Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 59, Issue 9

4053 -- 4085Marco F. Duarte, Yonina C. Eldar. Structured Compressed Sensing: From Theory to Applications
4086 -- 4096Danilo Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci. Adaptive Radar Detection and Localization of a Point-Like Target
4097 -- 4107Yilun Chen, Ami Wiesel, Alfred O. Hero. Robust Shrinkage Estimation of High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices
4108 -- 4121Sonia Ben Hassen, Faouzi Bellili, Abdelaziz Samet, Sofiène Affes. DOA Estimation of Temporally and Spatially Correlated Narrowband Noncircular Sources in Spatially Correlated White Noise
4122 -- 4138Shahrokh Farahmand, Stergios I. Roumeliotis, Georgios B. Giannakis. Set-Membership Constrained Particle Filter: Distributed Adaptation for Sensor Networks
4139 -- 4153Maxim Raginsky, Sina Jafarpour, Zachary T. Harmany, Roummel F. Marcia, Rebecca M. Willett, A. Robert Calderbank. Performance Bounds for Expander-Based Compressed Sensing in Poisson Noise
4154 -- 4167George-Othon Glentis, Andreas Jakobsson. Efficient Implementation of Iterative Adaptive Approach Spectral Estimation Techniques
4168 -- 4182Massimiliano Pierobon, Ian F. Akyildiz. Noise Analysis in Ligand-Binding Reception for Molecular Communication in Nanonetworks
4183 -- 4198Pablo Sprechmann, Ignacio Ramírez, Guillermo Sapiro, Yonina C. Eldar. C-HiLasso: A Collaborative Hierarchical Sparse Modeling Framework
4199 -- 4209Idan Ram, Michael Elad, Israel Cohen. Generalized Tree-Based Wavelet Transform
4210 -- 4224Lakshminarayan Ravichandran, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola, Andreas Spanias, Zoé Lacroix, Christophe Legendre. Waveform Mapping and Time-Frequency Processing of DNA and Protein Sequences
4225 -- 4237Karsten Fyhn Nielsen, Rasmus M. Jacobsen, Petar Popovski, Anna Scaglione, Torben Larsen. Multipacket Reception of Passive UHF RFID Tags: A Communication Theoretic Approach
4238 -- 4255Amin Zollanvari, Ulisses de Mendonça Braga Neto, Edward R. Dougherty. Analytic Study of Performance of Error Estimators for Linear Discriminant Analysis
4256 -- 4270Z.-M. Liu, Z.-T. Huang, Y. Y. Zhou. Direction-of-Arrival Estimation of Wideband Signals via Covariance Matrix Sparse Representation
4271 -- 4285Nele Noels, Marc Moeneclaey, Frederik Simoens, Daniel Delaruelle. A Low-Complexity Iterative Phase Noise Tracker for Bit-Interleaved Coded CPM Signals in AWGN
4286 -- 4299Jan Østergaard, Daniel E. Quevedo, Jesper Jensen. Real-Time Perceptual Moving-Horizon Multiple-Description Audio Coding
4300 -- 4312Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Kevin Rosenblum, Yonina C. Eldar. Sensing Matrix Optimization for Block-Sparse Decoding
4313 -- 4330Keyvan Zarifi, Ali Ghrayeb, Sofiène Affes. Jointly Optimal Source Power Control and Relay Matrix Design in Multipoint-to-Multipoint Cooperative Communication Networks
4331 -- 4340Qingjiang Shi, Meisam Razaviyayn, Zhi-Quan Luo, Chen He. An Iteratively Weighted MMSE Approach to Distributed Sum-Utility Maximization for a MIMO Interfering Broadcast Channel
4341 -- 4353Michail Matthaiou, Caijun Zhong, Tharmalingam Ratnarajah. Novel Generic Bounds on the Sum Rate of MIMO ZF Receivers
4354 -- 4366Jason A. Fuemmeler, George Atia, Venugopal V. Veeravalli. Sleep Control for Tracking in Sensor Networks
4367 -- 4380Feng Li, Jamie S. Evans, Subhrakanti Dey. Decision Fusion Over Noncoherent Fading Multiaccess Channels
4381 -- 4396Dragana Bajovic, Dusan Jakovetic, João Xavier, Bruno Sinopoli, José M. F. Moura. Distributed Detection via Gaussian Running Consensus: Large Deviations Asymptotic Analysis
4397 -- 4410Yiyin Wang, Xiaoli Ma, Geert Leus. Robust Time-Based Localization for Asynchronous Networks
4411 -- 4423Ghasem Naddafzadeh Shirazi, Lutz Lampe. Lifetime Maximization in UWB Sensor Networks for Event Detection
4424 -- 4437Jing Wang, Jie Liang. Distortion Exponents of Two-Way Relay Networks
4438 -- 4446Ting Kong, Yingbo Hua. Optimal Design of Source and Relay Pilots for MIMO Relay Channel Estimation
4447 -- 4458Arnau Tibau Puig, Ami Wiesel, Aimee K. Zaas, Christopher W. Woods, Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Gilles Fleury, Alfred O. Hero. Order-Preserving Factor Analysis - Application to Longitudinal Gene Expression
4459 -- 4469Manohar Ayinala, Keshab K. Parhi. High-Speed Parallel Architectures for Linear Feedback Shift Registers
4470 -- 4472Kush R. Varshney. Bayes Risk Error is a Bregman Divergence
4473 -- 4477Ba-Tuong Vo, Daniel Clark, Ba-Ngu Vo, Branko Ristic. Bernoulli Forward-Backward Smoothing for Joint Target Detection and Tracking
4478 -- 4482Fabian J. Theis, Motoaki Kawanabe, Klaus-Robert Müller. Uniqueness of Non-Gaussianity-Based Dimension Reduction
4483 -- 4488Joni Polili Lie, Wee Ser, Chong Meng Samson See. Adaptive Uncertainty Based Iterative Robust Capon Beamformer Using Steering Vector Mismatch Estimation
4489 -- 4493J. Yin, T. Chen. Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Using a Sparse Representation of Array Covariance Vectors
4493 -- 4499C. Zheng, Xuezheng Chu, John McAllister, Roger Woods. Real-Valued Fixed-Complexity Sphere Decoder for High Dimensional QAM-MIMO Systems
4500 -- 0Duy H. N. Nguyen, Ha H. Nguyen. Comments on Optimizations of a MIMO Relay Network
4501 -- 0A. Manikas. Correction to "Extended Array Manifolds: Functions of Array Manifolds"
4501 -- 0Silvana Silva Pereira. Correction to Mean Square Convergence of Consensus Algorithms in Random WSNs

Volume 59, Issue 8

3497 -- 3513Ronald P. S. Mahler, Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo. CPHD Filtering With Unknown Clutter Rate and Detection Profile
3514 -- 3525Yongqiang Cheng, Xuezhi Wang, Terry Caelli, Bill Moran. Tracking and Localizing Moving Targets in the Presence of Phase Measurement Ambiguities
3526 -- 3535Javier Turek, Irad Yavneh, Michael Elad. On MMSE and MAP Denoising Under Sparse Representation Modeling Over a Unitary Dictionary
3536 -- 3548P. P. Vaidyanathan, Piya Pal. A General Approach to Coprime Pairs of Matrices, Based on Minors
3549 -- 3559Li Chai, Jingxin Zhang, Yuxia Sheng. Optimal Design of Oversampled Synthesis FBs With Lattice Structure Constraints
3560 -- 3575Ivan W. Selesnick. Wavelet Transform With Tunable Q-Factor
3576 -- 3591Xiaolei Lv, Guoan Bi, Chunru Wan, Mengdao Xing. Lv s Distribution: Principle, Implementation, Properties, and Performance
3592 -- 3608P. P. Vaidyanathan, Piya Pal. Theory of Sparse Coprime Sensing in Multiple Dimensions
3609 -- 3623Dmitriy Shutin, Bernard H. Fleury. Sparse Variational Bayesian SAGE Algorithm With Application to the Estimation of Multipath Wireless Channels
3624 -- 3635Sohan Seth, Murali Rao, Il Park, José C. Príncipe. A Unified Framework for Quadratic Measures of Independence
3636 -- 3646Da-Zheng Feng, Hua Zhang, Wei Xing Zheng. Bi-Iterative Algorithm for Extracting Independent Components From Array Signals
3647 -- 3656Zhi Guo Feng, Ka Fai Cedric Yiu, Sven E. Nordholm. A Two-Stage Method for the Design of Near-Field Broadband Beamformer
3657 -- 3674Keyvan Zarifi, Slim Zaidi, Sofiène Affes, Ali Ghrayeb. A Distributed Amplify-and-Forward Beamforming Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks
3675 -- 3684R. K. Prasanth. State Space System Identification Approach to Radar Data Processing
3685 -- 3698Bruno Demissie, Sebastian Kreuzer. Performance Predictions for Parameter Estimators That Minimize Cost-Functions Using Wirtinger Calculus With Application to CM Blind Equalization
3699 -- 3711Tobias Lindstrøm Jensen, Jan Østergaard, Joachim Dahl, Søren Holdt Jensen. Multiple-Description l::1::-Compression
3712 -- 3721Ebtihal H. Gismalla, Emad Alsusa. Performance Analysis of the Periodogram-Based Energy Detector in Fading Channels
3722 -- 3737K. V. Krishna Chaythanya, Ramesh Annavajjala, Chandra R. Murthy. Comparative Analysis of Pilot-Assisted Distributed Cophasing Approaches in Wireless Sensor Networks
3738 -- 3748Yongzhao Li, Lu Zhang 0005, Leonard J. Cimini Jr., Hailin Zhang. Statistical Analysis of MIMO Beamforming With Co-Channel Unequal-Power MIMO Interferers Under Path-Loss and Rayleigh Fading
3749 -- 3763Jun-Pyo Hong, Wan Choi. Throughput Characteristics by Multiuser Diversity in a Cognitive Radio System
3764 -- 3774David Ramírez, Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar, Roberto López-Valcarce, Javier Vía, Ignacio Santamaría. Detection of Rank- P Signals in Cognitive Radio Networks With Uncalibrated Multiple Antennas
3775 -- 3787Chien-Chang Li, Yuan-Pei Lin. On the Duality of MIMO Transceiver Designs With Bit Allocation
3788 -- 3798Liangzhong Ruan, Vincent K. N. Lau. Dynamic Interference Mitigation for Generalized Partially Connected Quasi-Static MIMO Interference Channel
3799 -- 3812Qiang Li, Wing-Kin Ma. Optimal and Robust Transmit Designs for MISO Channel Secrecy by Semidefinite Programming
3813 -- 3823Jun Tao, Jingxian Wu, Yahong Rosa Zheng, Chengshan Xiao. Enhanced MIMO LMMSE Turbo Equalization: Algorithm, Simulations, and Undersea Experimental Results
3824 -- 3836Ramya Bhagavatula, Robert W. Heath Jr.. Adaptive Bit Partitioning for Multicell Intercell Interference Nulling With Delayed Limited Feedback
3837 -- 3849Sajid Ahmed, John S. Thompson, Yvan R. Petillot, Bernard Mulgrew. Unconstrained Synthesis of Covariance Matrix for MIMO Radar Transmit Beampattern
3850 -- 3862Desmond W. H. Cai, Tony Q. S. Quek, Chee-Wei Tan. A Unified Analysis of Max-Min Weighted SINR for MIMO Downlink System
3863 -- 3875Yi Huang, Yingbo Hua. On Energy for Progressive and Consensus Estimation in Multihop Sensor Networks
3876 -- 3888Yuh-Ren Tsai, Cheng-Ju Chang. Cooperative Information Aggregation for Distributed Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
3889 -- 3902Dusan Jakovetic, João Xavier, José M. F. Moura. Cooperative Convex Optimization in Networked Systems: Augmented Lagrangian Algorithms With Directed Gossip Communication
3903 -- 3914Siavash Fazeli-Dehkordy, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, Subbarayan Pasupathy. Wide-Band Collaborative Spectrum Search Strategy for Cognitive Radio Networks
3915 -- 3929Ozgun Y. Bursalioglu, Maria Fresia, Giuseppe Caire, H. Vincent Poor. Lossy Multicasting Over Binary Symmetric Broadcast Channels
3930 -- 3942Pinar Oguz-Ekim, João Pedro Gomes, João Xavier, Paulo Oliveira. Robust Localization of Nodes and Time-Recursive Tracking in Sensor Networks Using Noisy Range Measurements
3943 -- 3953Alessandro Nordio, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini. Field Reconstruction in Sensor Networks With Coverage Holes and Packet Losses
3954 -- 3963Arash Khabbazibasmenj, Sergiy A. Vorobyov. Power Allocation Based on SEP Minimization in Two-Hop Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks
3964 -- 3976Tao Wang, Luc Vandendorpe. WSR Maximized Resource Allocation in Multiple DF Relays Aided OFDMA Downlink Transmission
3977 -- 3996Pradeep Chathuranga Weeraddana, Marian Codreanu, Matti Latva-aho, Anthony Ephremides. Weighted Sum-Rate Maximization for a Set of Interfering Links via Branch and Bound
3997 -- 4011Amit Acharyya, Koushik Maharatna, Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, J. Reeve. Coordinate Rotation Based Low Complexity N-D FastICA Algorithm and Architecture
4012 -- 4016Quan Ding, Steven Kay. Maximum Likelihood Estimator Under a Misspecified Model With High Signal-to-Noise Ratio
4017 -- 4023Jean Pierre Delmas, Yann Meurisse. On the Second-Order Statistics of the EVD of Sample Covariance Matrices - Application to the Detection of Noncircular Or/and NonGaussian Components
4023 -- 4029Antonio De Maio, Yongwei Huang, Marco Piezzo, Shuzhong Zhang, Alfonso Farina. Design of Radar Receive Filters Optimized According to L::p::-Norm Based Criteria
4030 -- 4035Qinghua Guo, Defeng Huang. EM-Based Joint Channel Estimation and Detection for Frequency Selective Channels Using Gaussian Message Passing
4035 -- 4040Hing-Cheung So, Lanxin Lin. Linear Least Squares Approach for Accurate Received Signal Strength Based Source Localization
4041 -- 4046Zhaolong Shen, Sean B. Andersson. Bias and Precision of the fluoroBancroft Algorithm for Single Particle Localization in Fluorescence Microscopy
4047 -- 4048Hani Mehrpouyan, Steven D. Blostein. Comments on Timing Estimation and Resynchronization for Amplify-and-Forward Communication Systems
4048 -- 4049Xiao Li, Chengwen Xing, Yik-Chung Wu, S. C. Chan. Author s Reply to Comments on Timing Estimation and Resynchronization for Amplify-and-Forward Communication Systems

