Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 64, Issue 9

2193 -- 2208Seyed Hamed Mousavi, Javad Haghighat, Walaa Hamouda, Reza Dastbasteh. Analysis of a Subset Selection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks in Time-Varying Fading Channels
2209 -- 2219Mehmet Dedeoglu, Yasar Kemal Alp, Orhan Arikan. FIR Filter Design by Convex Optimization Using Directed Iterative Rank Refinement Algorithm
2220 -- 2231Kevin S. Lorenz, Joel Goodman, George Stantchev, Nixon A. Pendergrass. Generalized Transmitter Compensation of Frequency Dependent I/Q Imbalance
2232 -- 2244Xiaolong Li, Guolong Cui, Lingjiang Kong, Wei Yi. Fast Non-Searching Method for Maneuvering Target Detection and Motion Parameters Estimation
2245 -- 2254Thomas Wiese, Maximilian Riemensberger, Wolfgang Utschick. Scheduling for Network-Coded Multicast With Interference
2255 -- 2268Weile Zhang, Feifei Gao. Blind Frequency Synchronization for Multiuser OFDM Uplink With Large Number of Receive Antennas
2269 -- 2283Mariano Tepper, Guillermo Sapiro. Compressed Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Is Fast and Accurate
2284 -- 2297Shunyi Zhao, Yuriy S. Shmaliy, Fei Liu 0001. Fast Kalman-Like Optimal Unbiased FIR Filtering With Applications
2298 -- 2313Ivan W. Selesnick, Ilker Bayram. Enhanced Sparsity by Non-Separable Regularization
2314 -- 2323Wei Chen, Ian J. Wassell. Cost-Aware Activity Scheduling for Compressive Sleeping Wireless Sensor Networks
2324 -- 2333Vincent Savaux, Faouzi Bader, Jacques Palicot. OFDM/OQAM Blind Equalization Using CNA Approach
2334 -- 2344Cristian Rusu, Nuria González Prelcic. Designing Incoherent Frames Through Convex Techniques for Optimized Compressed Sensing
2345 -- 2354Pooria Pakrooh, Louis L. Scharf, Ali Pezeshki. Threshold Effects in Parameter Estimation From Compressed Data
2355 -- 2364Jordan Frecon, Nelly Pustelnik, Patrice Abry, Laurent Condat. On-The-Fly Approximation of Multivariate Total Variation Minimization
2365 -- 2374Deli Qiao, Haifeng Qian, Geoffrey Ye Li. Broadbeam for Massive MIMO Systems
2375 -- 2386Wassim Suleiman, Marius Pesavento, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Performance Analysis of the Decentralized Eigendecomposition and ESPRIT Algorithm
2387 -- 2399Stefano Fortunati, Fulvio Gini, Maria S. Greco. The Misspecified Cramér-Rao Bound and Its Application to Scatter Matrix Estimation in Complex Elliptically Symmetric Distributions
2400 -- 2415Minh Dao, Nam H. Nguyen, Nasser M. Nasrabadi, Trac D. Tran. Collaborative Multi-Sensor Classification Via Sparsity-Based Representation
2416 -- 2428Xiaoping Lai, Zhiping Lin. Iterative Reweighted Minimax Phase Error Designs of IIR Digital Filters With Nearly Linear Phases
2429 -- 2442Pooria Pakrooh, Louis L. Scharf, Ali Pezeshki. Modal Analysis Using Co-Prime Arrays
2443 -- 2458Ningning Jiang, Junbo Hua, Zaijiu Shang, Kehu Yang. A New Method for Channel Availability Analysis and the Associated Policy Design for Selection of Channel Sensing Order in CRNs

Volume 64, Issue 8

1909 -- 1918Otto Debals, Marc Van Barel, Lieven De Lathauwer. Löwner-Based Blind Signal Separation of Rational Functions With Applications
1919 -- 1932Miaowen Wen, Xiang Cheng, Meng Ma, Bingli Jiao, H. Vincent Poor. On the Achievable Rate of OFDM With Index Modulation
1933 -- 1945Jiaji Huang, Qiang Qiu, A. Robert Calderbank. The Role of Principal Angles in Subspace Classification
1946 -- 1961Chia-Hsiang Lin, Chong-Yung Chi, Yu-Hsiang Wang, Tsung-Han Chan. A Fast Hyperplane-Based Minimum-Volume Enclosing Simplex Algorithm for Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing
1962 -- 1971Yunlong Wang, Petar M. Djuric. Distributed Bayesian Estimation of Linear Models With Unknown Observation Covariances
1972 -- 1985Ondrej Sluciak, Markus Rupp. Consensus Algorithms With State-Dependent Weights
1986 -- 1998Ying Sun, Arnaud Breloy, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar, Frédéric Pascal 0001, Guillaume Ginolhac. Low-Complexity Algorithms for Low Rank Clutter Parameters Estimation in Radar Systems
1999 -- 2012Pramod Mathecken, Taneli Riihonen, Stefan Werner, Risto Wichman. Phase Noise Estimation in OFDM: Utilizing Its Associated Spectral Geometry
2013 -- 2025Brian Baingana, Georgios B. Giannakis. Joint Community and Anomaly Tracking in Dynamic Networks
2026 -- 2039Alireza Sheikhattar, Jonathan B. Fritz, Shihab A. Shamma, Behtash Babadi. Recursive Sparse Point Process Regression With Application to Spectrotemporal Receptive Field Plasticity Analysis
2040 -- 2050Janne J. Lehtomäki, A. Ozan Bicen, Ian F. Akyildiz. Statistical Analysis of Interference for Nanoscale Electromechanical Wireless Communication at VHF-Band
2051 -- 2064Junxiao Song, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. Sequence Design to Minimize the Weighted Integrated and Peak Sidelobe Levels
2065 -- 2077Daniel Bonilla Licea, Syed Ali Raza Zaidi, Desmond C. McLernon, Mounir Ghogho. Improving Radio Energy Harvesting in Robots Using Mobility Diversity
2078 -- 2089Qian He, Jianbin Hu, Rick S. Blum, Yonggang Wu. Generalized Cramér-Rao Bound for Joint Estimation of Target Position and Velocity for Active and Passive Radar Networks
2090 -- 2102Seyed Morteza Razavi. Unitary Beamformer Designs for MIMO Interference Broadcast Channels
2103 -- 2118Daichi Kitahara, Isao Yamada. Algebraic Phase Unwrapping Based on Two-Dimensional Spline Smoothing Over Triangles
2119 -- 2134David I. Shuman, Mohammad Javad Faraji, Pierre Vandergheynst. A Multiscale Pyramid Transform for Graph Signals
2135 -- 2145Jun Liu, Weijian Liu, Hongwei Liu, Bo Chen, Xiang-Gen Xia, Fengzhou Dai. Average SINR Calculation of a Persymmetric Sample Matrix Inversion Beamformer
2146 -- 2155Vincent K. N. Lau, Songfu Cai, An Liu. Closed-Loop Compressive CSIT Estimation in FDD Massive MIMO Systems With 1 Bit Feedback
2156 -- 2167Antonio De Maio, Danilo Orlando. Adaptive Radar Detection of a Subspace Signal Embedded in Subspace Structured Plus Gaussian Interference Via Invariance
2168 -- 2181Aboulnasr Hassanien, Moeness G. Amin, Yimin D. Zhang, Fauzia Ahmad. Dual-Function Radar-Communications: Information Embedding Using Sidelobe Control and Waveform Diversity

Volume 64, Issue 7

1638 -- 1653Michael Beard, Stephan Reuter, Karl Granström, Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo, Alexander Scheel. Multiple Extended Target Tracking With Labeled Random Finite Sets
1654 -- 1667Raikel Bordon, Samuel Montejo Sanchez, Samuel Baraldi Mafra, Richard Demo Souza, João Luiz Rebelatto, Evelio Martin Fernandez. Energy Efficient Power Allocation Schemes for a Two-User Network-Coded Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network
1668 -- 1683Alessio Zappone, Luca Sanguinetti, Giacomo Bacci, Eduard A. Jorswieck, Mérouane Debbah. Energy-Efficient Power Control: A Look at 5G Wireless Technologies
1684 -- 1699Thi Le Thu Nguyen, François Septier, Harizo Rajaona, Gareth W. Peters, Ido Nevat, Yves Delignon. A Bayesian Perspective on Multiple Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
1700 -- 1713Shengyu Zhu, Biao Chen. Quantized Consensus by the ADMM: Probabilistic Versus Deterministic Quantizers
1714 -- 1728Xue Jiang, Wen-Jun Zeng, Hing-Cheung So, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Thiagalingam Kirubarajan. Beamforming via Nonconvex Linear Regression
1729 -- 1743Harri Pennanen, Antti Tölli, Jarkko Kaleva, Petri Komulainen, Matti Latva-aho. Decentralized Linear Transceiver Design and Signaling Strategies for Sum Power Minimization in Multi-Cell MIMO Systems
1744 -- 1758Sandeep Kumar, Raju Kumar, Ketan Rajawat. Cooperative Localization of Mobile Networks Via Velocity-Assisted Multidimensional Scaling
1759 -- 1773Elsa Siggiridou, Dimitris Kugiumtzis. Granger Causality in Multivariate Time Series Using a Time-Ordered Restricted Vector Autoregressive Model
1774 -- 1783Renato L. G. Cavalcante, Yuxiang Shen, Slawomir Stanczak. Elementary Properties of Positive Concave Mappings With Applications to Network Planning and Optimization
1784 -- 1797Karl Granström, Peter Willett, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. Approximate Multi-Hypothesis Multi-Bernoulli Multi-Object Filtering Made Multi-Easy
1798 -- 1807Johan Sward, Johan Brynolfsson, Andreas Jakobsson, Maria Hansson-Sandsten. Sparse Semi-Parametric Estimation of Harmonic Chirp Signals
1808 -- 1821Andrew J. Liounis, John A. Christian. Techniques for Generating Analytic Covariance Expressions for Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
1822 -- 1831Guy Wolf, Stéphane Mallat, Shihab Shamma. Rigid Motion Model for Audio Source Separation
1832 -- 1843Antonio G. Marques, Santiago Segarra, Geert Leus, Alejandro Ribeiro. Sampling of Graph Signals With Successive Local Aggregations
1844 -- 1853Qiang Qiu, Andrew Thompson, A. Robert Calderbank, Guillermo Sapiro. Data Representation Using the Weyl Transform
1854 -- 1866Hao He, Pramod K. Varshney. A Coalitional Game for Distributed Inference in Sensor Networks With Dependent Observations
1867 -- 1880Hsiao-feng Lu, Petros Elia, Arun Kumar Singh. Performance-Complexity Analysis for MAC ML-Based Decoding With User Selection
1881 -- 1895N. Tengtrairat, Wai Lok Woo, Satnam Singh Dlay, Bin Gao. Online Noisy Single-Channel Source Separation Using Adaptive Spectrum Amplitude Estimator and Masking
1896 -- 1904Qingqing Huang, Rong Ge, Sham Kakade, Munther A. Dahleh. Minimal Realization Problems for Hidden Markov Models

