Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 39, Issue 9

1933 -- 1942Ahmed H. Tewfik. Direction finding in the presence of colored noise by candidate identification
1943 -- 1954Yan Ming Cheng, Douglas D. O'Shaughnessy. Speech enhancement based conceptually on auditory evidence
1955 -- 1963Michael J. Grimble. ∞ fixed-lag smoothing filter for scalar systems
1964 -- 1972Barry D. Van Veen. Minimum variance beamforming with soft response constraints
1973 -- 1984Rodney G. Vaughan, Neil L. Scott, D. Rod White. The theory of bandpass sampling
1985 -- 1993Bernard Armour, Salvatore D. Morgera. An exact forward-backward maximum likelihood autoregressive parameter estimation method
1994 -- 2006Philippe Forster, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Bearing estimation in the bispectrum domain
2007 -- 2015Randolph L. Moses, Duixian Liu. Optimal nonnegative definite approximations of estimated moving average covariance sequences
2016 -- 2024Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. Direction finding algorithms based on high-order statistics
2025 -- 2043Alan C. Bovik. Analysis of multichannel narrow-band filters for image texture segmentation
2044 -- 2055Mehrdad Soumekh. Bistatic synthetic aperture radar inversion with application in dynamic object imaging
2056 -- 2065Avideh Zakhor, Robert M. Weisskoff, Richard Rzedzian. Optimal sampling and reconstruction of MRI signals resulting from sinusoidal gradients
2066 -- 2078Sethuraman Panchanathan, Morris Goldberg. A content-addressable memory architecture for image coding using vector quantization
2079 -- 2082Tülay Adali, Sasan H. Ardalan. Analysis of a stabilization technique for the fixed-point prewindowed RLS algorithm
2082 -- 2086Chi Chang-Yung. Performance of the SMLR deconvolution algorithm
2086 -- 2089Luciano da Fontoura Costa, Jan Frans Willem Slaets. On the efficiency of parallel pipelined architectures
2089 -- 2092Jan Fransaer, D. Fransaer. Fast cross-correlation algorithm with application to spectral analysis
2092 -- 2095Gaetano Giunta, Giovanni Jacovitti, Alessandro Neri. Bandpass nonlinear systems identification by higher order cross correlation
2096 -- 2098Chintana Griffin, Preeti Rao, Fred Taylor. Roundoff error analysis of the discrete Wigner distribution using fixed-point arithmetic
2098 -- 2101E. J. Holder, M. N. Derr. An iterative technique to achieve enhanced spectral resolution
2101 -- 2104Henry Leung, Simon Haykin. The complex backpropagation algorithm
2104 -- 2108Mohammad A. Masnadi-Shirazi, Nasir Ahmed. Optimum Laguerre networks for a class of discrete-time systems
2108 -- 2111R. Mendoza, Jeffrey H. Reed, Tien C. Hsia, Brian G. Agee. Interference rejection using the time-dependent constant modulus algorithm (CMA) and the hybrid CMA/spectral correlation discriminator
2111 -- 2115Neri Merhav, Yariv Ephraim. Maximum likelihood hidden Markov modeling using a dominant sequence of states
2115 -- 2118D. Pang, Leonard A. Ferrari, Pathamadi V. Sankar. A unified approach to IFIR filter design using B-spline functions
2118 -- 2122Hector Perez, Shigeo Tsujii. A fast parallel form IIR adaptive filter algorithm
2122 -- 2124Dinh-Tuan Pham. Quick solution of least square equations and inversion of block matrices of low displacement rank
2124 -- 2128Phillip A. Regalia. An improved lattice-based adaptive IIR notch filter
2128 -- 2132S. Sivanand, Mostafa Kaveh. Multichannel filtering for wide-band direction finding
2132 -- 2136A. Murat Tekalp, Gordana Pavlovic. Image restoration with multiplicative noise: incorporating the sensor nonlinearity
2136 -- 2140George A. Tsihrintzis, Anthony J. Devaney. Estimation of object location from diffraction tomographic intensity data
2140 -- 2141Shuenn-Shyang Wang, Wen-Gou Lin. Comments on 'an FFT algorithm based fast algorithm for arbitrary polynomial transformation'
2141 -- 2146Jhing-Fa Wang, Chung-Hsien Wu, Shih-Hung Chang, Jau-Yien Lee. A hierarchical neural network model based on a C/V segmentation algorithm for isolated Mandarin speech recognition
2146 -- 2148D. Mitchell Wilkes, Salvatore D. Morgera, Fazal Noor, Monson H. Hayes III. A Hermitian Toeplitz matrix is unitarily similar to a real Toeplitz-plus-Hankel matrix
2148 -- 2149Ja-Ling Wu, Yuh-Ming Huang. An FPT algorithm with a modularized structure for computing two-dimensional discrete Fourier transforms

