Journal: Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Volume 35, Issue 6

5799 -- 0Seong Oun Hwang. Preface
5801 -- 5814Quan Tran Hai, Seong Oun Hwang. An efficient classification of malware behavior using deep neural network
5815 -- 5825Rehmat Ullah, Muhammad Khalil Afzal, Byung-Seo Kim. A novel parallel processing mechanism for data transmission in wireless content-centric networking
5827 -- 5836Khong-Lim Yap, Yung-Wey Chong, Kwangman Ko. Performance comparison between progressive mobility prediction using hidden Markov model and multipath transmission control protocol
5837 -- 5843Ahreum Shin, Intae Ryoo. Improved algorithm to configure group number in group management MAC
5845 -- 5852Nguyen Van Toan, Trong Thua Huynh, Beongku An. An energy efficient protocol based on fuzzy logic to extend network lifetime and increase transmission efficiency in wireless sensor networks
5853 -- 5865Muhammad Khalil Afzal, Rehmat Ullah, Byung-Seo Kim, Sung Won Kim. A reliable and scalable groupCast block acknowledgement scheme for video multicast over IEEE 802.11aa
5867 -- 5879Sang-Hyeon Lee, Moon-sik Kang. Intelligent noise prediction scheme with pattern analysis and deep learning technique
5881 -- 5888Jacqueline Lee-Fang Ang, Wai-Kong Lee, Boon-Yaik Ooi, Thomas Wei-Min Ooi, Seong Oun Hwang. Pedestrian Dead Reckoning with correction points for indoor positioning and Wi-Fi fingerprint mapping
5889 -- 5900Quan Tran Hai, Seong Oun Hwang. Detection of malicious URLs based on word vector representation and ngram
5901 -- 5911Kashif Inayat, Seong Oun Hwang. Load balancing in decentralized smart grid trade system using blockchain
5913 -- 5925Misenga Mumpela Joëlle, Young-Hoon Park. Strategies for detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks in SDN: A survey
5927 -- 5937Yee Jian Chew, Shih Yin Ooi, Kok Seng Wong, Ying-Han Pang, Seong Oun Hwang. Evaluation of black-marker and bilateral classification with J48 decision tree in anomaly based intrusion detection system
5939 -- 5946Sung-il Pae. Generation of random bits from Poisson processes
5947 -- 5957Lee Nicholas, Shih Yin Ooi, Ying-Han Pang, Seong Oun Hwang, Syh-Yuan Tan. Study of long short-term memory in flow-based network intrusion detection system
5959 -- 5970Jung-Eun Park, Young-Hoon Park. Fog-based file sharing scheme for efficient file management in PAN
5971 -- 5981Seong Oun Hwang, Minh Ha Le. Efficient certificate-based encryption and hierarchical certificate-based encryption schemes in the standard model
5983 -- 5991Youngjun Bae, Intae Kim, Seong Oun Hwang. An efficient detection of TCP Syn flood attacks with spoofed IP addresses
5993 -- 6003Taeho Jo. Clustering texts using feature similarity based AHC algorithm
6005 -- 6016Taeho Jo. Automatic text summarization using string vector based K nearest neighbor
6017 -- 6023Jiyoung Kang, Jong-Kuk Lim, Changho Kim. Emotion collector, a wearable multi-sensor band to recognize fear
6025 -- 6034Tuan-Linh Nguyen, Swathi Kavuri Sri, Minho Lee. A fuzzy convolutional neural network for text sentiment analysis
6035 -- 6045Eugin Hyun, Young-Seok Jin. Human-vehicle classification scheme using doppler spectrum distribution based on 2D range-doppler FMCW radar
6047 -- 6059Hyunsik Ahn. A sentential cognitive system of robots for conversational human-robot interaction
6061 -- 6070Dongseop Lee, Myounghee Kim, IlKang Na. Artificial intelligence based career matching
6071 -- 6078Min-Hyuck Lee, Seokwon Yeom. Multiple target detection and tracking on urban roads with a drone
6079 -- 6087Young-Hoon Park. Key management and data re-encryption schemes for secure in-vehicle network
6089 -- 6100Trong-Kha Nguyen, Vu Duc Ly, Seong Oun Hwang. An efficient neural network model for time series forecasting of malware
6101 -- 6116Chakkraphop Maisen, Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul, Nipon Theera-Umpon. Learning vector quantization inference classifier in breast abnormality classification
6117 -- 6123Seong Oun Hwang, Ki Hong Kim, Hyun-Jhin Lee. A study on pervasive systems to prevent forward head posture syndrome
6125 -- 6131Seongbae Eun, Jinman Jung, Young-Sun Yun, Sun Sup So, Junyoung Heo, Hong Min. An end user development platform based on dataflow approach for IoT devices
6133 -- 6140Duckki Lee, Sumi Helal, Eunsung Jung. Persuasion-enabled telehealth system
6141 -- 6152Kasemsit Teeyapan, Nipon Theera-Umpon, Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul. A twin-hyperellipsoidal support vector classifier
6153 -- 6160First Moonbong Ko, Seungcheon Kim. A research on the sintering and manufacturing condition of small cavity in mobile communication cavity filter
6161 -- 6172Trung MinhBui, Duy Huu Le, Saigua Labre Oscar Roberto, Wonha Kim. Fast I-slice encoding and down-scaling from H.264/AVC bit stream
6173 -- 6180Hyunmin Lee, Sang-ug Kang. The structure of novel active content embedding personal intention codes for digital images
6181 -- 6188Young-Kwang Seo, Geun-Ho Park, Wan-Jin Kim, Hyoung-Nam Kim. Distance estimation for hopping-frequency-coding-based continuous wave
6189 -- 6195Yong-Soo Choi. Improved histogram shifting-based data hiding method with alternative skipping method for image retrieval
6199 -- 6215Wei-Lung Mao. Nonlinear time series prediction using modified BBO-based trained TDCMAC network
6217 -- 6227Shi Yin, Li Baizhou, Hengmin Dong. A novel dynamic multi-attribute decision-making method based on the improved weights function and score function, and its application
6229 -- 6239Ta-Chun Wen, Kuei-Hu Chang, Hsin-Hung Lai. Improving personnel selection by combining the minimal variance OWA operator and IPA
6241 -- 6253Tai-Sheng Su, Chin-Chun Wu, Huei-Ru Yang. An analysis of energy consumption and cost-effectiveness for overhead crane drive systems by using fuzzy multi-objective linear programming
6255 -- 6267Mojtaba Moradi, Ashkan Hafezalkotob, Vahidreza Ghezavati. Sustainability in fuzzy resource constraint project scheduling in a cooperative environment under uncertainty: Iran's Chitgar lake case study
6269 -- 6276R. Senthilkumar, G. Justin Sunil Dhas. Fractional order controller design for SEPIC converter using metaheuristic algorithm