Volume 59, Issue 7

3001 -- 3012Serge Provencher. Parameters Estimation of Complex Multitone Signal in the DFT Domain
3013 -- 3024Eric Plourde, Benoît Champagne. Multidimensional STSA Estimators for Speech Enhancement With Correlated Spectral Components
3025 -- 3034P. Ginzberg, A. T. Walden. Testing for Quaternion Propriety
3035 -- 3047Jang-Sub Kim, Jaehan Lee, Erchin Serpedin, Khalid A. Qaraqe. Robust Clock Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks Through Noise Density Estimation
3048 -- 3057Hongli Dong, Zidong Wang, Daniel W. C. Ho, Huijun Gao. Robust ::::H::::::infty:: Filtering for Markovian Jump Systems With Randomly Occurring Nonlinearities and Sensor Saturation: The Finite-Horizon Case
3058 -- 3070Didier Pinchon, Pierre Siohan. Oversampled Paraunitary DFT Filter Banks: A General Construction Algorithm and Some Specific Solutions
3071 -- 3085V. Chaisinthop, Pier Luigi Dragotti. Centralized and Distributed Semiparametric Compression of Piecewise Smooth Functions
3086 -- 3098Selin Aviyente, Ali Yener Mutlu. A Time-Frequency-Based Approach to Phase and Phase Synchrony Estimation
3099 -- 3109Xiuming Yao, Ligang Wu, Wei Xing Zheng. Fault Detection Filter Design for Markovian Jump Singular Systems With Intermittent Measurements
3110 -- 3119Jwu-Sheng Hu, Chia-Hsing Yang. Second-Order Extended H::infty:: Filter for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems Using Quadratic Error Matrix Approximation
3120 -- 3132Wei Dai, Olgica Milenkovic, Ely Kerman. Subspace Evolution and Transfer (SET) for Low-Rank Matrix Completion
3143 -- 3154N. Ahmed, M. Campbell. Variational Bayesian Learning of Probabilistic Discriminative Models With Latent Softmax Variables
3155 -- 3167Antoine Liutkus, Roland Badeau, G. Richard. Gaussian Processes for Underdetermined Source Separation
3168 -- 3181Huy Nguyen, Rong Zheng. Binary Independent Component Analysis With or Mixtures
3182 -- 3196Lan Du, Penghui Wang, Hongwei Liu, Mian Pan, Feng Chen, Zheng Bao. Bayesian Spatiotemporal Multitask Learning for Radar HRRP Target Recognition
3197 -- 3212Guangmin Wang, Jingmin Xin, Nanning Zheng, Akira Sano. Computationally Efficient Subspace-Based Method for Two-Dimensional Direction Estimation With L-Shaped Array
3213 -- 3225Felix Antreich, Josef A. Nossek, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, A. Lee Swindlehurst. The Extended Invariance Principle for Signal Parameter Estimation in an Unknown Spatial Field
3226 -- 3240Hana Godrich, Athina P. Petropulu, Harold Vincent Poor. Power Allocation Strategies for Target Localization in Distributed Multiple-Radar Architectures
3241 -- 3250Murat Akçakaya, Arye Nehorai. MIMO Radar Sensitivity Analysis for Target Detection
3251 -- 3261Ming Xue, Luzhou Xu, Jian Li. IAA Spectral Estimation: Fast Implementation Using the Gohberg-Semencul Factorization
3262 -- 3271Emanuele Grossi, Marco Lops, Luca Venturino. Robust Waveform Design for MIMO Radars
3272 -- 3287G. Efstathopoulos, A. Manikas. Extended Array Manifolds: Functions of Array Manifolds
3288 -- 3300Qinghua Guo, Defeng Huang. A Frequency Domain State-Space Approach to LS Estimation and Its Application in Turbo Equalization
3301 -- 3314Chengshan Xiao, Yahong Rosa Zheng, Zhi Ding. Globally Optimal Linear Precoders for Finite Alphabet Signals Over Complex Vector Gaussian Channels
3315 -- 3325Huang Huang, Vincent K. N. Lau, Yinggang Du, Sheng Liu. Robust Lattice Alignment for K-User MIMO Interference Channels With Imperfect Channel Knowledge
3326 -- 3338Duy H. N. Nguyen, Tho Le-Ngoc. Multiuser Downlink Beamforming in Multicell Wireless Systems: A Game Theoretical Approach
3339 -- 3354P. Chevalier, F. Dupuy. Widely Linear Alamouti Receiver for the Reception of Real-Valued Constellations Corrupted by Interferences - The Alamouti-SAIC/MAIC Concept
3355 -- 3368Vassilis Kekatos, Georgios B. Giannakis. From Sparse Signals to Sparse Residuals for Robust Sensing
3369 -- 3381Boris N. Oreshkin, Xuan Liu, M. J. Coates. Efficient Delay-Tolerant Particle Filtering
3382 -- 3397A. S. Leong, S. Dey, G. N. Nair, P. Sharma. Power Allocation for Outage Minimization in State Estimation Over Fading Channels
3398 -- 3409Ulrich Hammes, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Robust MT Tracking Based on M-Estimation and Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm
3410 -- 3423Nikolaos Gatsis, Georgios B. Giannakis. Power Control With Imperfect Exchanges and Applications to Spectrum Sharing
3424 -- 3429Xiao-Li Hu, Thomas B. Schön, Lennart Ljung. A General Convergence Result for Particle Filtering
3430 -- 3434Jorge Moragues, Luis Vergara, Jorge Gosálbez. Generalized Matched Subspace Filter for Nonindependent Noise Based on ICA
3434 -- 3440Ming Sun, K. C. Ho. An Asymptotically Efficient Estimator for TDOA and FDOA Positioning of Multiple Disjoint Sources in the Presence of Sensor Location Uncertainties
3441 -- 3447David Frederic Crouse, Peter Willett, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. Developing a Real-Time Track Display That Operators Do Not Hate
3447 -- 3452Ju Hong Yoon, Du Yong Kim, Seung Hwan Bae, Vladimir Shin. Joint Initialization and Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects Using Doppler Information
3452 -- 3457Branko Ristic, Ba-Ngu Vo, Daniel Clark, Ba-Tuong Vo. A Metric for Performance Evaluation of Multi-Target Tracking Algorithms
3457 -- 3463Xianfeng Xu, Da-Zheng Feng, Wei Xing Zheng. A Fast Algorithm for Nonunitary Joint Diagonalization and Its Application to Blind Source Separation
3464 -- 3469Zijian Tang, G. Blacquiere, Geert Leus. Aliasing-Free Wideband Beamforming Using Sparse Signal Representation
3470 -- 3475K. Mahata. A Subspace Algorithm for WideBand Source Localization Without NarrowBand Filtering
3475 -- 3481Xijing Guo, Sebastian Miron, David Brie, Shihua Zhu, Xuewen Liao. A CANDECOMP/PARAFAC Perspective on Uniqueness of DOA Estimation Using a Vector Sensor Array
3481 -- 3486Syed Ali Hassan, Mary Ann Ingram. SNR Estimation in a Non-Coherent BFSK Receiver With a Carrier Frequency Offset
3486 -- 3491Matthieu Arzel, Cyril Lahuec, Christophe Jégo, Warren J. Gross, Y. Bruned. Stochastic Multiple Stream Decoding of Cortex Codes
3492 -- 0Juan Miguel Medina, Bruno Cernuschi-Frías. Correction to On the Prediction of a Class of Wide-Sense Stationary Random Processes [Jan 11 70-77]

