Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 4, Issue 4

243 -- 256Stephen L. Chiu. Selecting Input Variables for Fuzzy Models
257 -- 268Yau-Hwang Kuo, Jang-Pong Hsu, Cheng-I Kao. MCFC: A Fuzzy Neural Network Model for Speech Recognition
269 -- 280Tomoyuki Fujino, Fabian C. Hadipriono. Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis for Structural Safety
281 -- 293Shu-Guang Cao, Neville W. Rees, Gang Feng. A Stabilization Algorithm for Discrete-Time Fuzzy Control Systems
295 -- 308Jörg Hohensohn, Jerry M. Mendel. Two-Pass Orthogonal Least-Squares Algorithm to Train and Reduce the Complexity of Fuzzy Logic Systems
309 -- 320Jae-Hoon Kim 0002, Jungyun Seo, Gil-Chang Kim. Estimating Membership Functions in a Fuzzy Network Model for Part-of-Speech Tagging

Volume 4, Issue 3

177 -- 191Jozef Zurada, James H. Graham, Waldemar Karwowski. Intelligent Neural Network Based Decision Unit for Robot Safety
193 -- 206Ming-Chang Shih, Kuo-Chan Lee. Hydraulic Servocylinder Position Control Using a Hybrid Neurofuzzy Controller
207 -- 213Robert W. Newcomb, Rui J. P. de Figueiredo. A Multi-Input Multi-Output Functional Artificial Neural Network
215 -- 226Ruck Thawonmas, Shigeo Abe. Extraction of Fuzzy Rules for Classification Based on Partitioned Hyperboxes
227 -- 234Shou King Foo, P. Saratchandran, N. Sundararajan. Optimal and Suboptimal Pattern Allocation Schemes for Backpropagation Learning on a Heterogeneous Processor Network
235 -- 242Lei Guo, Baolong Guo. A Constraint Satisfaction Theory for Binary Neural Networks

Volume 4, Issue 2

89 -- 99Danwei Wang, Yeng Chai Soh, Mingkun Gu. Fuzzy Logic Joint Path Generation for Kinematic Redundant Manipulators with Multiple Criteria
101 -- 106Chul-Heui Lee, Ronald R. Yager. A Variable Step Size LMS Algorithm Using Fuzzy Logic
107 -- 119S. S. Neo, M. J. Er. Comparison Study of Adaptive Controllers for Robot Manipulators
121 -- 130Robert M. Kleyle, André de Korvin. Policy Selection Based on a Markov Model with Fuzzy Transition Probabilities
131 -- 140Anastasios I. Dounis, M. Bruant, M. Santamouris, G. Guarracino, P. Michel. Comparison of Conventional and Fuzzy Control of Indoor Air Quality in Buildings
141 -- 160Tamara L. Chelette, Daniel W. Repperger, Chandler A. Phillips. Pattern Recognition of Spastic Motion
161 -- 173Marek J. Patyra, Eric Braun, Mike VanMeeteren. High-Performance Digital Defuzzification and Defuzzifier Circuit
175 -- 176Dimitar P. Filev. Klir and Yuan's Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 18Katsuaki Sanou, Steve G. Romaniuk, Lawrence O. Hall. Encoding of Production Rules in a Connectionist Network
19 -- 32Kenneth E. Stoll, Patricia A. S. Ralston, Thomas L. Ward. Linguistic Design of Nonlinear Controllers
33 -- 47Jeffery R. Layne, Kevin M. Passino. Fuzzy Model Reference Learning Control
49 -- 63M. Dohnal. A Chaos-Based Analysis of Discriminative Power of Fuzzy Models
65 -- 73Deock-Gil Oh, Jin-Young Choi, Choong Woong Lee. Computationally Efficient Fuzzy Adaptive Equalizer for Nonlinear Channels
75 -- 85Q. M. Jonathan Wu, Clarence W. de Silva. Dynamic Switching of Fuzzy Resolution in Knowledge-Based Self-Tuning Control