6277 -- 6286Taoreed Olakunle Owolabi, Mohammed A. Gondal. Quantitative analysis of LIBS spectra using hybrid chemometric models through fusion of extreme learning machines and support vector regression
6287 -- 6299S. V. Heidari, Soodabeh Soleymani, Faramarz Faghihi, B. Mozaffari. Determining harmonic component contribution for consumer and distribution systems based on adaptive fuzzy kalman filter
6301 -- 6312Nabanita Konwar, Bijan Davvaz, Pradip Debnath. Approximation of new bounded operators in intuitionistic fuzzy n-Banach spaces
6313 -- 6327Muhammad Izhar, Asghar Khan, Tariq Mahmood. (M, N)-Double framed soft ideals of Abel Grassmann's groupoids
6329 -- 6342Xuefeng Zhang, Jiafu Su. An integrated QFD and 2-tuple linguistic method for solution selection in crowdsourcing contests for innovative tasks
6343 -- 6351Bo Hu, Lvqing Bi, Songsong Dai, Sizhao Li. The approximate parallelity of complex fuzzy sets
6353 -- 6365Fatma Kutlu Gündogdu, Cengiz Kahraman, Hatice Nida Civan. A novel hesitant fuzzy EDAS method and its application to hospital selection
6367 -- 6377Roohallah Daneshpayeh, Arsham Borumand Saeid, Saeed Mirvakili, Akbar Rezaei. Classification of some elements in pseudo BL-algebras
6379 -- 6391Tanmoy Mahapatra, Madhumangal Pal. Fuzzy colouring of m-polar fuzzy graph and its application
6393 -- 6404Bijan Davvaz, Yong Chan Kim. Alexandrov L-topologies and Alexandrov L-convergence structures
6405 -- 6419Jie Hong, Xiansheng Qin, Jing Li, Junlong Niu, Wenjie Wang. Signal processing algorithms for motor imagery brain-computer interface: State of the art
6421 -- 6425S. Prabhu, T. Flora, M. Arulperumjothi. 2 [m, n] nanotubes
6427 -- 6441Jinxin Yang, Xiaoan Tang, Shanlin Yang. Novel correlation coefficients for hesitant fuzzy sets and their applications to supplier selection and medical diagnosis
6443 -- 6451Hossein Rashmanlou, Madhumangal Pal, Rajab Ali Borzooei, F. Mofidnakhaei, Biswajit Sarkar. Product of interval-valued fuzzy graphs and degree
6453 -- 6460Azim Rivaz, Mahdieh Azizian, Ali Vahidian Kamyad, Somayeh Zangoei Zadeh. A full fuzzy generalized mathematical model of tumor growth and its analysis
6461 -- 6468Mehmet Ünver, Gökhan Özçelik, Murat Olgun. A fuzzy measure theoretical approach for multi criteria decision making problems containing sub-criteria
6469 -- 6478Zineddine Kouahla, Adeel Anjum, Hamid Seridi. Indexing through separable partitioning for complex data sharing in P2P systems
6479 -- 6488Guohua Qu, Tianjiao Li, Xia Zhao, Weihua Qu, Qianying An, Junai Yan. Dual hesitant fuzzy stochastic multiple attribute decision making method based on regret theory and group satisfaction degree
6489 -- 6500Bingyuan Xu, Zhiheng Zhou, Xi Chen, Yi Yang, Zhiwei Yang. Arm removal for static hand gesture recognition
6501 -- 6512Serafín Moral-García, Carlos J. Mantas, Javier G. Castellano, Joaquín Abellán. Using Credal-C4.5 with Binary Relevance for Multi-Label Classification
6513 -- 6523Feifei Jin, Zhiwei Ni, Huayou Chen, Reza Langari, Xuhui Zhu, Hongjun Yuan. Single-valued neutrosophic entropy and similarity measures to solve supplier selection problems
6525 -- 6536Chengdong Li, Bingyang Yan, Minjia Tang, Jianqiang Yi, Xiqiao Zhang. Data driven hybrid fuzzy model for short-term traffic flow prediction
6537 -- 6549Songyi Dian, Weibo Liang, Tao Zhao 0003. Finite-time stability and stabilization of interval type-2 fuzzy systems with time delay
6551 -- 6562Kuldeep Singh, Shashank Sheshar Singh, Ajay Kumar, Bhaskar Biswas. High utility itemsets mining with negative utility value: A survey

Volume 35, Issue 5

4895 -- 4899Smriti Srivastava, Hasmat Malik, Rajneesh Sharma. Special issue on intelligent tools and techniques for signals, machines and automation
4901 -- 4908Majid Jamil, Amit Sharma. Reconfiguration of electrical distribution system using ACO methodology
4909 -- 4919Shubham Tiwari, Bharti Dwivedi, M. P. Dave. A multi-stage hybrid artificial intelligence based optimal solution for energy storage integrated mixed generation unit commitment problem
4921 -- 4931Nandan Kumar Navin, Rajneesh Sharma, Hasmat Malik. Solving nonconvex economic thermal power dispatch problem with multiple fuel system and valve point loading effect using fuzzy reinforcement learning
4933 -- 4943Dillip Kumar Mishra, Tapas Kumar Panigrahi, Prakash K. Ray, Asit Mohanty. Performance enhancement of AGC under open market scenario using TDOFPID and IPFC controller
4945 -- 4951Akhilesh Singh, Nagendra Kumar, Bhagawati Prasad Joshi, Bijay Kumar Singh. Load frequency control with time delay in restructured environment
4953 -- 4962Akhilesh Singh, Nagendra Kumar, Bhagawati Prasad Joshi, Kunwar Singh Vaisla. AGC using adaptive optimal control approach in restructured power system
4963 -- 4969Anuj Banshwar, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Yog Raj Sood, Rajnish Shrivastava. Mixed GA-OPF based optimal procurement of energy and operating reserve in deregulated environment
4977 -- 4986Jay Prakash Keshri, Harpal Tiwari. Fault detection, classification in multiterminal HVDC transmission system with MC-SVM
4987 -- 4995Shiva Pujan Jaiswal, Vivek Shrivastava. A PSO based search for optimal tuning and fixing of UPFC to improve usefulness of distribution system
4997 -- 5006Rahul Kumar Malee, Ashok Singh Chundawat, Niharika Maliwar, Avadhesh Kumar sharma. DG integrated distribution system expansion planning with uncertainties
5007 -- 5020Rajeev Kumar Chauhan, Mashhood Hasan, Jai Prakash Pandey. Intelligent control model to enhance the performance of unified power quality conditioner
5021 -- 5031Abdul Azeem, Nuzhat Fatema, H. Malik. k-NN and ANN based deterministic and probabilistic wind speed forecasting intelligent approach
5033 -- 5043Souvik Roy, Anuj Banshwar, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Yog Raj Sood. Simultaneous optimization of renewable energy based pumped storage scheme in energy and ancillary services market under deregulated power sector
5045 -- 5054Surender Reddy Salkuti, Young Hwan Lho. Multi-objective glowworm swarm optimization for solving the optimal scheduling of thermal-wind power system