Volume 59, Issue 6

2465 -- 2473Y. S. Shmaliy. An Iterative Kalman-Like Algorithm Ignoring Noise and Initial Conditions
2474 -- 2484A. Masmoudi, Faouzi Bellili, Sofiène Affes, Alex Stephenne. Closed-Form Expressions for the Exact Cramér-Rao Bounds of Timing Recovery Estimators From BPSK, MSK and Square-QAM Transmissions
2485 -- 2495Umut Orguner, Fredrik Gustafsson. Target Tracking With Particle Filters Under Signal Propagation Delays
2496 -- 2512Kush R. Varshney, Alan S. Willsky. Linear Dimensionality Reduction for Margin-Based Classification: High-Dimensional Data and Sensor Networks
2513 -- 2521Anthony J. Weiss. Direct Geolocation of Wideband Emitters Based on Delay and Doppler
2522 -- 2531Ed A. K. Cohen, Andrew T. Walden. Wavelet Coherence for Certain Nonstationary Bivariate Processes
2532 -- 2547Massimiliano Pierobon, Ian F. Akyildiz. Diffusion-Based Noise Analysis for Molecular Communication in Nanonetworks
2548 -- 2561Waheed U. Bajwa, Kfir Gedalyahu, Yonina C. Eldar. Identification of Parametric Underspread Linear Systems and Super-Resolution Radar
2562 -- 2574Markus Rupp. Convergence Properties of Adaptive Equalizer Algorithms
2575 -- 2584Salvatore Caporale, Luca De Marchi, Nicolo Speciale. Frequency Warping Biorthogonal Frames
2585 -- 2601José L. Paredes, Gonzalo R. Arce. Compressive Sensing Signal Reconstruction by Weighted Median Regression Estimates
2602 -- 2613Danny Bickson, Dror Baron, Alexander T. Ihler, Harel Avissar, Danny Dolev. Fault Identification Via Nonparametric Belief Propagation
2614 -- 2627Kenneth Morton, Peter Torrione, Leslie M. Collins. Variational Bayesian Learning for Mixture Autoregressive Models With Uncertain-Order
2628 -- 2641Andrew K. Bolstad, Barry D. Van Veen, Robert Nowak. Causal Network Inference Via Group Sparse Regularization
2642 -- 2654Y. Keller, Y. Gur. A Diffusion Approach to Network Localization
2655 -- 2668Foroohar Foroozan, Amir Asif. Time Reversal Based Active Array Source Localization
2669 -- 2682Aboulnasr Hassanien, Sergiy A. Vorobyov. Transmit Energy Focusing for DOA Estimation in MIMO Radar With Colocated Antennas
2683 -- 2697Antonio De Maio, Yongwei Huang, Marco Piezzo, Shuzhong Zhang, Alfonso Farina. Design of Optimized Radar Codes With a Peak to Average Power Ratio Constraint
2698 -- 2709Shahzada Basharat Rasool, M. R. Bell. Biologically Inspired Processing of Radar Waveforms for Enhanced Delay-Doppler Resolution
2710 -- 2719C. Li, T. Jiang, Y. Zhou, H. Li. A Novel Constellation Reshaping Method for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals
2720 -- 2733Lennert Jacobs, George C. Alexandropoulos, Marc Moeneclaey, Herwig Bruneel, P. Takis Mathiopoulos. Analysis and Efficient Evaluation of the BER of OSTBCs With Imperfect Channel Estimation in Arbitrarily Correlated Fading Channels
2734 -- 2744Tiangao Gou, Chenwei Wang, Syed Ali Jafar. Aiming Perfectly in the Dark-Blind Interference Alignment Through Staggered Antenna Switching
2745 -- 2759W. Zhong, Y. Xu, Huaglory Tianfield. Game-Theoretic Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing Strategy Selection for Cognitive MIMO Multiple Access Channels
2760 -- 2772Alessandro Nordio, Giuseppa Alfano, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini, Antonia Maria Tulino. Asymptotics of Multifold Vandermonde Matrices With Random Entries
2773 -- 2782P.-J. Chung, H. Du, J. Gondzio. A Probabilistic Constraint Approach for Robust Transmit Beamforming With Imperfect Channel Information
2783 -- 2794Behrang Nosrat-Makouei, Jeffrey G. Andrews, Robert W. Heath Jr.. MIMO Interference Alignment Over Correlated Channels With Imperfect CSI
2795 -- 2808C. Ling. On the Proximity Factors of Lattice Reduction-Aided Decoding
2809 -- 2823Velio Tralli, Andrea Conti, Marco Chiani. Pragmatic Space-Time Trellis Codes: GTF-Based Design for Block Fading Channels
2824 -- 2833Jakob Hoydis, Mari Kobayashi, Mérouane Debbah. Optimal Channel Training in Uplink Network MIMO Systems
2834 -- 2846Wm. Joshua Russell, Daniel J. Klein, João P. Hespanha. Optimal Estimation on the Graph Cycle Space
2847 -- 2856Rick S. Blum. Ordering for Estimation and Optimization in Energy Efficient Sensor Networks
2857 -- 2874Hamid R. Ahmadi, Azadeh Vosoughi. Distributed Detection With Adaptive Topology and Nonideal Communication Channels
2875 -- 2886Cihan Tepedelenlioglu, Sivaraman Dasarathan. Distributed Detection Over Gaussian Multiple Access Channels With Constant Modulus Signaling
2887 -- 2897E. Xu, Z. Ding, S. DasGupta. Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks From Signal Time-of-Arrival Measurements
2898 -- 2912Liangbin Li, Yindi Jing, Hamid Jafarkhani. Multisource Transmission for Wireless Relay Networks With Linear Complexity
2913 -- 2926Shaolei Ren, Mihaela van der Schaar. Pricing and Distributed Power Control in Wireless Relay Networks
2927 -- 2942A. Tajer, X. Wang. Information Exchange Limits in Cooperative MIMO Networks
2943 -- 2960Hady Zeineddine, Mohammad M. Mansour, R. Puri. Construction and Hardware-Efficient Decoding of Raptor Codes
2961 -- 2964Manohar Shamaiah, Haris Vikalo. Estimating Time-Varying Sparse Signals Under Communication Constraints
2965 -- 2969Laurent Condat, Torsten Möller. Quantitative Error Analysis for the Reconstruction of Derivatives
2969 -- 2975Xi-Lin Li, Tülay Adali. Blind Separation of Noncircular Correlated Sources Using Gaussian Entropy Rate
2975 -- 2981Vanessa Gómez-Verdejo, Jerónimo Arenas-García, Miguel Lázaro-Gredilla, Angel Navia-Vázquez. Adaptive One-Class Support Vector Machine
2982 -- 2988Matthew Sharp, Anna Scaglione. A Useful Performance Metric for Compressed Channel Sensing
2988 -- 2994Yanwu Ding, Hyuck M. Kwon, Kanghee Lee. Precoder Design for Amplify and Forward Relaying With Complex Field Network Coding

Volume 59, Issue 5

1917 -- 1932Federico S. Cattivelli, Ali H. Sayed. Distributed Detection Over Adaptive Networks Using Diffusion Adaptation
1933 -- 1948Tomer Michaeli, Yonina C. Eldar. Hidden Relationships: Bayesian Estimation With Partial Knowledge
1949 -- 1958Magnus O. Ulfarsson, Victor Solo. Vector l::0:: Sparse Variable PCA
1959 -- 1969Quan Ding, Steven Kay. Inconsistency of the MDL: On the Performance of Model Order Selection Criteria With Increasing Signal-to-Noise Ratio
1970 -- 1984T. Trigano, U. Isserles, Yaacov Ritov. Semiparametric Curve Alignment and Shift Density Estimation for Biological Data
1985 -- 2001M. Amin Khajehnejad, Weiyu Xu, Amir Salman Avestimehr, Babak Hassibi. Analyzing Weighted ::1:: Minimization for Sparse Recovery With Nonuniform Sparse Models
2002 -- 2016Hao Zhu, Geert Leus, Georgios B. Giannakis. Sparsity-Cognizant Total Least-Squares for Perturbed Compressive Sampling
2017 -- 2023Markus Rupp. Pseudo Affine Projection Algorithms Revisited: Robustness and Stability Analysis
2024 -- 2037Maciej Niedzwiecki, Michal Stanislaw Meller. New Algorithms for Adaptive Notch Smoothing
2038 -- 2051Federico S. Cattivelli, Ali H. Sayed. Modeling Bird Flight Formations Using Diffusion Adaptation
2052 -- 2071Heyoung Lee, Zeungnam Zenn Bien. A Variable Bandwidth Filter for Estimation of Instantaneous Frequency and Reconstruction of Signals With Time-Varying Spectral Content
2072 -- 2084Basant K. Mohanty, Pramod Kumar Meher. Memory Efficient Modular VLSI Architecture for Highthroughput and Low-Latency Implementation of Multilevel Lifting 2-D DWT
2085 -- 2100Tomer Michaeli, Volker Pohl, Yonina C. Eldar. U-Invariant Sampling: Extrapolation and Causal Interpolation From Generalized Samples
2101 -- 2111Holger Boche, Ullrich J. Mönich. Sampling of Deterministic Signals and Systems
2112 -- 2123Daniel S. Weller, Vivek K. Goyal. Bayesian Post-Processing Methods for Jitter Mitigation in Sampling
2124 -- 2135Soo-Chang Pei, Chia-Chang Wen, Jian-Jiun Ding. Closed-Form Orthogonal Number Theoretic Transform Eigenvectors and the Fast Fractional NTT
2136 -- 2145Xuebin Wu, Meghanad D. Wagh, Ning Chen, Ying Wang, Zhiyuan Yan. Composite Cyclotomic Fourier Transforms With Reduced Complexities
2146 -- 2159Guoqi Li, Changyun Wen, Wei Xing Zheng, Yan Chen. Identification of a Class of Nonlinear Autoregressive Models With Exogenous Inputs Based on Kernel Machines
2160 -- 2168Chunsheng Ma. Covariance Matrices for Second-Order Vector Random Fields in Space and Time
2169 -- 2181Marco Crocco, Andrea Trucco. Design of Robust Superdirective Arrays With a Tunable Tradeoff Between Directivity and Frequency-Invariance
2182 -- 2195Yuejie Chi, Louis L. Scharf, Ali Pezeshki, A. Robert Calderbank. Sensitivity to Basis Mismatch in Compressed Sensing
2196 -- 2210Alexander Bertrand, Marc Moonen. Distributed Adaptive Estimation of Node-Specific Signals in Wireless Sensor Networks With a Tree Topology
2211 -- 2222V. Venkateswaran, A.-J. van der Veen. Multichannel Sigma Delta ADCs With Integrated Feedback Beamformers to Cancel Interfering Communication Signals
2223 -- 2233Lanlan He, Shaodan Ma, Yik-Chung Wu, Yiqing Zhou, Tung-Sang Ng, H. Vincent Poor. Pilot-Aided IQ Imbalance Compensation for OFDM Systems Operating Over Doubly Selective Channels
2234 -- 2243Lung-Sheng Tsai, Wei-Ho Chung, Da-shan Shiu. Synthesizing Low Autocorrelation and Low PAPR OFDM Sequences Under Spectral Constraints Through Convex Optimization and GS Algorithm
2244 -- 2256Abdoulaye Bagayoko, Inbar Fijalkow, Patrick Tortelier. Power Control of Spectrum-Sharing in Fading Environment With Partial Channel State Information
2257 -- 2269Youhua Fu, Luxi Yang, Wei-Ping Zhu, Chen Liu. Optimum Linear Design of Two-Hop MIMO Relay Networks With QoS Requirements
2270 -- 2283Behrouz Khoshnevis, Wei Yu. Bit Allocation Law for Multiantenna Channel Feedback Quantization: Single-User Case
2284 -- 2295Meng Zeng, Rui Zhang, Shuguang Cui. On Design of Collaborative Beamforming for Two-Way Relay Networks
2296 -- 2307Gilles Chabriel, Jean Barrère. Non-Symmetrical Joint Zero-Diagonalization and MIMO Zero-Division Multiple Access
2308 -- 2319Satish G. Iyengar, Pramod K. Varshney, Thyagaraju R. Damarla. A Parametric Copula-Based Framework for Hypothesis Testing Using Heterogeneous Data
2320 -- 2330Alexander Bertrand, Marc Moonen. Consensus-Based Distributed Total Least Squares Estimation in Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
2331 -- 2341Eran Bashan, Gregory Newstadt, Alfred O. Hero. Two-Stage Multiscale Search for Sparse Targets
2342 -- 2354Vaibhav Srivastava, Kurt Plarre, Francesco Bullo. Randomized Sensor Selection in Sequential Hypothesis Testing
2355 -- 2369Binglai Niu, H. Vicky Zhao, Hai Jiang. A Cooperation Stimulation Strategy in Wireless Multicast Networks
2370 -- 2381Fuyu Chen, Weifeng Su, Stella N. Batalama, John D. Matyjas. Joint Power Optimization for Multi-Source Multi-Destination Relay Networks
2382 -- 2394Holger Boche, Siddharth Naik, Tansu Alpcan. Characterization of Convex and Concave Resource Allocation Problems in Interference Coupled Wireless Systems
2395 -- 2404Junting Chen, Vincent K. N. Lau, Yong Cheng. Distributive Network Utility Maximization Over Time-Varying Fading Channels
2405 -- 2410Rémi Gribonval. Should Penalized Least Squares Regression be Interpreted as Maximum A Posteriori Estimation?
2410 -- 2415Kevin T. Wagner, Milos Doroslovacki. Proportionate-Type Normalized Least Mean Square Algorithms With Gain Allocation Motivated by Mean-Square-Error Minimization for White Input
2416 -- 2421Azam Khalili, Mohammad Ali Tinati, Amir Rastegarnia. Steady-State Analysis of Incremental LMS Adaptive Networks With Noisy Links
2421 -- 2426Naveed ur Rehman, Danilo P. Mandic. Filter Bank Property of Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition
2427 -- 2431Lei Zhang, Wei Liu, Lei Yu. Performance Analysis for Finite Sample MVDR Beamformer With Forward Backward Processing
2432 -- 2436Georg Tauböck, Mario Hampejs, P. Svac, Gerald Matz, Franz Hlawatsch, Karlheinz Gröchenig. Low-Complexity ICI/ISI Equalization in Doubly Dispersive Multicarrier Systems Using a Decision-Feedback LSQR Algorithm
2437 -- 2441Sangsin Na. Asymptotic Formulas for Variance-Mismatched Fixed-Rate Scalar Quantization of a Gaussian Source
2441 -- 2447Pei Xiao, Wu Yin, Colin Cowan, V. Fusco. VBLAST Detection Algorithms Utilizing Soft Symbol Estimate and Noncircular CAI
2448 -- 2454Mingyi Hong, Alfredo Garcia. Averaged Iterative Water-Filling Algorithm: Robustness and Convergence
2455 -- 2460Yue Rong. Robust Design for Linear Non-Regenerative MIMO Relays With Imperfect Channel State Information

