Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 24, Issue 9

1807 -- 1825Suzanna E. Forwood, Rosemary A. Cowell, Timothy J. Bussey, Lisa M. Saksida. Multiple Cognitive Abilities from a Single Cortical Algorithm
1826 -- 1833Michal Weiss, Michal Lavidor. When Less Is More: Evidence for a Facilitative Cathodal tDCS Effect in Attentional Abilities
1834 -- 1848Lawrence Gregory Appelbaum, Carsten Nicolas Boehler, Robert Won, Lauren Davis, Marty G. Woldorff. Strategic Allocation of Attention Reduces Temporally Predictable Stimulus Conflict
1849 -- 1866SooHyun Cho, Arron W. S. Metcalfe, Christina B. Young, Srikanth Ryali, David C. Geary, Vinod Menon. Hippocampal-Prefrontal Engagement and Dynamic Causal Interactions in the Maturation of Children's Fact Retrieval
1867 -- 1883Bradley R. Buchsbaum, Sabrina Lemire-Rodger, Candice Fang, Hervé Abdi. The Neural Basis of Vivid Memory Is Patterned on Perception
1884 -- 1895Audrey G. Lustig, Diane M. Beck. Task-relevant and Task-irrelevant Dimensions Are Modulated Independently at a Task-irrelevant Location
1896 -- 1907I-Hui Hsieh, Paul Fillmore, Feng Rong, Gregory Hickok, Kourosh Saberi. FM-selective Networks in Human Auditory Cortex Revealed Using fMRI and Multivariate Pattern Classification
1908 -- 1918Yu-Chin Chiu, Adam R. Aron, Frederick Verbruggen. Response Suppression by Automatic Retrieval of Stimulus-Stop Association: Evidence from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
1919 -- 1931János Horváth, Burkhard Maess, Pamela Baess, Annamária Tóth. Action-Sound Coincidences Suppress Evoked Responses of the Human Auditory Cortex in EEG and MEG
1932 -- 1940Heleen A. Slagter, Rachel Tomer, Bradley T. Christian, Andrew S. Fox, Lorenza S. Colzato, Carlye R. King, Dhanabalan Murali, Richard J. Davidson. PET Evidence for a Role for Striatal Dopamine in the Attentional Blink: Functional Implications
1941 -- 1959Chun-Yu Tse, Kathy A. Low, Monica Fabiani, Gabriele Gratton. Rules Rule! Brain Activity Dissociates the Representations of Stimulus Contingencies with Varying Levels of Complexity
1960 -- 1970Linh C. Dang, Aneesh Donde, Cindee M. Madison, James P. O'Neil, William J. Jagust. Striatal Dopamine Influences the Default Mode Network to Affect Shifting between Object Features

Volume 24, Issue 8

1657 -- 1663Gary J. Lewis, Ryota Kanai, Timothy C. Bates, Geraint Rees. Moral Values Are Associated with Individual Differences in Regional Brain Volume
1664 -- 1670Alexander A. Schlegel, Justin J. Rudelson, Peter U. Tse. White Matter Structure Changes as Adults Learn a Second Language
1671 -- 1681Lea K. Pilgrim, Jamie G. Murray, David I. Donaldson. Characterizing Episodic Memory Retrieval: Electrophysiological Evidence for Diminished Familiarity following Unitization
1682 -- 1694Tracy Warbrick, Arian Mobascher, Jürgen Brinkmeyer, Francesco Musso, Tony Stöcker, N. Jon Shah, Gereon R. Fink, Georg Winterer. Nicotine Effects on Brain Function during a Visual Oddball Task: A Comparison between Conventional and EEG-informed fMRI Analysis
1695 -- 1708Emily B. Myers, Kristen Swan. Effects of Category Learning on Neural Sensitivity to Non-native Phonetic Categories
1709 -- 1724Scott A. Wylie, Daniel O. Claassen, Hilde M. Huizenga, Kerilyn D. Schewel, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Theodore R. Bashore, Wery P. M. van den Wildenberg. Dopamine Agonists and the Suppression of Impulsive Motor Actions in Parkinson Disease
1725 -- 1741Katharina Sophia Goerlich, Jurriaan Witteman, Niels O. Schiller, Vincent J. van Heuven, André Aleman, Sander Martens. The Nature of Affective Priming in Music and Speech
1742 -- 1752Bryan T. Denny, Hedy Kober, Tor D. Wager, Kevin N. Ochsner. A Meta-analysis of Functional Neuroimaging Studies of Self- and Other Judgments Reveals a Spatial Gradient for Mentalizing in Medial Prefrontal Cortex
1753 -- 1765Robert P. Spunt, Matthew D. Lieberman, Jessica R. Cohen, Naomi I. Eisenberger. The Phenomenology of Error Processing: The Dorsal ACC Response to Stop-signal Errors Tracks Reports of Negative Affect
1766 -- 1778Maya Visser, Elizabeth Jefferies, Karl V. Embleton, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph. Both the Middle Temporal Gyrus and the Ventral Anterior Temporal Area Are Crucial for Multimodal Semantic Processing: Distortion-corrected fMRI Evidence for a Double Gradient of Information Convergence in the Temporal Lobes
1779 -- 1793Yoshiyuki Kashiwase, Kazumichi Matsumiya, Ichiro Kuriki, Satoshi Shioiri. Time Courses of Attentional Modulation in Neural Amplification and Synchronization Measured with Steady-state Visual-evoked Potentials
1794 -- 1805Kaoru Nashiro, Michiko Sakaki, Lin Nga, Mara Mather. Differential Brain Activity during Emotional versus Nonemotional Reversal Learning

