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eaaiEng. Appl. of AI
eatcsBulletin of the EATCS
ebusinessEAI Endorsed Trans. e-Business
ecEvolutionary Computation
ecccElectronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC)
ecoiEcological Informatics
ecrElectronic Commerce Research
ecraElectronic Commerce Research and Applications
ecsEgyptian Computer Science Journal
eeelICST Trans. e-Education e-Learning
eetccEAI Endorsed Trans. Collaborative Computing
eetcogcomEAI Endorsed Trans. Cognitive Communications
eetcsEAI Endorsed Trans. Cloud Systems
eetctEAI Endorsed Trans. Creative Technologies
eetwsEAI Endorsed Trans. Wireless Spectrum
efiEducation for Information
eiElektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
eikElektronische Informationsverarbeitung und Kybernetik
eisEnterprise IS
ejasmpEURASIP J. Audio, Speech and Music Processing
ejaspEURASIP J. Adv. Sig. Proc.
ejbsbEURASIP J. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
ejcEur. J. Comb.
ejcoEURO J. Computational Optimization
ejconEur. J. Control
ejesEURASIP J. Emb. Sys.
ejisdcElectron. J. Inf. Syst. Dev. Ctries.
ejisecEURASIP J. Information Security
ejivpEURASIP J. Image and Video Processing
ejltEur. J. Law Technol.
ejtlEURO J. Transportation and Logistics
ejwcnEURASIP J. Wireless Comm. and Networking
elThe Electronic Library
elearneLearn Magazine
electronicmarketsElectronic Markets
elektrikTurkish J. Electr. Eng. Comput. Sci.
emExperimental Mathematics
emisaEMISA Forum
emisaijEnterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures
enElectronic Networking: Research, Applications and Policy
endmElectronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics
englEngineering Letters
eninfEnergy Inform.
entcomEntertainment Computing
ENTCSElectronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
envsoftEnvironmental Modelling and Software
eorEuropean Journal of Operational Research
epJ. Electron. Publ.
epjdsEPJ Data Sci.
epoddElectronic Publishing
ercimERCIM News
esExpert Systems
escriEncycl. Semantic Comput. Robotic Intell.
eseEmpirical Software Engineering
esiEarth Science Informatics
eslEmbedded Systems Letters
esticasIEEE J. Emerg. Sel. Topics Circuits Syst.
eswaExpert Syst. Appl.
eswaxExpert Syst. Appl. X
etJ. Electronic Testing
etaiElectron. Trans. Artif. Intell.
ethicsitEthics Inf. Technol.
ETSEducational Technology & Society
ettEuropean Transactions on Telecommunications
eviEvolutionary Intelligence
evsEvolving Systems
ewEAI Endorsed Trans. Energy Web
ewcEng. Comput. (Lond.)
expertIEEE Intelligent Systems