Volume 39, Issue 8

1717 -- 1731Richard V. Cox, Joachim Hagenauer, Nambi Seshadri, Carl-Erik W. Sundberg. Subband speech coding and matched convolutional channel coding for mobile radio channels
1732 -- 1742Jerry D. Gibson, Boneung Koo, Steven D. Gray. Filtering of colored noise for speech enhancement and coding
1743 -- 1752Hung-Yan Gu, Chiu-yu Tseng, Lin-Shan Lee. Isolated-utterance speech recognition using hidden Markov models with bounded state durations
1753 -- 1769John W. Adams. A new optimal window [signal processing]
1770 -- 1779Gregory E. Bottomley, S. Thomas Alexander. A novel approach for stabilizing recursive least squares filters
1780 -- 1787Jim D. Echard, Michael L. Watt. The quantization noise spectrum of a sinusoid in colored noise
1788 -- 1792David Hertz. On fast multivariable bilinear and Hadamard transforms
1793 -- 1804Nancy E. Hubing, S. Thomas Alexander. Statistical analysis of initialization methods for RLS adaptive filters
1805 -- 1811Christopher J. Zarowski, Howard C. Card. Finite precision arithmetic and the split Schur algorithms
1812 -- 1821Jinhui Chao, Shigeo Tsujii. A stable and distortion-free IIR echo and howling canceler
1822 -- 1835M. Isabel Ribeiro, José M. F. Moura. 2-ARMA identification algorithm
1836 -- 1847Petre Stoica, Torsten Söderström. Statistical analysis of MUSIC and subspace rotation estimates of sinusoidal frequencies
1848 -- 1857Qiang Wu, Daniel R. Fuhrmann. A parametric method for determining the number of signals in narrow-band direction finding
1858 -- 1876Michael D. Zoltowski, Ta-Sung Lee. Interference cancellation matrix beamforming for 3-D beamspace ML/MUSIC bearing estimation
1877 -- 1884Gavin J. Gibson, Sammy Siu, Colin F. N. Cowan. The application of nonlinear structures to the reconstruction of binary signals
1885 -- 1889Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi. Estimation and identification for 2-D block Kalman filtering
1889 -- 1891Vijay P. Dimri. Design of the unimodular shaping filter
1891 -- 1892Eric M. Dowling, Ronald D. Degroat. The equivalence of the total least squares and minimum norm methods [signal processing]
1892 -- 1899Allen D. Hillery, Roland T. Chin. Iterative Wiener filters for image restoration
1899 -- 1903Jeffrey L. Krolik, David N. Swingler. The performance of minimax spatial resampling filters for focussing wide-band arrays
1903 -- 1907John Makhoul, Amro El-Jaroudi. A geometric characterization of positive definite sequences and of the Fourier transform
1907 -- 1911Alireza Moghaddamjoo, Tzu-Chieh Chang. Signal enhancement of the spatial smoothing algorithm
1911 -- 1914Marc Moonen, Paul Van Dooren, Joos Vandewalle, Ronald D. Degroat. A note on 'Efficient numerically stabilized rank-one eigenstructure updating' [and reply]
1914 -- 1917Matthew Newell, John Rasure. A VLSI for real-time linear operations and transforms
1918 -- 1919Tibor K. Pogány. On a very tight truncation error bound for stationary stochastic processes
1920 -- 1923Angelos P. Varvitsiotis, Sergios Theodoridis. A pipelined structure for QR adaptive LS system identification

Volume 39, Issue 7

1493 -- 1502Peter Meyer, Jürgen Schröter, Man Mohan Sondhi. Design and evaluation of optimal cepstral lifters for accessing articulatory codebooks
1503 -- 1515Nader Moayeri, David L. Neuhoff, Wayne E. Stark. Fine-coarse vector quantization
1516 -- 1523John B. Abbiss, Bryan J. Brames, Michael A. Fiddy. Superresolution algorithms for a modified Hopfield neural network
1524 -- 1540Prashant P. Gandhi, Saleem A. Kassam. Design and performance of combination filters for signal restoration
1541 -- 1551Fuyun Ling. Givens rotation based least squares lattice and related algorithms
1552 -- 1563Ping Wah Wong. Quantization and roundoff noises in fixed-point FIR digital filters
1564 -- 1574Franz Hlawatsch. Duality and classification of bilinear time-frequency signal representations
1575 -- 1588Ruth Onn, Allan O. Steinhardt, Adam W. Bojanczyk. The hyperbolic singular value decomposition and applications
1589 -- 1603Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander. Performance analysis of diversely polarized antenna arrays
1604 -- 1610Goran D. Zivanovic. On the instantaneous frequency of cyclostationary random signal
1611 -- 1629Steven D. Blostein, Thomas S. Huang. Detecting small, moving objects in image sequences using sequential hypothesis testing
1630 -- 1641Patrick L. Combettes, H. Joel Trussell. The use of noise properties in set theoretic estimation
1642 -- 1654Vijay K. Madisetti, David G. Messerschmitt. Seismic migration algorithms on parallel computers
1655 -- 1668Rajeev Jain, Paul T. Yang, Toshiaki Yoshino. FIRGEN: a computer-aided design system for high performance FIR filter integrated circuits
1669 -- 1671Patrick L. Combettes, H. Joel Trussell. Set theoretic estimation by random search
1672 -- 1674Guido M. Cortelazzo, Gian Antonio Mian, Roberto Rinaldo. Toeplitz properties of the block matrices encountered in the processing of spatiotemporal signals
1674 -- 1677P. Darlington, G. Xu. Equivalent transfer functions of minimum output variance mean-square estimators
1677 -- 1681Li Deng, Patrick Kenny, Matthew Lennig, Vishwa Gupta, Franz Seitz, Paul Mermelstein. Phonemic hidden Markov models with continuous mixture output densities for large vocabulary word recognition
1681 -- 1682Ioannis Dologlou, George Carayannis. Physical interpretation of signal reconstruction from reduced rank matrices
1682 -- 1686M. Hatem El Ayadi. NAR estimators of spatial covariance matrices for adaptive array detection
1686 -- 1689Benjamin Friedlander, Anthony J. Weiss. On the number of signals whose directions can be estimated by an array
1689 -- 1691Zi-Jun Gan, Ming Mao. Two convergence theorems on deterministic properties of median filters
1691 -- 1692Yingbo Hua. Parameter estimation of exponentially damped sinusoids using higher order statistics and matrix pencil
1692 -- 1695Weidong Kou, Tore Fjällbrant. A direct computation of DCT coefficients for a signal block taken from two adjacent blocks
1695 -- 1699Weidong Kou, Tore Fjällbrant. Fast computation of transform coefficients for a subadjacent block for a transform family
1699 -- 1702Soo-Chang Pei, Ing-Ing Yang. High resolution Wigner distribution using chirp Z-transform analysis
1702 -- 1705José A. Rodriguez-Fonollosa, Enrique Masgrau. Simplified gradient calculation in adaptive IIR lattice filters
1705 -- 1708Xin Wang. NFIR nonlinear filter
1708 -- 1711T. W. Wong, Chung-Ping Kwong. Adaptive filtering using Hartley transform and overlap-save method