Volume 64, Issue 6

1369 -- 1382Pedram Abbasi-Saei, Shahram Shahbazpanahi. Sum-Rate Maximization for Two-Way Active Channels
1383 -- 1390C. Willem Korevaar, Mark S. Oude Alink, Pieter-Tjerk de Boer, André B. J. Kokkeler, Gerard J. M. Smit. Closed-Form Expressions for Time-Frequency Operations Involving Hermite Functions
1391 -- 1404Malin Lundgren, Lennart Svensson, Lars Hammarstrand. Variational Bayesian Expectation Maximization for Radar Map Estimation
1405 -- 1419Sébastien Bourguignon, Jordan Ninin, Hervé Carfantan, Marcel Mongeau. Exact Sparse Approximation Problems via Mixed-Integer Programming: Formulations and Computational Performance
1420 -- 1434Chiara Ravazzi, Sophie M. Fosson, Enrico Magli. Randomized Algorithms for Distributed Nonlinear Optimization Under Sparsity Constraints
1435 -- 1445Huseyin Ozkan, Fatih Ozkan, Suleyman Serdar Kozat. Online Anomaly Detection Under Markov Statistics With Controllable Type-I Error
1446 -- 1460Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri, Geert Leus. Sparse Sensing for Distributed Detection
1461 -- 1476Li You, Xiqi Gao, A. Lee Swindlehurst, Wen Zhong. Channel Acquisition for Massive MIMO-OFDM With Adjustable Phase Shift Pilots
1477 -- 1492Xiyuan Wang, Zhongshan Zhang, Keping Long. Secure Beamforming for Multiple-Antenna Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks
1493 -- 1506Bashir Sadeghi, Runyi Yu. Shift-Variance and Nonstationarity of Linear Periodically Shift-Variant Systems and Applications to Generalized Sampling-Reconstruction Processes
1507 -- 1518Arman Farhang, Nicola Marchetti, Linda E. Doyle. Low-Complexity Modem Design for GFDM
1519 -- 1534Chengwen Xing, Ying Ma, Yiqing Zhou, Feifei Gao. Transceiver Optimization for Multi-Hop Communications With Per-Antenna Power Constraints
1535 -- 1549Raphaël Soulard, Philippe Carré. Elliptical Monogenic Wavelets for the Analysis and Processing of Color Images
1550 -- 1561Ilya Soloveychik, Ami Wiesel. Joint Covariance Estimation With Mutual Linear Structure
1562 -- 1573Tong Zhao, Tianyao Huang. Cramer-Rao Lower Bounds for the Joint Delay-Doppler Estimation of an Extended Target
1574 -- 1585Junli Liang, Chi-Sing Leung, Hing-Cheung So. Lagrange Programming Neural Network Approach for Target Localization in Distributed MIMO Radar
1586 -- 1596Aziz Kubilay Ovacikli, Patrik Pääjärvi, James P. LeBlanc, Johan E. Carlson. Recovering Periodic Impulsive Signals Through Skewness Maximization
1597 -- 1608Ilker Bayram. On the Convergence of the Iterative Shrinkage/Thresholding Algorithm With a Weakly Convex Penalty
1609 -- 1620Yang Cao, Yao Xie. Poisson Matrix Recovery and Completion
1621 -- 1633Adarsh Patel, Sinchan Biswas, Aditya K. Jagannatham. Optimal GLRT-Based Robust Spectrum Sensing for MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks With CSI Uncertainty

Volume 64, Issue 5

1101 -- 1116Hang Yu, Justin Dauwels. Modeling Spatio-Temporal Extreme Events Using Graphical Models
1117 -- 1131Mayur Agrawal, David James Love, Venkataramanan Balakrishnan. Communicating Over Filter-and-Forward Relay Networks With Channel Output Feedback
1132 -- 1146Zhongyang Li, Nadine Martin. A Time-Frequency Based Method for the Detection and Tracking of Multiple Non-Linearly Modulated Components With Births and Deaths
1147 -- 1160Augustin-Alexandru Saucan, Thierry Chonavel, Christophe Sintes, Jean-Marc Le Caillec. CPHD-DOA Tracking of Multiple Extended Sonar Targets in Impulsive Environments
1161 -- 1172Julien Renard, Lutz H.-J. Lampe, François Horlin. Scaled Largest Eigenvalue Detection for Stationary Time-Series
1173 -- 1186Xiangdong Huang, Senxue Jing, Zhaohua Wang, Yan Xu, Youquan Zheng. Closed-Form FIR Filter Design Based on Convolution Window Spectrum Interpolation
1187 -- 1199Murat Uney, Bernard Mulgrew, Daniel E. Clark. A Cooperative Approach to Sensor Localisation in Distributed Fusion Networks
1200 -- 1215Xavier Mestre, David Gregoratti. Parallelized Structures for MIMO FBMC Under Strong Channel Frequency Selectivity
1216 -- 1227G. Robert Redinbo. Correcting Wavelet Codes Using Interleaving and Trapping
1228 -- 1242Junyeong Seo, Youngchul Sung, Gilwon Lee, Donggun Kim. Training Beam Sequence Design for Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems: A POMDP Framework
1243 -- 1256Bradford D. Boyle, Jie Ren, John MacLaren Walsh, Steven Weber. Interactive Scalar Quantization for Distributed Resource Allocation
1257 -- 1269Yuanxin Li, Yuejie Chi. Off-the-Grid Line Spectrum Denoising and Estimation With Multiple Measurement Vectors
1270 -- 1279Meng Zhou, Jun Jason Zhang, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola. Multiple Target Tracking in Urban Environments
1280 -- 1288Arash Sangari, William A. Sethares. Convergence Analysis of Two Loss Functions in Soft-Max Regression
1289 -- 1304Heecheol Yang, Wonjae Shin, Jungwoo Lee. Hierarchical Blind Interference Alignment Over Interference Networks With Finite Coherence Time
1305 -- 1319Thi Le Thu Nguyen, François Septier, Gareth W. Peters, Yves Delignon. Efficient Sequential Monte-Carlo Samplers for Bayesian Inference
1320 -- 1335Ata ur-Rehman, Syed Mohsen Naqvi, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Jonathon A. Chambers. Multi-Target Tracking and Occlusion Handling With Learned Variational Bayesian Clusters and a Social Force Model
1336 -- 1351Pan Cao, Alessio Zappone, Eduard A. Jorswieck. Grouping-Based Interference Alignment With IA-Cell Assignment in Multi-Cell MIMO MAC Under Limited Feedback
1352 -- 1364Shahrokh Hamidi, Shahram Shahbazpanahi. Sparse Signal Recovery Based Imaging in the Presence of Mode Conversion With Application to Non-Destructive Testing

Volume 64, Issue 4

816 -- 828Michele Scarpiniti, Danilo Comminiello, Gaetano Scarano, Raffaele Parisi, Aurelio Uncini. Steady-State Performance of Spline Adaptive Filters
829 -- 841François Leduc-Primeau, Vincent Gripon, Michael G. Rabbat, Warren J. Gross. Fault-Tolerant Associative Memories Based on c-Partite Graphs
842 -- 854Qingjiang Shi, Cheng Peng, WeiQiang Xu, Mingyi Hong, Yunlong Cai. Energy Efficiency Optimization for MISO SWIPT Systems With Zero-Forcing Beamforming
855 -- 866Soo-Chang Pei, Shih-Gu Huang. Fast Discrete Linear Canonical Transform Based on CM-CC-CM Decomposition and FFT
867 -- 881Wei-Hao Chen, Wei-Ren Lin, Ho-Chun Tsao, Che Lin. Probabilistic Power Allocation for Cognitive Radio Networks With Outage Constraints and One-Bit Side Information
882 -- 896Kent Tsz Kan Cheung, Shaoshi Yang, Lajos Hanzo. Distributed Energy Spectral Efficiency Optimization for Partial/Full Interference Alignment in Multi-user Multi-relay Multi-cell MIMO Systems
897 -- 909Ali Ghobadzadeh, Saeed Gazor, Masoud Naderpour, AliAkbar Tadaion. Asymptotically Optimal CFAR Detectors
910 -- 922Chong Han, A. Ozan Bicen, Ian F. Akyildiz. Multi-Wideband Waveform Design for Distance-Adaptive Wireless Communications in the Terahertz Band
923 -- 933Javier G. García, Pedro A. Roncagliolo, Carlos H. Muravchik. A Bayesian Technique for Real and Integer Parameters Estimation in Linear Models and Its Application to GNSS High Precision Positioning
934 -- 947Jitendra K. Tugnait. Comparing Multivariate Complex Random Signals: Algorithm, Performance Analysis and Application
948 -- 958Gennady Yu. Kulikov, Maria V. Kulikova. The Accurate Continuous-Discrete Extended Kalman Filter for Radar Tracking
959 -- 972Yannick Meier, Jie Xu, Onur Atan, Mihaela van der Schaar. Predicting Grades
973 -- 984Ming Zhang, Anxue Zhang, Jianxing Li. Fast and Accurate Rank Selection Methods for Multistage Wiener Filter
985 -- 994Jae Jin Jeong, Seung-Hun Kim, Gyogwon Koo, Sang-Woo Kim. Mean-Square Deviation Analysis of Multiband-Structured Subband Adaptive Filter Algorithm
995 -- 1006Zai Yang, Lihua Xie. Enhancing Sparsity and Resolution via Reweighted Atomic Norm Minimization
1007 -- 1017Shahab Basiri, Esa Ollila, Visa Koivunen. Robust, Scalable, and Fast Bootstrap Method for Analyzing Large Scale Data
1018 -- 1033Lin Wang, Tsz-Kin Hon, Joshua D. Reiss, Andrea Cavallaro. Self-Localization of Ad-Hoc Arrays Using Time Difference of Arrivals
1034 -- 1047Giovanni Geraci, Matthias Wildemeersch, Tony Q. S. Quek. Energy Efficiency of Distributed Signal Processing in Wireless Networks: A Cross-Layer Analysis
1048 -- 1060Abla Kammoun, Romain Couillet, Ferderic Pascal, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. Convergence and Fluctuations of Regularized Tyler Estimators
1061 -- 1075Alireza Mehrnia, Alan N. Willson Jr.. FIR Filter Design via Extended Optimal Factoring
1076 -- 1089Jian Wang, Suhyuk Kwon, Ping Li, Byonghyo Shim. Recovery of Sparse Signals via Generalized Orthogonal Matching Pursuit: A New Analysis