Volume 24, Issue 7

1511 -- 1518Mathias Weymar, Lars Schwabe, Andreas Löw, Alfons O. Hamm. Stress Sensitizes the Brain: Increased Processing of Unpleasant Pictures after Exposure to Acute Stress
1519 -- 1531Marco Casarotti, Matteo Lisi, Carlo Umilta, Marco Zorzi. Paying Attention through Eye Movements: A Computational Investigation of the Premotor Theory of Spatial Attention
1532 -- 1547Sasha M. Wolosin, Dagmar Zeithamova, Alison R. Preston. Reward Modulation of Hippocampal Subfield Activation during Successful Associative Encoding and Retrieval
1548 -- 1559Moritz F. Wurm, D. Yves von Cramon, Ricarda I. Schubotz. The Context-Object-Manipulation Triad: Cross Talk during Action Perception Revealed by fMRI
1560 -- 1570Muhammad A. Parvaz, Anna B. Konova, Dardo Tomasi, Nora D. Volkow, Rita Z. Goldstein. Structural Integrity of the Prefrontal Cortex Modulates Electrocortical Sensitivity to Reward
1571 -- 1583Janet Metcalfe, Brady Butterfield, Christian G. Habeck, Yaakov Stern. Neural Correlates of People's Hypercorrection of Their False Beliefs
1584 -- 1595Francesca Ferri, Francesca Frassinetti, Martina Ardizzi, Marcello Costantini, Vittorio Gallese. A Sensorimotor Network for the Bodily Self
1596 -- 1609Tobias Katus, Søren K. Andersen, Matthias M. Müller. Nonspatial Cueing of Tactile STM Causes Shift of Spatial Attention
1610 -- 1624Jon Andoni Duñabeitia, Maria Dimitropoulou, Jonathan Grainger, Juan Andrés Hernández, Manuel Carreiras. Differential Sensitivity of Letters, Numbers, and Symbols to Character Transpositions
1625 -- 1633Dylan D. Wagner, Rebecca G. Boswell, William M. Kelley, Todd F. Heatherton. Inducing Negative Affect Increases the Reward Value of Appetizing Foods in Dieters
1634 -- 1644Liping Wang, Xianchun Li, Steven S. Hsiao, Mark Bodner, Fred Lenz, Yong-Di Zhou. Behavioral Choice-related Neuronal Activity in Monkey Primary Somatosensory Cortex in a Haptic Delay Task
1645 -- 1655Sylvain Madec, Arnaud Rey, Stéphane Dufau, Michael Klein, Jonathan Grainger. The Time Course of Visual Letter Perception