Volume 39, Issue 6

1245 -- 1257Benoît Champagne, Moshe Eizenman, Subbarayan Pasupathy. Exact maximum likelihood time delay estimation for short observation intervals
1258 -- 1267Jitendra K. Tugnait. On time delay estimation with unknown spatially correlated Gaussian noise using fourth-order cumulants and cross cumulants
1268 -- 1281Michael K. Brown, Maureen A. McGee, Lawrence R. Rabiner, Jay G. Wilpon. Training set design for connected speech recognition
1282 -- 1290Yan Ming Cheng, Douglas D. O'Shaughnessy. Short-term temporal decomposition and its properties for speech compression
1291 -- 1299Yunxin Zhao, Les E. Atlas, Xinhua Zhuang. Application of the Gibbs distribution to hidden Markov modeling in speaker independent isolated word recognition
1300 -- 1304George E. Kechter, Jan D. Achenbach. Combined linear and homomorphic deconvolutions for processing bandpass measurements [US flaw detection]
1305 -- 1313Weiping Li. A new algorithm to compute the DCT and its inverse
1314 -- 1321Huizhu Lu, Samuel C. Lee. A new approach to solve the sequence-length constraint problem in circular convolution using number theoretic transform
1322 -- 1332Zhi-Jian Mou, Pierre Duhamel. Short-length FIR filters and their use in fast nonrecursive filtering
1333 -- 1347Harry B. Lee, Michael S. Wengrovitz. Statistical characterization of the MUSIC null spectrum
1348 -- 1359Seth D. Silverstein. Linear minimum free energy estimation: a computationally efficient noise suppression spectral estimation algorithm
1360 -- 1368Petre Stoica, Randolph L. Moses, Torsten Söderström, Jian Li. Optimal high-order Yule-Walker estimation of sinusoidal frequencies
1369 -- 1379John Goutsias, Dan Schonfeld. Morphological representation of discrete and binary images
1380 -- 1397Peter Strobach. Quadtree-structured recursive plane decomposition coding of images
1398 -- 1411Erik McDermott, Shigeru Katagiri. LVQ-based shift-tolerant phoneme recognition
1412 -- 1415Samir H. Abdul-Jauwad. Automated processing of quad array data
1415 -- 1418Amitava Biswas. Bit reversal in FFT from matrix viewpoint
1419 -- 1421Bruce W. Bomar, Bradley C. Winkleman. A method for accelerating the design of optimal linear-phase FIR digital filters
1422 -- 1426Yong Soo Cho, Sung Bai Kim, Edward J. Powers. Time-varying spectral estimation using AR models with variable forgetting factors
1426 -- 0Aníbal R. Figueiras-Vidal. Comments on 'A curiosum concerning discrete time convolution' [by E.B. Hall and G.L. Wise]
1427 -- 1428Louis M. Fourdan. About the enumeration of best biphase codes
1428 -- 1433Mark Hedley, Hong Yan, Dov Rosenfeld. A modified Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm for one-dimensional motion artifact correction in MRI
1433 -- 1435Hsien-Sen Hung, Mostafa Kaveh. Fisher information matrix of the coherently averaged covariance matrix
1435 -- 1440John Makhoul, Amro El-Jaroudi, Richard M. Schwartz. Partitioning capabilities of two-layer neural networks
1440 -- 1442Joseph P. Noonan, V. Premus, J. Irza. AR model order selection based on bispectral cross correlation
1442 -- 1450Keshab K. Parhi. Pipelining in dynamic programming architectures
1450 -- 1454Keshab K. Parhi. Finite word effects in pipelined recursive filters
1454 -- 1455Rik Pintelon. Comments on 'Design of IIR filters in the complex domain' [by X. Chen and T.W. Parks]
1455 -- 1459Sanzheng Qiao. Fast adaptive RLS algorithms: a generalized inverse approach and analysis
1459 -- 1462C. S. Ramalingam, Richard J. Vaccaro. A simple approximation algorithm to obtain sequences with nonnegative Fourier transforms
1462 -- 1466Sanjay Ranka, Sartaj Sahni. Efficient serial and parallel algorithms for median filtering
1466 -- 1470George A. Tsihrintzis, Anthony J. Devaney. Maximum likelihood estimation of object location in diffraction tomography. II. Strongly scattering objects
1470 -- 1473Barry D. Van Veen. Adaptive convergence of linearly constrained beamformers based on the sample covariance matrix
1473 -- 1478Anthony J. Weiss, Motti Gavish. Direction finding using ESPRIT with interpolated arrays
1478 -- 1480Xinhua Zhuang, Robert M. Haralick, Yunxin Zhao. Maximum entropy image reconstruction