Volume 64, Issue 3

543 -- 555Santiago Segarra, Alejandro Ribeiro. Stability and Continuity of Centrality Measures in Weighted Graphs
556 -- 566Gang Li, Thakshila Wimalajeewa, Pramod K. Varshney. Decentralized and Collaborative Subspace Pursuit: A Communication-Efficient Algorithm for Joint Sparsity Pattern Recovery With Sensor Networks
567 -- 579Afsaneh Asaei, Mohammad Javad Taghizadeh, Saeid Haghighatshoar, Bhiksha Raj, Hervé Bourlard, Volkan Cevher. Binary Sparse Coding of Convolutive Mixtures for Sound Localization and Separation via Spatialization
580 -- 591Visar Berisha, Alan Wisler, Alfred O. Hero III, Andreas Spanias. Empirically Estimable Classification Bounds Based on a Nonparametric Divergence Measure
592 -- 602Yashar Naderahmadian, Soosan Beheshti, Mohammad Ali Tinati. Correlation Based Online Dictionary Learning Algorithm
603 -- 614Ziv Alina, Ofer Amrani. On Digital Post-Distortion Techniques
615 -- 629Weiyu Huang, Alejandro Ribeiro. Metrics in the Space of High Order Networks
630 -- 640Xin Zhang, Hongbin Li, Jun Liu, Braham Himed. Joint Delay and Doppler Estimation for Passive Sensing With Direct-Path Interference
641 -- 651Steven Kay, Quan Ding, Bo Tang, Haibo He. Probability Density Function Estimation Using the EEF With Application to Subset/Feature Selection
652 -- 664Sandra Lagen, Adrian Agustin, Josep Vidal. Coexisting Linear and Widely Linear Transceivers in the MIMO Interference Channel
665 -- 674Ebadollah Kheirati Roonizi, Roberto Sassi. A Signal Decomposition Model-Based Bayesian Framework for ECG Components Separation
675 -- 687Chenrong Xiong, Jun Lin, Zhiyuan Yan. Symbol-Decision Successive Cancellation List Decoder for Polar Codes
688 -- 703Jia Chen, Ioannis D. Schizas. Online Distributed Sparsity-Aware Canonical Correlation Analysis
704 -- 713Matthew J. Holland, Kazushi Ikeda. Minimum Proper Loss Estimators for Parametric Models
714 -- 725Jun Liu, Weijian Liu, Bo Chen, Hongwei Liu, Hongbin Li, Chengpeng Hao. Modified Rao Test for Multichannel Adaptive Signal Detection
726 -- 741Chuang Ye, Gozde Ozcan, Mustafa Cenk Gursoy, Senem Velipasalar. Multimedia Transmission Over Cognitive Radio Channels Under Sensing Uncertainty
742 -- 756Shanying Zhu, Yeng Chai Soh, Lihua Xie. Distributed Inference for Relay-Assisted Sensor Networks With Intermittent Measurements Over Fading Channels
757 -- 770Avi Zanko, Amir Leshem, Ephraim Zehavi. Robust Turbo Analog Error Correcting Codes Based on Analog CRC Verification
771 -- 782Marko Simeunovic, Igor Djurovic. Parameter Estimation of Multicomponent 2D Polynomial-Phase Signals Using the 2D PHAF-Based Approach
783 -- 798Junhao Hua, Chunguang Li. Distributed Variational Bayesian Algorithms Over Sensor Networks
799 -- 811Imen Nasr, Benoit Geller, Leïla Najjar Atallah, Sofiane Cherif. Performance Study of a Near Maximum Likelihood Code-Aided Timing Recovery Technique

Volume 64, Issue 24

6379 -- 6391Jun Shi, Xiaoping Liu, Lei He, Mo Han, Qingzhong Li, Naitong Zhang. Sampling and Reconstruction in Arbitrary Measurement and Approximation Spaces Associated With Linear Canonical Transform
6392 -- 6405Cong Sun, Eduard Axel Jorswieck, Ya-Xiang Yuan. Sum Rate Maximization for Non-Regenerative MIMO Relay Networks
6406 -- 6416David Dov, Ronen Talmon, Israel Cohen. Kernel-Based Sensor Fusion With Application to Audio-Visual Voice Activity Detection
6417 -- 6427Junkun Yan, Hongwei Liu, Wenqiang Pu, Shenghua Zhou, Zheng Liu, Zheng Bao. Joint Beam Selection and Power Allocation for Multiple Target Tracking in Netted Colocated MIMO Radar System
6428 -- 6442YueHua Ding, Nanxi Li, Yide Wang, Suili Feng, Hongbin Chen. Widely Linear Sphere Decoder in MIMO Systems by Exploiting the Conjugate Symmetry of Linearly Modulated Signals
6443 -- 6458Ying Ma, Sheng Chen, Chengwen Xing, Xiangyuan Bu, Lajos Hanzo. Decomposition Optimization Algorithms for Distributed Radar Systems
6459 -- 6470Xiaohui Chen, Mengyu Xu, Wei Biao Wu. Regularized Estimation of Linear Functionals of Precision Matrices for High-Dimensional Time Series
6471 -- 6484Anum Ali, Mudassir Masood, Muhammad S. Sohail, Samir N. Al-Ghadhban, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri. Narrowband Interference Mitigation in SC-FDMA Using Bayesian Sparse Recovery
6485 -- 6500Andreas M. Tillmann, Yonina C. Eldar, Julien Mairal. DOLPHIn - Dictionary Learning for Phase Retrieval
6501 -- 6516Ayman Mostafa, Lutz Lampe. Optimal and Robust Beamforming for Secure Transmission in MISO Visible-Light Communication Links
6517 -- 6532Junting Chen, Wenhan Dai, Yuan Shen, Vincent K. N. Lau, Moe Z. Win. Power Management for Cooperative Localization: A Game Theoretical Approach
6533 -- 6544Tak-Shing Chan, Yi-Hsuan Yang. Polar $n$-Complex and $n$-Bicomplex Singular Value Decomposition and Principal Component Pursuit
6545 -- 6556An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Impact of CSI Knowledge on the Codebook-Based Hybrid Beamforming in Massive MIMO
6557 -- 6570Chun-Guang Li, René Vidal. A Structured Sparse Plus Structured Low-Rank Framework for Subspace Clustering and Completion
6571 -- 6579Ting Hu, Qiang Wu, Ding-Xuan Zhou. Convergence of Gradient Descent for Minimum Error Entropy Principle in Linear Regression
6580 -- 6588Steven M. Kay, Zhenghan Zhu. The Complex Parameter Rao Test
6589 -- 6599Cristian Rusu, Nuria González Prelcic, Robert W. Heath. Fast Orthonormal Sparsifying Transforms Based on Householder Reflectors
6600 -- 6612Amin Movahed, Mark C. Reed, Neda Aboutorab, Shahriar Etemadi Tajbakhsh. EXIT Chart Analysis of Turbo Compressed Sensing Using Message Passing Dequantization
6613 -- 6626Sijia Liu, Swarnendu Kar, Makan Fardad, Pramod K. Varshney. Optimized Sensor Collaboration for Estimation of Temporally Correlated Parameters
6627 -- 6639Julien Renard, Lutz Lampe, François Horlin. Sequential Likelihood Ratio Test for Cognitive Radios
6640 -- 6649Yuri I. Abramovich, Olivier Besson, Ben A. Johnson. Conditional Expected Likelihood Technique for Compound Gaussian and Gaussian Distributed Noise Mixtures
6650 -- 6664Mohammadreza Malek-Mohammadi, Cristian R. Rojas, Bo Wahlberg. A Class of Nonconvex Penalties Preserving Overall Convexity in Optimization-Based Mean Filtering

Volume 64, Issue 23

6075 -- 6088Rémy Boyer, Martin Haardt. Noisy Compressive Sampling Based on Block-Sparse Tensors: Performance Limits and Beamforming Techniques
6089 -- 6104Jianjun Zhang, Yongming Huang, Jiaheng Wang, Björn E. Ottersten, Luxi Yang. Per-Antenna Constant Envelope Precoding and Antenna Subset Selection: A Geometric Approach
6105 -- 6117Kejun Huang, Yonina C. Eldar, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. Phase Retrieval from 1D Fourier Measurements: Convexity, Uniqueness, and Algorithms
6118 -- 6131Qingjiang Shi, Mingyi Hong, Xiqi Gao, Enbin Song, Yunlong Cai, WeiQiang Xu. Joint Source-Relay Design for Full-Duplex MIMO AF Relay Systems
6132 -- 6144Zhongju Wang, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. Design of PAR-Constrained Sequences for MIMO Channel Estimation via Majorization-Minimization
6145 -- 6159Wei Chen, David P. Wipf, Yu Wang, Yang Liu, Ian J. Wassell. Simultaneous Bayesian Sparse Approximation With Structured Sparse Models
6160 -- 6173Xiaowen Dong, Dorina Thanou, Pascal Frossard, Pierre Vandergheynst. Learning Laplacian Matrix in Smooth Graph Signal Representations
6174 -- 6189Zhiyong Chen, Zhiguo Ding, Xuchu Dai, George K. Karagiannidis. On the Application of Quasi-Degradation to MISO-NOMA Downlink
6190 -- 6199Luca Rugini, Paolo Banelli. On the Equivalence of Maximum SNR and MMSE Estimation: Applications to Additive Non-Gaussian Channels and Quantized Observations
6200 -- 6210Adam M. Sykulski, Sofia C. Olhede, Jonathan M. Lilly. A Widely Linear Complex Autoregressive Process of Order One
6211 -- 6226Konstantinos Benidis, Ying Sun, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. Orthogonal Sparse PCA and Covariance Estimation via Procrustes Reformulation
6227 -- 6242Hamdi Joudeh, Bruno Clerckx. Robust Transmission in Downlink Multiuser MISO Systems: A Rate-Splitting Approach
6243 -- 6253Xiaoning Qian, Edward R. Dougherty. Bayesian Regression With Network Prior: Optimal Bayesian Filtering Perspective
6254 -- 6268Xiao Fu, Kejun Huang, Bo Yang, Wing-Kin Ma, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. Robust Volume Minimization-Based Matrix Factorization for Remote Sensing and Document Clustering
6269 -- 6283Josep Sala-Alvarez, Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar, Roberto López-Valcarce, Saeid Sedighi, Abbas Taherpour. Multiantenna GLR Detection of Rank-One Signals With Known Power Spectral Shape Under Spatially Uncorrelated Noise
6284 -- 6298N. Denizcan Vanli, Kaan Gokcesu, Muhammed O. Sayin, Hikmet Yildiz, Suleyman Serdar Kozat. Sequential Prediction Over Hierarchical Structures
6299 -- 6312Antonio De Maio, Danilo Orlando, Ilya Soloveychik, Ami Wiesel. Invariance Theory for Adaptive Detection in Interference With Group Symmetric Covariance Matrix
6313 -- 6328Bruno Clerckx, Ekaterina Bayguzina. Waveform Design for Wireless Power Transfer
6329 -- 6344Roula Nassif, Cédric Richard, André Ferrari, Ali H. Sayed. Proximal Multitask Learning Over Networks With Sparsity-Inducing Coregularization
6345 -- 6359Zhiyun Lin, Tingrui Han, Ronghao Zheng, Minyue Fu. Distributed Localization for 2-D Sensor Networks With Bearing-Only Measurements Under Switching Topologies
6360 -- 6374Chaofeng Wang, Zhaohui Wang. Signal Alignment for Secure Underwater Coordinated Multipoint Transmissions