5055 -- 5061Tarkeshwar Mahto, Hasmat Malik, M. Saad Bin Arif. Load frequency control of a solar-diesel based isolated hybrid power system by fractional order control using partial swarm optimization
5063 -- 5070Bijay Kumar Singh, Nagendra Kumar, Akhilesh Singh, Bhagawati Prasad Joshi. BBBC based frequency controller for hybrid power system
5071 -- 5075Naveen Kumar Sharma, Anuj Banshwar, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Yog Raj Sood, Rajnish Shrivastava. Mixed GA-OPF based prioritized optimal location and rating of wind power generation in deregulated electricity market
5077 -- 5084Abdul Quaiyum Ansari, Mashhood Hasan, Noorul Islam. Novel optimization technique to charge E-rickshaw battery using single sensor based MPPT of SPV module
5085 -- 5097Harshit Jain, Nuzhat Fatema. Layer recurrent neural network based intelligent user activity classification model using smartphone
5099 -- 5109Yogendra Narayan, Lini Mathew, S. Chatterji. sEMG signal classification with novel feature extraction using different machine learning approaches
5111 -- 5121Amit Kukker, Rajneesh Sharma. Neural reinforcement learning classifier for elbow, finger and hand movements
5123 -- 5130Abdulla Shahid, Mohd Wahab, Nidal Rafiuddin, M. Saad Bin Arif, Hasmat Malik. Decrypting wrist movement from MEG signal using SVM classifier
5131 -- 5146Nuzhat Fatema. Application of neuro-fuzzy scheme to improve purchasing process in a hospital
5147 -- 5158Sudhir Agrawal, V. K. Giri, Amar Nath Tiwari. Induction motor bearing fault classification using WPT, PCA and DSVM
5159 -- 5167Mini Rajinder a Sreejeth, Madhusudan Singh. Efficiency optimization of PI and fuzzy controller based induction motor drive
5169 -- 5175Mohammed Asim, Ahmed Riyaz, Saurabh Tiwari, Archana Verma. Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy Controller for Boost Converter with Active PFC
5177 -- 5184Md. Tabrez, Farhad Ilahi Bakhsh, Mahboob Hassan, K. Shamganth, Sami Al-Ghnimi. A comparative simulation study of different sensorless permanent magnet synchronous motor drives using neural network and fuzzy logic
5185 -- 5191M. A. Al-Hitmi, Hichem Kesraoui, Khaliqur Rahman, Atif Iqbal. Comparative study of classical and fuzzy -regulator in five phase synchronous machine control with open phase
5193 -- 5201M. P. S. Bhatia, Pravin Veenu a Chandra. A new weight initialization method for sigmoidal FFANN
5203 -- 5215Rashmi Sharma, Anju Saha. Optimal test sequence generation in state based testing using moth flame optimization algorithm
5217 -- 5223Bhagawati Prasad Joshi, Abhay Kumar, Akhilesh Singh, Pradeep Kumar Bhatt, Bhupender Kumar Bharti. Intuitionistic fuzzy parameterized fuzzy soft set theory and its application
5225 -- 5230Bhagawati Prasad Joshi, Akhilesh Singh, Pradeep Kumar Bhatt, Kunwar Singh Vaisla. Interval valued q-rung orthopair fuzzy sets and their properties
5231 -- 5239P. Anagha, S. Balasundaram, Yogendra Meena. On robust twin support vector regression in primal using squared pinball loss
5241 -- 5253Choudhary Shyam Prakash, Sushila Maheshkar, Vikas Maheshkar. Detection of copy-move image forgery with efficient block representation and discrete cosine transform
5255 -- 5264Jyoti Arora, Meena Tushir. Robust spatial intuitionistic fuzzy C-means with city-block distance clustering for image segmentation
5265 -- 5277Jyotsna Yadav, Navin Rajpal, Rajesh Mehta. A new illumination normalization framework via homomorphic filtering and reflectance ratio in DWT domain for face recognition
5279 -- 5286Puneet Singh Lamba, Deepali Virmani. Reckoning number of eye blinks using eye facet correlation for exigency detection
5287 -- 5299Jitendra Kumar, Vineet Kumar 0001, K. P. S. Rana. A fractional order fuzzy PD+I controller for three-link electrically driven rigid robotic manipulator system
5301 -- 5315Jitendra Kumar, Vineet Kumar 0001, K. P. S. Rana. Design of robust fractional order fuzzy sliding mode PID controller for two link robotic manipulator system
5317 -- 5327Sachin Srivastava, Aiswarya P. G., Monika Gupta, Nikhilesh Prasannakumar, Ashank Rudola, Ayushi Mallick, Smriti Srivastava. A comparative study of PID and neuro-fuzzy based control schemes for a 6-DoF robotic arm
5329 -- 5336Natwar Singh Rathore, V. P. Singh, Bhavnesh Kumar. Controller design for Doha water treatment plant using grey wolf optimization
5337 -- 5344Sangeeta Gupta, Varun Upadhyaya, Ayush Singh, Pragya Varshney, Smriti Srivastava. Modeling of fractional order chaotic systems using artificial bee colony optimization and ant colony optimization
5345 -- 5351Smriti Gopal a Srivastava, Vishal Kalra, Ashish Joshi. Palmprint recognition using novel oriented gabor gradients
5353 -- 5363Raman Tiwari, Manav Kumar Saxena, Prajna Mehendiratta, Kshitij Vatsa, Smriti Srivastava, Rajat Gera. Market segmentation using supervised and unsupervised learning techniques for E-commerce applications
5365 -- 5378Aditya Bhardwaj, C. Rama Krishna. Efficient multistage bandwidth allocation technique for virtual machine migration in cloud computing
5379 -- 5390Devender Kumar, Satish Chand, Bijendra Kumar. A PKC-based user authentication scheme without smart card
5391 -- 5402Arjun Kumar Shah, Ashish Yadav, H. Malik. EMD and ANN based intelligent model for bearing fault diagnosis
5403 -- 5418Syed Saad, H. Malik. Gene expression programming (GEP) based intelligent model for high performance concrete comprehensive strength analysis
5421 -- 5434Zahid Mehmood, Muhammad Rashid, Amjad Rehman, Tanzila Saba, Hassan Dawood, Hussain Dawood. Effect of complementary visual words versus complementary features on clustering for effective content-based image search
5435 -- 5448Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan, Asad Ali, Saleem Abdullah, Fazli Amin, Fawad Hussain. New extension of TOPSIS method based on Pythagorean hesitant fuzzy sets with incomplete weight information
5449 -- 5466Hai Jin 0001, Saqib Qamar, Ran Zheng, Parvez Ahmad. Single binding of data and model parallelisms to parallelize convolutional neural networks through multiple machines