Volume 39, Issue 5

1033 -- 1048Isabel M. G. Lourtie, José M. F. Moura. Multisource delay estimation: nonstationary signals [underwater acoustics]
1049 -- 1057Vasu Iyengar, Peter Kabal. A low delay 16 kb/s speech coder
1058 -- 1069Ryszard Stasinski. The techniques of the generalized fast Fourier transform algorithm
1070 -- 1087Theagenis J. Abatzoglou, Jerry M. Mendel, Gail A. Harada. The constrained total least squares technique and its applications to harmonic superresolution
1088 -- 1098Weiguo Chen, Kon Max Wong, James P. Reilly. Detection of the number of signals: a predicted eigen-threshold approach
1099 -- 1109Ananthram Swami, Jerry M. Mendel. Cumulant-based approach to harmonic retrieval and related problems
1110 -- 1121Mats Viberg, Björn E. Ottersten. Sensor array processing based on subspace fitting
1122 -- 1135Björn E. Ottersten, Mats Viberg, Thomas Kailath. Performance analysis of the total least squares ESPRIT algorithm
1136 -- 1145Kai-Bor Yu. Recursive updating the eigenvalue decomposition of a covariance matrix
1146 -- 1163Gonzalo R. Arce. Multistage order statistic filters for image sequence processing
1164 -- 1180Nicolas J. Dusaussoy, Ikram E. Abdou. The extended MENT algorithm: a maximum entropy type algorithm using prior knowledge for computerized tomography
1181 -- 1194Hsien-Che Lee, David R. Cok. Detecting boundaries in a vector field
1195 -- 1202Naresh R. Shanbhag. An improved systolic architecture for 2-D digital filters
1203 -- 1205Paul M. Baggenstoss, Steven M. Kay. On estimating the angle parameters of an exponential signal at high SNR
1205 -- 1208Wai-kuen Cham, Y. T. Chan. An order-16 integer cosine transform
1208 -- 1210Weixiu Du, Rodney Lynn Kirlin. Improved spatial smoothing techniques for DOA estimation of coherent signals
1210 -- 1212Arthur E. Frazho, Peter J. Sherman. On the convergence of the multichannel maximum likelihood point spectrum estimator
1212 -- 1215Brian K. Harms, Sallie Keller-McNulty. Error-free solution to a Toeplitz system of equations
1215 -- 1218Yingbo Hua, Tapan K. Sarkar. A note on the Cramer-Rao bound for 2-D direction finding based on 2-D array
1218 -- 1221Konstantinos Konstantinides. Threshold bounds in SVD and a new iterative algorithm for order selection in AR models
1221 -- 1224Thomas J. Moir, Douglas R. Campbell, H. S. Dabis. A polynomial approach to optimal and adaptive filtering with application to speech
1224 -- 1229Surendra Prasad, Bindu Chandna. Direction-of-arrival estimation using rank revealing QR factorization
1229 -- 1232D. Raghuramireddy, Rolf Unbehauen. Evaluation of the quantization error in denominator-separable 2-D recursive filters
1232 -- 1235Allan O. Steinhardt. The PDF of adaptive beamforming weights
1235 -- 1238Barry J. Sullivan. Effect of sampling rate on the conjugate gradient method applied to signal extrapolation
1238 -- 0Ja-Ling Wu, Yuh-Ming Huang. Comments on 'An FPT algorithm with a modularized structure for computing 2-D cyclic convolutions' by T.K. Truong, et al

Volume 39, Issue 4

781 -- 788Marie-Agnks Pallas, Geneviève Jourdain. Active high resolution time delay estimation for large BT signals
789 -- 794Sumam David, Bhaskar Ramamurthi. Two-sided filters for frame-based prediction
795 -- 805John H. L. Hansen, Mark A. Clements. Constrained iterative speech enhancement with application to speech recognition
806 -- 814Chin-Hui Lee, Chih-Heng Lin, Biing-Hwang Juang. A study on speaker adaptation of the parameters of continuous density hidden Markov models
815 -- 824Krishna S. Nathan, Yi-Teh Lee, Harvey F. Silverman. A time-varying analysis method for rapid transitions in speech
825 -- 835Louis Auslander, Izidor C. Gertner, Richard Tolimieri. The discrete Zak transform application to time-frequency analysis and synthesis of nonstationary signals
836 -- 841Michael K. Brown. On quantization of noisy signals
842 -- 851Sergio D. Cabrera, Thomas W. Parks. Extrapolation and spectral estimation with iterative weighted norm modification
852 -- 859Jeffrey A. Fessler. Nonparametric fixed-interval smoothing with vector splines
860 -- 871Amrane Houacine. Regularized fast recursive least squares algorithms for adaptive filtering
872 -- 878Farokh Marvasti, Mostafa Analoui, Mohsen Gamshadzahi. Recovery of signals from nonuniform samples using iterative methods
879 -- 891Phillip A. Regalia, Maurice G. Bellanger. On the duality between fast QR methods and lattice methods in least squares adaptive filtering
892 -- 900Yingbo Hua, Tapan K. Sarkar. On SVD for estimating generalized eigenvalues of singular matrix pencil in noise
901 -- 906Randolph L. Moses, Duixian Liu. Determining the closest stable polynomial to an unstable one
907 -- 913Jeffrey A. Fessler. Nonparametric fixed-interval smoothing of nonlinear vector-valued measurements
914 -- 929Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Jan Biemond, Ronald W. Schafer, Russell M. Mersereau. A regularized iterative image restoration algorithm
930 -- 934Eby G. Friedman, James H. Mulligan Jr.. Clock frequency and latency in synchronous digital systems
935 -- 938Reinhard Männer. Semidigital multiplication by discrete convolution using surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices
939 -- 952Teresa H. Y. Meng, Robert W. Brodersen, David G. Messerschmitt. Asynchronous design for programmable digital signal processors
953 -- 955John W. Adams, Robert W. Bayma, Michael E. Lawrence, Leon Petrosian. On the modifier chirp z transform for synthetic aperture radar systems
955 -- 956Peter Bauer, Tamal Bose, David P. Brown. Comments on 'Limit cycles due to roundoff in state-space digital filters' [and reply]
956 -- 958R. H. Brackert, Henry John Orchard, Alan N. Willson Jr.. A theorem providing bounds on digital filter scaling factors
958 -- 959Charles L. Byrne. The additive causal part of Burg's maximum entropy estimator and data consistency
959 -- 962Yuh-Huu Chang, Ching-Kae Tzou, Neil J. Bershad. Postsmoothing for the LMS algorithm and a fixed point roundoff error analysis
962 -- 965Luigi Chisci, Edoardo Mosca. A general polynomial solution to the MMSE deconvolution problem
965 -- 967Cameron K. Coursey, John A. Stuller. Linear interpolation lattice
967 -- 971Edward J. Delp, Owen Robert Mitchell. The use of block truncation coding in DPCM image coding
971 -- 975Paulo S. R. Diniz, Mario Sarcinelli Jr.. Synthesis of symmetric and nonsymmetric lattice digital filters which are free of constant-input limit cycles
975 -- 977Keh-Chiarng Huarng, Chien-Chung Yeh. A unitary transformation method for angle-of-arrival estimation
977 -- 978Erik M. Johansson, J. Patrick Fitch. Remarks on translation by sign modulation
978 -- 980Richard J. Kenefic. Generalized likelihood ratio detector performance for a tone with unknown parameters in Gaussian white noise
980 -- 984Stefanos D. Kollias, Dimitris Anastassiou. A unified neutral network approach to digital image halftoning
984 -- 986Yong-Hwan Lee, Sawasd Tantaratana. A simple formula for the variance of the median filter output with Laplacian input
986 -- 989James M. Lowerre. Time domain use of the EM algorithm in noise cancellation
989 -- 992Changxue Ma. Novel criteria of uniqueness for signal reconstruction from phase
992 -- 996Athina P. Petropulu, Chrysostomos L. Nikias, John G. Proakis. Efficient realization structure of the a priori lattice-ladder recursive least squares algorithm
996 -- 997Bernard C. Picinbono. Comments on 'A derivation of the normal equation in FIR Wiener filters' by Y.-D. Huang and C.-T. Chen
997 -- 1001Zeev Pritzker, Arie Feuer. Variable length stochastic gradient algorithm
1001 -- 1003Gaetano Scarano. Cumulant series expansion of hybrid nonlinear moments of complex random variables
1003 -- 1005David N. Swingler. Frequency estimation variance with the Burg algorithm
1005 -- 1006Michael Unser. Comments on 'Classification of natural textures by means of two-dimensional orthogonal masks' by P. Cohen, V. Lacasse and C.T. DeDinh
1006 -- 1008P. P. Vaidyanathan. On coefficient-quantization and computational roundoff effects in lossless multirate filter banks
1008 -- 1012Jan P. van Hemert. Automatic segmentation of speech
1012 -- 1017R. J. Webster. Spectral line profiles generated by deterministic frequency modulation
1017 -- 1020Torbjörn Wigren, Arye Nehorai. Asymptotic Cramer-Rao bounds for estimation of the parameters of damped sine waves in noise
1020 -- 1023JoEllen Wilbur, Fred J. Taylor. Single-modulus RNS implementation of Wigner-Ville time-varying spectral estimations