Volume 24, Issue 6

1275 -- 1285Caterina Gratton, Emi M. Nomura, Fernando Pérez, Mark D'Esposito. Focal Brain Lesions to Critical Locations Cause Widespread Disruption of the Modular Organization of the Brain
1286 -- 1293Sijing Wu, Cho Kin Cheng, Jing Feng, Lisa D'Angelo, Claude Alain, Ian Spence. Playing a First-person Shooter Video Game Induces Neuroplastic Change
1294 -- 1304Michael Niedeggen, Lars Michael, Guido Hesselmann. Closing the Gates to Consciousness: Distractors Activate a Central Inhibition Process
1305 -- 1313Lara Bardi, Ryota Kanai, Daniela Mapelli, Vincent Walsh. TMS of the FEF Interferes with Spatial Conflict
1314 -- 1330Elsie Premereur, Wim Vanduffel, Peter Janssen. Local Field Potential Activity Associated with Temporal Expectations in the Macaque Lateral Intraparietal Area
1331 -- 1343Aurelie L. Manuel, Fosco Bernasconi, Micah M. Murray, Lucas Spierer. Spatio-temporal Brain Dynamics Mediating Post-error Behavioral Adjustments
1344 -- 1357Eva M. Fraedrich, Virginia L. Flanagin, Jeng-Ren Duann, Thomas Brandt, Stefan Glasauer. Hippocampal Involvement in Processing of Indistinct Visual Motion Stimuli
1358 -- 1370Hiroto Kawasaki, Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Christopher Kovach, Kirill V. Nourski, Hiroyuki Oya, Matthew A. Howard III, Ralph Adolphs. Processing of Facial Emotion in the Human Fusiform Gyrus
1371 -- 1381Abigail Z. Rajala, Jeffrey B. Henriques, Luis C. Populin. Dissociative Effects of Methylphenidate in Nonhuman Primates: Trade-offs between Cognitive and Behavioral Performance
1382 -- 1397Sibylle C. Herholz, Andrea R. Halpern, Robert J. Zatorre. Neuronal Correlates of Perception, Imagery, and Memory for Familiar Tunes
1398 -- 1410Jena B. Hales, James B. Brewer. The Path to Memory Is Guided by Strategy: Distinct Networks Are Engaged in Associative Encoding under Visual and Verbal Strategy and Influence Memory Performance in Healthy and Impaired Individuals
1411 -- 1419Yawei Cheng, Shin-Yi Lee, Hsin-Yu Chen, Ping-Yao Wang, Jean Decety. Voice and Emotion Processing in the Human Neonatal Brain
1420 -- 1433Wataru Sato, Takanori Kochiyama, Shota Uono, Kazumi Matsuda, Keiko Usui, Yushi Inoue, Motomi Toichi. Temporal Profile of Amygdala Gamma Oscillations in Response to Faces
1434 -- 1446Meredith A. Shafto, Billi Randall, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, Paul Wright, Lorraine K. Tyler. Age-related Neural Reorganization during Spoken Word Recognition: The Interaction of Form and Meaning
1447 -- 1461Lutz Jäncke, Nicolas Langer, Jürgen Hänggi. Diminished Whole-brain but Enhanced Peri-sylvian Connectivity in Absolute Pitch Musicians
1462 -- 1475Kathleen A. Hansen, Sarah F. Hillenbrand, Leslie Ungerleider. Human Brain Activity Predicts Individual Differences in Prior Knowledge Use during Decisions
1476 -- 1491Emma K. Bridger, Axel Mecklinger. Electrophysiologically Dissociating Episodic Preretrieval Processing
1492 -- 1509Francesca Carota, Rachel Moseley, Friedemann Pulvermüller. Body-part-specific Representations of Semantic Noun Categories