Volume 59, Issue 4

1333 -- 1345Boaz Nadler, Leonid Kontorovich. Model Selection for Sinusoids in Noise: Statistical Analysis and a New Penalty Term
1346 -- 1355Bruno Borloz, Bernard Xerri. Subspace SNR Maximization: The Constrained Stochastic Matched Filter
1356 -- 1370Javier Vía, Daniel P. Palomar, Luis Vielva. Generalized Likelihood Ratios for Testing the Properness of Quaternion Gaussian Vectors
1371 -- 1382Xiaolei Lv, Guoan Bi, Chunru Wan. The Group Lasso for Stable Recovery of Block-Sparse Signal Representations
1383 -- 1396Amadou Gning, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Simon Maskell, Sze Kim Pang, Simon J. Godsill. Group Object Structure and State Estimation With Evolving Networks and Monte Carlo Methods
1397 -- 1408Christian Lundquist, Lars Hammarstrand, Fredrik Gustafsson. Road Intensity Based Mapping Using Radar Measurements With a Probability Hypothesis Density Filter
1409 -- 1420Michael Feldmann, Dietrich Fränken, Wolfgang Koch. Tracking of Extended Objects and Group Targets Using Random Matrices
1421 -- 1434Hyrum S. Anderson, Maya R. Gupta, Eric Swanson, Kevin Jamieson. Channel-Robust Classifiers
1435 -- 1448Antonio A. D Amico. IR-UWB Transmitted-Reference Systems With Partial Channel Knowledge: A Receiver Design Based on the Statistical Invariance Principle
1449 -- 1464Marcus Zeller, Luis Antonio Azpicueta-Ruiz, Jerónimo Arenas-García, Walter Kellermann. Adaptive Volterra Filters With Evolutionary Quadratic Kernels Using a Combination Scheme for Memory Control
1465 -- 1480Federico S. Cattivelli, Ali H. Sayed. Analysis of Spatial and Incremental LMS Processing for Distributed Estimation
1481 -- 1490Piya Pal, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Coprimality of Certain Families of Integer Matrices
1491 -- 1504Kfir Gedalyahu, Ronen Tur, Yonina C. Eldar. Multichannel Sampling of Pulse Streams at the Rate of Innovation
1505 -- 1517Chinmay Hegde, Richard G. Baraniuk. Sampling and Recovery of Pulse Streams
1518 -- 1527Ramakrishna Kakarala. A Signal Processing Approach to Fourier Analysis of Ranking Data: The Importance of Phase
1528 -- 1538Xiao-Heng Chang, Guang-Hong Yang. Nonfragile H::INFINITY :: Filtering of Continuous-Time Fuzzy Systems
1539 -- 1552Rémy Boyer. Performance Bounds and Angular Resolution Limit for the Moving Colocated MIMO Radar
1553 -- 1568Zhaowen Wang, Ercan E. Kuruoglu, Xiaokang Yang, Yi Xu, Thomas S. Huang. Time Varying Dynamic Bayesian Network for Nonstationary Events Modeling and Online Inference
1569 -- 1585Emily B. Fox, Erik B. Sudderth, Michael I. Jordan, Alan S. Willsky. Bayesian Nonparametric Inference of Switching Dynamic Linear Models
1586 -- 1600Javier Vía, Daniel P. Palomar, Luis Vielva, Ignacio Santamaría. Quaternion ICA From Second-Order Statistics
1601 -- 1611Siew Eng Nai, Wee Ser, Zhu Liang Yu, Huawei Chen. Iterative Robust Minimum Variance Beamforming
1612 -- 1623Arie Yeredor, Eyal Angel. Joint TDOA and FDOA Estimation: A Conditional Bound and Its Use for Optimally Weighted Localization
1624 -- 1641Juha Karjalainen, Marian Codreanu, Antti Tölli, Markku J. Juntti, Tadashi Matsumoto. EXIT Chart-Based Power Allocation for Iterative Frequency Domain MIMO Detector
1642 -- 1653Serkan Karaiütük, T. Engin Tuncer. Channel Matrix Recursion for Blind Effective Channel Order Estimation
1654 -- 1669Taejoon Kim, David James Love, Bruno Clerckx. Does Frequent Low Resolution Feedback Outperform Infrequent High Resolution Feedback for Multiple Antenna Beamforming Systems?
1670 -- 1682Ming-Xian Chang. Realizable Ideal D/C and C/D Conversions for Band-Limited Periodic Signals and Characterization of Single-Carrier Block Transmission
1683 -- 1693Yiyang Pei, Ying-Chang Liang, Kah Chan Teh, Kwok Hung Li. Secure Communication in Multiantenna Cognitive Radio Networks With Imperfect Channel State Information
1694 -- 1705Ananya Sen Gupta, Jill K. Nelson, Weiwei Zhou, Andrew C. Singer, James C. Preisig. A Geometric Approach to Improve Interference Mitigation in Multi-User Detection and Equalization
1706 -- 1718Hung-Quoc Lai, K. J. Ray Liu. Space-Time Network Coding
1719 -- 1733Davide Cescato, Helmut Bölcskei. Algorithms for Interpolation-Based QR Decomposition in MIMO-OFDM Systems
1734 -- 1745Muhammad Danish Nisar, Wolfgang Utschick. Minimax Robust A Priori Information Aware Channel Equalization
1746 -- 1758Yu-Han Yang, Shih-Chun Lin, Hsuan-Jung Su. Multiuser MIMO Downlink Beamforming Design Based on Group Maximum SINR Filtering
1759 -- 1765O. Patrick Kreidl, John N. Tsitsiklis, Spyros I. Zoumpoulis. On Decentralized Detection With Partial Information Sharing Among Sensors
1766 -- 1784Soummya Kar, José M. F. Moura. Gossip and Distributed Kalman Filtering: Weak Consensus Under Weak Detectability
1785 -- 1800Davide Macagnano, Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas de Abreu. Gershgorin Analysis of Random Gramian Matrices With Application to MDS Tracking
1801 -- 1813Xiaowen Gong, Sergiy A. Vorobyov, Chintha Tellambura. Joint Bandwidth and Power Allocation With Admission Control in Wireless Multi-User Networks With and Without Relaying
1814 -- 1826Xiaowen Gong, Sergiy A. Vorobyov, Chintha Tellambura. Optimal Bandwidth and Power Allocation for Sum Ergodic Capacity Under Fading Channels in Cognitive Radio Networks
1827 -- 1842Ronen Tur, Yonina C. Eldar, Zvi Friedman. Innovation Rate Sampling of Pulse Streams With Application to Ultrasound Imaging
1843 -- 1857Gautam Thatte, Ming Li, Sangwon Lee, B. Adar Emken, Murali Annavaram, Shrikanth Narayanan, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Urbashi Mitra. Optimal Time-Resource Allocation for Energy-Efficient Physical Activity Detection
1858 -- 1867Lei Ma, Kevin Dickson, John McAllister, John V. McCanny. QR Decomposition-Based Matrix Inversion for High Performance Embedded MIMO Receivers
1868 -- 1878Onkar Dabeer, Subhasis Chaudhuri. Analysis of an Adaptive Sampler Based on Weber s Law
1879 -- 1882ZhiGuang Shi, JianXiong Zhou, Lei Hu, Jicheng Li. A New Derivation of Constrained Cramér-Rao Bound Via Norm Minimization
1883 -- 1889Chia-Chang Hu, Jian-Fong Chang. DS-UWB Downlink Subband Adaptive Chip-Equalization Using Reduced-Rank Multistage Wiener Filtering Technique
1895 -- 1901Yiju Wang, Guanglu Zhou, Louis Caccetta, Wanquan Liu. An Alternative Lagrange-Dual Based Algorithm for Sparse Signal Reconstruction
1902 -- 1906Satyabrata Sen, Arye Nehorai. Sparsity-Based Multi-Target Tracking Using OFDM Radar
1907 -- 1912Hamid Saeedi Sourck, Yan Wu, Jan W. M. Bergmans, Saeed Sadri, Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny. Complexity and Performance Comparison of Filter Bank Multicarrier and OFDM in Uplink of Multicarrier Multiple Access Networks
1913 -- 0Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Christian Jutten. Corrections to On the Stable Recovery of the Sparsest Overcomplete Representations in Presence of Noise [Oct 10 5396-5400]