Volume 39, Issue 3

553 -- 562James M. Kates. Feedback cancellation in hearing aids: results from a computer simulation
563 -- 570Naftali Z. Tisby. On the application of mixture AR hidden Markov models to text independent speaker recognition
571 -- 582Serafim Karaboyas, Nicholas Kalouptsidis. Efficient adaptive algorithms for ARX identification
583 -- 594Odile M. Machhi, Neil J. Bershad. Adaptive recovery of a chirped sinusoid in noise. I. Performance of the RLS algorithm
595 -- 602Neil J. Bershad, Odile M. Macchi. Adaptive recovery of a chirped sinusoid in noise. II. Performance of the LMS algorithm
603 -- 611Adam J. Efron, Peter F. Swaszek, Donald W. Tufts. Insight into detection of deterministic and Gaussian signals in correlated plus impulsive noise environments
612 -- 619Franz Hlawatsch, Werner Krattenthaler. Phase matching algorithms for Wigner-distribution signal synthesis
620 -- 626John Makhoul, Allan O. Steinhardt. On the peaks of causal signals with a given average delay
627 -- 643Sang-Geun Oh, Rangasami L. Kashyap. A robust approach for high resolution frequency estimation
644 -- 655Peter J. Sherman, Kang-Ning Lou. On the family of ML spectral estimates for mixed spectrum identification
656 -- 671Michael D. Zoltowski, Ta-Sung Lee. Maximum likelihood based sensor array signal processing in the beamspace domain for low angle radar tracking
672 -- 682Anthony J. Devaney, George A. Tsihrintzis. Maximum likelihood estimation of object location in diffraction tomography
683 -- 697Fure-Ching Jeng, John W. Woods. Compound Gauss-Markov random fields for image estimation
698 -- 713K. P. Unnikrishnan, John J. Hopfield, David W. Tank. Connected-digit speaker-dependent speech recognition using a neural network with time-delayed connections
714 -- 718Ali N. Akansu, Richard A. Haddad. Factorization of the coefficient variance matrix in orthogonal transforms
718 -- 721Russell D. Brown, Hong Wang. An experimental demonstration of improved Doppler processing performance
721 -- 723ByoungSeon Choi. A time-domain interpretation of the KL spectrum
723 -- 727Richard A. Haddad, Ali N. Akansu. A class of fast Gaussian binomial filters for speech and image processing
727 -- 729Brian Harms. Computing time-frequency distributions [signal analysis]
729 -- 733Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Kuen-Tsair Lay. Maximum likelihood blur identification and image restoration using the EM algorithm
733 -- 735Peter Kroon, Bishnu S. Atal. On the use of pitch predictors with high temporal resolution
736 -- 741R. Kumaresan, Y. Feng. FIR prefiltering improves Prony's method
741 -- 743Sabri A. Mahmoud. A new technique for velocity estimation of large moving objects
743 -- 746John Makhoul. Toeplitz determinants and positive semidefiniteness
746 -- 749Jacques Munier, Gilles Y. Delisle. Spatial analysis using new properties of the cross-spectral matrix
749 -- 752Shimon Peleg, Boaz Porat. The Cramer-Rao lower bound for signals with constant amplitude and polynomial phase
752 -- 755Hector Perez, Shigeo Tsujii. A system identification algorithm using orthogonal functions
755 -- 756Mark A. Poletti. Instantaneous frequency and conditional moments in the time-frequency plane
756 -- 758Michael J. Sabin. DPCM coding of spectral amplitudes without positive slope overload
759 -- 764Murali Tummala. New algorithm for solving block matrix equations with applications in 2-D AR spectral estimation
764 -- 765Kenneth Zeger. Corrections to 'Gradient algorithms for designing predictive vector quantizers'
765 -- 770Xian-Da Zhang, Jie Cheng. High resolution two-dimensional ARMA spectral estimation
770 -- 774Weixin Zhang, Mysore Raghuveer. Nonparametric bispectrum-based time-delay estimators for multiple sensor data