Volume 24, Issue 5

1031 -- 1054Praveen K. Pilly, Stephen Grossberg. How Do Spatial Learning and Memory Occur in the Brain? Coordinated Learning of Entorhinal Grid Cells and Hippocampal Place Cells
1055 -- 1068Tracy H. Wang, Marianne de Chastelaine, Brian Minton, Michael D. Rugg. Effects of Age on the Neural Correlates of Familiarity as Indexed by ERPs
1069 -- 1076David E. Anderson, Theodore A. Bell, Edward Awh. Polymorphisms in the 5-HTTLPR Gene Mediate Storage Capacity of Visual Working Memory
1077 -- 1086Sebo Uithol, Iris van Rooij, Harold Bekkering, Pim Haselager. Hierarchies in Action and Motor Control
1087 -- 1103John Patrick Sheppard, Ji-Ping Wang, Patrick C. M. Wong. Large-scale Cortical Network Properties Predict Future Sound-to-Word Learning Success
1104 -- 1112Albert Kim, Vicky Lai. Rapid Interactions between Lexical Semantic and Word Form Analysis during Word Recognition in Context: Evidence from ERPs
1113 -- 1126Crystal Reeck, Kevin S. LaBar, Tobias Egner. Neural Mechanisms Mediating Contingent Capture of Attention by Affective Stimuli
1127 -- 1137Hiroki R. Hayama, Kaia L. Vilberg, Michael D. Rugg. Overlap between the Neural Correlates of Cued Recall and Source Memory: Evidence for a Generic Recollection Network?
1138 -- 1148Masahiro Nakatsuka, Mohamed Nasreldin Thabit, Satoko Koganemaru, Ippei Nojima, Hidenao Fukuyama, Tatsuya Mima. Writing's Shadow: Corticospinal Activation during Letter Observation
1149 -- 1164Marcela Peña, Lucia Melloni. Brain Oscillations during Spoken Sentence Processing
1165 -- 1172Pier Francesco Ferrari, Ross E. Vanderwert, Annika Paukner, Seth Bower, Stephen J. Suomi, Nathan A. Fox. Distinct EEG Amplitude Suppression to Facial Gestures as Evidence for a Mirror Mechanism in Newborn Monkeys
1173 -- 1190Kerstin Jost, Patrick Khader, Peter Düsel, Franziska R. Richter, Kristina B. Rohde, Siegfried Bien, Frank Rösler. Controlling Conflict from Interfering Long-term Memory Representations
1191 -- 1204Timothy R. Koscik, Daniel Tranel. The Human Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Is Critical for Transitive Inference
1205 -- 1223Aaron J. Newman, Antoine Tremblay, Emily S. Nichols, Helen J. Neville, Michael T. Ullman. The Influence of Language Proficiency on Lexical Semantic Processing in Native and Late Learners of English
1224 -- 1232Sarah Shultz, Athena Vouloumanos, Kevin A. Pelphrey. The Superior Temporal Sulcus Differentiates Communicative and Noncommunicative Auditory Signals
1233 -- 1252Andrea T. Shafer, Dmitriy Matveychuk, Todd Penney, Aminda J. O'Hare, Jared Stokes, Florin Dolcos. Processing of Emotional Distraction Is Both Automatic and Modulated by Attention: Evidence from an Event-related fMRI Investigation
1253 -- 1263Hakuei Fujiyama, Mark R. Hinder, Matthew W. Schmidt, Christophe Tandonnet, Michael I. Garry, Jeffery J. Summers. Age-related Differences in Corticomotor Excitability and Inhibitory Processes during a Visuomotor RT Task
1264 -- 1274Roland Nigbur, Michael X. Cohen, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Birgit Stürmer. Theta Dynamics Reveal Domain-specific Control over Stimulus and Response Conflict