Volume 59, Issue 3

869 -- 881Qian He, Rick S. Blum. Diversity Gain for MIMO Neyman-Pearson Signal Detection
882 -- 894Pascal Bianchi, Jérémie Jakubowicz, François Roueff. Linear Precoders for the Detection of a Gaussian Process in Wireless Sensors Networks
895 -- 911Y. Wong, Z. Lin, R. J. Ober. Limit of the Accuracy of Parameter Estimation for Moving Single Molecules Imaged by Fluorescence Microscopy
912 -- 922G. Gu. A Novel Power-Bearing Approach and Asymptotically Optimum Estimator for Target Motion Analysis
923 -- 935Soosan Beheshti, M. Ravan, J. P. Reilly, L. J. Trainor. Mean-Square Error in Periodogram Approaches With Adaptive Windowing
936 -- 952Yannis Kopsinis, Konstantinos Slavakis, Sergios Theodoridis. Online Sparse System Identification and Signal Reconstruction Using Projections Onto Weighted ell::1:: Balls
953 -- 963Amina Chebira, Matthew Fickus, Dustin G. Mixon. Filter Bank Fusion Frames
964 -- 978Pantelis Bouboulis, Sergios Theodoridis. Extension of Wirtinger s Calculus to Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces and the Complex Kernel LMS
979 -- 988Rubens H. Korogui, André R. Fioravanti, José Claudio Geromel. On a Rational Transfer Function-Based Approach to ::::H::::::infty:: Filtering Design for Time-Delay Linear Systems
989 -- 1006Michael Unser, Pouya Dehghani Tafti. Stochastic Models for Sparse and Piecewise-Smooth Signals
1007 -- 1016Meng Wang, Weiyu Xu, Ao Tang. A Unique Nonnegative Solution to an Underdetermined System: From Vectors to Matrices
1017 -- 1026Lawrence Murray, Amos J. Storkey. Particle Smoothing in Continuous Time: A Fast Approach via Density Estimation
1027 -- 1036Maurizio Filippone, Guido Sanguinetti. A Perturbative Approach to Novelty Detection in Autoregressive Models
1037 -- 1047Petr Tichavský, Zbynek Koldovský. Weight Adjusted Tensor Method for Blind Separation of Underdetermined Mixtures of Nonstationary Sources
1048 -- 1062T. Li, Arye Nehorai. Maximum Likelihood Direction Finding in Spatially Colored Noise Fields Using Sparse Sensor Arrays
1063 -- 1074Taek Lyul Song, Darko Musicki, K. Da Sol. Target Tracking With Target State Dependent Detection
1075 -- 1087Stefano Fortunati, Alfonso Farina, Fulvio Gini, Antonio Graziano, Maria Greco, Sofia Giompapa. Least Squares Estimation and Cramér-Rao Type Lower Bounds for Relative Sensor Registration Process
1088 -- 1101Xing Tan, William Roberts, Jian Li, Petre Stoica. Sparse Learning via Iterative Minimization With Application to MIMO Radar Imaging
1102 -- 1115Phil Whiting, Gerhard Kramer, Carl J. Nuzman, Alexei E. Ashikhmin, Adriaan J. de Lind van Wijngaarden, Miroslav Zivkovic. Analysis of Inverse Crosstalk Channel Estimation Using SNR Feedback
1116 -- 1127Jamshid Abouei, J. David Brown, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, Subbarayan Pasupathy. On the Energy Efficiency of LT Codes in Proactive Wireless Sensor Networks
1128 -- 1141Rami Mochaourab, Eduard A. Jorswieck. Optimal Beamforming in Interference Networks with Perfect Local Channel Information
1142 -- 1157Ya-Feng Liu, Yu-Hong Dai, Zhi-Quan Luo. Coordinated Beamforming for MISO Interference Channel: Complexity Analysis and Efficient Algorithms
1158 -- 1169Fu-Te Hsu, Hsuan-Jung Su. Random Access Game in Fading Channels With Capture: Equilibria and Braess-like Paradoxes
1170 -- 1182Pedram Paysarvi-Hoseini, Norman C. Beaulieu. Optimal Wideband Spectrum Sensing Framework for Cognitive Radio Systems
1183 -- 1201Jiaheng Wang, Gesualdo Scutari, Daniel Pérez Palomar. Robust MIMO Cognitive Radio Via Game Theory
1202 -- 1216Wei-Cheng Liao, Tsung-Hui Chang, Wing-Kin Ma, Chong-Yung Chi. QoS-Based Transmit Beamforming in the Presence of Eavesdroppers: An Optimized Artificial-Noise-Aided Approach
1217 -- 1228Yongming Huang, Luxi Yang, Mats Bengtsson, Björn E. Ottersten. Exploiting Long-Term Channel Correlation in Limited Feedback SDMA Through Channel Phase Codebook
1229 -- 1238Ying Cui, Qingqing Huang, Vincent K. N. Lau. Queue-Aware Dynamic Clustering and Power Allocation for Network MIMO Systems via Distributed Stochastic Learning
1239 -- 1254Jorge Plata-Chaves, Marcelino Lázaro. Closed-Form Error Exponent for the Neyman-Pearson Fusion of Dependent Local Decisions in a One-Dimensional Sensor Network
1255 -- 1268Richard K. Martin, Chunpeng Yan, H. Howard Fan, Christopher Rondeau. Algorithms and Bounds for Distributed TDOA-Based Positioning Using OFDM Signals
1280 -- 1291Jiangyuan Li, Athina P. Petropulu, H. Vincent Poor. Cooperative Transmission for Relay Networks Based on Second-Order Statistics of Channel State Information
1292 -- 1297Suat Bayram, Sinan Gezici. Noise Enhanced M-ary Composite Hypothesis-Testing in the Presence of Partial Prior Information
1298 -- 1303S. Chandna, A. T. Walden. Statistical Properties of the Estimator of the Rotary Coefficient
1303 -- 1309Ramy H. Gohary, Timothy N. Davidson. An Explicit Expression for the Newton Direction on the Complex Grassmann Manifold
1309 -- 1316Julien Fleureau, Jean Claude Nunes, Amar Kachenoura, Laurent Albera, Lotfi Senhadji. Turning Tangent Empirical Mode Decomposition: A Framework for Mono- and Multivariate Signals
1317 -- 1322Gan Zheng, Li-Chia Choo, Kai-Kit Wong. Optimal Cooperative Jamming to Enhance Physical Layer Security Using Relays
1322 -- 1328Joonki Noh, Victor Solo. Rician Distributed FMRI: Asymptotic Power Analysis and Cramér-Rao Lower Bounds
1329 -- 0Minhua Chen, Jorge Silva, John William Paisley, Chunping Wang, David B. Dunson, Lawrence Carin. Corrections to Compressive Sensing on Manifolds Using a Nonparametric Mixture of Factor Analyzers: Algorithm and Performance Bounds

Volume 59, Issue 2

465 -- 478Tianshi Chen, Thomas B. Schön, Henrik Ohlsson, Lennart Ljung. Decentralized Particle Filter With Arbitrary State Decomposition
479 -- 487Daniel Francis Schmidt, Enes Makalic. Estimating the Order of an Autoregressive Model Using Normalized Maximum Likelihood
488 -- 505Ashok Patel, Bart Kosko. Noise Benefits in Quantizer-Array Correlation Detection and Watermark Decoding
506 -- 514Øyvind Ryan. On the Optimal Stacking of Information-Plus-Noise Matrices
515 -- 524Fabien Millioz, Nadine Martin. Circularity of the STFT and Spectral Kurtosis for Time-Frequency Segmentation in Gaussian Environment
525 -- 539Antonio Napolitano. Sampling of Spectrally Correlated Processes
540 -- 553Xavier Luciani, André Lima Férrer de Almeida, Pierre Comon. Blind Identification of Underdetermined Mixtures Based on the Characteristic Function: The Complex Case
554 -- 572Omid Taheri, Sergiy A. Vorobyov. Segmented Compressed Sampling for Analog-to-Information Conversion: Method and Performance Analysis
573 -- 586P. P. Vaidyanathan, Piya Pal. Sparse Sensing With Co-Prime Samplers and Arrays
587 -- 597Daniel S. Weller, Vivek K. Goyal. On the Estimation of Nonrandom Signal Coefficients From Jittered Samples
598 -- 609Ran Tao, Xiangyi Meng, Yue Wang 0001. Transform Order Division Multiplexing
610 -- 617Lei Shi, Penghui Wang, Hongwei Liu, Lei Xu, Zheng Bao. Radar HRRP Statistical Recognition With Local Factor Analysis by Automatic Bayesian Ying-Yang Harmony Learning
618 -- 628Hao He, Petre Stoica, Jian Li. Wideband MIMO Systems: Signal Design for Transmit Beampattern Synthesis
629 -- 638Petre Stoica, Prabhu Babu, Jian Li. SPICE: A Sparse Covariance-Based Estimation Method for Array Processing
639 -- 652Satyabrata Sen, Gongguo Tang, Arye Nehorai. Multiobjective Optimization of OFDM Radar Waveform for Target Detection
653 -- 666Xuechen Chen, Ertem Tuncel. Low-Delay Prediction- and Transform-Based Wyner-Ziv Coding
667 -- 680Jianxiao Yang, Benoit Geller, Stéphanie Bay. Bayesian and Hybrid Cramér-Rao Bounds for the Carrier Recovery Under Dynamic Phase Uncertain Channels
681 -- 695Rodrigo C. de Lamare, Raimundo Sampaio Neto, Martin Haardt. Blind Adaptive Constrained Constant-Modulus Reduced-Rank Interference Suppression Algorithms Based on Interpolation and Switched Decimation
696 -- 712Zhiguo Ding, Ioannis Krikidis, John S. Thompson, Kin K. Leung. Physical Layer Network Coding and Precoding for the Two-Way Relay Channel in Cellular Systems
713 -- 727Ching-Chih Weng, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Block Diagonal GMD for Zero-Padded MIMO Frequency Selective Channels
728 -- 738Yongming Huang, Gan Zheng, Mats Bengtsson, Kai-Kit Wong, Luxi Yang, Björn E. Ottersten. Distributed Multicell Beamforming With Limited Intercell Coordination
739 -- 746Bu Hong Wang, Hon Tat Hui. Investigation on the FFT-Based Antenna Selection for Compact Uniform Circular Arrays in Correlated MIMO Channels
759 -- 773Chao Yu, Gaurav Sharma. Distributed Estimation and Coding: A Sequential Framework Based on a Side-Informed Decomposition
774 -- 786Ankit Singh Rawat, Priyank Anand, Hao Chen, Pramod K. Varshney. Collaborative Spectrum Sensing in the Presence of Byzantine Attacks in Cognitive Radio Networks
787 -- 799Ashok Sundaresan, Pramod K. Varshney. Location Estimation of a Random Signal Source Based on Correlated Sensor Observations
800 -- 811Ramya Bhagavatula, Robert W. Heath Jr.. Adaptive Limited Feedback for Sum-Rate Maximizing Beamforming in Cooperative Multicell Systems
812 -- 826Amit Acharyya, Koushik Maharatna, Bashir M. Al-Hashimi. Algorithm and Architecture for N-D Vector Cross-Product Computation
827 -- 831Hing-Cheung So, Frankie Kit Wing Chan, Weize Sun. Subspace Approach for Fast and Accurate Single-Tone Frequency Estimation
832 -- 836Sudarshan Shinde. Two Channel Paraunitary Filter Banks Based on Linear Canonical Transform
837 -- 841Houcem Gazzah. SOS-Based Blind Channel Equalization With Quadratic Complexity
842 -- 847Mihai Ionut Stanciu, Stéphane Azou, Alexandru Serbanescu. On the Blind Estimation of Chip Time of Time-Hopping Signals Through Minimization of a Multimodal Cost Function
848 -- 853Lei Huang, Q. T. Zhang, L. L. Cheng. Information Theoretic Criterion for Stopping Turbo Iteration
854 -- 858YuLong Zou, Yu-Dong Yao, Baoyu Zheng. A Cooperative Sensing Based Cognitive Relay Transmission Scheme Without a Dedicated Sensing Relay Channel in Cognitive Radio Networks
859 -- 863Qijia Liu, Xiaoli Ma, G. Tong Zhou. A General Diversity Gain Function and Its Application in Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Networks

