobocinski. On Tracking Properties of Real-Valued Generalized Adaptive Notch Filters
1696 -- 1707B. Choi, D. N. Politis. Modeling 2-D AR Processes With Various Regions of Support
1708 -- 1718Meng-Fu Shih, Alfred O. Hero. Hierarchical Inference of Unicast Network Topologies Based on End-to-End Measurements
1719 -- 1729Dayong Zhou, Victor E. DeBrunner. A New Active Noise Control Algorithm That Requires No Secondary Path Identification Based on the SPR Property
1730 -- 1740Heping Ding. Fast Affine Projection Adaptation Algorithms With Stable and Robust Symmetric Linear System Slovers
1741 -- 1757Pier Luigi Dragotti, Martin Vetterli, Thierry Blu. Sampling Moments and Reconstructing Signals of Finite Rate of Innovation: Shannon Meets Strang-Fix
1758 -- 1768Tobias Werther, Ewa Matusiak, Yonina C. Eldar, Nagesh K. Subbana. A Unified Approach to Dual Gabor Windows
1769 -- 1779Massimiliano Laddomada. Comb-Based Decimation Filters for Sigma Delta A/D Converters: Novel Schemes and Comparisons
1780 -- 1792Juan E. Cousseau, Jose L. Figueroa, Stefan Werner, Timo I. Laakso. Efficient Nonlinear Wiener Model Identification Using a Complex-Valued Simplicial Canonical Piecewise Linear Filter
1793 -- 1802João P. S. Bizarro. On the Behavior of the Continuous-Time Spectrogram for Arbitrarily Narrow Windows
1803 -- 1814X.-L. Li, X. D. Zhang. Nonorthogonal Joint Diagonalization Free of Degenerate Solution
1815 -- 1827A. A. Tadaion, M. Derakhtian, Sayeed Gazor, Mohammad Reza Aref. A Fast Multiple-Source Detection and Localization Array Signal Processing Algorithm Using the Spatial Filtering and ML Approach
1828 -- 1838Tilde Fusco, Mario Tanda. Blind Frequency-Offset Estimation for OFDM/OQAM Systems
1839 -- 1852Hakam Mheidat, Murat Uysal, Naofal Al-Dhahir. Equalization Techniques for Distributed Space-Time Block Codes With Amplify-and-Forward Relaying
1853 -- 1861Don J. Torrieri, Kesh Bakhru. The Maximin Adaptive-Array Algorithm for Direct-Sequence Systems
1862 -- 1874Darryl Dexu Lin, Teng Joon Lim. The Variational Inference Approach to Joint Data Detection and Phase Noise Estimation in OFDM
1875 -- 1885Francis Chan, Jinho Choi. Neighborhood Exploring Detector: An EM-Based Signal Detector for Multiple Antenna Systems
1886 -- 1898Emily B. Fox, John W. Fisher III, Alan S. Willsky. Detection and Localization of Material Releases With Sparse Sensor Configurations
1899 -- 1910Ke Liu, Akbar M. Sayeed. Type-Based Decentralized Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
1911 -- 1926Minh Hanh Ngo, Vikram Krishnamurthy. Game Theoretic Cross-Layer Transmission Policies in Multipacket Reception Wireless Networks
1927 -- 1939Chih-Yu Wen, Robin D. Morris, William A. Sethares. Distance Estimation Using Bidirectional Communications Without Synchronous Clocking
1940 -- 1944Catriona M. Lucey, Colin C. Murphy. Constraint Based Design of Two-Channel Paraunitary Filter Banks of a Given Length Over GF(2:::r:::)
1944 -- 1949Boon Poh Ng, Huiping Duan. Designing Amplitude/Phase Response of the Frost Beamformer
1950 -- 1955Hang-yong Chen, Yong-xiang Liu, Xiang Li, Gui-rong Guo. Mathematics of Synthesizing Range Profile
1955 -- 1961Fang-Min Han, Xian-Da Zhang. Hexagonal Multicarrier Modulation: A Robust Transmission Scheme for Time-Frequency Dispersive Channels
1962 -- 1966Enzo Baccarelli, Mauro Biagi, Cristian Pelizzoni, Nicola Cordeschi. On the Information Rate of Multiantenna Systems With Isotropic Unitary Input Signals in the Presence of Channel Estimation Errors
1967 -- 1974Yiannis Andreopoulos, Mihaela van der Schaar. Complexity-Constrained Video Bitstream Shaping

Volume 55, Issue 4

1193 -- 1203Sancho Salcedo-Sanz, Fernando Cruz-Roldán, Conor Heneghan, Xin Yao. Evolutionary Design of Digital Filters With Application to Subband Coding and Data Transmission
1204 -- 1212Daniel Clark, Ba-Ngu Vo. Convergence Analysis of the Gaussian Mixture PHD Filter
1213 -- 1222A. G. Constantinides, Wen-Min Li. An Algebraic Approach to the Estimation of the Order of FIR Filters From Complete and Partial Magnitude and Phase Specifications
1223 -- 1237Francesco Bandiera, Antonio De Maio, A. S. Greco, Giuseppe Ricci. Adaptive Radar Detection of Distributed Targets in Homogeneous and Partially Homogeneous Noise Plus Subspace Interference
1238 -- 1250Sudharman K. Jayaweera. Bayesian Fusion Performance and System Optimization for Distributed Stochastic Gaussian Signal Detection Under Communication Constraints
1251 -- 1263Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Manuel Davy. Joint Segmentation of Piecewise Constant Autoregressive Processes by Using a Hierarchical Model and a Bayesian Sampling Approach