Volume 24, Issue 4

775 -- 777Juha Silvanto, Alvaro Pascual-Leone. Why the Assessment of Causality in Brain-Behavior Relations Requires Brain Stimulation
778 -- 793Hannah E. Gardner, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph, Naomi Dodds, Theresa Jones, Sheeba Ehsan, Elizabeth Jefferies. The Differential Contributions of pFC and Temporo-parietal Cortex to Multimodal Semantic Control: Exploring Refractory Effects in Semantic Aphasia
794 -- 808David Luque, Francisco J. López, Josep Marco-Pallarés, Estela Camara, Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells. Feedback-related Brain Potential Activity Complies with Basic Assumptions of Associative Learning Theory
809 -- 818Nina Bien, Rainer Goebel, Alexander Thomas Sack. Extinguishing Extinction: Hemispheric Differences in the Modulation of TMS-induced Visual Extinction by Directing Covert Spatial Attention
819 -- 829Henry Railo, Niina Salminen-Vaparanta, Linda Henriksson, Antti Revonsuo, Mika Koivisto. Unconscious and Conscious Processing of Color Rely on Activity in Early Visual Cortex: A TMS Study
830 -- 842Sunah Kim, Ryan A. Stevenson, Thomas W. James. Visuo-haptic Neuronal Convergence Demonstrated with an Inversely Effective Pattern of BOLD Activation
843 -- 853Joan Borràs-Comes, Jordi Costa-Faidella, Pilar Prieto, Carles Escera. Specific Neural Traces for Intonational Discourse Categories as Revealed by Human-evoked Potentials
854 -- 867Barbara Treccani, Roberto Cubelli, Roberta Sellaro, Carlo Umilta, Sergio Della Sala. Dissociation between Awareness and Spatial Coding: Evidence from Unilateral Neglect
868 -- 877Rajeev D. S. Raizada, Andrew C. Connolly. What Makes Different People's Representations Alike: Neural Similarity Space Solves the Problem of Across-subject fMRI Decoding
878 -- 887Adriana Hanulíková, Petra M. van Alphen, Merel M. van Goch, Andrea Weber. When One Person's Mistake Is Another's Standard Usage: The Effect of Foreign Accent on Syntactic Processing
888 -- 895Andreas Konrad, Goran Vucurevic, Francesco Musso, Georg Winterer. VBM-DTI Correlates of Verbal Intelligence: A Potential Link to Broca's Area
896 -- 904Bianca Michelle van Kemenade, Neil G. Muggleton, Vincent Walsh, Ayse Pinar Saygin. Effects of TMS over Premotor and Superior Temporal Cortices on Biological Motion Perception
905 -- 914Lars Strother, Cheryl Lavell, Tutis Vilis. Figure-Ground Representation and Its Decay in Primary Visual Cortex
915 -- 932Frank Domahs, Arne Nagels, Ulrike Domahs, Carin Whitney, Richard Wiese, Tilo Kircher. Where the Mass Counts: Common Cortical Activation for Different Kinds of Nonsingularity
933 -- 947Kara Morgan-Short, Karsten Steinhauer, Cristina Sanz, Michael T. Ullman. Explicit and Implicit Second Language Training Differentially Affect the Achievement of Native-like Brain Activation Patterns
948 -- 964Nele Demeyere, Pia Rotshtein, Glyn W. Humphreys. The Neuroanatomy of Visual Enumeration: Differentiating Necessary Neural Correlates for Subitizing versus Counting in a Neuropsychological Voxel-based Morphometry Study
965 -- 974Anouk M. van Loon, H. Steven Scholte, Simon van Gaal, Björn J. J. van der Hoort, Victor A. F. Lamme. A Agonist Reduces Visual Awareness: A Masking-EEG Experiment
975 -- 989Nikolaas N. Oosterhof, Steven P. Tipper, Paul E. Downing. Viewpoint (In)dependence of Action Representations: An MVPA Study
990 -- 1005Milena Rabovsky, Werner Sommer, Rasha Abdel Rahman. Depth of Conceptual Knowledge Modulates Visual Processes during Word Reading
1006 -- 1017Sara C. Verosky, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne. Representations of Facial Identity in the Left Hemisphere Require Right Hemisphere Processing
1018 -- 1029Michela Sarlo, Lorella Lotto, Andrea Manfrinati, Rino Rumiati, Germano Gallicchio, Daniela Palomba. Temporal Dynamics of Cognitive-Emotional Interplay in Moral Decision-making