Volume 59, Issue 12

5673 -- 0Athina P. Petropulu. A Message From the Outgoing Editor-in-Chief
5674 -- 5685Yongqiang Cheng, Xuezhi Wang, Terry Caelli, Xiang Li, Bill Moran. Optimal Nonlinear Estimation for Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks
5686 -- 5697Srdjan S. Stankovic, Nemanja Ilic, Milos S. Stankovic, Karl Henrik Johansson. Distributed Change Detection Based on a Consensus Algorithm
5698 -- 5708Francesco Bandiera, Olivier Besson, Giuseppe Ricci. Adaptive Detection of Distributed Targets in Compound-Gaussian Noise Without Secondary Data: A Bayesian Approach
5709 -- 5720Olivier Besson, Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret. Minimum Mean Square Distance Estimation of a Subspace
5721 -- 5733Teng Long, Le Zheng, Xinliang Chen, Yang Li, Tao Zeng. Improved Probabilistic Multi-Hypothesis Tracker for Multiple Target Tracking With Switching Attribute States
5734 -- 5745Gongguo Tang, Arye Nehorai. Performance Analysis of Sparse Recovery Based on Constrained Minimal Singular Values
5746 -- 5758Petre Stoica, Prabhu Babu. Maximum-Likelihood Nonparametric Estimation of Smooth Spectra From Irregularly Sampled Data
5759 -- 5773Olaf Kouamo, Maurice Charbit, Eric Moulines, François Roueff. Inference of a Generalized Long Memory Process in the Wavelet Domain
5774 -- 5788Meng Guo, Thomas Bo Elmedyb, Søren Holdt Jensen, Jesper Jensen. Analysis of Acoustic Feedback/Echo Cancellation in Multiple-Microphone and Single-Loudspeaker Systems Using a Power Transfer Function Method
5789 -- 5799PooGyeon Park, Chang Hee Lee, Jeong Wan Ko. Mean-Square Deviation Analysis of Affine Projection Algorithm
5800 -- 5813Mohsen Akbari, Fabrice Labeau. Instantaneous Erasures in Oversampled Filter Banks: Conditions for Output Perfect Reconstruction
5814 -- 5829Behzad Sharif, Yoram Bresler. Generic Feasibility of Perfect Reconstruction With Short FIR Filters in Multichannel Systems
5830 -- 5841Li Chai, Jingxin Zhang, Qing-Long Han. Optimal Two-Sided Diagonal Scaling for Filter Bank Frames
5842 -- 5858Guoshen Yu, Guillermo Sapiro. Statistical Compressed Sensing of Gaussian Mixture Models
5859 -- 5875Jae Young Park, Han Lun Yap, Christopher J. Rozell, Michael B. Wakin. Concentration of Measure for Block Diagonal Matrices With Applications to Compressive Signal Processing
5876 -- 5887Jason D. McEwen, Yves Wiaux. A Novel Sampling Theorem on the Sphere
5888 -- 5898Yannan Chen, Deren Han, Liqun Qi. New ALS Methods With Extrapolating Search Directions and Optimal Step Size for Complex-Valued Tensor Decompositions
5899 -- 5906Tao Qian, Liming Zhang 0002, Zhixiong Li. Algorithm of Adaptive Fourier Decomposition
5907 -- 5920Vassilis Kekatos, Georgios B. Giannakis. Sparse Volterra and Polynomial Regression Models: Recoverability and Estimation
5921 -- 5929Juan Du, Chunsheng Ma. Spherically Invariant Vector Random Fields in Space and Time
5930 -- 5943Jonathan M. Lilly. Modulated Oscillations in Three Dimensions
5944 -- 5956Aifei Liu, Guisheng Liao, Cao Zeng, Zhiwei Yang, Qing Xu. An Eigenstructure Method for Estimating DOA and Sensor Gain-Phase Errors
5957 -- 5969Michael Rübsamen, Alex B. Gershman. Sparse Array Design for Azimuthal Direction-of-Arrival Estimation
5970 -- 5982Pu Wang, Hongbin Li, Braham Himed. Knowledge-Aided Parametric Tests for Multichannel Adaptive Signal Detection
5983 -- 5993Taneli Riihonen, Stefan Werner, Risto Wichman. Mitigation of Loopback Self-Interference in Full-Duplex MIMO Relays
5994 -- 6007Mohammed Sh. Ahmed, Said Boussakta, Bayan S. Sharif, Charalampos C. Tsimenidis. OFDM Based on Low Complexity Transform to Increase Multipath Resilience and Reduce PAPR
6008 -- 6020Bashar I. Ahmad, Andrzej Tarczynski. A SARS Method for Reliable Spectrum Sensing in Multiband Communication Systems
6021 -- 6032Christoph Steiner, Armin Wittneben. Efficient Training Phase for Ultrawideband-Based Location Fingerprinting Systems
6033 -- 6044Wei Yuan, Henry Leung, Siyue Chen, Wenqing Cheng. A Distributed Sensor Selection Mechanism for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing
6045 -- 6057Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar, Roberto López-Valcarce. Spectrum Sensing Exploiting Guard Bands and Weak Channels
6058 -- 6072Mingyi Hong, Alfredo Garcia. Equilibrium Pricing of Interference in Cognitive Radio Networks
6073 -- 6085Mario Huemer, Alexander Onic, Christian Hofbauer. Classical and Bayesian Linear Data Estimators for Unique Word OFDM
6086 -- 6101Emil Björnson, Niklas Jalden, Mats Bengtsson, Björn E. Ottersten. Optimality Properties, Distributed Strategies, and Measurement-Based Evaluation of Coordinated Multicell OFDMA Transmission
6102 -- 6111Randa Zakhour, David Gesbert. Optimized Data Sharing in Multicell MIMO With Finite Backhaul Capacity
6112 -- 6126Kaibin Huang, Vincent K. N. Lau, Dong Ku Kim. Stochastic Control of Event-Driven Feedback in Multiantenna Interference Channels
6127 -- 6143Chee-Wei Tan, Mung Chiang, R. Srikant. Maximizing Sum Rate and Minimizing MSE on Multiuser Downlink: Optimality, Fast Algorithms and Equivalence via Max-min SINR
6144 -- 6159Chih-Hong Wang, Alex S. Leong, Subhrakanti Dey. Distortion Outage Minimization and Diversity Order Analysis for Coherent Multiaccess
6160 -- 6174Paolo Di Lorenzo, Sergio Barbarossa. A Bio-Inspired Swarming Algorithm for Decentralized Access in Cognitive Radio
6175 -- 6185Sha Li, Brian L. F. Daku. Optimal Amplitude Weighting for Near-field Passive Source Localization
6186 -- 6196Ketan Rajawat, Georgios B. Giannakis. Joint Scheduling and Network Coding for Multicast in Delay-Constrained Wireless Networks
6197 -- 6205Ahmad Akl, Chen Feng, Shahrokh Valaee. A Novel Accelerometer-Based Gesture Recognition System
6206 -- 6216Igal Bilik, Kaushallya Adhikari, John R. Buck. Shannon Capacity Bound on Mobile Station Localization Accuracy in Urban Environments
6217 -- 6226Vasilios I. Kelefouras, George Athanasiou, Nikolaos Alachiotis, Harris E. Michail, Angeliki Kritikakou, Costas E. Goutis. A Methodology for Speeding Up Fast Fourier Transform Focusing on Memory Architecture Utilization
6227 -- 6232Suleyman Serdar Kozat, Alper T. Erdogan, Andrew C. Singer, Ali H. Sayed. Transient Analysis of Adaptive Affine Combinations
6233 -- 6239Seong-Eun Kim, Jae-Woo Lee, Woo-Jin Song. A Theory on the Convergence Behavior of the Affine Projection Algorithm
6240 -- 6244Hai Huyen Dam. Design of Allpass Variable Fractional Delay Filter
6245 -- 6250Runyi Yu. Shift-Variance Measure of Multichannel Multirate Systems
6251 -- 6256Ilker Bayram, Ivan W. Selesnick. A Dual-Tree Rational-Dilation Complex Wavelet Transform
6257 -- 6261Dmitriy Shutin, Thomas Buchgraber, Sanjeev R. Kulkarni, H. Vincent Poor. Fast Variational Sparse Bayesian Learning With Automatic Relevance Determination for Superimposed Signals
6262 -- 6266Nicholas Mastronarde, Mihaela van der Schaar. Fast Reinforcement Learning for Energy-Efficient Wireless Communication
6267 -- 6272Seog Geun Kang, Zhenxing Chen, Ju Yeong Kim, Jin Sub Bae, Jong Soo Lim. Construction of Higher-Level 3-D Signal Constellations and Their Accurate Symbol Error Probabilities in AWGN
6273 -- 6278Christoph Hellings, Wolfgang Utschick. On the Inseparability of Parallel MIMO Broadcast Channels With Linear Transceivers
6279 -- 6284Silvana Silva Pereira, Alba Pagès-Zamora. Consensus in Correlated Random Wireless Sensor Networks
6285 -- 6290Zai Yang, Cishen Zhang, Jun Deng, Wenmiao Lu. Orthonormal Expansion $\ell_{1}$-Minimization Algorithms for Compressed Sensing