Volume 64, Issue 22

5767 -- 5777Deborah Schneider-Luftman, Andrew T. Walden. Partial Coherence Estimation via Spectral Matrix Shrinkage under Quadratic Loss
5778 -- 5793Hugo Reboredo, Francesco Renna, A. Robert Calderbank, Miguel R. D. Rodrigues. Bounds on the Number of Measurements for Reliable Compressive Classification
5794 -- 5806Arnaud Breloy, Guillaume Ginolhac, Frédéric Pascal 0001, Philippe Forster. Robust Covariance Matrix Estimation in Heterogeneous Low Rank Context
5807 -- 5818Mitra Fatemi, Arash Amini, Martin Vetterli. Sampling and Reconstruction of Shapes With Algebraic Boundaries
5819 -- 5834Meng-Lin Ku, Yi Han, Hung-Quoc Lai, Yan Chen, K. J. Ray Liu. Power Waveforming: Wireless Power Transfer Beyond Time Reversal
5835 -- 5847Emanuele Grossi, Marco Lops, Luca Venturino. A New Look at the Radar Detection Problem
5848 -- 5860Augusto Aubry, Antonio De Maio, Yongwei Huang, Marco Piezzo. Robust Design of Radar Doppler Filters
5861 -- 5874Jun Geng, Weiyu Xu, Lifeng Lai. Quickest Sequential Multiband Spectrum Sensing With Mixed Observations
5875 -- 5886Michael Fauss, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Old Bands, New Tracks - Revisiting the Band Model for Robust Hypothesis Testing
5887 -- 5900Ran Hadad, Uri Erez. Dithered Quantization via Orthogonal Transformations
5901 -- 5913Weihua Wu, Qinghai Yang, Peng Gong, Kyung Sup Kwak. Energy-Efficient Resource Optimization for OFDMA-Based Multi-Homing Heterogenous Wireless Networks
5914 -- 5929Tingting Liu, Chenyang Yang. Genie Tree and Degrees of Freedom of the Symmetric MIMO Interfering Broadcast Channel
5930 -- 5942Qing Ling, Yaohua Liu, Wei Shi, Zhi Tian. Weighted ADMM for Fast Decentralized Network Optimization
5943 -- 5958Adel Zahedi, Jan Østergaard, Søren Holdt Jensen, Patrick A. Naylor, Soren Bech. Source Coding in Networks With Covariance Distortion Constraints
5959 -- 5971Ghislain Gassier, Gilles Chabriel, Jean Barrère, Francoise Briolle, Claude Jauffret. A Unifying Approach for Disturbance Cancellation and Target Detection in Passive Radar Using OFDM
5972 -- 5980Artyom M. Grigoryan, Sos S. Agaian. r-Point Fast Fourier Transforms
5981 -- 5992Shi-Wen Deng, Ji-qing Han. Signal Periodic Decomposition With Conjugate Subspaces
5993 -- 6004Maximo Cobos, Juan José Pérez Solano, Oscar Belmonte, Germán Ramos, Ana M. Torres. Simultaneous Ranging and Self-Positioning in Unsynchronized Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
6005 -- 6016Adnan Gavili, Shahram Shahbazpanahi. Optimal Network Beamforming in Collaborative Relay Networks With Centralized Energy Harvesting
6017 -- 6029Hamid Behjat, Ulrike Richter, Dimitri Van De Ville, Leif Sörnmo. Signal-Adapted Tight Frames on Graphs
6030 -- 6045Dragana Carevic, Samuel J. Davey. Two Algorithms for Modeling and Tracking of Dynamic Time-Frequency Spectra
6046 -- 6057Ming Zhang, Anxue Zhang, Qingqing Yang. Robust Adaptive Beamforming Based on Conjugate Gradient Algorithms
6058 -- 6070Renato Luis Garrido Cavalcante, Slawomir Stanczak, Jietao Zhang, Hongcheng Zhuang. Low Complexity Iterative Algorithms for Power Estimation in Ultra-Dense Load Coupled Networks

Volume 64, Issue 21

5473 -- 5484Marc James Piggott, Victor Solo. Diffusion LMS With Correlated Regressors I: Realization-Wise Stability
5485 -- 5498Evan Byrne, Philip Schniter. Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression via Approximate Message Passing
5499 -- 5512Mark L. Psiaki. Gaussian Mixture Nonlinear Filtering With Resampling for Mixand Narrowing
5513 -- 5524Feng Liu, Michael W. Marcellin, Nathan A. Goodman, Ali Bilgin. Compressive Sampling for Detection of Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum Signals
5525 -- 5535Rémy Boyer, Romain Couillet, Bernard Henri Fleury, Pascal Larzabal. Large-System Estimation Performance in Noisy Compressed Sensing With Random Support of Known Cardinality - A Bayesian Analysis
5536 -- 5548Mostafa Sadeghi, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh. Iterative Sparsification-Projection: Fast and Robust Sparse Signal Approximation
5549 -- 5556Yanjun Li, Kiryung Lee, Yoram Bresler. Optimal Sample Complexity for Blind Gain and Phase Calibration
5557 -- 5570Pengzhi Gao, Meng Wang, Joe H. Chow, Scott G. Ghiocel, Bruce Fardanesh, George Stefopoulos, Michael P. Razanousky. Identification of Successive "Unobservable" Cyber Data Attacks in Power Systems Through Matrix Decomposition
5571 -- 5584Arnaud Vandaele, Nicolas Gillis, Qi Lei, Kai Zhong, Inderjit S. Dhillon. Efficient and Non-Convex Coordinate Descent for Symmetric Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
5585 -- 5594Lotfi Chaâri, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Caroline Chaux, Hadj Batatia. A Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Method for Non-Smooth Energy Sampling
5595 -- 5610Chaoyang Jiang, Yeng Chai Soh, Hua Li. Sensor Placement by Maximal Projection on Minimum Eigenspace for Linear Inverse Problems
5611 -- 5622Yanting Ma, Junan Zhu, Dror Baron. Approximate Message Passing Algorithm With Universal Denoising and Gaussian Mixture Learning
5623 -- 5633Guangcan Liu, Ping Li 0001. Low-Rank Matrix Completion in the Presence of High Coherence
5634 -- 5643Kaushik Mahata, Md Mashud Hyder. Frequency Estimation From Arbitrary Time Samples
5644 -- 5656Adam S. Charles, Aurele Balavoine, Christopher J. Rozell. 1 Minimization
5657 -- 5671Mohammadreza Malek-Mohammadi, Ali Koochakzadeh, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Magnus Jansson, Cristian R. Rojas. Successive Concave Sparsity Approximation for Compressed Sensing
5672 -- 5681Shu-Li Sun, Tian Tian, Honglei Lin. Optimal Linear Estimators for Systems With Finite-Step Correlated Noises and Packet Dropout Compensations
5682 -- 5695Hailong Shi, Hao Zhang 0005, Xiqin Wang. A TDOA Technique with Super-Resolution Based on the Volume Cross-Correlation Function
5696 -- 5706Lucio Bianchi, Fabio Antonacci, Augusto Sarti, Stefano Tubaro. The Ray Space Transform: A New Framework for Wave Field Processing
5707 -- 5722Cecilia Aguerrebere, Mauricio Delbracio, Alberto Bartesaghi, Guillermo Sapiro. Fundamental Limits in Multi-Image Alignment
5723 -- 5732Olivier Besson. Bounds for a Mixture of Low-Rank Compound-Gaussian and White Gaussian Noises
5733 -- 5762Ana I. Pérez-Neira, Marius Caus, Rostom Zakaria, Didier Le Ruyet, Eleftherios Kofidis, Martin Haardt, Xavier Mestre, Yao Cheng. MIMO Signal Processing in Offset-QAM Based Filter Bank Multicarrier Systems

Volume 64, Issue 20

5191 -- 5204Nianxia Cao, Sora Choi, Engin Masazade, Pramod K. Varshney. Sensor Selection for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks With Uncertainty
5205 -- 5216Assad Akhlaq, Robby G. McKilliam, Ramanan Subramanian, André Pollok. Selecting Wavelengths for Least Squares Range Estimation
5217 -- 5231Srikanth V. Tenneti, P. P. Vaidyanathan. A Unified Theory of Union of Subspaces Representations for Period Estimation
5232 -- 5241Zhiqiang He, Jinnian Zhang, Wanning Liu, Yue Rong. New Results on Transceiver Design for Two-Hop Amplify-and-Forward MIMO Relay Systems With Direct Link
5242 -- 5254José F. Velasco, Daniel Pizarro, Javier Macías Guarasa, Afsaneh Asaei. TDOA Matrices: Algebraic Properties and Their Application to Robust Denoising With Missing Data
5255 -- 5267Fabian Esqueda, Stefan Bilbao, Vesa Välimäki. Aliasing Reduction in Clipped Signals
5268 -- 5281Tirza Routtenberg, Lang Tong. Estimation After Parameter Selection: Performance Analysis and Estimation Methods
5282 -- 5296Cheng Qian, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Kejun Huang, Lei Huang, Hing-Cheung So. Phase Retrieval Using Feasible Point Pursuit: Algorithms and Cramér-Rao Bound
5297 -- 5310Kejun Huang, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. Consensus-ADMM for General Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming
5311 -- 5326Yasin Yilmaz, Shang Li, Xiaodong Wang. Sequential Joint Detection and Estimation: Optimum Tests and Applications
5327 -- 5339Martin Sundin, Cristian R. Rojas, Magnus Jansson, Saikat Chatterjee. Relevance Singular Vector Machine for Low-Rank Matrix Reconstruction
5340 -- 5352Jie Xu 0001, Tianwei Xing, Mihaela van der Schaar. Personalized Course Sequence Recommendations
5353 -- 5366Aritra Konar, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. Parametric Frugal Sensing for Autoregressive and Autoregressive Moving Average Power Spectra
5367 -- 5381Junli Liang, Hing-Cheung So, Jian Li, Alfonso Farina. Unimodular Sequence Design Based on Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
5382 -- 5395Yao-Win Peter Hong, Teng-Cheng Hsu, Pradeep Chennakesavula. Wireless Power Transfer for Distributed Estimation in Wireless Passive Sensor Networks
5396 -- 5408YanBo Zhao, Hua Yu, Gang Wei, Fei Ji, Fangjiong Chen. Parameter Estimation of Wideband Underwater Acoustic Multipath Channels based on Fractional Fourier Transform
5409 -- 5422Boujemaa Ait-El-Fquih, Ibrahim Hoteit. A Variational Bayesian Multiple Particle Filtering Scheme for Large-Dimensional Systems
5423 -- 5436Tatsuya Yokota, Qibin Zhao, Andrzej Cichocki. Smooth PARAFAC Decomposition for Tensor Completion
5437 -- 5449Mark A. Davenport, Andrew K. Massimino, Deanna Needell, Tina Woolf. Constrained Adaptive Sensing
5450 -- 5465Yingsong Zhang, Pier Luigi Dragotti. Sampling Streams of Pulses With Unknown Shapes