Volume 24, Issue 3

531 -- 542Yulia Lerner, Neomi Singer, Tal Gonen, Yonatan Weintraub, Oded Cohen, Nava Rubin, Leslie Ungerleider, Talma Hendler. Feeling without Seeing? Engagement of Ventral, but Not Dorsal, Amygdala during Unaware Exposure to Emotional Faces
543 -- 552Matthew R. Longo, Jason Jiri Musil, Patrick Haggard. Visuo-tactile Integration in Personal Space
553 -- 563Joshua Jacobs, Bradley Lega, Christopher Anderson. Explaining How Brain Stimulation Can Evoke Memories
564 -- 574Judit Gervain, Iris Berent, Janet F. Werker. Binding at Birth: The Newborn Brain Detects Identity Relations and Sequential Position in Speech
575 -- 587Sophie M. Wuerger, Laura M. Parkes, Penelope A. Lewis, Alex Crocker-Buque, Roland Rutschmann, Georg F. Meyer. Premotor Cortex Is Sensitive to Auditory-Visual Congruence for Biological Motion
588 -- 599Matthijs G. Bossong, Gerry Jager, Hendrika H. van Hell, Lineke Zuurman, J. Martijn Jansma, Mitul A. Mehta, Joop M. A. van Gerven, René S. Kahn, Nick F. Ramsey. Effects of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Administration on Human Encoding and Recall Memory Function: A Pharmacological fMRI Study
600 -- 610Ariel Tankus, Itzhak Fried. Visuomotor Coordination and Motor Representation by Human Temporal Lobe Neurons
611 -- 626François Vachon, Pierre Jolicoeur. On the Automaticity of Semantic Processing during Task Switching
627 -- 635Satoshi Tsujimoto, Bradley R. Postle. The Prefrontal Cortex and Oculomotor Delayed Response: A Reconsideration of the "Mnemonic Scotoma"
636 -- 652Carolyn McGettigan, Samuel Evans, Stuart Rosen, Zarinah K. Agnew, Poonam Shah, Sophie K. Scott. An Application of Univariate and Multivariate Approaches in fMRI to Quantifying the Hemispheric Lateralization of Acoustic and Linguistic Processes
653 -- 663Marcin Leszczynski, Nicholas E. Myers, Elkan G. Akyürek, Anna Schubö. Recoding between Two Types of STM Representation Revealed by the Dynamics of Memory Search
664 -- 676Liping Wang, Xianchun Li, Steven S. Hsiao, Mark Bodner, Fred Lenz, Yong-Di Zhou. Persistent Neuronal Firing in Primary Somatosensory Cortex in the Absence of Working Memory of Trial-specific Features of the Sample Stimuli in a Haptic Working Memory Task
677 -- 685Saskia Haegens, Lisa Luther, Ole Jensen. Somatosensory Anticipatory Alpha Activity Increases to Suppress Distracting Input
686 -- 697David J. White, Marco Congedo, Joseph Ciorciari, Richard B. Silberstein. Brain Oscillatory Activity during Spatial Navigation: Theta and Gamma Activity Link Medial Temporal and Parietal Regions
698 -- 706Franziska Knolle, Erich Schröger, Pamela Baess, Sonja A. Kotz. The Cerebellum Generates Motor-to-Auditory Predictions: ERP Lesion Evidence
707 -- 717Brian J. White, Jan Theeuwes, Douglas P. Munoz. Interaction between Visual- and Goal-related Neuronal Signals on the Trajectories of Saccadic Eye Movements
718 -- 735Magdalena Chechlacz, Pia Rotshtein, Peter C. Hansen, Jane M. Riddoch, Shoumitro Deb, Glyn W. Humphreys. The Neural Underpinings of Simultanagnosia: Disconnecting the Visuospatial Attention Network
736 -- 748Barbara Tomasino, Martina Ceschia, Franco Fabbro, Miran Skrap. Motor Simulation during Action Word Processing in Neurosurgical Patients
749 -- 759Monika Kiss, Anna Grubert, Anders Petersen, Martin Eimer. Attentional Capture by Salient Distractors during Visual Search Is Determined by Temporal Task Demands
760 -- 773Aidan J. Horner, Richard N. Henson. Incongruent Abstract Stimulus-Response Bindings Result in Response Interference: fMRI and EEG Evidence from Visual Object Classification Priming