1264 -- 1274Alessio Benavoli, Luigi Chisci, Alfonso Farina. Estimation of Constrained Parameters With Guaranteed MSE Improvement
1275 -- 1285Audrey Giremus, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Vincent Calmettes. A Particle Filtering Approach for Joint Detection/Estimation of Multipath Effects on GPS Measurements
1286 -- 1297Tom Vercauteren, Pradeep Aggarwal, Xiaodong Wang, Ta-Hsin Li. Hierarchical Forecasting of Web Server Workload Using Sequential Monte Carlo Training
1298 -- 1311Yuri I. Abramovich, Nicholas K. Spencer, Michael D. E. Turley. Time-Varying Autoregressive (TVAR) Models for Multiple Radar Observations
1312 -- 1325Olivier Rabaste, Thierry Chonavel. Estimation of Multipath Channels With Long Impulse Response at Low SNR via an MCMC Method
1326 -- 1338Li Guo, Yih-Fang Huang. Frequency-Domain Set-Membership Filtering and Its Applications
1339 -- 1351Toshiyuki Uto, Tomohiro Oka, Masaaki Ikehara. M-Channel Nonlinear Phase Filter Banks in Image Compression: Structure, Design, and Signal Extension
1352 -- 1363Michael Unser, Thierry Blu. Self-Similarity: Part I-Splines and Operators
1364 -- 1378Thierry Blu, Michael Unser. Self-Similarity: Part II-Optimal Estimation of Fractal Processes
1379 -- 1389Daniel F. Drake, Douglas B. Williams. Linear, Random Representations of Chaos
1390 -- 1404Einat Kidron, Yoav Y. Schechner, Michael Elad. Cross-Modal Localization via Sparsity
1405 -- 1420Jingmin Xin, Nanning Zheng, A. Sano. Simple and Efficient Nonparametric Method for Estimating the Number of Signals Without Eigendecomposition
1421 -- 1435Andrew G. Klein, C. Richard Johnson, Pierre Duhamel. On Blind Equalization of Biorthogonal Signaling
1436 -- 1444Alban Goupil, Jacques Palicot. New Algorithms for Blind Equalization: The Constant Norm Algorithm Family
1445 -- 1460Azadeh Vosoughi, Anna Scaglione. Precoding and Decoding Paradigms for Distributed Vector Data Compression
1461 -- 1476Jun Zheng, Ethan R. Duni, Bhaskar D. Rao. Analysis of Multiple-Antenna Systems With Finite-Rate Feedback Using High-Resolution Quantization Theory
1477 -- 1485Jean Pierre Delmas, Yann Meurisse. Performance Analysis of Optimal Blind Fusion of Bits
1486 -- 1497Yong Liu, Tan F. Wong, William W. Hager. Training Signal Design for Estimation of Correlated MIMO Channels With Colored Interference
1498 -- 1510Mirette Sadek, Alireza Tarighat, Ali H. Sayed. Active Antenna Selection in Multiuser MIMO Communications
1511 -- 1524Tong Zhao, Arye Nehorai. Distributed Sequential Bayesian Estimation of a Diffusive Source in Wireless Sensor Networks
1525 -- 1542Carlo Morelli, Monica Nicoli, Vittorio Rampa, Umberto Spagnolini. Hidden Markov Models for Radio Localization in Mixed LOS/NLOS Conditions
1543 -- 1547Garry A. Einicke. Asymptotic Optimality of the Minimum-Variance Fixed-Interval Smoother
1547 -- 1548Matteo Frigo, Steven G. Johnson. Comments on Split Manageable Efficient Algorithm for Fourier and Hadamard Transforms
1548 -- 1549Sos S. Agaian. Response to Comments on Split Manageable Efficient Algorithm for Fourier and Hadamard Transforms
1549 -- 1554John Browning. Approximating Signals From Nonuniform Continuous Time Samples at Unknown Locations
1554 -- 1559Sylvain Meignen, Pierre-Yves Gumery. Reconstruction of Finite Signal Derivatives From Multiscale Extrema Representations: Application to Transient Estimation and Signal Approximation
1560 -- 1564Olivier Besson. Adaptive Detection With Bounded Steering Vectors Mismatch Angle
1564 -- 1567Chih-Hao Liu, See-May Phoong, Yuan-Pei Lin. ISI-Free Block Transceivers for Unknown Frequency Selective Channels
1568 -- 1573Yi Ma, Rahim Tafazolli. Channel Estimation for OFDMA Uplink: a Hybrid of Linear and BEM Interpolation Approach
1573 -- 1579Jingon Joung, Yong H. Lee. Regularized Channel Diagonalization for Multiuser MIMO Downlink Using a Modified MMSE Criterion
1579 -- 1585Thomas J. Klasen, Tim Van den Bogaert, Marc Moonen, Jan Wouters. Binaural Noise Reduction Algorithms for Hearing Aids That Preserve Interaural Time Delay Cues

Volume 55, Issue 3

797 -- 808Amir Averbuch, Valery A. Zheludev, Tamir Cohen. Multiwavelet Frames in Signal Space Originated From Hermite Splines
809 -- 821Alex S. C. Leong, Subhrakanti Dey, Jamie S. Evans. Probability of Error Analysis for Hidden Markov Model Filtering With Random Packet Loss
822 -- 833Wenjun Li, Huaiyu Dai. Distributed Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using A Multiple Access Channel
834 -- 845Hua Fu, Pooi Yuen Kam. MAP/ML Estimation of the Frequency and Phase of a Single Sinusoid in Noise
846 -- 858Toon van Waterschoot, Geert Rombouts, Piet Verhoeve, Marc Moonen. Double-Talk-Robust Prediction Error Identification Algorithms for Acoustic Echo Cancellation