Volume 64, Issue 2

306 -- 321Weiguang Wang, Yingbin Liang, Eric P. Xing, Lixin Shen. Nonparametric Decentralized Detection and Sparse Sensor Selection Via Weighted Kernel
322 -- 334Tiejun Lv, Hui Gao, Xiaopeng Li, Shaoshi Yang, Lajos Hanzo. Space-Time Hierarchical-Graph Based Cooperative Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
335 -- 348Srdjan Kitic, Laurent Albera, Nancy Bertin, Rémi Gribonval. Physics-Driven Inverse Problems Made Tractable With Cosparse Regularization
349 -- 363Xintong Ling, Jiaheng Wang, Xiao Liang 0005, Zhi Ding, Chunming Zhao. Offset and Power Optimization for DCO-OFDM in Visible Light Communication Systems
364 -- 379James Sharpnack, Alessandro Rinaldo, Aarti Singh. Detecting Anomalous Activity on Networks With the Graph Fourier Scan Statistic
380 -- 394Haiyang Xin, Xiaojun Yuan, Soung Chang Liew. Multi-Pair MIMO Two-Way Relaying: A Principal-Angle Perspective
395 -- 405Johann Leithon, Teng Joon Lim, Sumei Sun. Battery-Aided Demand Response Strategy Under Continuous-Time Block Pricing
406 -- 416Basty Ajay Shenoy, Satish Mulleti, Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula. Exact Phase Retrieval in Principal Shift-Invariant Spaces
417 -- 431Jing Dong, Wenwu Wang, Wei Dai, Mark D. Plumbley, Zi-Fa Han, Jonathon A. Chambers. Analysis SimCO Algorithms for Sparse Analysis Model Based Dictionary Learning
432 -- 447Ahmad Mouri Sardarabadi, Alle-Jan van der Veen, Albert-Jan Boonstra. Spatial Filtering of RF Interference in Radio Astronomy Using a Reference Antenna Array
448 -- 463Nikhil S. Rao, Robert D. Nowak, Christopher R. Cox, Timothy T. Rogers. Classification With the Sparse Group Lasso
464 -- 474Alex R. Chiriyath, Bryan Paul, Garry M. Jacyna, Daniel W. Bliss. Inner Bounds on Performance of Radar and Communications Co-Existence
475 -- 484Steven Schoenecker, Peter Willett, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. The Effect of K-Distributed Clutter on Trackability
485 -- 494An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Two-Stage Constant-Envelope Precoding for Low-Cost Massive MIMO Systems
495 -- 510Marwen Zorgui, Zouheir Rezki, Basel Alomair, Eduard A. Jorswieck, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. On the Ergodic Secret-Key Agreement Over Spatially Correlated Multiple-Antenna Channels With Public Discussion
511 -- 524Yihua Tan, Xiaojun Yuan. Compute-Compress-and-Forward: Exploiting Asymmetry of Wireless Relay Networks
525 -- 538Pierre-Antoine Thouvenin, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret. Hyperspectral Unmixing With Spectral Variability Using a Perturbed Linear Mixing Model

Volume 64, Issue 19

4922 -- 4935Ismail Ben Atitallah, Abla Kammoun, Mohamed-Slim Alouini, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri. Optimal Design of Large Dimensional Adaptive Subspace Detectors
4936 -- 4951Mohammad Reza Heidarpour, Murat Uysal, Mohamed Oussama Damen. Design and Analysis of Broadband Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Systems: A Fractionally-Spaced Sampling Approach
4952 -- 4959Bernard Picinbono. Symmetric Binary Random Signals With Given Spectral Properties
4960 -- 4974Bo Xin, Yizhou Wang, Wen Gao 0001, David P. Wipf. Exploring Algorithmic Limits of Matrix Rank Minimization Under Affine Constraints
4975 -- 4986Hugh L. Kennedy. Maximally Flat IIR Smoothers With Repeated Poles and a Prescribed Delay
4987 -- 4999Namyoon Lee. MAP Support Detection for Greedy Sparse Signal Recovery Algorithms in Compressive Sensing
5000 -- 5010Lishuai Jing, Elisabeth de Carvalho, Petar Popovski, Alex Oliveras Martinez. Design and Performance Analysis of Noncoherent Detection Systems With Massive Receiver Arrays
5011 -- 5024PhuongBang C. Nguyen, Anh Hoang Nguyen, Bhaskar D. Rao. Delay Control for Temporally Fair Scheduling Policies via Opportunistic Mixing
5025 -- 5037Wonju Lee, Osvaldo Simeone, Joonhyuk Kang, Shlomo Shamai. Multivariate Fronthaul Quantization for Downlink C-RAN
5038 -- 5051Erkan Baser, Thia Kirubarajan, Murat Efe, Bhashyam Balaji. A Novel Joint Multitarget Estimator for Multi-Bernoulli Models
5052 -- 5065Kejun Huang, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Athanasios P. Liavas. A Flexible and Efficient Algorithmic Framework for Constrained Matrix and Tensor Factorization
5066 -- 5081Babak Mamandipoor, Dinesh Ramasamy, Upamanyu Madhow. Newtonized Orthogonal Matching Pursuit: Frequency Estimation Over the Continuum
5082 -- 5093Per Mattsson, Dave Zachariah, Petre Stoica. Recursive Identification Method for Piecewise ARX Models: A Sparse Estimation Approach
5094 -- 5105Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari Tabatabaee, Hossein Zamiri-Jafarian. Per-Subchannel Joint Equalizer and Receiver Filter Design in OFDM/OQAM Systems
5106 -- 5118Jinshan Zeng, Shaobo Lin, ZongBen Xu. Sparse Regularization: Convergence Of Iterative Jumping Thresholding Algorithm
5119 -- 5130Wonjae Shin, Namyoon Lee, Jungwoo Lee, H. Vincent Poor. Relay-Aided Space-Time Beamforming for Interference Networks With Partial Channel Knowledge
5131 -- 5144Muhammad Nohman Javed, Sajid Ali, Syed Ali Hassan. 3D MCRLB Evaluation of a UMTS-Based Passive Multistatic Radar Operating in a Line-of-Sight Environment
5158 -- 5173Aryan Mokhtari, Wei Shi, Qing Ling, Alejandro Ribeiro. DQM: Decentralized Quadratically Approximated Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
5174 -- 5186Tianyu Qiu, Prabhu Babu, Daniel Pérez Palomar. PRIME: Phase Retrieval via Majorization-Minimization

Volume 64, Issue 18

4649 -- 4662Jun Fang, Feiyu Wang, Yanning Shen, Hongbin Li, Rick S. Blum. Super-Resolution Compressed Sensing for Line Spectral Estimation: An Iterative Reweighted Approach
4663 -- 4678Anish C. Turlapaty, Yuanwei Jin. Multi-Parameter Estimation in Compound Gaussian Clutter by Variational Bayesian
4679 -- 4694Flavio Zabini, Andrea Conti. d
4695 -- 4706Xinjie Yang, A. Lee Swindlehurst. Limited Rate Feedback in a MIMO Wiretap Channel With a Cooperative Jammer
4707 -- 4722Bo Tang 0002, Jun Tang. Joint Design of Transmit Waveforms and Receive Filters for MIMO Radar Space-Time Adaptive Processing
4723 -- 4736Yulai Cong, Bo Chen, Hongwei Liu, Bo Jiu. Nonparametric Bayesian Attributed Scattering Center Extraction for Synthetic Aperture Radar Targets
4737 -- 4750Gökhan Gül, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Robust Hypothesis Testing with α-Divergence
4751 -- 4766Trung-Kien Le, Nobutaka Ono. Closed-Form and Near Closed-Form Solutions for TOA-Based Joint Source and Sensor Localization
4767 -- 4780Licheng Zhao, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. Efficient Algorithms on Robust Low-Rank Matrix Completion Against Outliers
4781 -- 4791Farzan Haddadi. Steady-State Statistical Performance Analysis of Subspace Tracking Methods
4792 -- 4804Abu Sajana Rahmathullah, Raghavendra Selvan, Lennart Svensson. A Batch Algorithm for Estimating Trajectories of Point Targets Using Expectation Maximization
4805 -- 4816Eweda Eweda. A Stable Normalized Least Mean Fourth Algorithm With Improved Transient and Tracking Behaviors
4817 -- 4829Linxiao Yang, Jun Fang, Hongbin Li, Bing Zeng. An Iterative Reweighted Method for Tucker Decomposition of Incomplete Tensors
4830 -- 4844Rodrigo Cabral Farias, Jeremy Emile Cohen, Pierre Comon. Exploring Multimodal Data Fusion Through Joint Decompositions with Flexible Couplings
4845 -- 4860Mikhail Tsitsvero, Sergio Barbarossa, Paolo Di Lorenzo. Signals on Graphs: Uncertainty Principle and Sampling
4861 -- 4874Deyun Wei, Yuan Min Li. Generalized Sampling Expansions with Multiple Sampling Rates for Lowpass and Bandpass Signals in the Fractional Fourier Transform Domain
4875 -- 4890Juha Ala-Luhtala, Nick Whiteley, Kari Heine, Robert Piché. An Introduction to Twisted Particle Filters and Parameter Estimation in Non-Linear State-Space Models
4891 -- 4904Dana Lahat, Christian Jutten. Joint Independent Subspace Analysis Using Second-Order Statistics
4905 -- 4917Duo Han, Yilin Mo, Junfeng Wu, Ling Shi. An Opportunistic Sensor Scheduling Solution to Remote State Estimation Over Multiple Channels