Volume 59, Issue 11

5101 -- 5125Tülay Adali, Peter J. Schreier, Louis L. Scharf. Complex-Valued Signal Processing: The Proper Way to Deal With Impropriety
5126 -- 5140J. Liu, Zi-Jing Zhang, Yun Yang, Hongwei Liu. A CFAR Adaptive Subspace Detector for First-Order or Second-Order Gaussian Signals Based on a Single Observation
5141 -- 5151Daniel J. Lingenfelter, Jeffrey A. Fessler, Clayton D. Scott, Zhong He. Asymptotic Source Detection Performance of Gamma-Ray Imaging Systems Under Model Mismatch
5152 -- 5168Pierre-Olivier Amblard, Jean-François Coeurjolly. Identification of the Multivariate Fractional Brownian Motion
5169 -- 5180Efthimios E. Tsakonas, Joakim Jalden, Björn E. Ottersten. Semidefinite Relaxations of Robust Binary Least Squares Under Ellipsoidal Uncertainty Sets
5181 -- 5192Jing Ma, Shuli Sun. Optimal Linear Estimators for Systems With Random Sensor Delays, Multiple Packet Dropouts and Uncertain Observations
5193 -- 5201Arash Amini, Michael Unser, Farrokh Marvasti. Compressibility of Deterministic and Random Infinite Sequences
5202 -- 5211Ali Gholami, S. Mohammad Hosseini. A General Framework for Sparsity-Based Denoising and Inversion
5212 -- 5224Alexander Bertrand, Marc Moonen, Ali H. Sayed. Diffusion Bias-Compensated RLS Estimation Over Adaptive Networks
5225 -- 5235Jie Chen, Cédric Richard, José Carlos M. Bermudez, Paul Honeine. Nonnegative Least-Mean-Square Algorithm
5236 -- 5242Shunsuke Yamaki, Masahide Abe, Masayuki Kawamata. Derivation of the Class of Digital Filters With All Second-Order Modes Equal
5243 -- 5252Liying Wei, Rodney A. Kennedy, Tharaka A. Lamahewa. Quadratic Variational Framework for Signal Design on the 2-Sphere
5253 -- 5264Soydan Redif, John G. McWhirter, Stephan D. Weiss. Design of FIR Paraunitary Filter Banks for Subband Coding Using a Polynomial Eigenvalue Decomposition
5265 -- 5274Fikret Isik Karahanoglu, Ilker Bayram, Dimitri Van De Ville. A Signal Processing Approach to Generalized 1-D Total Variation
5275 -- 5288Shang-Kee Ting, Ali H. Sayed. Digital Suppression of Spurious PLL Tones in A/D Converters
5289 -- 5301Jason N. Laska, Zaiwen Wen, Wotao Yin, Richard G. Baraniuk. Trust, But Verify: Fast and Accurate Signal Recovery From 1-Bit Compressive Measurements
5302 -- 5314Tao Li, Arye Nehorai. Maximum Likelihood Direction-of-Arrival Estimation of Underwater Acoustic Signals Containing Sinusoidal and Random Components
5315 -- 5325Sandeep Gogineni, Arye Nehorai. Target Estimation Using Sparse Modeling for Distributed MIMO Radar
5326 -- 5337Sajid Ahmed, John S. Thompson, Yvan R. Petillot, Bernard Mulgrew. Finite Alphabet Constant-Envelope Waveform Design for MIMO Radar
5338 -- 5352Yao Yu, Athina P. Petropulu, H. Vincent Poor. Measurement Matrix Design for Compressive Sensing-Based MIMO Radar
5353 -- 5368M. Sharp, A. Scaglione, C. R. Johnson. Sufficiently Informative Excitation for Estimation of Linear Responses Due to Sparse Scattering
5369 -- 5379Mehmet Akçakaya, Jinsoo Park, Vahid Tarokh. A Coding Theory Approach to Noisy Compressive Sensing Using Low Density Frames
5380 -- 5389Jinsong Leng, Deguang Han, Tingzhu Huang. Optimal Dual Frames for Communication Coding With Probabilistic Erasures
5390 -- 5403Chandra R. Murthy, Ethan R. Duni, Bhaskar D. Rao. High-Rate Vector Quantization for Noisy Channels With Applications to Wideband Speech Spectrum Compression
5404 -- 5414Mei Leng, Yik-Chung Wu. Distributed Clock Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Belief Propagation
5415 -- 5427Robert D. Preuss, D. Richard Brown. Two-Way Synchronization for Coordinated Multicell Retrodirective Downlink Beamforming
5428 -- 5442Cheol Jeong, Il-Min Kim. Optimal Power Allocation for Secure Multicarrier Relay Systems
5443 -- 5457Wallace Alves Martins, Paulo S. R. Diniz. Analysis of Zero-Padded Optimal Transceivers
5458 -- 5472Manuel Flury, Ruben Merz, Jean-Yves Le Boudec. Synchronization for Impulse-Radio UWB With Energy-Detection and Multi-User Interference: Algorithms and Application to IEEE 802.15.4a
5473 -- 5484P. Ubaidulla, Ananthanarayanan Chockalingam. Relay Precoder Optimization in MIMO-Relay Networks With Imperfect CSI
5485 -- 5498K. Pavan Srinath, B. Sundar Rajan. A Low ML-Decoding Complexity, Full-Diversity, Full-Rate MIMO Precoder
5499 -- 5508Parthajit Mohapatra, K. E. Nissar, Chandra R. Murthy. Interference Alignment Algorithms for the K User Constant MIMO Interference Channel
5509 -- 5522Raed Manna, Raymond H. Y. Louie, Yonghui Li, Branka Vucetic. Cooperative Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks With Multiple Antennas
5523 -- 5537Tomaso Erseghe, Davide Zennaro, Emiliano Dall'Anese, Lorenzo Vangelista. Fast Consensus by the Alternating Direction Multipliers Method
5538 -- 5557Yang Yang, Rick S. Blum. Phase Synchronization for Coherent MIMO Radar: Algorithms and Their Analysis
5558 -- 5576M. Uney, M. Cetin. Monte Carlo Optimization of Decentralized Estimation Networks Over Directed Acyclic Graphs Under Communication Constraints
5577 -- 5588Yoon Hak Kim, Antonio Ortega. Quantizer Design for Energy-Based Source Localization in Sensor Networks
5589 -- 5604Rohit Aggarwal, Mohamad Assaad, Can Emre Koksal, Philip Schniter. Joint Scheduling and Resource Allocation in the OFDMA Downlink: Utility Maximization Under Imperfect Channel-State Information
5605 -- 5616Basant K. Mohanty, Pramod Kumar Meher. Memory-Efficient Architecture for 3-D DWT Using Overlapped Grouping of Frames
5617 -- 5626Ali Naderi, Shie Mannor, Mohamad Sawan, Warren J. Gross. Delayed Stochastic Decoding of LDPC Codes
5627 -- 5631Monir Taha Hamood, Said Boussakta. Fast Walsh-Hadamard-Fourier Transform Algorithm
5632 -- 5637Mike Novey, E. Ollila, Tülay Adali. On Testing the Extent of Noncircularity
5638 -- 5643Jiaming Qiu, Rui Zhang 0006, Zhi-Quan Luo, Shuguang Cui. Optimal Distributed Beamforming for MISO Interference Channels
5644 -- 5651Makoto Tanahashi, Hideki Ochiai. A New Reduced-Complexity Conditional-Mean Based MIMO Signal Detection Using Symbol Distribution Approximation Technique
5651 -- 5657Israel A. Arriaga-Trejo, Aldo G. Orozco-Lugo, Arturo Veloz-Guerrero, Manuel E. Guzman-Renteria. Widely Linear System Estimation Using Superimposed Training
5657 -- 5662Zhiguo Ding, Kin K. Leung. Impact of Imperfect Channel State Information on Bi-Directional Communications With Relay Selection
5663 -- 5668Yong-Up Jang. Performance Analysis of Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Sensing and Secondary-to-Primary Interference