859 -- 872Namrata Vaswani. Additive Change Detection in Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Change Parameters
873 -- 880Arnt-Børre Salberg, Alfred Hanssen, Louis L. Scharf. Robust Multidimensional Matched Subspace Classifiers Based on Weighted Least-Squares
881 -- 888Tarek Medkour, Andrew T. Walden. A Variance Equality Test for Two Correlated Complex Gaussian Variables With Application to Spectral Power Comparison
889 -- 896Chunsheng Ma. Planar-Temporal Stationary Correlation Models That Depend on the Maximum Norm
897 -- 907Abdeldjalil Aïssa-El-Bey, Nguyen Linh-Trung, Karim Abed-Meraim, Adel Belouchrani, Yves Grenier. Underdetermined Blind Separation of Nondisjoint Sources in the Time-Frequency Domain
908 -- 920Xusheng Wei, David G. M. Cruickshank, Bernard Mulgrew, Felip Riera-Palou. A Unified Approach to Dynamic Length Algorithms for Adaptive Linear Equalizers
921 -- 936Georgios Metikas, Sofia C. Olhede. Multiple Multidimensional Morse Wavelets
937 -- 948Tuncer C. Aysal, Kenneth E. Barner. Generalized Mean-Median Filtering for Robust Frequency-Selective Applications
949 -- 961Truong T. Nguyen, Soontorn Oraintara. A Class of Multiresolution Directional Filter Banks
962 -- 977Da-Zheng Feng, Wei Xing Zheng, Andrzej Cichocki. Matrix-Group Algorithm via Improved Whitening Process for Extracting Statistically Independent Sources From Array Signals
978 -- 989Karthikeyan Umapathy, Sridhar Krishnan. Time-Width Versus Frequency Band Mapping of Energy Distributions
990 -- 1002Huiping Duan, Boon Poh Ng, Chong Meng Samson See, Jun Fang. Broadband Beamforming Using TDL-Form IIR Filters
1003 -- 1010Boaz Rafaely, Barak Weiss, Eitan Bachmat. Spatial Aliasing in Spherical Microphone Arrays
1011 -- 1023Daiyin Zhu, Zhaoda Zhu. Range Resampling in the Polar Format Algorithm for Spotlight SAR Image Formation Using the Chirp z-Transform
1024 -- 1034Brian L. F. Daku, J. Eric Salt. Error Analysis of a Localization Algorithm for Finite-Duration Events
1035 -- 1046Guido Dietl, Wolfgang Utschick. Complexity Reduction of Iterative Receivers Using Low-Rank Equalization
1047 -- 1061Pascal Bianchi, Philippe Loubaton. On the Blind Equalization of Continuous Phase Modulated Signals Using the Constant Modulus Criterion
1062 -- 1080Jwo-Yuh Wu, Ta-Sung Lee. Nonredundant Precoding-Assisted Blind Channel Estimation for Single-Carrier Space-Time Block-Coded Transmission With Frequency-Domain Equalization
1081 -- 1092Gökhan Mergen, Vidyut Naware, Lang Tong. Asymptotic Detection Performance of Type-Based Multiple Access Over Multiaccess Fading Channels
1093 -- 1103Jiangyuan Li, Gang Wei, Fangjiong Chen. On Minimum-BER Linear Multiuser Detection for DS-CDMA Channels
1104 -- 1117Valery Ramon, Cédric Herzet, Luc Vandendorpe. A Semi-Analytical Method for Predicting the Performance and Convergence Behavior of a Multiuser Turbo-Equalizer/Demapper
1118 -- 1128Kai Shi, Yi Zhou, Burak Kelleci, T. W. Fischer, Erchin Serpedin, Aydin I. Karsilayan. Impacts of Narrowband Interference on OFDM-UWB Receivers: Analysis and Mitigation
1129 -- 1136Nele Noels, Heidi Steendam, Marc Moeneclaey. Performance Analysis of ML-Based Feedback Carrier Phase Synchronizers for Coded Signals
1137 -- 1149Nghi H. Tran, Ha H. Nguyen, Tho Le-Ngoc. Bit-Interleaved Coded OFDM With Signal Space Diversity: Subcarrier Grouping and Rotation Matrix Design
1150 -- 1158Shaodan Ma, Tung-Sang Ng. Time-Domain Signal Detection Based on Second-Order Statistics for MIMO-OFDM Systems
1159 -- 1171Runhua Chen, Robert W. Heath Jr., Jeffrey G. Andrews. Transmit Selection Diversity for Unitary Precoded Multiuser Spatial Multiplexing Systems With Linear Receivers
1172 -- 1172Saralees Nadarajah, Samuel Kotz. On the Generation of Gaussian Noise
1173 -- 1175Soo-Chang Pei, Kuo-Wei Chang. Efficient Bit and Digital Reversal Algorithm Using Vector Calculation
1176 -- 1182Aleksandar Dogandzic, Benhong Zhang. Bayesian Complex Amplitude Estimation and Adaptive Matched Filter Detection in Low-Rank Interference
1182 -- 1187Taewon Hwang, Ye Li. Optimum Filtering for Energy-Spreading Transform-Based Equalization

Volume 55, Issue 2

401 -- 413Lionel Fillatre, Igor Nikiforov. Non-Bayesian Detection and Detectability of Anomalies From a Few Noisy Tomographic Projections
414 -- 423Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Jeffrey D. Scargle. Joint Segmentation of Multivariate Astronomical Time Series: Bayesian Sampling With a Hierarchical Model
424 -- 436Dragana Carevic. Automatic Estimation of Multiple Target Positions and Velocities Using Passive TDOA Measurements of Transients