Volume 39, Issue 2

273 -- 288Thomas F. Quatieri, Robert J. McAulay. Peak-to-RMS reduction of speech based on a sinusoidal model
289 -- 297Harvey C. Schau. Edge-connected, crossed-electrode array for two-dimensional projection and beamforming
298 -- 307Etienne Barnard, Ronald A. Cole, Mathew P. Vea, Fileno A. Alleva. Pitch detection with a neural-net classifier
308 -- 318Adoram Erell, Yaakov Orgad, Julius L. Goldstein. JND's in the LPC poles of speech and their application to quantization of the LPC filter
319 -- 329David A. Krubsack, Russel J. Niederjohn. An autocorrelation pitch detector and voicing decision with confidence measures developed for noise-corrupted speech
330 -- 335Yi-Teh Lee. Information-theoretic distortion measures for speech recognition
336 -- 340Hermann Ney. Dynamic programming parsing for context-free grammars in continuous speech recognition
341 -- 353Bengt Carlsson, Anders Ahlén, Mikael Sternad. Optimal differentiation based on stochastic signal models
354 -- 358Henry Leung, Simon Haykin. Error bound method and its application to the LMS algorithm
359 -- 365Paul S. Lewis. Multichannel recursive least squares adaptive filtering without a desired signal
366 -- 375Milton José Porsani, Tadeusz J. Ulrych. Levinson-type extensions for non-Toeplitz systems
376 -- 382Alexander Skavantzos, Fred J. Taylor. On the polynomial residue number system [digital signal processing]
383 -- 394Alle-Jan van der Veen, Ed F. Deprettere. Parallel VLSI matrix pencil algorithm for high resolution direction finding
395 -- 410Olli Yli-Harja, Jaakko Astola, Yrjö Neuvo. Analysis of the properties of median and weighted median filters using threshold logic and stack filter representation
411 -- 423Amro El-Jaroudi, John Makhoul. Discrete all-pole modeling
424 -- 430William A. Gardner. On the spectral coherence of nonstationary processes
431 -- 436Abhijit Mahalanobis. Signal dependent degradation in noise performance of optimum detectors for multiple signal detection
437 -- 445S. Sivanand, Jar-Fen Yang, M. Kaveh. Focusing filters for wide-band direction finding
446 -- 453Petre Stoica, Arye Nehorai. Performance comparison of subspace rotation and MUSIC methods for direction estimation
454 -- 463Changguo Zhou, Fred Haber, Dwight L. Jaggard. A resolution measure for the MUSIC algorithm and its application to plane wave arrivals contaminated by coherent interference
464 -- 471Hans Braun, Axel Hauck. Tomographic reconstruction of vector fields
472 -- 477Stylianos Bakamidis, Markos Dendrinos, George Carayannis. SVD analysis by synthesis of harmonic signals
477 -- 481Bradley M. Bell, Stephen A. Reynolds. A matched filter network for estimating pulse arrival times
481 -- 485S. C. Chan, K. L. Ho. A new two-dimensional fast cosine transform algorithm
485 -- 486Gaetano Giunta. A note on the computational complexity of high correlation estimators
486 -- 490A. Gupta, K. R. Rao. An efficient FFT algorithm based on the discrete sine transform
490 -- 497John F. Hemdal, Robert M. Lougheed. Morphological approaches to the automatic extraction of phonetic features
497 -- 499Hsien-Sen Hung. Lower bound on average mean-square error for image restoration
499 -- 503Edmond A. Jonckheere, Chingwo Ma. Split-radix fast Hartley transform in one and two dimensions
503 -- 506Rodney Lynn Kirlin. A note on the effects of narrow-band and stationary signal model assumptions on the covariance matrix of sensor-array data vectors
506 -- 509Werner Krattenthaler, Franz Hlawatsch. Improved signal synthesis from pseudo-Wigner distribution
509 -- 512James H. McClellan, D. Lee. Exact equivalence of the Steiglitz-McBride iteration and IQML
512 -- 515C. H. Mehta, B. S. Goel, D. D. Bhatta, S. Radhakrishnan. Minimum phase wavelet by ARMA factorization
515 -- 517Adam N. Mirkin, Leon H. Sibul. Cramer-Rao bounds on angle estimation with a two-dimensional array
517 -- 518Dennis R. Morgan. Comments on 'A derivation of the normal equation in FIR Wiener filters'
518 -- 522Ioannis Pitas, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Adaptive filters based on order statistics
522 -- 526Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. Blind equalization of digital communication channels using high-order moments
526 -- 527Ben Reaves. Comments on 'An improved endpoint detector for isolated word recognition'
527 -- 530David Starer, Arye Nehorai. Adaptive polynomial factorization by coefficient matching
530 -- 532Virginia L. Stonick, S. Thomas Alexander. A relationship between the recursive least squares update and homotopy continuation methods
532 -- 536Bruce W. Suter. Fast Nth-order Hankel transform algorithm
536 -- 538Hugo Van Hamme. Maximum likelihood estimation of superimposed complex sinusoids in white Gaussian noise by reduced effort coarse search (RECS)
538 -- 541Fangming Wang, P. Yip. Cepstrum analysis using discrete trigonometric transforms
542 -- 544Langford B. White. Transition kernels for bilinear time-frequency distributions
544 -- 546Hong Ren Wu, Frank John Paoloni. A two-dimensional fast cosine transform algorithm based on Hou's approach

Volume 39, Issue 12

2573 -- 2592James M. Kates. A time-domain digital cochlear model
2593 -- 2610Maria-João D. Rendas, José M. F. Moura. Cramer-Rao bound for location systems in multipath environments
2611 -- 2620Yunus Hussain, Nariman Farvardin. Adaptive block transform coding of speech based on LPC vector quantization
2621 -- 2628A. Enis Çetin. An iterative algorithm for signal reconstruction from bispectrum
2629 -- 2639Alex C. Orgren, Soura Dasgupta, Charles E. Rohrs, N. R. Malik. Noise cancellation with improved residuals
2640 -- 2651Vinod Chandran, Stephen L. Elgar. Mean and variance of estimates of the bispectrum of a harmonic random process-an analysis including leakage effects
2652 -- 2658Hugo Van Hamme. A stochastical limit to the resolution of least squares estimation of the frequencies of a double complex sinusoid
2659 -- 2676Xianya Xie, Robin J. Evans. Multiple target tracking and multiple frequency line tracking using hidden Markov models
2677 -- 2690Michael T. Orchard, Charles A. Bouman. Color quantization of images
2691 -- 2717Juyang Weng, Narendra Ahuja, Thomas S. Huang. Motion and structure from point correspondences with error estimation: planar surfaces
2718 -- 2721B. Marangelli. A vector quantizer with minimum visible distortion
2721 -- 2725Soo-Chang Pei, Sy-Been Jaw. A class of efficient recursive quadrature mirror filters for subband coding
2725 -- 2728D. Raghuramireddy, Rolf Unbehauen. Highly molecular systolic structures for denominator-separable 2-D recursive filters
2728 -- 2733Pei Guo Zou, Lian Shi Du. An optimal instrumental variable method for ARMA spectral estimation