5467 -- 5476Han Qiang Liu, Qing Zhang, Feng Zhao. Interval fuzzy spectral clustering ensemble algorithm for color image segmentation
5477 -- 5493Guohua Qu, Yunhuan Wang, Weihua Qu, Chunhua Li, Haisheng Zhou. Some new generalized dual hesitant fuzzy generalized Choquet integral operators based on Shapley fuzzy measures
5495 -- 5506Marcel Mendonça Grilo, Carlos Henrique Valério de Moraes, Claudio Inácio de Almeida Costa, Germano Lambert-Torres. Modified imperialist competitive optimization to high resolution spatial electric load demand forecasting
5507 -- 5522Hadi Farahani, Saman Moshiri. Temporal logic of common knowledge and its resolution-based proof method
5523 -- 5528Akanksha Singh, Amit Kumar 0003, S. S. Appadoo. Mehar ranking method for comparing connection numbers and its application in decision making
5529 -- 5539Esra Korkmaz, Riza Ertürk. On a new generalization of ditopological texture spaces
5541 -- 5556Liying Jin, Xiaobin Zhi, Shengdun Zhao. Enhanced subspace clustering through combining Minkowski distance and Cosine dissimilarity
5557 -- 5571Xizheng Cao, Wen Zhan. Intelligent composition method for the prairie-song melodies of northern China
5573 -- 5583Jie Liang, Xiao Long Xin, Jun Tao Wang. On derivations of EQ-algebras
5585 -- 5592Munna Khan, Mosarrat Jahan. Classification of myoelectric signal for sub-vocal Hindi phoneme speech recognition
5593 -- 5604Hossein Hosseini, Seyed Mohamad Taghi Bathaee. Designing three indicators to detect false data injection attacks on smart grid by dynamic state estimation
5605 -- 5617Mohammad Ali Vahdat-Zad, Hassan Khademi-Zare. An evaluation method and clustering of credibly behavior of customers using AHP and fuzzy neural networks
5619 -- 5634Peyman Bayat, Hossein Afrakhte, Pezhman Bayat. A hybrid shuffled frog leaping algorithm and intelligent water drops optimization for efficiency maximization in smart microgrids considering EV energy storage state of health
5635 -- 5645S. Khosravi Shoar, Rajab Ali Borzooei, R. Moradian. Fuzzy congruence relation generated by a fuzzy relation in vector spaces
5647 -- 5655S. Khosravi Shoar. Some types of ideals in residuated lattices
5657 -- 5666Zhan-ao Xue, Xin Xian-Wei, Yuan Yi-lin, Xue Tian-Yu. Intuitionistic fuzzy possibility measure-based three-way decisions for incomplete data
5667 -- 5677Yumin Chen, Ying Zhuang, Shunzhi Zhu, Wei Li, Chaohui Tang. A granulated fuzzy rough set and its measures
5679 -- 5687Xiu-Yun Wu, Shi-Zhong Bai. On M-fuzzifying geometric interval spaces
5689 -- 5705Sichun Wang, Fei Xia. Invariant characteristics of knowledge structures in a knowledge base under homomorphisms and their uncertainty measures
5707 -- 5720Khizar Hayat, Muhammad Irfan Ali, José Carlos R. Alcantud, Bing-yuan Cao, Kalim U. Tariq. Best concept selection in design process: An application of generalized intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets
5721 -- 5728Ahmed Mostafa Khalil, Shawkat Alkhazaleh, Sheng-Gang Li, Fei You, Sheng-quan Ma. More on "Time-neutrosophic soft set and its applications"
5729 -- 5740Bipan Hazarika. On ideal convergence in measure for sequences of fuzzy valued functions
5741 -- 5754Rong Jiang, Zhi-Xia Yang. Multiple rank multi-linear twin support matrix classification machine
5755 -- 5769Wei Zheng 0005, Hongbin Wang, Shuhuan Wen, Hongrui Wang, Zhi-Ming Zhang. Dynamic output-feedback control for nonlinear continuous-time systems based on parametric uncertain subsystem and T-S fuzzy model
5771 -- 5784Lixiang Duan, Mengyun Xie, Jinjiang Wang, Tangbo Bai. Deep learning enabled intelligent fault diagnosis: Overview and applications
5785 -- 5796Zhiming Li, Zhidong Teng, Dujun Hong, Xiaoping Shi. Comparison of three SIS epidemic models: deterministic, stochastic and uncertain

Volume 35, Issue 4

3931 -- 3936Manuel Fernández-Martínez, Juan Luis García Guirao. An intelligent approach for curve filling
3937 -- 3954Jinqiu Li, Wei Chen, Zaoli Yang, Chuanyun Li, J. S. Sellers. Dynamic interval-valued intuitionistic normal fuzzy aggregation operators and their applications to multi-attribute decision-making
3955 -- 3958Litao Guo, Bernard L. S. Lin. Restricted edge connectivity of graphs on degree
3959 -- 3969Hejun Yao. Guaranteed cost control for discrete uncertain time delay networked systems with sliding mode approach
3971 -- 3985Bo Yang, Yang-an Chen. Dynamic memory risk identification model and simulation based on immune algorithm extension
3987 -- 4000Xuefeng Wang, Fang Yang, Dawei Lu. Multi-objective location-routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery for urban distribution
4001 -- 4010Jianhua Zhao, Ning Liu, A. Malov. Safe semi-supervised classification algorithm combined with active learning sampling strategy
4011 -- 4015Sheng Dong, Lei Hou. A complement of the Hadamard-Fischer inequality
4017 -- 4026Jinsong Xu, T. J. Smith. Massive data storage and sharing algorithm in distributed heterogeneous environment
4027 -- 4035Feng Hu, Pingming Huang, Feng-hui Dong, A. Blanchet. Stability safety assessment of long-span continuous girder bridges in cantilever construction
4037 -- 4048Kexun Chen, Xueying Zhang, K. Kiatsupaibul. Simulation research on high precision multimode GNSS positioning algorithm
4049 -- 4058Guangyu Yang, Hongbing Qiu, P. Christakos. Security performance analysis of physical layer transmission link for millimeter wave communication system
4059 -- 4069Maofa Zhen, H. K. T. Muzaffar. Intelligent fusion algorithm for multi-sensor information in integrated power grid operation system
4071 -- 4081Hu Xiao, Jipeng Zhao, Xiaoqiang Shi, R. A. Gilbert. Application of a new geometric modeling on machining cutting chatter analysis
4083 -- 4095Qulin Tan, Xiaopei Cai, Xiaochun Qin, Jiping Hu, G. de Oliveira. A bilinear fast fuzzy enhancement algorithm for image boundary detection
4097 -- 4105Shuihua Zheng, Weiyuan Du, Lipan Zhao, JianSheng Zhang, XiangPeng Li, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf. Experimental study on the influence of footstep motion on resuspension of particles in small box