437 -- 450Tom Vercauteren, Alberto López Toledo, Xiaodong Wang. Batch and Sequential Bayesian Estimators of the Number of Active Terminals in an IEEE 802.11 Network
451 -- 460Erik G. Larsson, Yngve Selén. Linear Regression With a Sparse Parameter Vector
461 -- 473Damián Marelli, Minyue Fu. Ergodic Properties for Multirate Linear Systems
474 -- 481Maria Hansson-Sandsten, Joakim Axmon. Multiple-Window Cepstrum Analysis for Estimation of Periodicity
482 -- 492Miroslaw Pawlak, Zygmunt Hasiewicz, Pawel Wachel. On Nonparametric Identification of Wiener Systems
493 -- 506Damián Marelli. A Functional Analysis Approach to Subband System Approximation and Identification
507 -- 519Li Chai, Jingxin Zhang, Cishen Zhang, Edoardo Mosca. Frame-Theory-Based Analysis and Design of Oversampled Filter Banks: Direct Computational Method
520 -- 529Jason D. McEwen, Michael P. Hobson, Daniel J. Mortlock, Anthony N. Lasenby. Fast Directional Continuous Spherical Wavelet Transform Algorithms
530 -- 541T. Engin Tuncer. Block-Based Methods for the Reconstruction of Finite-Length Signals From Nonuniform Samples
542 -- 549. A 4-D Dual-Fan Filter Bank for Depth Filtering in Light Fields
550 -- 559Yibin Zheng, Jiong Wang. Near Maximal 2-D Sinusoid Identification From Limited Data
560 -- 573Fabrizio Sellone, Alberto Serra. A Novel Online Mutual Coupling Compensation Algorithm for Uniform and Linear Arrays
574 -- 584César Caballero Gaudes, Ignacio Santamaría, Javier Vía, Enrique Masgrau M. Gomez, T. S. Paules. Robust Array Beamforming With Sidelobe Control Using Support Vector Machines
585 -- 593Yuriy V. Zakharov, Tim C. Tozer, David A. J. Pearce. Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using Frequency-Domain Spline Identification
594 -- 604Tiziano Bianchi, Fabrizio Argenti. SVD-Based Techniques for Zero-Padded Block Transmission Over Fading Channels
605 -- 617Yanwu Ding, Jian-Kang Zhang, Kon Max Wong. The Amplify-and-Forward Half-Duplex Cooperative System: Pairwise Error Probability and Precoder Design
618 -- 630Jian-Kang Zhang, Jing Liu, Kon Max Wong. Trace-Orthonormal Full-Diversity Cyclotomic Space-Time Codes
631 -- 644Frank A. Dietrich, Peter Breun, Wolfgang Utschick. Robust Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding for the Wireless Broadcast Channel
645 -- 655Md Habibul Islam, Mohammad Saquib, Naofal Al-Dhahir. Performance of a Hybrid Receiver in the Downlink Multicell CDMA System
656 -- 664Bin Liu, Biao Chen, Rick S. Blum. Minimum Error Probability Cooperative Relay Design
665 -- 676Saravanan Vijayakumaran, Yoav Levinbook, Tan F. Wong. Maximum Likelihood Localization of a Diffusive Point Source Using Binary Observations
677 -- 683Yongtao Wang, Khurram Muhammad, Kaushik Roy. Design of Sigma-Delta Modulators With Arbitrary Transfer Functions
684 -- 696K. C. Ho, Xiaoning Lu, L. Kovavisaruch. Source Localization Using TDOA and FDOA Measurements in the Presence of Receiver Location Errors: Analysis and Solution
697 -- 706Mohamad Adnan Al-Alaoui. Linear Phase Low-Pass IIR Digital Differentiators
707 -- 715Yongru Gu, Keshab K. Parhi. Pipelined Parallel Decision-Feedback Decoders for High-Speed Ethernet Over Copper
716 -- 717Guang-Hong Yang, Kai Yew Lum, Jiuxiang Dong. Comments on H::infinity:: Filtering for Fuzzy Singularly Perturbed Systems With Pole Placement Constraints: An LMI Approach
718 -- 724Fangjiong Chen, Carrson C. Fung, Chi-Wah Kok, Sam Kwong. Estimation of Two-Dimensional Frequencies Using Modified Matrix Pencil Method
725 -- 729Steven Kay. Asymptotically Optimal Approximation of Multidimensional pdf s by Lower Dimensional pdf s
729 -- 734Yi Zhou, Aydin I. Karsilayan, Erchin Serpedin. Sensitivity of Multiband ZP-OFDM Ultra-Wide-Band and Receivers to Synchronization Errors
734 -- 741James M. Greenberg, Zhisong Wang, Jian Li. New Approaches for Chirplet Approximation
742 -- 747Yiannis Andreopoulos, Mihaela van der Schaar. Generalized Phase Shifting for M-Band Discrete Wavelet Packet Transforms
747 -- 753Tuncer C. Aysal, Kenneth E. Barner. Myriad-Type Polynomial Filtering
753 -- 758Amir Beck, Yonina C. Eldar. Doubly Constrained Robust Capon Beamformer With Ellipsoidal Uncertainty Sets
758 -- 763Rohan Grover, Dimitrios A. Pados, Michael J. Medley. Subspace Direction Finding With an Auxiliary-Vector Basis
764 -- 772Yi-Sheng Chen, Ching-An Lin. Blind Identification of MIMO Channels in Zero Padding Block Transmission Systems
772 -- 778Hakam Mheidat, Murat Uysal, Naofal Al-Dhahir. Quasi-Orthogonal Time-Reversal Space-Time Block Coding for Frequency-Selective Fading Channels
779 -- 783Are Hjørungnes, David Gesbert. Precoded Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes Over Correlated Ricean MIMO Channels