Volume 59, Issue 10

4505 -- 4515Ahmad Masmoudi, Faouzi Bellili, Sofiène Affes, Alex Stephenne. A Non-Data-Aided Maximum Likelihood Time Delay Estimator Using Importance Sampling
4516 -- 4528Xi-Lin Li, Tülay Adali, Matthew Anderson. Noncircular Principal Component Analysis and Its Application to Model Selection
4529 -- 4543Shahrokh Farahmand, Georgios B. Giannakis, Daniele Angelosante. Doubly Robust Smoothing of Dynamical Processes via Outlier Sparsity Constraints
4544 -- 4558Ángel F. García-Fernández, Mark R. Morelande, Jesús Grajal. Multitarget Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of a Sensor Network
4559 -- 4571Gongguo Tang, Arye Nehorai. Lower Bounds on the Mean-Squared Error of Low-Rank Matrix Reconstruction
4572 -- 4584Charles Soussen, Jérôme Idier, David Brie, Junbo Duan. From Bernoulli-Gaussian Deconvolution to Sparse Signal Restoration
4585 -- 4594Dimitri Nion. A Tensor Framework for Nonunitary Joint Block Diagonalization
4595 -- 4605Patrick R. Gill, Albert Wang, Alyosha Molnar. The In-Crowd Algorithm for Fast Basis Pursuit Denoising
4606 -- 4619J. Olsson, Tobias Rydén. Rao-Blackwellization of Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods Using Forward Filtering Backward Sampling
4620 -- 4634Hagai Kirshner, Simona Maggio, Michael Unser. A Sampling Theory Approach for Continuous ARMA Identification
4635 -- 4647Kurt Barbé, Johan Schoukens, Rik Pintelon. The Use of Nonparametric Noise Models Extracted From Overlapping Subrecords for System Identification
4648 -- 4663Juan-Andrés Bazerque, Gonzalo Mateos, Georgios B. Giannakis. Group-Lasso on Splines for Spectrum Cartography
4664 -- 4676Christian Debes, Jürgen Hahn, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Moeness G. Amin. Target Discrimination and Classification in Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging
4677 -- 4691Lennart Svensson, Daniel Svensson, Marco Guerriero, Peter Willett. Set JPDA Filter for Multitarget Tracking
4692 -- 4707Symeon Chouvardas, Konstantinos Slavakis, Sergios Theodoridis. Adaptive Robust Distributed Learning in Diffusion Sensor Networks
4708 -- 4718Pei Dang, Tao Qian. Analytic Phase Derivatives, All-Pass Filters and Signals of Minimum Phase
4719 -- 4734Moshe Mishali, Yonina C. Eldar, Asaf Elron. Xampling: Signal Acquisition and Processing in Union of Subspaces
4735 -- 4744Chaitanya Ekanadham, Daniel Tranchina, Eero P. Simoncelli. Recovery of Sparse Translation-Invariant Signals With Continuous Basis Pursuit
4745 -- 4758Shay Maymon, Alan V. Oppenheim. Sinc Interpolation of Nonuniform Samples
4759 -- 4766Kanke Gao, Stella N. Batalama, Dimitrios A. Pados, Bruce W. Suter. Compressive Sampling With Generalized Polygons
4767 -- 4780Navin Michael, A. Prasad Vinod, Christophe Moy, Jacques Palicot. Design of Multistandard Channelization Accelerators for Software Defined Radio Handsets
4781 -- 4794Han Lun Yap, Christopher J. Rozell. Stable Takens' Embeddings for Linear Dynamical Systems
4795 -- 4808Murat Akçakaya, Carlos H. Muravchik, Arye Nehorai. Biologically Inspired Coupled Antenna Array for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation
4809 -- 4820Pu Wang, Hongbin Li, Braham Himed. Moving Target Detection Using Distributed MIMO Radar in Clutter With Nonhomogeneous Power
4821 -- 4837Shuchin Aeron, Sandip Bose, Henri-Pierre Valero, Venkatesh Saligrama. Broadband Dispersion Extraction Using Simultaneous Sparse Penalization
4838 -- 4849François-Xavier Socheleau, Christophe Laot, Jean-Michel Passerieux. Stochastic Replay of Non-WSSUS Underwater Acoustic Communication Channels Recorded at Sea
4850 -- 4859Arash Komaee. Nonlinear Filters for Bayesian Estimation of Pulse Arrival Time in Additive White Gaussian Noise
4860 -- 4870Mei Leng, Yik-Chung Wu. Low-Complexity Maximum-Likelihood Estimator for Clock Synchronization of Wireless Sensor Nodes Under Exponential Delays
4871 -- 4884Jing Huang, A. Lee Swindlehurst. Cooperative Jamming for Secure Communications in MIMO Relay Networks
4885 -- 4899Robert W. Heath Jr., Tao Wu, Young Hoon Kwon, Anthony C. K. Soong. Multiuser MIMO in Distributed Antenna Systems With Out-of-Cell Interference
4900 -- 4908Huang Huang, Vincent K. N. Lau. Partial Interference Alignment for K -User MIMO Interference Channels
4909 -- 4922Suhinthan Maheswararajah, Saman K. Halgamuge, K. B. Dassanayake, D. Chapman. Management of Orphaned-Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Irrigation Systems
4923 -- 4937George Atia, Venugopal V. Veeravalli, Jason A. Fuemmeler. Sensor Scheduling for Energy-Efficient Target Tracking in Sensor Networks
4938 -- 4953Dragana Bajovic, Bruno Sinopoli, João Xavier. Sensor Selection for Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
4954 -- 4970Giuseppe Destino, Giuseppe Abreu. On the Maximum Likelihood Approach for Source and Network Localization
4971 -- 4984H. Saito, S. Tanaka, S. Shioda. Stochastic Geometric Filter and Its Application to Shape Estimation for Target Objects
4985 -- 4997Jiangyuan Li, Athina P. Petropulu, Steven Weber. On Cooperative Relaying Schemes for Wireless Physical Layer Security
4998 -- 5012Mahdi Hajiaghayi, Min Dong, Ben Liang. Jointly Optimal Channel Pairing and Power Allocation for Multichannel Multihop Relaying
5013 -- 5022S. Ali. A. Fakoorian, A. Lee Swindlehurst. Solutions for the MIMO Gaussian Wiretap Channel With a Cooperative Jammer
5023 -- 5038Antonio G. Marqués, Georgios B. Giannakis, Javier Ramos. Optimizing Orthogonal Multiple Access Based on Quantized Channel State Information
5039 -- 5049Kiarash Amiri, Michael Wu, Joseph R. Cavallaro, Jorma Lilleberg. Cooperative Partial Detection Using MIMO Relays
5050 -- 5056Chao Yang, Ling Shi. Deterministic Sensor Data Scheduling Under Limited Communication Resource
5056 -- 5065Suat Bayram, Sinan Gezici. On the Restricted Neyman-Pearson Approach for Composite Hypothesis-Testing in Presence of Prior Distribution Uncertainty
5065 -- 5070Cui Yang, Gang Wei. A Noniterative Frequency Estimator With Rational Combination of Three Spectrum Lines
5070 -- 5076Gongguo Tang, Arye Nehorai. Constrained Cramér-Rao Bound on Robust Principal Component Analysis
5077 -- 5082Arie Yeredor. Performance Analysis of GEVD-Based Source Separation With Second-Order Statistics
5082 -- 5086Luc Knockaert. A Class of Scaled Bessel Sampling Theorems
5086 -- 5090Qiyu Sun. Sparse Approximation Property and Stable Recovery of Sparse Signals From Noisy Measurements
5091 -- 5096Shuying Shi, Erik G. Larsson, Mikael Skoglund. Codebook Design and Hybrid Digital/Analog Coding for Parallel Rayleigh Fading Channels

Volume 59, Issue 1

1 -- 14Long Zuo, Ruixin Niu, Pramod K. Varshney. Conditional Posterior Cramér-Rao Lower Bounds for Nonlinear Sequential Bayesian Estimation
15 -- 26Christian Lundquist, Umut Orguner, Fredrik Gustafsson. Extended Target Tracking Using Polynomials With Applications to Road-Map Estimation
27 -- 34Elias Masry. Analysis of Signal Reconstruction With Jittered Sampling
35 -- 47Petre Stoica, Prabhu Babu, Jian Li. New Method of Sparse Parameter Estimation in Separable Models and Its Use for Spectral Analysis of Irregularly Sampled Data
48 -- 57Jacqueline Christmas, Richard Everson. Robust Autoregression: Student-t Innovations Using Variational Bayes
58 -- 69Esa Ollila, Jan Eriksson, Visa Koivunen. Complex Elliptically Symmetric Random Variables - Generation, Characterization, and Circularity Tests
70 -- 77Juan Miguel Medina, Bruno Cernuschi-Frías. On the Prediction of a Class of Wide-Sense Stationary Random Processes
78 -- 90Satyabrata Sen, Arye Nehorai. Adaptive OFDM Radar for Target Detection in Multipath Scenarios
91 -- 103Ruairí de Fréin, Scott T. Rickard. The Synchronized Short-Time-Fourier-Transform: Properties and Definitions for Multichannel Source Separation
104 -- 114Effrosini Kokiopoulou, Pascal Frossard. Distributed Classification of Multiple Observation Sets by Consensus
115 -- 129Lori A. Dalton, Edward R. Dougherty. Bayesian Minimum Mean-Square Error Estimation for Classification Error - Part I: Definition and the Bayesian MMSE Error Estimator for Discrete Classification
130 -- 144Lori A. Dalton, Edward R. Dougherty. Bayesian Minimum Mean-Square Error Estimation for Classification Error - Part II: Linear Classification of Gaussian Models
145 -- 159Jingmin Xin, Nanning Zheng, Akira Sano. Subspace-Based Adaptive Method for Estimating Direction-of-Arrival With Luenberger Observer
160 -- 171Kainam Thomas Wong, Xin Yuan. Vector Cross-Product Direction-Finding With an Electromagnetic Vector-Sensor of Six Orthogonally Oriented But Spatially Noncollocating Dipoles/Loops
172 -- 185Antonio De Maio, Yongwei Huang, Daniel Pérez Palomar, Shuzhong Zhang, Alfonso Farina. Fractional QCQP With Applications in ML Steering Direction Estimation for Radar Detection
186 -- 195Huang Lou, Chengshan Xiao. Soft-Decision Feedback Turbo Equalization for Multilevel Modulations
196 -- 208M. Amin Khajehnejad, Alexandros G. Dimakis, Weiyu Xu, Babak Hassibi. Sparse Recovery of Nonnegative Signals With Minimal Expansion
209 -- 222Momin Uppal, Guosen Yue, Xiaodong Wang, Zixiang Xiong. A Rateless Coded Protocol for Half-Duplex Wireless Relay Channels
223 -- 234Tao Wang, Luc Vandendorpe. Iterative Resource Allocation for Maximizing Weighted Sum Min-Rate in Downlink Cellular OFDMA Systems
235 -- 251Ali Tajer, Narayan Prasad, Xiaodong Wang. Robust Linear Precoder Design for Multi-Cell Downlink Transmission
252 -- 262Christos Masouros. Correlation Rotation Linear Precoding for MIMO Broadcast Communications
263 -- 276An Liu, Youjian Liu, Haige Xiang, Wu Luo. MIMO B-MAC Interference Network Optimization Under Rate Constraints by Polite Water-Filling and Duality
277 -- 289Chih-Hao Liu, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. MMSE DFE Transceiver Design Over Slowly Time-Varying MIMO Channels Using ST-GTD
290 -- 303Yue Rong. Multihop Nonregenerative MIMO Relays - QoS Considerations
304 -- 314Hao Yu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Rank-Constrained Schur-Convex Optimization With Multiple Trace/Log-Det Constraints
315 -- 328Johannes Maurer, Joakim Jalden, Dominik Seethaler, Gerald Matz. Vector Perturbation Precoding Revisited
329 -- 340Elena Veronica Belmega, Samson Lasaulce. Energy-Efficient Precoding for Multiple-Antenna Terminals
341 -- 350Rui Wang 0007, Vincent K. N. Lau, Ying Cui. Queue-Aware Distributive Resource Control for Delay-Sensitive Two-Hop MIMO Cooperative Systems
351 -- 361Amitav Mukherjee, A. Lee Swindlehurst. Robust Beamforming for Security in MIMO Wiretap Channels With Imperfect CSI
362 -- 372Zhansheng Duan, X. Rong Li. Lossless Linear Transformation of Sensor Data for Distributed Estimation Fusion
373 -- 385Ram Rajagopal, Martin J. Wainwright. Network-Based Consensus Averaging With General Noisy Channels
386 -- 398Haipeng Zheng, Sanjeev R. Kulkarni, H. Vincent Poor. Attribute-Distributed Learning: Models, Limits, and Algorithms
399 -- 414Chih-Ning Hsu, Hsuan-Jung Su, Pin-Hsun Lin. Joint Subcarrier Pairing and Power Allocation for OFDM Transmission With Decode-and-Forward Relaying
415 -- 424Marco Congedo, Ronald Phlypo, Dinh-Tuan Pham. Approximate Joint Singular Value Decomposition of an Asymmetric Rectangular Matrix Set
425 -- 431Mohammed Nabil El Korso, Rémy Boyer, Alexandre Renaux, Sylvie Marcos. Statistical Resolution Limit of the Uniform Linear Cocentered Orthogonal Loop and Dipole Array
431 -- 435Tao Li, Joseph Tabrikian, Arye Nehorai. A Barankin-Type Bound on Direction Estimation Using Acoustic Sensor Arrays
436 -- 441Jaehyun Park, Joohwan Chun, Franklin T. Luk. Lattice Reduction Aided MMSE Decision Feedback Equalizers
441 -- 446Chen Chen, Lin Bai, Bo Wu, Jinho Choi. Downlink Throughput Maximization for OFDMA Systems With Feedback Channel Capacity Constraints
446 -- 453Tadilo Endeshaw Bogale, Batu K. Chalise, Luc Vandendorpe. Robust Transceiver Optimization for Downlink Multiuser MIMO Systems
453 -- 458Daniel Persson, Erik G. Larsson. Partial Marginalization Soft MIMO Detection With Higher Order Constellations