4107 -- 4120Xiaogang Zhu, E. Choulli. Acquisition and communication system for condition data of transmission line of smart distribution network
4121 -- 4129Zhiwei Zhao, Guiqiang Ni, Yuanyuan Shen, Nasruddin Hassan. Multiple multidimensional fuzzy reasoning algorithm based on neural network
4131 -- 4140Liu Han, Tao Shang, Jisen Shu, Ahmed Jalal Khan Chowdhury. Time series data intelligent clustering algorithm for landslide displacement prediction
4141 -- 4151Xiangmin Wang, Jun Wang, M. Privault. Artificial intelligent fault diagnosis system of complex electronic equipment
4153 -- 4162Shuying Liu, Yanfei Zou, A. M. Terasvirta. Fast query algorithm for social network data based on association features
4163 -- 4172Chao Zhang, Shuai Liu, Yan Gao, Zongsheng Zhang, S. Baltagi. Adaptive fuzzy control for multiple sliding modes in multi-infeed AC/DC transmission systems
4173 -- 4182Yuye Zhu, Yanliang Bi, Xiaomin Su, C. M. Kouritzin. Shipborne anti-collision sounding system optimization based on ACT algorithm and Internet of things
4183 -- 4194Guoqiang Wu, V. Saghir. Financial resource integration algorithm of virtual enterprise in big data environment
4195 -- 4203Yuxiu Guo, Jie Li, Na Liu, E. S. A. Riley. Parallel weak signal detection algorithm under Gauss noise interference
4205 -- 4213Xin Li, J. Hsiao. Big data oriented intelligent traffic evacuation path fuzzy control system
4215 -- 4224Peng Liang 0003, Huimin Zhao, G. Caner. Network resource information scheduling based on non-convex function optimization algorithm
4225 -- 4233Yunxu Tong, Guihua Li, M. Racine. Fault-tolerant scheduling algorithm for multiple hybrid tasks in fuzzy control system
4235 -- 4243Xinglong Ren, T. H. Bedini. A fuzzy clustering algorithm for Internet customer group behavior data
4245 -- 4255Xiaohong Yang, Donghong Yang, S. Aue. Intelligent encryption algorithm for network communication parallel data of information release terminal
4257 -- 4266Gengrui Wu, Niao Bo, Husheng Wu, Yong Yang, Nasruddin Hassan. Fuzzy scheduling optimization system for multi-objective transportation path based on ant colony algorithm
4267 -- 4275Chengxi Gu, K. F. Kim. Fuzzy clustering algorithm of interactive multi-sensor probabilistic data
4277 -- 4287Jingtian Liu, Wenjuan Jiang, S. H. P. Szczepanska-Alvarez. Intelligent identification algorithm for soccer robot color visual image position
4289 -- 4297Xi Zhao, Ying Li, P. Boonen. Intelligent optimization algorithm of non-convex function based on genetic algorithm
4299 -- 4307Rong Liu, R. D. Debicki. Fuzzy weighted location algorithm for abnormal target in wireless sensor networks
4309 -- 4317Kai Ye, M. Ng. Intelligent encryption algorithm for cloud computing user behavior feature data
4319 -- 4328Dong Hua, Longjun Wang, Yufeng Xu, Hongyan Li, N. Gombay. Fuzzy system for monitoring energy consumption of wireless sensor network nodes
4329 -- 4337Hua Zhou, S. V. Wilke. Research on image selective encryption and compression algorithm under hyperchaotic system
4339 -- 4349Jing Xu, T. Newman. Fuzzy control system for balanced sharing of enterprise network online resources
4351 -- 4360Bo Wang, Jing Xu, B. H. Sidoravicius. Fuzzy enhancement algorithm of multilevel image contrast in multi-media network
4361 -- 4371Li Ran, Yizhou He, P. A. Ludwig. An algorithm for intelligent detection of network abnormal data in dynamic data environment
4373 -- 4383Jianzhong Yang, Xianyang Li, Yu Jiang, Guihua Qiu, S. Buckdahn. Target recognition system of dynamic scene based on artificial intelligence vision
4385 -- 4397Gaiyun Zhou, Li Ma, Zhanguo Li, Guoping Zhang, C. Kim. A method for extracting gray level image feature based on fuzzy clustering algorithm
4399 -- 4409Xiangfen Ma, A. Lee. Self-self-adaptive obstacle avoidance fuzzy system of mobile robots
4411 -- 4420Yuan Sun. Artificial intelligence recognition system for cracking character authentication code
4421 -- 4431Ling Xiao, A. Elsawah. Data storage system of wireless sensor network space based on fuzzy control
4433 -- 4443Jinwen Lv, Xianqiao Chen, M. Salah. Intelligent re-recognition algorithm for specific ship target in busy waters under the actual scene
4445 -- 4454Minghui Wu, Nasruddin Hassan. Fuzzy control algorithm for congestion information in digital substation communication network
4455 -- 4464Chunbin Qin, Yanjun Zheng, M. A. Basu. Mathematical model analysis of an intelligent control system for open architecture robots
4465 -- 4473Junfeng Qiao, Yujun Niu, T. Kifer. Intelligent optimization algorithm for global convergence of non-convex functions based on improved fuzzy algorithm
4475 -- 4486Fei Gao, M. A. Basu. E-business information fuzzy retrieval system based on block chain anti-attack algorithm
4487 -- 4494Jianzhang Wu, Jiabin Yuan, Darko Dimitrov. Graph-based feasibility analysis of resource dispatching in NFV networks
4495 -- 4502Jianzhang Wu, Jiabin Yuan, Muhammad Kamran Siddiqui. Independent set conditions for all fractional (g, f, n′, m)-critical deleted NFV networks
4503 -- 4516Linli Zhu, Gang Hua, Sohail Zafar, Yu Pan. Fundamental ideas and mathematical basis of ontology learning algorithm
4517 -- 4524Wei Gao, Yaojun Chen, Abdul Qudair Baig, Yunqing Zhang. Ontology geometry distance computation using deep learning technology
4525 -- 4531Shu Gong, Liwei Tian, Muhammad Imran, Wei Gao. Primal dual based ontology sparse vector learning for similarity measuring and ontology mapping
4533 -- 4540Manuel Fernández-Martínez, Francisco J. Gómez García, Yolanda Guerrero Sánchez, Pía López Jornet. An intelligent system to study the fractal dimension of trabecular bones
4543 -- 4556Atabak Mashhadi Kashtiban, Sohrab Khanmohammadi. A genetic algorithm with SOM neural network clustering for multimodal function optimization
4557 -- 4571Asghar Khan, Muhammad Farooq, Hidayat Ullah Khan. Uni-soft hyperideals of ordered semihypergroups
4573 -- 4587Hossein Afrakhte, Seyed Hossein Rouhani. Optimal participating of the distributed generation sources in the re-structured power systems with optimized fuzzy logic controller
4589 -- 4608Maedeh Jamali, Shima Rafiei, S. M. Reza Soroushmehr, Nader Karimi, Shahram Shirani, Kayvan Najarian, Shadrokh Samavi. Adaptive image watermarking using human perception based fuzzy inference system