784 -- 789Feifei Gao, Arumugam Nallanathan. Blind Channel Estimation for MIMO OFDM Systems via Nonredundant Linear Precoding

Volume 55, Issue 12

5541 -- 5551Zhiwei Gao, Steven X. Ding. State and Disturbance Estimator for Time-Delay Systems With Application to Fault Estimation and Signal Compensation
5552 -- 5563Weichao Xu, Chunqi Chang, Yeung Sam Hung, S. K. Kwan, Peter Chin Wan Fung. Order Statistics Correlation Coefficient as a Novel Association Measurement With Applications to Biosignal Analysis
5564 -- 5578W. Bobillet, Roberto Diversi, Eric Grivel, Roberto Guidorzi, Mohamed Najim, Umberto Soverini. Speech Enhancement Combining Optimal Smoothing and Errors-In-Variables Identification of Noisy AR Processes
5579 -- 5592O. Kuybeda, David Malah, Meir Barzohar. Rank Estimation and Redundancy Reduction of High-Dimensional Noisy Signals With Preservation of Rare Vectors
5593 -- 5603Enrique Alameda-Hernandez, David Blanco, Diego P. Ruiz, María C. Carrión. The Averaged, Overdetermined, and Generalized LMS Algorithm
5604 -- 5618Yuan-Hau Yang, Ju-Hong Lee. Design Of 2-D Recursive Digital Filters Using Nonsymmetric Half-Plane Allpass Filters
5619 -- 5629Tai-Chiu Hsung, Daniel Pak-Kong Lun, Yu-Hing Shum, K. C. Ho. Generalized Discrete Multiwavelet Transform With Embedded Orthogonal Symmetric Prefilter Bank
5630 -- 5642Chun-Hsien Wu, Shiunn-Jang Chern. Minimum BER Block-Based Precoder Design for Zero-Forcing Equalization: An Oblique Projection Framework
5643 -- 5657Jian Li, Yao Xie, Petre Stoica, Xiayu Zheng, James Ward. Beampattern Synthesis via a Matrix Approach for Signal Power Estimation
5658 -- 5667Lei Huang, Shunjun Wu, Xia Li. Reduced-Rank MDL Method for Source Enumeration in High-Resolution Array Processing
5668 -- 5680Li Huang, Jan W. M. Bergmans, Frans M. J. Willems. Low-Complexity LMMSE-Based MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation Via Angle-Domain Processing
5681 -- 5694Geert Van Meerbergen, Marc Moonen, Hugo De Man. Filterbank Decompositions for (Non)-Systematic Reed-Solomon Codes With Applications to Soft Decoding
5695 -- 5702Michael Elad. Optimized Projections for Compressed Sensing
5703 -- 5715Marko Beko, João Xavier, Victor A. N. Barroso. Noncoherent Communication in Multiple-Antenna Systems: Receiver Design and Codebook Construction
5716 -- 5730Ananya Sen Gupta, Andrew Singer. Successive Interference Cancellation Using Constellation Structure
5731 -- 5738D. Catarino das Neves Viegas, S. R. Cunha. Precise Positioning by Phase Processing of Sound Waves
5739 -- 5754Georg Tauböck. Complex Noise Analysis of DMT
5755 -- 5771Donatella Darsena, Francesco Verde. Minimum-Mean-Output-Energy Blind Adaptive Channel Shortening for Multicarrier SIMO Transceivers
5772 -- 5781Nghi H. Tran, Ha H. Nguyen, Tho Le-Ngoc. Multidimensional Subcarrier Mapping for Bit-Interleaved Coded OFDM With Iterative Decoding
5782 -- 5795Sibasish Das, Philip Schniter. Max-SINR ISI/ICI-Shaping Multicarrier Communication Over the Doubly Dispersive Channel
5796 -- 5805Duminda A. Dewasurendra, Peter H. Bauer, Kamal Premaratne. Evidence Filtering
5806 -- 5820Min Dong, Lang Tong, Brian M. Sadler. Information Retrieval and Processing in Sensor Networks: Deterministic Scheduling Versus Random Access
5821 -- 5832Huahui Wang, Tongtong Li. Hybrid ALOHA: A Novel MAC Protocol
5833 -- 5845Erdem Motuk, Roger Woods, Stefan Bilbao, John McAllister. Design Methodology for Real-Time FPGA-Based Sound Synthesis
5846 -- 5853Mina Sartipi, Farshid Delgosha, Faramarz Fekri. Two-Dimensional Half-Rate Codes Using Two-Dimensional Finite-Field Filter Banks
5853 -- 5858Kun Shi, G. Tong Zhou, Mats Viberg. Compensation for Nonlinearity in a Hammerstein System Using the Coherence Function With Application to Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation
5859 -- 5863Yu. T. Morton, Mikel Miller, James Tsui, David Lin, Qihou Zhou. GPS Civil Signal Self-Interference Mitigation During Weak Signal Acquisition
5864 -- 5868José A. Lopez-Salcedo, Gregori Vázquez. NDA Waveform Estimation in the Low-SNR Regime
5868 -- 5873Ahmadreza Hedayat, Aria Nosratinia. Outage and Diversity of Linear Receivers in Flat-Fading MIMO Channels
5873 -- 5879B. Balakumar, S. Shahbazpanahi, Thia Kirubarajan. Joint MIMO Channel Tracking and Symbol Decoding Using Kalman Filtering

Volume 55, Issue 11

5133 -- 5142J. J. Fuchs. A Robust Matched Detector
5143 -- 5154Yonina C. Eldar, Arye Nehorai, P. S. La Rosa. A Competitive Mean-Squared Error Approach to Beamforming
5155 -- 5166Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta, Lang Tong, Peter Willett. A Likelihood-Based Multiple Access for Estimation in Sensor Networks