Volume 64, Issue 17

4389 -- 4402Marian Bica, Visa Koivunen. Generalized Multicarrier Radar: Models and Performance
4403 -- 4416Kyeong Jin Kim, Phee Lep Yeoh, Philip V. Orlik, H. Vincent Poor. Secrecy Performance of Finite-Sized Cooperative Single Carrier Systems With Unreliable Backhaul Connections
4417 -- 4431Jens Steinwandt, Florian Roemer, Martin Haardt, Giovanni Del Galdo. Deterministic Cramér-Rao Bound for Strictly Non-Circular Sources and Analytical Analysis of the Achievable Gains
4432 -- 4443Aseem Wadhwa, Upamanyu Madhow. Near-Coherent QPSK Performance With Coarse Phase Quantization: A Feedback-Based Architecture for Joint Phase/Frequency Synchronization and Demodulation
4444 -- 4454Kyle Doty, Sandip Roy, Thomas R. Fischer. Explicit State-Estimation Error Calculations for Flag Hidden Markov Models
4455 -- 4468Gongguo Tang, Arye Nehorai. Semidefinite Programming for Computable Performance Bounds on Block-Sparsity Recovery
4469 -- 4478Songfu Cai, Vincent K. N. Lau. MIMO Precoding for Networked Control Systems with Energy Harvesting Sensors
4479 -- 4492Junfeng Wu, Ziyang Meng, Tao Yang, Guodong Shi, Karl Henrik Johansson. Sampled-Data Consensus Over Random Networks
4493 -- 4503Renzheng Cao, Feifei Gao, Xiaofei Zhang. An Angular Parameter Estimation Method for Incoherently Distributed Sources Via Generalized Shift Invariance
4504 -- 4518Hamid Palangi, Rabab K. Ward, Li Deng. Distributed Compressive Sensing: A Deep Learning Approach
4519 -- 4533Chao-Kai Wen, Jun Zhang, Kai-Kit Wong, Jung-Chieh Chen, Chau Yuen. On Sparse Vector Recovery Performance in Structurally Orthogonal Matrices via LASSO
4534 -- 4549Sinan Gezici, Suat Bayram, Mehmet Necip Kurt, Mohammad Reza Gholami. Optimal Jammer Placement in Wireless Localization Systems
4550 -- 4561Xiaopeng Yang, Yuze Sun, Tao Zeng, Teng Long, Tapan K. Sarkar. Fast STAP Method Based on PAST with Sparse Constraint for Airborne Phased Array Radar
4562 -- 4575Bo Li, Athina P. Petropulu, Wade Trappe. Optimum Co-Design for Spectrum Sharing between Matrix Completion Based MIMO Radars and a MIMO Communication System
4576 -- 4591Andrea Simonetto, Aryan Mokhtari, Alec Koppel, Geert Leus, Alejandro Ribeiro. A Class of Prediction-Correction Methods for Time-Varying Convex Optimization
4592 -- 4605Xiao Fu, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Wing-Kin Ma. Power Spectra Separation via Structured Matrix Factorization
4606 -- 4617Mohammad Ashraful Anam, Yiannis Andreopoulos. Reliable Linear, Sesquilinear, and Bijective Operations on Integer Data Streams Via Numerical Entanglement
4618 -- 4633Ming-Min Zhao, Yunlong Cai, Qingjiang Shi, Benoît Champagne, Minjian Zhao. Robust Transceiver Design for MISO Interference Channel With Energy Harvesting
4634 -- 4643Marie Lasserre, Stéphanie Bidon, François Le Chevalier. New Sparse-Promoting Prior for the Estimation of a Radar Scene with Weak and Strong Targets
4644 -- 0Xavier Mestre, David Gregoratti. Corrections to "Parallelized Structures for MIMO FBMC Under Strong Channel Frequency Selectivity"

Volume 64, Issue 16

4100 -- 4112Pete Bunch, James K. Murphy, Simon J. Godsill. Bayesian Learning of Degenerate Linear Gaussian State Space Models Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
4113 -- 4126Kianoush Hosseini, Wei Yu 0001, Raviraj S. Adve. A Stochastic Analysis of Network MIMO Systems
4127 -- 4137Cheng Qian, Lei Huang, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Hing-Cheung So. Enhanced PUMA for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation and Its Performance Analysis
4138 -- 4151Yuhan Zhou, Wei Yu 0001. Fronthaul Compression and Transmit Beamforming Optimization for Multi-Antenna Uplink C-RAN
4152 -- 4165Matthew Milford, John McAllister. Constructive Synthesis of Memory-Intensive Accelerators for FPGA From Nested Loop Kernels
4166 -- 4179Seyed Alireza Razavi, Mikko Valkama, Danijela Cabric. Compressive Detection of Random Subspace Signals
4180 -- 4193Ngoc Hung Nguyen, Kutluyil Dogancay. Optimal Geometry Analysis for Multistatic TOA Localization
4194 -- 4202Jian Wang, Byonghyo Shim. Exact Recovery of Sparse Signals Using Orthogonal Matching Pursuit: How Many Iterations Do We Need?
4203 -- 4217Chun-Lin Liu, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Super Nested Arrays: Linear Sparse Arrays With Reduced Mutual Coupling - Part II: High-Order Extensions
4218 -- 4227Isaac Skog, John-Olof Nilsson, Peter Händel, Arye Nehorai. Inertial Sensor Arrays, Maximum Likelihood, and Cramér-Rao Bound
4228 -- 4243Wuqiong Luo, Wee-Peng Tay, Mei Leng. Infection Spreading and Source Identification: A Hide and Seek Game
4244 -- 4259Dionysios S. Kalogerias, Athina P. Petropulu. Grid Based Nonlinear Filtering Revisited: Recursive Estimation & Asymptotic Optimality
4260 -- 4272David Gregoratti, Xavier Mestre. Uplink FBMC/OQAM-Based Multiple Access Channel: Distortion Analysis Under Strong Frequency Selectivity
4273 -- 4281Axel Gandy, F. Din-Houn Lau. The Chopthin Algorithm for Resampling
4282 -- 4295Hao Tao, Jingmin Xin, Jiasong Wang, Nanning Zheng, Akira Sano. Oblique Projection Based Enumeration of Mixed Noncoherent and Coherent Narrowband Signals
4296 -- 4306Phuong Le Cao, Tobias J. Oechtering, Rafael F. Schaefer, Mikael Skoglund. Optimal Transmit Strategy for MISO Channels With Joint Sum and Per-Antenna Power Constraints
4307 -- 4322Sreejith Kallummil, Sheetal Kalyani. High SNR Consistent Linear Model Order Selection and Subset Selection
4323 -- 4336Hoi-To Wai, Qiang Li, Wing-Kin Ma. Discrete Sum Rate Maximization for MISO Interference Broadcast Channels: Convex Approximations and Efficient Algorithms
4337 -- 4350Masa-aki Takizawa, Masahiro Yukawa. Efficient Dictionary-Refining Kernel Adaptive Filter With Fundamental Insights
4351 -- 4362Flore Harle, Florent Chatelain, Cédric Gouy-Pailler, Sophie Achard. Bayesian Model for Multiple Change-Points Detection in Multivariate Time Series
4363 -- 4378Santiago Segarra, Antonio G. Marques, Geert Leus, Alejandro Ribeiro. Reconstruction of Graph Signals Through Percolation from Seeding Nodes

Volume 64, Issue 15

3827 -- 3840Nicolas Tremblay, Pierre Borgnat. Subgraph-Based Filterbanks for Graph Signals
3841 -- 3853Satish Mulleti, Basty Ajay Shenoy, Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula. FRI Sampling on Structured Nonuniform Grids - Application to Super-Resolved Optical Imaging
3854 -- 3867Dimitris Berberidis, Vassilis Kekatos, Georgios B. Giannakis. Online Censoring for Large-Scale Regressions with Application to Streaming Big Data
3868 -- 3878Ertugrul Basar. On Multiple-Input Multiple-Output OFDM with Index Modulation for Next Generation Wireless Networks
3879 -- 3894Alireza Sani, Azadeh Vosoughi. Distributed Vector Estimation for Power- and Bandwidth-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
3895 -- 3908Huseyin Ozkan, N. Denizcan Vanli, Suleyman Serdar Kozat. Online Classification via Self-Organizing Space Partitioning
3909 -- 3918Minseok Kang, Ji-Hoon Bae, Byung-Soo Kang, Kyung Tae Kim. ISAR Cross-Range Scaling Using Iterative Processing via Principal Component Analysis and Bisection Algorithm
3919 -- 3932Hang Ruan, Rodrigo C. de Lamare. Robust Adaptive Beamforming Based on Low-Rank and Cross-Correlation Techniques
3933 -- 3944Syed Asad Alam, Oscar Gustafsson. On the Implementation of Time-Multiplexed Frequency-Response Masking Filters
3945 -- 3954Angelo Coluccia. Robust Opportunistic Inference From Non-Homogeneous Distribution-Free Measurements
3955 -- 3967Augusto Aubry, Antonio De Maio, Yongwei Huang. MIMO Radar Beampattern Design Via PSL/ISL Optimization
3968 -- 3983Reza Vahidnia, Shahram Shahbazpanahi, Arin Minasian. Pre-Channel Equalization and Distributed Beamforming in Asynchronous Single-Carrier Bi-Directional Relay Networks
3984 -- 3996Angelo Coluccia, Giuseppe Notarstefano. A Bayesian Framework for Distributed Estimation of Arrival Rates in Asynchronous Networks
3997 -- 4012Chun-Lin Liu, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Super Nested Arrays: Linear Sparse Arrays With Reduced Mutual Coupling - Part I: Fundamentals
4013 -- 4026Penghui Huang, Guisheng Liao, Zhiwei Yang 0001, Xiang-Gen Xia, Jingtao Ma, Ma Jingting. Long-Time Coherent Integration for Weak Maneuvering Target Detection and High-Order Motion Parameter Estimation Based on Keystone Transform
4027 -- 4039Juan Marcos Ramirez, Jose Luis Paredes. Recursive Weighted Myriad Based Filters and Their Optimizations
4040 -- 4049Jordan Frecon, Gustavo Didier, Nelly Pustelnik, Patrice Abry. Non-Linear Wavelet Regression and Branch & Bound Optimization for the Full Identification of Bivariate Operator Fractional Brownian Motion
4050 -- 4064Hui-Ming Wang, Chao Wang, Derrick Wing Kwan Ng, Moon Ho Lee, Jia Xiao. Artificial Noise Assisted Secure Transmission for Distributed Antenna Systems
4065 -- 4079Andrew Thornburg, Tianyang Bai, Robert W. Heath. Performance Analysis of Outdoor mmWave Ad Hoc Networks
4080 -- 4095Dusan Jakovetic, Dragana Bajovic, Natasa Krejic, Natasa Krklec Jerinkic. Distributed Gradient Methods with Variable Number of Working Nodes