4609 -- 4620Hao Li, Yunsheng Zhang, Kaijun Leng, Xinyan Wang. Salient foreground detection in urban traffic scenes using the feedback visual background extractor
4621 -- 4628Libin Yang, Yu Zheng, Xiaoyan Cai, Shirui Pan, Tao Dai. Query-oriented citation recommendation based on network correlation
4629 -- 4642Zafer Ortatepe, Ahmet Karaarslan. The performance analysis of AC-DC bridgeless converter using fuzzy self-tuning and comparing with PI control method
4643 -- 4655A. A. Abd El-Latif, Mohammed M. Khalaf. (2, M)- Double fuzzifying topological spaces and (2, M)-double fuzzifying preproximity spaces
4657 -- 4672Shahzad Faizi, Tabasam Rashid, Sohail Zafar. Additive consistency-based approach for group decision making with hesitant 2-tuple linguistic preference relations
4673 -- 4683Yu Zhong, Fu-Gui Shi. Derived operators of M-fuzzifying matroids
4685 -- 4699Yang Lin, Wei Liang, Laibin Zhang, Xuchao Yu, Jingwei Qiu. A time lag based correlation analysis model for index selection in state evaluation of centrifugal compressor unit
4701 -- 4715Muhammad Izhar, Asghar Khan, Kostaq Hila. Double-framed soft generalized bi-ideals of intra-regular AG-groupoids
4717 -- 4729Issam Kouatli. Fuzzimetric employee evaluations system (FEES): A multivariable-modular approach
4731 -- 4743Xiu-Yun Wu, Fu-Gui Shi. L-concave bases and L-topological-concave spaces
4745 -- 4755Yongsheng Chao, Wenlei Sun. Typical process acquisition for body-in-white parts based on cluster algorithm
4757 -- 4771Muhammad Akram, Arooj Adeel, José Carlos R. Alcantud. Fuzzy N-soft sets: A novel model with applications
4773 -- 4784Yang Yu, Huiyan Duan, Ming Yu. Spatiotemporal features selection for spontaneous micro-expression recognition
4785 -- 4793R. Sumathi, R. Sujatha, R. Sundareswaran, Sankar Sahoo, Madhumangal Pal, Anita Pal. Nodes in fuzzy block with application
4795 -- 4805Akbar Azam, Rehana Tabassum. Existence of common coincidence point of intuitionistic fuzzy maps
4807 -- 4820Igi Ardiyanto, Teguh Bharata Adji, Dika Akilla Asmaraman. On comprehensive analysis of learning algorithms on pedestrian detection using shape features
4821 -- 4835Kinam Sin, Minghao Chen, Chong Wu, Kwang Ri, Huichol Choi. Application of a spectral method to Fractional Differential Equations under uncertainty
4837 -- 4847Faisal Yousafzai, Arshad Ali, Shamsul Haq, Kostaq Hila. Non-associative semigroups in terms of semilattices via soft ideals
4849 -- 4855Vakeel A. Khan, Abdullah A. H. Makharesh, Kamal M. A. S. Alshlool, Sameera A. A. Abdullah, Hira Fatima. On fuzzy valued lacunary ideal convergent sequence spaces defined by a compact operator
4857 -- 4864J. Arockia Reeta, J. Vimala. Implementation of anti-lattice ordered fuzzy soft groups and its matrix operations in deciding process
4865 -- 4877Eda Bolturk, Cengiz Kahraman. Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy CODAS method and its application to wave energy facility location selection problem
4879 -- 4891Nasir Shah, Nayyar Mehmood, Noor Rehman, Muhammad Shabir, Muhammad Irfan Ali. Z-soft rough fuzzy graphs: A new approach to decision making

Volume 35, Issue 3

2633 -- 0. Special Section: Applications of intelligent & fuzzy theory in engineering technologies and applied science, Guest-editors: Stanley Lima and Álvaro Rocha
2635 -- 0Stanley Lima, Álvaro Rocha. Special issue: Applications of intelligent & fuzzy theory in engineering technologies and applied science
2637 -- 2647Natalia G. Miloslavskaya. Information security management in SOCs and SICs
2649 -- 2655Zhongliang Lu, Xudong Zhu, Hongli Wang, Qiang Li. Mathematical modeling for intelligent prediction of gas accident number in Chinese coal mines in recent years
2657 -- 2665Song Yinghua, Shen Ningzhou, Liu Dan. Evolutionary game and intelligent simulation of food safety information disclosure oriented to traceability system
2667 -- 2677Yang Kairui. Intelligent evaluation approach for smart city based on DEA model: Taking Wuhan, China as an example
2679 -- 2684Zongyi Yin, Xi Luo, Su Fang, Xinyao Guo. Intelligent forecasts and evaluation of financial risk assets based on Grey Markov chain model
2685 -- 2696Guoxin Liu, Jun Ye. Intelligent selection of strategic alliance partners in automobile manufacturing industry based on DEA and grey system theory
2697 -- 2702Jiaying Li, Feifei Song, Changheng Zhao. Financial compensation strategy of PPP project based on game theory and intelligent optimization
2703 -- 2709Deqiang Geng, Long Wang, Zongyi Yin. Intelligent analysis on the factors influencing the innovation and development performance of high-tech industry in China, based on two-stages model
2711 -- 2720Haiwei Fu. Factors influencing user usage intention on intelligent logistics information platform
2721 -- 2730Xianyong Meng, Qing Liu, Hao Wang. Application of intelligent forewarning system for desertification in China
2731 -- 2740Song Yingjie, Lv Cuicui, Liu Junxian. Quality and safety traceability system of agricultural products based on Multi-agent
2741 -- 2747Yushu Chen, Zhihui Wu. Study on the application of particle swarm optimization in the virtual reality of the modified wood furniture
2749 -- 2759Jianfei Su, Yuqiang Feng, Luning Liu. Research on the influence of computer aided intelligent tutoring system on teacher's Self-efficacy
2761 -- 2768Yan Mei. Study on the application and improvement of ant colony algorithm in terminal tour route planning under Android platform
2769 -- 2775D. Wang, H. Chen, H. Yang, S. Xue. Research on intelligent parking system algorithm based on camera calibration model
2777 -- 2783Xiaomeng Wang. Research on the improved method of fundamental frequency extraction for music automatic recognition of piano music
2785 -- 2792Lei Yu, Xin Hu. Study on control and optimization algorithm of dynamic green wave used in city traffic intelligent control
2793 -- 2803Zhang Li, Wu Yuchen, Deng Kai. Optimal international logistics service composition algorithm based on improved particle swarm optimization algorithm in cloud environment