5167 -- 5178Kazuyuki Nakamura, T. Tsuchiya. A Recursive Recomputation Approach for Smoothing in Nonlinear State-Space Modeling: An Attempt for Reducing Space Complexity
5179 -- 5194Jun Liu, Xiangqian Liu, Xiaoli Ma. Multidimensional Frequency Estimation With Finite Snapshots in the Presence of Identical Frequencies
5195 -- 5208D. Labarre, Eric Grivel, Mohamed Najim, Nicolai Christov. Dual H::infinity:: Algorithms for Signal Processing - Application to Speech Enhancement
5209 -- 5224Yuting Qi, John William Paisley, Lawrence Carin. Music Analysis Using Hidden Markov Mixture Models
5225 -- 5236Juan E. Cousseau, Stefan Werner, Pedro D. Donate. Factorized All-Pass Based IIR Adaptive Notch Filters
5237 -- 5245Marios Athineos, Daniel P. W. Ellis. Autoregressive Modeling of Temporal Envelopes
5246 -- 5252Deepaknath Tandur, Marc Moonen. Joint Adaptive Compensation of Transmitter and Receiver IQ Imbalance Under Carrier Frequency Offset in OFDM-Based Systems
5267 -- 5276Artyom M. Grigoryan. Novel Reversible Integer Fourier Transform With Control Bits
5277 -- 5285Ioana Serban, Mohamed Najim. Multidimensional Systems: BIBO Stability Test Based on Functional Schur Coefficients
5286 -- 5298Weifeng Liu, Puskal P. Pokharel, Jose C. Principe. Correntropy: Properties and Applications in Non-Gaussian Signal Processing
5299 -- 5308Fuxiang Wang, Zhongkan Liu, Jun Zhang. Nonorthogonal Joint Diagonalization Algorithm Based on Trigonometric Parameterization
5309 -- 5322Karl Werner, Magnus Jansson. DOA Estimation and Detection in Colored Noise Using Additional Noise-Only Data
5323 -- 5336Pascal Chevalier, A. Blin. Widely Linear MVDR Beamformers for the Reception of an Unknown Signal Corrupted by Noncircular Interferences
5337 -- 5350Pascal Chevalier, Anne Ferréol, Laurent Albera, G. Birot. Higher Order Direction Finding From Arrays With Diversely Polarized Antennas: The PD-2q-MUSIC Algorithms
5351 -- 5360Kwang June Sohn, Hongbin Li, Braham Himed. Parametric GLRT for Multichannel Adaptive Signal Detection
5370 -- 5381M. R. Raghavendra, Eldar Lior, Srikrishna Bhashyam, Krishnamurthy Giridhar. Parametric Channel Estimation for Pseudo-Random Tile-Allocation in Uplink OFDMA
5382 -- 5394A. Swaminathan, A. Panigada, E. Masry, I. Galton. A Digital Requantizer With Shaped Requantization Noise That Remains Well Behaved After Nonlinear Distortion
5395 -- 5406Xiayu Zheng, Yao Xie, Jian Li, Petre Stoica. MIMO Transmit Beamforming Under Uniform Elemental Power Constraint
5407 -- 5424Qiyue Zou, Alireza Tarighat, Ali H. Sayed. Compensation of Phase Noise in OFDM Wireless Systems
5425 -- 5435V. M. K. Chan, Wei Yu. Multiuser Spectrum Optimization for Discrete Multitone Systems With Asynchronous Crosstalk
5436 -- 5446Shuying Shi, Martin Schubert, Holger Boche. Downlink MMSE Transceiver Optimization for Multiuser MIMO Systems: Duality and Sum-MSE Minimization
5447 -- 5463Luis Garcia Ordóñez, Daniel Pérez Palomar, A. Pages-Zamora, Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa. High-SNR Analytical Performance of Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Systems With CSI
5464 -- 5476Mikael Coldrey, Patrik Bohlin. Training-Based MIMO Systems - Part I: Performance Comparison
5477 -- 5484Kyungchun Lee, Joohwan Chun. ML Symbol Detection Based on the Shortest Path Algorithm for MIMO Systems
5485 -- 5496Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta, Peter Willett. Asymptotic Design of Quantizers for Decentralized MMSE Estimation
5497 -- 5505Paolo Addesso, Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta. Sequential Sampling in Sensor Networks for Detection With Censoring Nodes
5506 -- 5516Fan-Min Li, An-Yeu Wu. On the New Stopping Criteria of Iterative Turbo Decoding by Using Decoding Threshold
5517 -- 5521Patrick Rubin-Delanchy, Andrew T. Walden. Simulation of Improper Complex-Valued Sequences
5521 -- 5527Zhi Liu, Arye Nehorai. Statistical Angular Resolution Limit for Point Sources
5527 -- 5534Amir Leshem, Youming Li. A Low Complexity Linear Precoding Technique for Next Generation VDSL Downstream Transmission Over Copper

Volume 55, Issue 10

4737 -- 4751A. S. Cacciapuoti, Giacinto Gelli, Francesco Verde. FIR Zero-Forcing Multiuser Detection and Code Designs for Downlink MC-CDMA
4752 -- 4757Philippe Neveux, Eric Blanco, Gérard Thomas. Robust Filtering for Linear Time-Invariant Continuous Systems
4758 -- 4766Rainfield Y. Yen. Stochastic Unbiased Minimum Mean Error Rate Algorithm for Decision Feedback Equalizers
4767 -- 4774Maree Farquharson, Peter O Shea. Extending the Performance of the Cubic Phase Function Algorithm