Volume 39, Issue 11

2377 -- 2386Mordechai F. Berger, Harvey F. Silverman. Microphone array optimization by stochastic region contraction
2387 -- 2399Anders Ahlén, Mikael Sternad. Wiener filter design using polynomial equations
2400 -- 2410Peter H. Bauer, Louis-Jérôme Leclerc. A computer-aided test for the absence of limit cycles in fixed-point digital filters
2411 -- 2418Long-Wen Chang, Shen-Wen Lee. Systolic arrays for the discrete Hartley transform
2419 -- 2424Moncef Gabbouj, Edward J. Coyle. On the LP which finds a MMAE stack filter
2425 -- 2435Scott R. Powell, Paul M. Chau. A technique for realizing linear phase IIR filters
2436 -- 2449Mats Viberg, Björn E. Ottersten, Thomas Kailath. Detection and estimation in sensor arrays using weighted subspace fitting
2450 -- 2456Mati Wax. Detection and localization of multiple sources via the stochastic signals model
2457 -- 2463Andrew E. Yagle. New analogs of split algorithms for arbitrary Toeplitz-plus-Hankel matrices
2464 -- 2480Christopher J. Zarowski. Schur algorithms for Hermitian Toeplitz, and Hankel matrices with singular leading principal submatrices
2481 -- 2499Erlan H. Feria. Predictive transform estimation [image processing]
2500 -- 2507Eve A. Riskin, Robert M. Gray. A greedy tree growing algorithm for the design of variable rate vector quantizers [image compression]
2508 -- 2514William J. Rozwod, Charles W. Therrien, Jae S. Lim. Design of 2-D FIR filters by nonuniform frequency sampling
2515 -- 2523Chun-Hsien Chou. VLSI architectures for high-speed and flexible two-dimensional digital filters
2524 -- 2534William Robertson, William J. Phillips. A system for systolic modules for the MUSIC algorithm
2535 -- 2539Anthony G. Bessios, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. FFT-based bispectrum computation on polar rasters
2540 -- 2544Amir Betser, Ezra Zeheb. Reduced order IIR approximation to FIR digital filters
2544 -- 2547Nelson M. Blachman. Projection of a spherical distribution and its inversion
2547 -- 2552Douglas L. Jones, Henrik V. Sorensen. A bus-oriented multiprocessor fast Fourier transform
2552 -- 2554Xiaoning Nie, Rolf Unbehauen. Edge preserving filtering by combining nonlinear mean and median filters
2554 -- 2556S. C. Dutta Roy, Shailey Minocha. A note on 'Efficient evaluation of polynomials and exponentials of polynomials for equispaced arguments' by A.H. Nuttall
2557 -- 2559Jeffrey D. Taft, Nirmal K. Bose. Quadratic-linear filters for signal detection
2559 -- 2563Peter K. Willett, John B. Thomas. Robust signal selection for the matched filter

Volume 39, Issue 10

2157 -- 2166Neri Merhav, Yariv Ephraim. A Bayesian classification approach with application to speech recognition
2167 -- 2173Nirmal K. Bose, K. D. Kim. Boundary implications for frequency response of interval FIR and IIR filters
2174 -- 2183R. David Koilpillai, Truong Q. Nguyen, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Some results in the theory of crosstalk-free transmultiplexers
2184 -- 2193George V. Moustakides, Sergios Theodoridis. Fast Newton transversal filters-a new class of adaptive estimation algorithms
2194 -- 2198Daniel R. Fuhrmann. Application of Toeplitz covariance estimation to adaptive beamforming and detection
2199 -- 2215Elias Koukoutsis, George Carayannis, Cristos C. Halkias. Superlattice/superladder computational organization for linear prediction and optimal FIR filtering
2216 -- 2221Jitendra K. Tugnait. New results on FIR system identification using higher order statistics
2222 -- 2236Nikolas P. Galatsanos, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos, Roland T. Chin, Allen D. Hillery. Least squares restoration of multichannel images
2237 -- 2252Nikolas P. Galatsanos, Roland T. Chin. Restoration of color images by multichannel Kalman filtering
2253 -- 2262Wu-Sheng Lu, Hui-Ping Wang, Andreas Antoniou. Design of two-dimensional digital filters using singular-value decomposition and balanced approximation method
2263 -- 2274Stephen E. Reichenbach, Stephen K. Park. Small convolution kernels for high-fidelity image restoration
2275 -- 2285M. Ibrahim Sezan, H. Joel Trussell. Prototype image constraints for set-theoretic image restoration
2286 -- 2295Jenq-Neng Hwang, James A. Ritcey. Systolic architectures for radar CFAR detectors
2296 -- 2316H. V. Jagadish, Thomas Kailath. Obtaining schedules for digital systems
2317 -- 2320Cao Ai, Ai Guoxiang. Removing the quantization error by repeated observation [image processing]
2320 -- 2323C. K. An, Edward J. Powers, C. P. Ritz. A digital method of modeling two-input quadratic systems with general random inputs
2323 -- 2325Michael M. Chang, A. Murat Tekalp, A. Tanju Erdem. Blur identification using the bispectrum
2325 -- 2331William E. Higgins. A flexible implementation of maximum-homogeneity filtering for 2-D and 3-D images
2331 -- 2334Neil K. Jablon. On the complexity of frequency-domain adaptive filtering
2335 -- 2343Weiping Li, Allen M. Peterson. Block Z transform and its application to FIR filtering
2343 -- 2346Tsung-Ching Liu, Barry D. Van Veen. A modular structure for implementation of linearly constrained minimum variance beamformers
2347 -- 2351William S. McCormick, James L. Lansford. Efficient parallel rooting of complex polynomials on the unit circle
2351 -- 2353Kevin C. Gill. A storage-efficient method for solving banded Toeplitz systems
2353 -- 2356Miroslav Morhác. A fast algorithm of nonlinear Volterra filtering
2356 -- 2359Ja-Ling Wu, Jiun Shiu. Discrete Hartley transform in error control coding
2359 -- 2363Dov Wulich, Eugene I. Plotkin, M. N. S. Swamy. Constrained notch filtering of nonuniformly spaced samples for enhancement of an arbitrary signal corrupted by a strong FM interference
2363 -- 2365Andrew E. Yagle. A fast algorithm for Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation
2365 -- 2367Angelo A. Yong. A better FFT bit-reversal algorithm without tables