2805 -- 2811Lu Zhang, Zhenghong Peng. An improved genetic algorithm analysis and application study for urban microcellular network planning
2813 -- 2819Zhen Zhang. Optimal layout of health monitoring sensor in gymnasium based on improved particle swarm optimization algorithm
2821 -- 2826Jinquan Liao. Research on PAGV path planning based on artificial immune ant colony fusion algorithm
2827 -- 2836Peng Fan. Research on the collective efficacy of social networks with multi factor analysis
2837 -- 2845Bo Zhang, B. Zhang. Precise marketing of precision marketing value chain process on the H group line based on big data
2847 -- 2854Fan Hongbo, Zhang Jing. Research on the application of block chain technology in asset backed securitization
2855 -- 2860Yong Zheng. Research on the competitiveness of China's leisure sports industry based on statistical method
2861 -- 2866Chen Xi, Si-qin. The design and construction based on the ASEAN piano music library and display platform
2867 -- 2877Yi Liu, Tian Song, Le Jian-Liao. Construction of C-ON/OFF network traffic model based on time series
2879 -- 2885Haiyan Li, Xiaoming Miao. Application of intelligent guidance system in American school district based on cognitive guidance algebra I
2887 -- 2891Long Wang 0001, Junyang Yu, Baojun Qiao. Intelligent evaluation of computer network security based on neural network
2893 -- 2900Bo Zhang, Jianwei Zhang, Konghui Guo, Haitao Ding. Research on active vehicle obscurity based on model predictive control
2901 -- 2907Yongwei Zhou, Hehua Fan. Research on multi objective optimization model of sustainable agriculture industrial structure based on genetic algorithm
2909 -- 2919Rui Cai. Application of face recognition technology based on CA algorithm in intelligent residential property management
2921 -- 2926Xianju Fei, Guozhong Tian. Research on data mining algorithm based on neural network and particle swarm optimization
2927 -- 2936Deping Gu. Analysis of tactical information collection in sports competition based on the intelligent prompt automatic completion algorithm
2937 -- 2942Xin Xu. Simulation analysis of intrusion detection system based on genetic attribute reduction algorithm and neural network based on rough set theory
2943 -- 2950Xianrui Ma, Deheng Zeng, Runyuan Wang, Jingxin Gao, Beibei Qin. An intelligent price-appraisal algorithm based on grey correlation and fuzzy mathematics
2951 -- 2963Zhen Zhang, Jintian Yu, Chunhua Hu. Evolution of path dependence and lock-in with the knowledge mining analysis of Web of Science literature
2965 -- 2973Jiali Xia, Guangquan Li, Zhonghua Cao. Personalized exercise recommendation algorithm combining learning objective and assignment feedback
2975 -- 2984Shengtai Zhang, Feifei Wang, Fan Duo, Juliang Zhang. Research on the Majority Decision Algorithm based on WeChat sentiment classification
2985 -- 2996Z. Pu, W. Wang, Y. Li, H. Huang. Doppler tracking and fast compensation for OFDM transmission via non-stationary underwater platforms
2997 -- 3009Fei Wang, Xiaohua Shi, Xinghai Lu. A low-overhead and efficient Java object profiler on ART virtual machine
3011 -- 3020Peng Wang, Jun Cheng 0002, Wei Feng 0009. Efficient construction of topological semantic map with 3D information
3021 -- 3034Hailei Zhao, Dehuan Jin. Dynamic measurement of the liquidity level of the stock market based on the LA-CAPM model
3035 -- 3041Bing Xu, Liqun Liu, Xiaoping Zhang, Xianjun Wu. Chain routing algorithm of wireless sensor network based on adaptive back-off adjusted medium access control
3043 -- 3049Zhonghua Zhai. Auto-encoder generative adversarial networks
3051 -- 3063Xueying Tian. Research on the realization path of smart old-age care in Suzhou based on intelligent recommendation system
3065 -- 3076Zhihui Wang. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of physical education based on high dimensional data mining
3077 -- 3089Zhen Huang, Chao Shang, Yanzhang Chen. Space panel model costruction of the correlation between FDI and local economic policy based on high dimensional data regression analysis
3091 -- 3099Kong Haining, Fan Hejun, Zhao Yan, Zhai Chunjuan, Zhang Chen, Han Yajun. Design of teaching quality evaluation model based on fuzzy mathematics and SVM algorithm
3101 -- 3111Xiaoduo Qian, Wei Liu, Jiaquan Yang. Game theory analysis of technology adoption timing and pricing decision in supply chain system under asymmetric nash equilibrium
3113 -- 0. Regular Section
3115 -- 3123Ying Dai, Nian Zhang, Zu-Jun Ma. MAGDM method based on interval grey linguistic correlated ordered geometric operators
3125 -- 3138Ehsan Pourjavad, René V. Mayorga. A fuzzy rule-based approach to prioritize third-party reverse logistics based on sustainable development pillars
3139 -- 3146Hu Zhao, Hong-Ying Zhang. A result on single valued neutrosophic refined rough approximation operators
3147 -- 3162Tao Ren, Miao-miao Liu, Yan-Jie Xu, Yi-Fan Wang. Prediction of damage results of complex network under grey information attack
3163 -- 3170Omid Reza Dehghan. Various kinds of fuzzy quotient hypervector spaces
3171 -- 3180Saleh Shahbeig, Akbar Rahideh, Mohammad Sadegh Helfroush, Kamran Kazemi. An efficient search algorithm for biomarker selection from RNA-seq prostate cancer data
3181 -- 3194Min-Qiang Gu, Pei-Zhuang Wang. GSI method of fuzzy reasoning
3195 -- 3211Bingyang Li, Jianmei Xiao, Xihuai Wang. Interval-valued dual hesitant fuzzy rough set over two universes and its application
3213 -- 3231Pankaj Kakati, Surajit Borkotokey, Radko Mesiar, Saifur Rahman. Interval neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy choquet integral in multicriteria decision making
3233 -- 3242Bowen Yang, Ji Liu, Xiaosheng Liang. Object segmentation using FCNs trained on synthetic images
3243 -- 3253Hung-Yi Chen, Jin-Wei Liang. Hysteresis compensation of a piezoelectric-stack-actuator-driven (PSA-driven) system using inversion-based models and feedback control
3255 -- 3266Jung Mi Ko, Yong Chan Kim. L-convergence spaces
3267 -- 3283Mohammad Nabi Omidvar, Samad Nejatian, Hamid Parvin, Vahideh Rezaie. A new natural-inspired continuous optimization approach