4775 -- 4790Cássio B. Ribeiro, Andreas Richter, Visa Koivunen. Joint Angular- and Delay-Domain MIMO Propagation Parameter Estimation Using Approximate ML Method
4791 -- 4799Josh G. Erling, Michael J. Roan, Mark R. Gramann. Performance Bounds for Multisource Parameter Estimation Using a Multiarray Network
4800 -- 4810F. Belloni, Andreas Richter, Visa Koivunen. DoA Estimation Via Manifold Separation for Arbitrary Array Structures
4811 -- 4820Herwig Wendt, Patrice Abry. Multifractality Tests Using Bootstrapped Wavelet Leaders
4821 -- 4830L. Weruaga. All-Pole Estimation in Spectral Domain
4831 -- 4838Cédric Cornu, Srdjan Stankovic, Cornel Ioana, André Quinquis, Ljubisa A. Stankovic. Generalized Representation of Phase Derivatives for Regular Signals
4839 -- 4850Soo-Chang Pei, Jian-Jiun Ding. Relations Between Gabor Transforms and Fractional Fourier Transforms and Their Applications for Signal Processing
4851 -- 4861Kaushik Mahata, Minyue Fu. A Robust Interpolation Algorithm for Spectral Analysis
4862 -- 4870Michael Dewar, Visakan Kadirkamanathan. A Canonical Space-Time State Space Model: State and Parameter Estimation
4871 -- 4881T. Trigano, A. Souloumiac, T. Montagu, F. Roueff, E. Moulines. Statistical Pileup Correction Method for HPGe Detectors
4882 -- 4895Alberto Carini, Giovanni L. Sicuranza. Optimal Regularization Parameter of the Multichannel Filtered-x Affine Projection Algorithm
4896 -- 4906H. Hachabiboglu, B. Gunel, Ahmet M. Kondoz. Analysis of Root Displacement Interpolation Method for Tunable Allpass Fractional-Delay Filters
4907 -- 4915Yingtuo Ju, Guoan Bi. Generalized Fast Algorithms for the Polynomial Time-Frequency Transform
4916 -- 4927Eleftherios Karipidis, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Zhi-Quan Luo. Far-Field Multicast Beamforming for Uniform Linear Antenna Arrays
4928 -- 4937Carine Simon, Sergi Ventosa, Martin Schimmel, Alexander Heldring, J. J. Danobeitia, Josep Gallart, A. Manuel. The S-Transform and Its Inverses: Side Effects of Discretizing and Filtering
4938 -- 4957Vikram Krishnamurthy, Dejan V. Djonin. Structured Threshold Policies for Dynamic Sensor Scheduling - A Partially Observed Markov Decision Process Approach
4958 -- 4968Anna N. Kim, Tor A. Ramstad. Improving the Rate-Distortion Performance of DPCM Using Multirate Processing With Application in Low-Rate Image Coding
4969 -- 4978H. Murakami. Deterministic Blind Channel Estimation for a Block Transmission System Using Fractional Sampling and Interpolation
4979 -- 4993Borching Su, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Subspace-Based Blind Channel Identification for Cyclic Prefix Systems Using Few Received Blocks
4994 -- 5002Javier Villares, Gregori Vázquez. The Gaussian Assumption in Second-Order Estimation Problems in Digital Communications
5003 -- 5017Birsen Sirkeci Mergen, Anna Scaglione. Randomized Space-Time Coding for Distributed Cooperative Communication
5018 -- 5031Shuo-Wei Michael Chen, Robert W. Brodersen. A Subsampling Radio Architecture for Ultrawideband Communications
5032 -- 5043Animashree Anandkumar, Lang Tong. Type-Based Random Access for Distributed Detection Over Multiaccess Fading Channels
5044 -- 5057Bharath Ananthasubramaniam, Upamanyu Madhow. On Localization Performance in Imaging Sensor Nets
5058 -- 5068Slawomir Stanczak, Marcin Wiczanowski, Marcin Boche. Distributed Utility-Based Power Control: Objectives and Algorithms
5069 -- 5083Dejan V. Djonin, Vikram Krishnamurthy. MIMO Transmission Control in Fading Channels - A Constrained Markov Decision Process Formulation With Monotone Randomized Policies
5084 -- 5096Jun Won Choi, Byonghyo Shim, Andrew C. Singer, Nam Ik Cho. Low-Power Filtering Via Minimum Power Soft Error Cancellation
5097 -- 5103Alex S. Leong, Subhrakanti Dey, Jamie S. Evans. Error Exponents for Neyman-Pearson Detection of Markov Chains in Noise
5103 -- 5107Hing-Cheung So, Frankie K. W. Chan. A Generalized Subspace Approach for Mobile Positioning With Time-of-Arrival Measurements
5108 -- 5112Gang Li, Jian Chu, Jun Wu. A Matrix Factorization-Based Structure for Digital Filters
5113 -- 5117Nagesh K. Subbanna, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi. Existence Conditions for Discrete Noncanonical Multiwindow Gabor Schemes
5117 -- 5120C. Robert Pinnegar. Comments on The Inverse S-Transform in Filters With Time-Frequency Localization
5120 -- 5121Martin Schimmel, Josep Gallart. Authors Reply to Comments on The Inverse S-Transform in Filters With Time-Frequency Localization
5121 -- 5127Georgios Latsoudas, N. D. Sidiropoulos. A Fast and Effective Multidimensional Scaling Approach for Node Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Volume 55, Issue 1