Volume 39, Issue 1

1 -- 16Mordechai Segal, Ehud Weinstein, Bruce R. Musicus. Estimate-maximize algorithms for multichannel time delay and signal estimation
17 -- 28Michael K. Brown, Jay G. Wilpon. A grammar compiler for connected speech recognition
29 -- 39Andrej Ljolje, Stephen E. Levinson. Development of an acoustic-phonetic hidden Markov model for continuous speech recognition
40 -- 48Yoav Medan, Eyal Yair, Dan Chazan. Super resolution pitch determination of speech signals
49 -- 54Nassim N. Chit, John S. Mason. Complex Chebyshev approximation for FIR digital filters
55 -- 68Eric J. Diethorn, David C. Munson Jr.. A linear, time-varying system framework for noniterative discrete-time band-limited signal extrapolation
69 -- 75James Gonnella. The application of core functions to residue number systems
76 -- 84Alexander M. Haimovich, Yeheskel Bar-Ness. An eigenanalysis interference canceler
85 -- 91V. John Mathews. Performance analysis of adaptive filters equipped with the dual sign algorithm
92 -- 114Dirk T. M. Slock, Thomas Kailath. Numerically stable fast transversal filters for recursive least squares adaptive filtering
115 -- 121Jia-Sien Soo, Khee K. Pang. A multistep size (MSS) frequency domain adaptive filter
122 -- 136Peter Strobach. Recursive triangular array ladder algorithms
137 -- 147Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, Tongxin Lu, Eduardo Mario Nebot. Parallel and sequential block Kalman filtering and their implementations using systolic arrays
148 -- 159Hiroshi Kanai, Ken'iti Kido. Estimation of input pulse locations from the response of an all-pole transfer system using tapered rank reduction
160 -- 170Giovanni Aloisio, Geoffrey Charles Fox, Jai Sam Kim, Nicola Veneziani. A concurrent implementation of the prime factor algorithm on hypercube
171 -- 182Sun-Yuan Kung, Jenq-Neng Hwang. Systolic array designs for Kalman filtering
183 -- 185Moeness G. Amin. Spectral smoothing and recursion based on the nonstationarity of the autocorrelation function
185 -- 189Bradley M. Bell, Donald B. Percival. A two step Burg algorithm [spectral analysis]
189 -- 190Nevio Benvenuto, Gianfranco L. Pierobon. Extension of the sampling theorem to exponentially decaying causal functions
190 -- 192Bruno Cernuschi-Frías. A derivation of the Gohberg-Semencul relation [signal analysis]
192 -- 194Long-Wen Chang, Ming-Chang Wu. A unified systolic array for discrete cosine and sine transforms
194 -- 197Yih-Min Chen, Ju-Hong Lee, Chien-Chung Yeh, Jeich Mar. Bearing estimation without calibration for randomly perturbed arrays
197 -- 200David H. Eberly, Harold G. Longbotham, Jorge Aragon. Complete classification of roots to one-dimensional median and rank-order filters
200 -- 202Delores M. Etter, Jean Jiang. An adaptive technique for determining a reduced model for a system
202 -- 204Augustus J. E. M. Janssen. Optimality property of the Gaussian window spectrogram
204 -- 208Martti Juhola, Jyrki Katajainen, Timo Raita. Comparison of algorithms for standard median filtering
208 -- 212Mohamed Kamel, C. T. Sun, Lian Guan. Image compression by variable block truncation coding with optimal threshold
212 -- 214Kyoung I. Kim. On measuring the system coherency of quadratically nonlinear systems
214 -- 216John Makhoul, Allan O. Steinhardt. On matching correlation sequences by parametric spectral models
216 -- 219Rudy Moddemeijer. On the determination of the position of extrema of sampled correlators
219 -- 221Alireza Moghaddamjoo. Transform-based covariance differencing approach to the array with spatially nonstationary noise
221 -- 224Alireza Moghaddamjoo. Application of spatial filters to DOA estimation of coherent sources
225 -- 226Venkatesh Nagesha. On computing the discrete Fourier transform of a linear phase sequence
227 -- 230Shogo Nakamura, Yukio Kadowaki, Shigeki Matsuoka. An LSI implementation of generalized transversal filters
230 -- 233Siva Bala Narayanan, K. M. M. Prabhu. Fast Hartley transform pruning
233 -- 238Bruno Paillard, Joel Soumagne, Philippe Mabilleau, Sarto Morissette. Subband decomposition: an LMS-based algorithm to approximate the perfect reconstruction bank in the general case
238 -- 242Hamed Sari-Sarraf, Dragana Brzakovic. Automated iterative noise filtering [image processing]
242 -- 246Chellury R. Sastry, Edward W. Kamen, Marwan A. Simaan. An efficient algorithm for tracking the angles of arrival of moving targets
246 -- 248Mikio Tohyama, Akira Suzuki, Kiyoshi Sugiyama. Active power minimization of a sound source in a reverberant closed space
248 -- 252H. Joel Trussell, M. Ibrahim Sezan, Duong Tran. Sensitivity of color LMMSE restoration of images to the spectral estimate
252 -- 254Tad J. Ulrych, Sven Treitel. A new proof of the minimum phase property of the unit delay prediction error operator-revisited
254 -- 255Langford B. White. On the convergence of the estimated posterior density weighted algorithm