Volume 64, Issue 14

3554 -- 3565Dimitrios Charalampidis. Recursive Implementation of the Gaussian Filter Using Truncated Cosine Functions
3566 -- 3575R. Ramu Naidu, Phanindra Jampana, C. S. Sastry. Deterministic Compressed Sensing Matrices: Construction via Euler Squares and Applications
3576 -- 3590Ying Sun, Prabhu Babu, Daniel Pérez Palomar. Robust Estimation of Structured Covariance Matrix for Heavy-Tailed Elliptical Distributions
3591 -- 3604Márcio Holsbach Costa, Sérgio J. M. de Almeida, José Carlos M. Bermudez. A New Theoretical Model for the Pseudo Affine Projection Algorithm for Unity Step Size and Autoregressive Inputs
3605 -- 3618Kartik Venkat, Tsachy Weissman, Yair Carmon, Shlomo Shamai. Information, Estimation, and Lookahead in the Gaussian Channel
3619 -- 3634Saurav Subedi, Yimin D. Zhang, Moeness G. Amin, Braham Himed. Group Sparsity Based Multi-Target Tracking in Passive Multi-Static Radar Systems Using Doppler-Only Measurements
3635 -- 3650Kaibin Huang, Jiayi Chen, Vincent K. N. Lau. Communication Using a Large-Scale Array of Ubiquitous Antennas: A Geometry Approach
3651 -- 3666João F. C. Mota, Nikos Deligiannis, Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan, Volkan Cevher, Miguel R. D. Rodrigues. Adaptive-Rate Reconstruction of Time-Varying Signals With Application in Compressive Foreground Extraction
3667 -- 3676Sefa Demirtas, Alan V. Oppenheim. A Functional Composition Approach to Filter Sharpening and Modular Filter Design
3677 -- 3692Christopher G. Brinton, Swapna Buccapatnam, Mung Chiang, H. Vincent Poor. Mining MOOC Clickstreams: Video-Watching Behavior vs. In-Video Quiz Performance
3693 -- 3704Mikael Sørensen, Lieven De Lathauwer. Multiple Invariance ESPRIT for Nonuniform Linear Arrays: A Coupled Canonical Polyadic Decomposition Approach
3705 -- 3718Yin Liu, Keshab K. Parhi. Architectures for Recursive Digital Filters Using Stochastic Computing
3719 -- 3734Tsung-Hui Chang. A Proximal Dual Consensus ADMM Method for Multi-Agent Constrained Optimization
3735 -- 3749Alla Tarighati, Joakim Jaldén. Optimality of Rate Balancing in Wireless Sensor Networks
3750 -- 3759Tamir Bendory, Avinoam David Bar-Zion, Dan Adam, Shai Dekel, Arie Feuer. Stable Support Recovery of Stream of Pulses With Application to Ultrasound Imaging
3760 -- 3774Omar Aldayel, Vishal Monga, Muralidhar Rangaswamy. Successive QCQP Refinement for MIMO Radar Waveform Design Under Practical Constraints
3775 -- 3789Aamir Anis, Akshay Gadde, Antonio Ortega. Efficient Sampling Set Selection for Bandlimited Graph Signals Using Graph Spectral Proxies
3790 -- 3805Zhao Zhang, Fanzhang Li, Tommy W. S. Chow, Li Zhang, Shuicheng Yan. Sparse Codes Auto-Extractor for Classification: A Joint Embedding and Dictionary Learning Framework for Representation
3806 -- 3821Santiago Zazo, Sergio Valcarcel Macua, Matilde Sánchez Fernández, Javier Zazo. Dynamic Potential Games With Constraints: Fundamentals and Applications in Communications
3822 -- 0Ilker Bayram. Correction for "On the Convergence of the Iterative Shrinkage/Thresholding Algorithm with a Weakly Convex Penalty"

Volume 64, Issue 13

3281 -- 3296Gang Wang, Anthony Man-Cho So, Youming Li. Robust Convex Approximation Methods for TDOA-Based Localization Under NLOS Conditions
3297 -- 3307Mehdi Korki, Jingxin Zhang, Cishen Zhang, Hadi Zayyani. Iterative Bayesian Reconstruction of Non-IID Block-Sparse Signals
3308 -- 3323Dragana Bajovic, José M. F. Moura, João M. F. Xavier, Bruno Sinopoli. Distributed Inference Over Directed Networks: Performance Limits and Optimal Design
3324 -- 3337Qiang Hu, Mugen Peng, Zhendong Mao, Xinqian Xie, H. Vincent Poor. Training Design for Channel Estimation in Uplink Cloud Radio Access Networks
3338 -- 3350Sai Zhang, Naresh R. Shanbhag. Embedded Algorithmic Noise-Tolerance for Signal Processing and Machine Learning Systems via Data Path Decomposition
3351 -- 3361Lalan Kumar, Rajesh M. Hegde. Near-Field Acoustic Source Localization and Beamforming in Spherical Harmonics Domain
3362 -- 3375Bin Li, Jia Hou, Xiaofan Li, Yijiang Nan, Arumugam Nallanathan, Chenglin Zhao. Deep Sensing for Space-Time Doubly Selective Channels: When a Primary User Is Mobile and the Channel Is Flat Rayleigh Fading
3376 -- 3387Badong Chen, Lei Xing, Haiquan Zhao, Nanning Zheng, Jose C. Principe. Generalized Correntropy for Robust Adaptive Filtering
3388 -- 3401Quan Kuang, Wolfgang Utschick, Andreas Dotzler. Optimal Joint User Association and Multi-Pattern Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Networks
3402 -- 3417Xuejing Kang, Ran Tao, Feng Zhang. Multiple-Parameter Discrete Fractional Transform and its Applications
3418 -- 3428Ritwik Giri, Bhaskar D. Rao. Type I and Type II Bayesian Methods for Sparse Signal Recovery Using Scale Mixtures
3429 -- 3443Xiaofan He, Huaiyu Dai, Peng Ning. Faster Learning and Adaptation in Security Games by Exploiting Information Asymmetry
3444 -- 3457Raja Giryes, Guillermo Sapiro, Alexander M. Bronstein. Deep Neural Networks with Random Gaussian Weights: A Universal Classification Strategy?
3458 -- 3469José Roberto Ayala Solares, Lokman Sboui, Zouheir Rezki, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. Power Minimization of a Wireless Sensor Node Under Different Rate Constraints
3470 -- 3482Sophie M. Fosson, Javier Matamoros, Carles Antón-Haro, Enrico Magli. Distributed Recovery of Jointly Sparse Signals Under Communication Constraints
3483 -- 3494Stephanie Bernhardt, Rémy Boyer, Sylvie Marcos, Pascal Larzabal. Compressed Sensing with Basis Mismatch: Performance Bounds and Sparse-Based Estimator
3495 -- 3508Mohammad Hossein Rohban, Venkatesh Saligrama, Delaram Motamed Vaziri. Minimax Optimal Sparse Signal Recovery With Poisson Statistics
3509 -- 3522Sijia Liu, Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri, Makan Fardad, Engin Masazade, Geert Leus, Pramod K. Varshney. Sensor Selection for Estimation with Correlated Measurement Noise
3523 -- 3549Namrata Vaswani, Jinchun Zhan. Recursive Recovery of Sparse Signal Sequences From Compressive Measurements: A Review

Volume 64, Issue 12

3008 -- 3020Bin Liao, Shing-Chow Chan, Lei Huang, Chongtao Guo. Iterative Methods for Subspace and DOA Estimation in Nonuniform Noise
3021 -- 3034Tomas Olofsson, Anders Ahlén, Mikael Gidlund. Modeling of the Fading Statistics of Wireless Sensor Network Channels in Industrial Environments
3035 -- 3050Jure Sokolic, Francesco Renna, A. Robert Calderbank, Miguel R. D. Rodrigues. Mismatch in the Classification of Linear Subspaces: Sufficient Conditions for Reliable Classification
3051 -- 3064Soo-Chang Pei, Kuo-Wei Chang. Optimal Discrete Gaussian Function: The Closed-Form Functions Satisfying Tao's and Donoho's Uncertainty Principle With Nyquist Bandwidth
3065 -- 3076Andrzej Tarczynski, Bashar I. Ahmad. Estimation of Fourier Transform Using Alias-Free Hybrid-Stratified Sampling
3077 -- 3092Theodora Chaspari, Andreas Tsiartas, Panagiotis Tsilifis, Shrikanth S. Narayanan. Markov Chain Monte Carlo Inference of Parametric Dictionaries for Sparse Bayesian Approximations
3093 -- 3105Mohamad A. Ahmed, Charalampos C. Tsimenidis, Anas F. Alrawi. Performance Analysis of Full-Duplex-MRC-MIMO With Self-Interference Cancellation Using Null-Space-Projection
3106 -- 3117Zhijin Qin, Yue Gao, Mark D. Plumbley, Clive G. Parini. Wideband Spectrum Sensing on Real-Time Signals at Sub-Nyquist Sampling Rates in Single and Cooperative Multiple Nodes
3118 -- 3130Tsung-Hui Chang, Mingyi Hong, Wei-Cheng Liao, Xiangfeng Wang. Asynchronous Distributed ADMM for Large-Scale Optimization - Part I: Algorithm and Convergence Analysis
3131 -- 3144Tsung-Hui Chang, Wei-Cheng Liao, Mingyi Hong, Xiangfeng Wang. Asynchronous Distributed ADMM for Large-Scale Optimization - Part II: Linear Convergence Analysis and Numerical Performance
3145 -- 3155Bubacarr Bah, Rachel Ward. The Sample Complexity of Weighted Sparse Approximation
3156 -- 3166Soo-Chang Pei, Chun-Lin Liu, Yun-Chiu Lai. Discrete Laguerre Gaussian Transforms and Their Applications
3167 -- 3179Yu Liu, Yongxin Gao, X. Rong Li. Operating Characteristic and Average Sample Number of Binary and Multi-Hypothesis Sequential Probability Ratio Test
3180 -- 3193Jeremias Sulam, Boaz Ophir, Michael Zibulevsky, Michael Elad. Trainlets: Dictionary Learning in High Dimensions
3194 -- 3206Konstantinos E. Themelis, Athanasios A. Rontogiannis, Konstantinos D. Koutroumbas. Variational Bayes Group Sparse Time-Adaptive Parameter Estimation With Either Known or Unknown Sparsity Pattern
3207 -- 3220Antonio De Maio, Danilo Orlando, Chengpeng Hao, Goffredo Foglia. Adaptive Detection of Point-Like Targets in Spectrally Symmetric Interference
3221 -- 3236Bao Liu, Jian Lan, X. Rong Li. A 2-SPRT Based Approach to Multiple-Model Hypothesis Testing for Multi-Distribution Detection
3237 -- 3249Mostafa Medra, Yongwei Huang, Wing-Kin Ma, Timothy N. Davidson. Low-Complexity Robust MISO Downlink Precoder Design Under Imperfect CSI
3250 -- 3261Javier Prieto, Santiago Mazuelas, Moe Z. Win. Context-Aided Inertial Navigation via Belief Condensation
3262 -- 3273Venugopalakrishna Y. Ramakrishnaiah, Chandra R. Murthy. Performance Analysis of Co-Phased Combining for Achieving Binary Consensus Over Fading Wireless Channels With Imperfect CSI