1 -- 9Marco H. Terra, João Yoshiyuki Ishihara, Antonio C. Padoan Jr.. Information Filtering and Array Algorithms for Descriptor Systems Subject to Parameter Uncertainties
10 -- 19Jean-Jacques Fuchs, Sébastien Maria. A New Approach to Variable Selection Using the TLS Approach
20 -- 31Yuri I. Abramovich, Nicholas K. Spencer, A. Y. Gorokhov. GLRT-Based Threshold Detection-Estimation Performance Improvement and Application to Uniform Circular Antenna Arrays
32 -- 45Mounir Adjrad, Adel Belouchrani. Estimation of Multicomponent Polynomial-Phase Signals Impinging on a Multisensor Array Using State-Space Modeling
46 -- 55Cássio B. Ribeiro, Esa Ollila, Visa Koivunen. Stochastic Maximum-Likelihood Method for MIMO Propagation Parameter Estimation
56 -- 65Duc-Son Pham, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Analysis of Multicomponent Polynomial Phase Signals
66 -- 72Petre Stoica, Niclas Sandgren. Total-Variance Reduction Via Thresholding: Application to Cepstral Analysis
73 -- 84Patrik Wahlberg, Maria Hansson. Kernels and Multiple Windows for Estimation of the Wigner-Ville Spectrum of Gaussian Locally Stationary Processes
85 -- 93Mohsen Mojiri, Masoud Karimi-Ghartemani, Alireza Bakhshai. Time-Domain Signal Analysis Using Adaptive Notch Filter
94 -- 101Sven Nordebo, Mats Gustafsson, Kristin Persson. Sensitivity Analysis for Antenna Near-Field Imaging
102 -- 110Richard K. Martin. Fast-Converging Blind Adaptive Channel-Shortening and Frequency-Domain Equalization
111 -- 119Steven G. Johnson, Matteo Frigo. A Modified Split-Radix FFT With Fewer Arithmetic Operations
120 -- 133Dayong Zhou, Victor E. DeBrunner. Novel Adaptive Nonlinear Predistorters Based on the Direct Learning Algorithm
134 -- 141Guoan Bi, Yongmei Wei. Split-Radix Algorithms for Arbitrary Order of Polynomial Time Frequency Transforms
142 -- 155Jae-Won Cho, Rémy Prost, Ho-Youl Jung. An Oblivious Watermarking for 3-D Polygonal Meshes Using Distribution of Vertex Norms
156 -- 164H. S. Mir, J. D. Sahr. Passive Direction Finding Using Airborne Vector Sensors in the Presence of Manifold Perturbations
165 -- 177S. C. Chan, H. H. Chen. Uniform Concentric Circular Arrays With Frequency-Invariant Characteristics-Theory, Design, Adaptive Beamforming and DOA Estimation
178 -- 186Nathan A. Goodman, James M. Stiles. On Clutter Rank Observed by Arbitrary Arrays
187 -- 201José M. F. Moura, Yuanwei Jin. Detection by Time Reversal: Single Antenna
202 -- 217Nejib Ammar, Zhi Ding. Blind Channel Identifiability for Generic Linear Space-Time Block Codes
218 -- 232Marc Castella, Saloua Rhioui, Eric Moreau, Jean-Christophe Pesquet. Quadratic Higher Order Criteria for Iterative Blind Separation of a MIMO Convolutive Mixture of Sources
233 -- 245Chandra R. Murthy, Bhaskar D. Rao. Quantization Methods for Equal Gain Transmission With Finite Rate Feedback
246 -- 255Fabio Pisoni, Marco Bonaventura, John M. Cioffi. Echo Cancellation in DMT Modems With Frame-Asynchronous Operation
256 -- 266Imad Barhumi, Marc Moonen. IQ-Imbalance Compensation for OFDM in the Presence of IBI and Carrier-Frequency Offset
267 -- 278Xiliang Luo, Georgios B. Giannakis. Raise Your Voice at a Proper Pace to Synchronize in Multiple Ad Hoc Piconets
279 -- 289José A. Lopez-Salcedo, Gregori Vázquez. Waveform-Independent Frame-Timing Acquisition for UWB Signals
290 -- 298Yuan-Pei Lin, Li-Han Liang, Pei-Ju Chung, See-May Phoong. An Eigen-Based TEQ Design for VDSL Systems
299 -- 312V. K. Nguyen. A Differential Space-Time Modulation Scheme for Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channels: Performance Analysis and Design
313 -- 326Nevio Benvenuto, Federico Boccardi, Giambattista Carnevale. Frequency Domain Realization of Space-Time Receivers in Dispersive Wireless Channels
327 -- 340Saeed A. Aldosari, José M. F. Moura. Detection in Sensor Networks: The Saddlepoint Approximation
341 -- 355Ahmed K. Sadek, Weifeng Su, K. J. Ray Liu. Multinode Cooperative Communications in Wireless Networks
356 -- 371Eric Moreau, Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Nadège Thirion-Moreau. Convolutive Blind Signal Separation Based on Asymmetrical Contrast Functions
372 -- 378Aleksandar Dogandzic, Benhong Zhang. Bayesian NDE Defect Signal Analysis
378 -- 383Tarek Medkour, Andrew T. Walden. Attenuation Estimation From Correlated Sequences
384 -- 389Anders Blomqvist, Bo Wahlberg. On The Relation Between Weighted Frequency-Domain Maximum-Likelihood Power Spectral Estimation and the Prefiltered Covariance Extension Approach
389 -- 395Man-Wai Kwan, Chi-Wah Kok. MMSE Equalizer for MIMO-ISI Channel With Shorten Guard Period