Volume 24, Issue 2

261 -- 275Maya L. Henry, Pélagie M. Beeson, Gene E. Alexander, Steven Z. Rapcsak. Written Language Impairments in Primary Progressive Aphasia: A Reflection of Damage to Central Semantic and Phonological Processes
276 -- 286Nadia Bolognini, Carlo Cecchetto, Carlo Geraci, Angelo Maravita, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Costanza Papagno. Hearing Shapes Our Perception of Time: Temporal Discrimination of Tactile Stimuli in Deaf People
287 -- 303Michael A. Pitts, Antígona Martínez, Steven A. Hillyard. Visual Processing of Contour Patterns under Conditions of Inattentional Blindness
304 -- 314Rafael Polanía, Walter Paulus, Michael A. Nitsche. Noninvasively Decoding the Contents of Visual Working Memory in the Human Prefrontal Cortex within High-gamma Oscillatory Patterns
315 -- 336Robert A. Marino, Thomas P. Trappenberg, Michael Dorris, Douglas P. Munoz. Spatial Interactions in the Superior Colliculus Predict Saccade Behavior in a Neural Field Model
337 -- 350Álvaro Darriba, Paula Pazo-Álvarez, Almudena Capilla, Elena Amenedo. Oscillatory Brain Activity in the Time Frequency Domain Associated to Change Blindness and Change Detection Awareness
351 -- 366Wolfgang M. Pauli, Thomas E. Hazy, Randall C. O'Reilly. Expectancy, Ambiguity, and Behavioral Flexibility: Separable and Complementary Roles of the Orbital Frontal Cortex and Amygdala in Processing Reward Expectancies
367 -- 377Vincent van de Ven, Bert Jans, Rainer Goebel, Peter De Weerd. Early Human Visual Cortex Encodes Surface Brightness Induced by Dynamic Context
378 -- 395Marianne Løvstad, Ingrid Funderud, Magnus Lindgren, Tor Endestad, Paulina Due-Tønnessen, Torstein Meling, Bradley Voytek, Robert T. Knight, Anne-Kristin Solbakk. Contribution of Subregions of Human Frontal Cortex to Novelty Processing
396 -- 415Valia Rodríguez, Russell Thompson, Mark Stokes, Matthew Brett, Indira Alvarez, Mitchell Valdés-Sosa, John Duncan. Absence of Face-specific Cortical Activity in the Complete Absence of Awareness: Converging Evidence from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Event-related Potentials
416 -- 427Erika Nyhus, Tim Curran. Midazolam-induced Amnesia Reduces Memory for Details and Affects the ERP Correlates of Recollection and Familiarity
428 -- 439Hackjin Kim, Min-Jo Choi, In-Ji Jang. Lateral OFC Activity Predicts Decision Bias due to First Impressions during Ultimatum Games
440 -- 450Trafton Drew, Todd Horowitz, Jeremy M. Wolfe, Edward K. Vogel. Neural Measures of Dynamic Changes in Attentive Tracking Load
451 -- 463Jessica R. Simon, Chandan J. Vaidya, James H. Howard Jr., Darlene V. Howard. The Effects of Aging on the Neural Basis of Implicit Associative Learning in a Probabilistic Triplets Learning Task
464 -- 474Luca F. Ticini, Simone Schütz-Bosbach, Carmen Weiss, Antonino Casile, Florian Waszak. When Sounds Become Actions: Higher-order Representation of Newly Learned Action Sounds in the Human Motor System
475 -- 481Carissa L. Philippi, Melissa C. Duff, Natalie L. Denburg, Daniel Tranel, David Rudrauf. Medial PFC Damage Abolishes the Self-reference Effect
482 -- 495Greig I. de Zubicaray, Michele Miozzo, Kori Johnson, Niels O. Schiller, Katie McMahon. Independent Distractor Frequency and Age-of-Acquisition Effects in Picture-Word Interference: fMRI Evidence for Post-lexical and Lexical Accounts according to Distractor Type
496 -- 506Hiroyuki Tsubomi, Takashi Ikeda, Takashi Hanakawa, Nobuyuki Hirose, Hidenao Fukuyama, Naoyuki Osaka. Dissociable Neural Activations of Conscious Visibility and Attention
507 -- 520Elaine Foley, Gina Rippon, Ngoc Jade Thai, Olivia Longe, Carl Senior. Dynamic Facial Expressions Evoke Distinct Activation in the Face Perception Network: A Connectivity Analysis Study
521 -- 529Frank Oppermann, Uwe Hassler, Jörg D. Jescheniak, Thomas Gruber. The Rapid Extraction of Gist - Early Neural Correlates of High-level Visual Processing