Volume 64, Issue 11

2730 -- 2745Ganesh Venkatraman, Antti Tölli, Markku J. Juntti, Le-Nam Tran. Traffic Aware Resource Allocation Schemes for Multi-Cell MIMO-OFDM Systems
2746 -- 2760Irene Winkler, Danny Panknin, Daniel Bartz, Klaus-Robert Müller, Stefan Haufe. Validity of Time Reversal for Testing Granger Causality
2761 -- 2773Foad Sohrabi, Timothy N. Davidson. Coordinate Update Algorithms for Robust Power Loading for the MU-MISO Downlink With Outage Constraints
2774 -- 2787Mahmood Al-khassaweneh, Marisel Villafane-Delgado, Ali Yener Mutlu, Selin Aviyente. A Measure of Multivariate Phase Synchrony Using Hyperdimensional Geometry
2788 -- 2802Jarkko Kaleva, Antti Tölli, Markku J. Juntti. Decentralized Sum Rate Maximization With QoS Constraints for Interfering Broadcast Channel Via Successive Convex Approximation
2803 -- 2818Dennis Sundman, Saikat Chatterjee, Mikael Skoglund. Design and Analysis of a Greedy Pursuit for Distributed Compressed Sensing
2819 -- 2834Samuel P. Ebenezer, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola. Generalized Recursive Track-Before-Detect With Proposal Partitioning for Tracking Varying Number of Multiple Targets in Low SNR
2835 -- 2850Roula Nassif, Cádric Richard, André Ferrari, Ali H. Sayed. Multitask Diffusion Adaptation Over Asynchronous Networks
2851 -- 2865Sara Al-Sayed, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Ali H. Sayed. Robust Adaptation in Impulsive Noise
2866 -- 2879Junxiao Song, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. Sequence Set Design With Good Correlation Properties Via Majorization-Minimization
2880 -- 2893Wei-Tao Zhang, Shun-Tian Lou, Xiao-jun Li, Jiao Guo. Tracking Multiple Targets in MIMO Radar Via Adaptive Asymmetric Joint Diagonalization
2894 -- 2906Domenico Ciuonzo, Antonio De Maio, Danilo Orlando. A Unifying Framework for Adaptive Radar Detection in Homogeneous Plus Structured Interference - Part I: On the Maximal Invariant Statistic
2907 -- 2919Domenico Ciuonzo, Antonio De Maio, Danilo Orlando. A Unifying Framework for Adaptive Radar Detection in Homogeneous Plus Structured Interference - Part II: Detectors Design
2920 -- 2933Qingjiang Shi, Meisam Razaviyayn, Mingyi Hong, Zhi-Quan Luo. SINR Constrained Beamforming for a MIMO Multi-User Downlink System: Algorithms and Convergence Analysis
2934 -- 2948Jeremie Houssineau, Daniel E. Clark, Spela Ivekovic, Chee Sing Lee 0001, Jose Franco. A Unified Approach for Multi-Object Triangulation, Tracking and Camera Calibration
2949 -- 2964Yang Yang, Gesualdo Scutari, Daniel P. Palomar, Marius Pesavento. A Parallel Decomposition Method for Nonconvex Stochastic Multi-Agent Optimization Problems
2965 -- 2975Jun Tong, Peter J. Schreier, Qinghua Guo, Sheng Tong, Jiangtao Xi, Yanguang Yu. Shrinkage of Covariance Matrices for Linear Signal Estimation Using Cross-Validation
2976 -- 2989Xiaowei Feng, Xiangyu Kong, Zhansheng Duan, Hongguang Ma. Adaptive Generalized Eigen-Pairs Extraction Algorithms and Their Convergence Analysis
2990 -- 3003Haifan Yin, Laura Cottatellucci, David Gesbert, Ralf R. Müller, Gaoning He. Robust Pilot Decontamination Based on Joint Angle and Power Domain Discrimination

Volume 64, Issue 10

2463 -- 2474Lei Zuo, Ming Li, Zheng Liu, Lin Ma. A High-Resolution Time-Frequency Rate Representation and the Cross-Term Suppression
2475 -- 2488Jie Xu, Rui Zhang. A General Design Framework for MIMO Wireless Energy Transfer With Limited Feedback
2489 -- 2498Xiangdong Huang, Yiwen Han, Ziyang Yan, Hongyu Xian, Wei Lu. Resolution Doubled Co-Prime Spectral Analyzers for Removing Spurious Peaks
2499 -- 2512Amirpasha Shirazinia, Subhrakanti Dey, Domenico Ciuonzo, Pierluigi Salvo Rossi. Massive MIMO for Decentralized Estimation of a Correlated Source
2513 -- 2527Oded Bialer, Dan Raphaeli, Anthony J. Weiss. Two-Way Location Estimation With Synchronized Base Stations
2528 -- 2540Zhenlong Xiao, Xingjian Jing. A Novel Characteristic Parameter Approach for Analysis and Design of Linear Components in Nonlinear Systems
2541 -- 2556Chao-Kai Wen, Chang-Jen Wang, Shi Jin, Kai-Kit Wong, Pangan Ting. Bayes-Optimal Joint Channel-and-Data Estimation for Massive MIMO With Low-Precision ADCs
2557 -- 2572Amin Hassani, Alexander Bertrand, Marc Moonen. GEVD-Based Low-Rank Approximation for Distributed Adaptive Node-Specific Signal Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
2573 -- 2586Shang Li, Xiaodong Wang. Optimal Joint Detection and Estimation Based on Decision-Dependent Bayesian Cost
2587 -- 2601Karl Granström, Peter Willett, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. Asymmetric Threat Modeling Using HMMs: Bernoulli Filtering and Detectability Analysis
2602 -- 2612Scott C. Kim, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya. A Wideband Front-End Receiver Implementation on GPUs
2613 -- 2623Cesar Duarte, Kenneth E. Barner, Keith Goossen. Design of IIR Multi-Notch Filters Based on Polynomially-Represented Squared Frequency Response
2624 -- 2635Khalil Elkhalil, Abla Kammoun, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. Analytical Derivation of the Inverse Moments of One-Sided Correlated Gram Matrices With Applications
2636 -- 2648V. Sriram Siddhardh Nadendla, Pramod K. Varshney. Design of Binary Quantizers for Distributed Detection Under Secrecy Constraints
2649 -- 2659Nasir Saeed, Haewoon Nam. Cluster Based Multidimensional Scaling for Irregular Cognitive Radio Networks Localization
2660 -- 2674Baehoon Choi, Seongkeun Park, Euntai Kim. A Newborn Track Detection and State Estimation Algorithm Using Bernoulli Random Finite Sets
2675 -- 2687Liangzhong Ruan, Vincent K. N. Lau, Moe Z. Win. Generalized Interference Alignment - Part I: Theoretical Framework
2688 -- 2701Liangzhong Ruan, Vincent K. N. Lau, Moe Z. Win. Generalized Interference Alignment - Part II: Application to Wireless Secrecy
2702 -- 2711Itsik Bergel, Yona Perets, Shlomo Shamai. Uplink Downlink Rate Balancing and Throughput Scaling in FDD Massive MIMO Systems
2712 -- 2725Hong Shen, Wei Xu, A. Lee Swindlehurst, Chunming Zhao. Transmitter Optimization for Per-Antenna Power Constrained Multi-Antenna Downlinks: An SLNR Maximization Methodology

Volume 64, Issue 1

5 -- 18Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Aris L. Moustakas. Learning in an Uncertain World: MIMO Covariance Matrix Optimization With Imperfect Feedback
19 -- 34Pawan Setlur, Muralidhar Rangaswamy. Waveform Design for Radar STAP in Signal Dependent Interference
35 -- 47Ebtihal H. G. Yousif, Tharmalingam Ratnarajah, Mathini Sellathurai. A Frequency Domain Approach to Eigenvalue-Based Detection With Diversity Reception and Spectrum Estimation
48 -- 59Sai Jin, Li Ping. Parallel Two-Way Relaying in Cooperative OFDMA Cellular Systems
60 -- 75Wen-Jun Zeng, Hing-Cheung So, Xue Jiang. p-Space for Sparse Approximation
76 -- 88Muhammad Fainan Hanif, Zhiguo Ding, Tharmalingam Ratnarajah, George K. Karagiannidis. A Minorization-Maximization Method for Optimizing Sum Rate in the Downlink of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Systems
89 -- 103Anit Kumar Sahu, Soummya Kar. Distributed Sequential Detection for Gaussian Shift-in-Mean Hypothesis Testing
104 -- 119Neil J. Bershad, Eweda Eweda, José Carlos M. Bermudez. Stochastic Analysis of an Adaptive Line Enhancer/Canceler With a Cyclostationary Input
120 -- 130Matthias Seibert, Julian Wörmann, Rémi Gribonval, Martin Kleinsteuber. Learning Co-Sparse Analysis Operators With Separable Structures
131 -- 145Sener Dikmese, Paschalis C. Sofotasios, Markku Renfors, Mikko Valkama. Subband Energy Based Reduced Complexity Spectrum Sensing Under Noise Uncertainty and Frequency-Selective Spectral Characteristics
146 -- 159Cornelia Vacar, Jean-François Giovannelli, Yannick Berthoumieu. Bayesian Texture Classification From Indirect Observations Using Fast Sampling
160 -- 172Gia-Thuy Pham, Philippe Loubaton, Pascal Vallet. Performance Analysis of Spatial Smoothing Schemes in the Context of Large Arrays
173 -- 188Haroon Raja, Waheed U. Bajwa. Cloud K-SVD: A Collaborative Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Big, Distributed Data
189 -- 202Ivan Dokmanic, Yue M. Lu. Sampling Sparse Signals on the Sphere: Algorithms and Applications
203 -- 213Edwin G. W. Peters, Daniel E. Quevedo, Jan Østergaard. Shaped Gaussian Dictionaries for Quantized Networked Control Systems With Correlated Dropouts
214 -- 228Erdal Panayirci, Habib Senol, Murat Uysal, H. Vincent Poor. Sparse Channel Estimation and Equalization for OFDM-Based Underwater Cooperative Systems With Amplify-and-Forward Relaying
229 -- 243Eyal Nitzan, Tirza Routtenberg, Joseph Tabrikian. A New Class of Bayesian Cyclic Bounds for Periodic Parameter Estimation
244 -- 257Ilya Soloveychik, Dmitry Trushin, Ami Wiesel. Group Symmetric Robust Covariance Estimation
258 -- 270Heeseong Yang, Joohwan Chun. An Improved Algebraic Solution for Moving Target Localization in Noncoherent MIMO Radar Systems