Volume 24, Issue 12

2281 -- 2291Eva Zita Patai, Sonia Doallo, Anna Christina Nobre. Long-term Memories Bias Sensitivity and Target Selection in Complex Scenes
2292 -- 2305Sanda Dolcos, Keen Sung, Jennifer J. Argo, Sophie Flor-Henry, Florin Dolcos. The Power of a Handshake: Neural Correlates of Evaluative Judgments in Observed Social Interactions
2306 -- 2320Luigi Tamè, Christoph Braun, Angelika Lingnau, Jens Schwarzbach, Gianpaolo Demarchi, Yiwen Li Hegner, Alessandro Farnè, Francesco Pavani. The Contribution of Primary and Secondary Somatosensory Cortices to the Representation of Body Parts and Body Sides: An fMRI Adaptation Study
2321 -- 2333Kyle E. Mathewson, Christopher Prudhomme, Monica Fabiani, Diane M. Beck, Alejandro Lleras, Gabriele Gratton. Making Waves in the Stream of Consciousness: Entraining Oscillations in EEG Alpha and Fluctuations in Visual Awareness with Rhythmic Visual Stimulation
2334 -- 2347Ioan Opris, Robert E. Hampson, Greg A. Gerhardt, Theodore W. Berger, Sam A. Deadwyler. Columnar Processing in Primate pFC: Evidence for Executive Control Microcircuits
2348 -- 2362Liuba Papeo, Raffaella Ida Rumiati, Cinzia Cecchetto, Barbara Tomasino. On-line Changing of Thinking about Words: The Effect of Cognitive Context on Neural Responses to Verb Reading
2363 -- 2371Paolo Capotosto, Maurizio Corbetta, Gian Luca Romani, Claudio Babiloni. Electrophysiological Correlates of Stimulus-driven Reorienting Deficits after Interference with Right Parietal Cortex during a Spatial Attention Task: A TMS-EEG Study
2372 -- 2384Alexa M. Morcom, Michael D. Rugg. Retrieval Orientation and the Control of Recollection: An fMRI Study
2385 -- 2399Diana J. N. Armbruster, Kai Ueltzhöffer, Ulrike Basten, Christian J. Fiebach. Prefrontal Cortical Mechanisms Underlying Individual Differences in Cognitive Flexibility and Stability
2400 -- 2418Diana V. Dimitrova, Laurie A. Stowe, Gisela Redeker, John C. J. Hoeks. Less Is Not More: Neural Responses to Missing and Superfluous Accents in Context
2419 -- 2427Flavia Mancini, Nadia Bolognini, Patrick Haggard, Giuseppe Vallar. tDCS Modulation of Visually Induced Analgesia
2428 -- 2444Heather R. Collins, Xun Zhu, Ramesh S. Bhatt, Jonathan D. Clark, Jane E. Joseph. Process and Domain Specificity in Regions Engaged for Face Processing: An fMRI Study of Perceptual Differentiation

Volume 24, Issue 11

2135 -- 2146Sharon Geva, Peter Simon Jones, Jennifer T. Crinion, Cathy J. Price, Jean-Claude Baron, Elizabeth A. Warburton. The Effect of Aging on the Neural Correlates of Phonological Word Retrieval
2147 -- 2154Patrik Sörqvist, Stefan Stenfelt, Jerker Rönnberg. Working Memory Capacity and Visual-Verbal Cognitive Load Modulate Auditory-Sensory Gating in the Brainstem: Toward a Unified View of Attention
2155 -- 2170Maya Zuckerman, Daniel A. Levy, Roni Tibon, Niv Reggev, Anat Maril. Does This Ring a Bell? Music-cued Retrieval of Semantic Knowledge and Metamemory Judgments
2171 -- 2185Tsukasa Kamigaki, Tetsuya Fukushima, Keita Tamura, Yasushi Miyashita. Neurodynamics of Cognitive Set Shifting in Monkey Frontal Cortex and Its Causal Impact on Behavioral Flexibility
2186 -- 2198Keiichi Onoda, Masaki Ishihara, Shuhei Yamaguchi. Decreased Functional Connectivity by Aging Is Associated with Cognitive Decline
2199 -- 2210Nikos Konstantinou, Bahador Bahrami, Geraint Rees, Nilli Lavie. Visual Short-term Memory Load Reduces Retinotopic Cortex Response to Contrast
2211 -- 2222Andrea Marini, Cosimo Urgesi. Please Get to the Point! A Cortical Correlate of Linguistic Informativeness
2223 -- 2236Qi Chen, Ralph Weidner, Peter H. Weiss, John C. Marshall, Gereon R. Fink. Neural Interaction between Spatial Domain and Spatial Reference Frame in Parietal-Occipital Junction
2237 -- 2247Markus J. van Ackeren, Daniel Casasanto, Harold Bekkering, Peter Hagoort, Shirley-Ann Rüschemeyer. Pragmatics in Action: Indirect Requests Engage Theory of Mind Areas and the Cortical Motor Network
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Volume 24, Issue 10

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Volume 24, Issue 1

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