3285 -- 3294M. Amirrezai, H. Rezaie, Gevork B. Gharehpetian, Hasan Rastegar. A new fuzzy-based current control strategy with fixed switching frequency for improving D-STATCOM performance
3295 -- 3306Melike Erdogan, Ihsan Kaya. Selection of the best outsourcing firm for WEEE under hesitant fuzzy environment
3307 -- 3319Navid Torabi, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Esmaiel Najafi, Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi. Multi-objective interior search algorithm for optimization: A new multi-objective meta-heuristic algorithm
3321 -- 3332Zhenhong Li, Bo Li, Yanfei Lan, Yulin He. Uncertain principal-agent models for providing information service with moral hazards
3333 -- 3345Chunxin Bo, Xiaohong Zhang 0001, Songtao Shao, Choonkil Park. The lattice generated by hesitant fuzzy filters in pseudo-BCI algebras
3347 -- 3358Nguyen Dinh Phu, Nguyen Nhut Hung. The geometric lattice intuitionistic fuzzy functions and applications
3359 -- 3374Xuehui Xie, Yuanyuan Liu, Yujie Gu, Jian Zhou. Arithmetic Operations on Triangular Fuzzy Numbers via Credibility Measures: An Inverse Distribution Approach
3375 -- 3386Bo Wei, Xue He, Xiao-Yu Zhang, Hao-Yu Yang. A type of similarity measure for vague soft sets and its application to landmark preference
3387 -- 3403Muhammad Akram, Ghous Ali, Neha Waseem, Bijan Davvaz. mF models
3405 -- 3412Sovan Samanta, Biswajit Sarkar. A study on generalized fuzzy graphs
3413 -- 3419Sovan Samanta, Biswajit Sarkar. Generalized fuzzy Euler graphs and generalized fuzzy Hamiltonian graphs
3421 -- 3435Zia Bashir, Tabasam Rashid, Zeshui Xu. α-normalization with self confidence in decision making
3437 -- 3450Haidong Zhang, Yanping He. A rough set-based method for dual hesitant fuzzy soft sets based on decision making
3451 -- 3464Rashida Adeeb Khanum, Muhammad Asif Jan, Wali Khan Mashwani, Nasser Mansoor Tairan, Hidayat Ullah Khan, Habib Shah. On the hybridization of global and local search methods
3465 -- 3475Yanbing Gong, Shuxin Yang, Liangliang Dai. Some new signed distances and similarity measures of interval type-2 trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and comparative study
3477 -- 3491Doutora Leoni Pentiado Godoy. Application of the Fuzzy-AHP method in the optimization of production of concrete blocks with addition of casting sand
3493 -- 3506Mehdi Mohammadi, Soodabeh Soleymani, Taher Niknam, Turaj Amraee. Distribution automation planning and operation considering optimized switch placement and feeder reconfiguration strategies from reliability enhancement perspective
3507 -- 3528Muhammad Akram, Fariha Zafar. Multi-criteria decision-making methods under soft rough fuzzy knowledge
3529 -- 3541Ting-Yu Chen. An effective correlation-based compromise approach for multiple criteria decision analysis with Pythagorean fuzzy information
3543 -- 3552Sheng Luo. Attribute reductions in an inconsistent decision information system
3553 -- 3566Bin Qin. Structures of fuzzy truth values based on a type-2 fuzzy set
3567 -- 3579Xiaofei Zhao, Xiu-Ping Guo. An effective chemical reaction optimization for cyclic multi-type parts robotic cell scheduling problem with blocking
3581 -- 3591G. Didem Batur Sir. Multi-Criteria Decision Making Using Axiomatic Design and Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets
3593 -- 3604Michal Pajak. Fuzzy identification of a threat of the inability state occurrence
3605 -- 3613Yajun Liang, Mingqing Xiao, Xi-Lang Tang, Yawei Ge, Xiaofei Wang. A novel method for optimal test sequencing under unreliable test based on Markov Decision Process
3615 -- 3631Mohammad Reza Feylizadeh, Amin Mahmoudi, Morteza Bagherpour, Deng-Feng Li. Project crashing using a fuzzy multi-objective model considering time, cost, quality and risk under fast tracking technique: A case study
3635 -- 3651Rupam Kumar Sharma, Hemanta Kr Kalita, Biju Issac 0001. Are machine learning based intrusion detection system always secure? An insight into tampered learning
3653 -- 3660Yin-Fang Ye, Deng-Feng Li. A simplified method of interval-valued solidarity values for a special class of interval-valued cooperative games
3661 -- 3674Juan-juan Peng, Jian Qiang Wang, Jun-hua Hu, Chao Tian. Multi-criteria decision-making approach based on single-valued neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy geometric weighted choquet integral heronian mean operator
3675 -- 3684Jing Li, Yulin Zhang. A novel method for aggregating interval multiplicative comparison matrices and its application in ranking alternatives
3685 -- 3696Ming Cao, Weiguo Fang. Distributed MMAS for weapon target assignment based on Spark framework
3697 -- 3708Xiaoxu Cui, Meimei Xia. An approach to manipulate interactive attribute weights strategically with its application in university rankings
3709 -- 3719Xiao Ye Yu, Xiao Long Xin, Jun Tao Wang. Fuzzy filters on equality algebras with applications
3721 -- 3731Wenjuan Ren, Zhanpeng Yang, Xian Sun, Min Qi. Hyers-Ulam stability of Hermite fuzzy differential equations and fuzzy Mellin transform
3733 -- 3745Ying Huang, Hong-Yu Zhang, Jian Qiang Wang. A comprehensive mechanism for hotel recommendation to achieve personalized search engine
3747 -- 3755Mikail Et, Yüksel Erol. β of sequences of fuzzy numbers
3757 -- 3772Danni Lian, Hua Ke. Coordination in project supply chain based on uncertainty theory
3773 -- 3782Huarong Zhang, Minxia Luo. The generalized Bosbach states on EQ-algebras
3783 -- 3796Waqar Khan, Guiyun Chen, Bijan Davvaz. Fuzzy congruences on non-associative semigroups
3797 -- 3806Nguyen Thi Kim Son, Ha Thi Thanh Tam. On the stability and global attractivity of solutions of fractional partial differential equations with uncertainty
3807 -- 3819Xiu-Yun Wu, Fu-Gui Shi. M-fuzzifying join spaces
3821 -- 3833Surender Singh, Sumita Lalotra. Generalized correlation coefficients of the hesitant fuzzy sets and the hesitant fuzzy soft sets with application in group decision-making
3835 -- 3846Esra Ilbahar, Cengiz Kahraman. Retail store performance measurement using a novel interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy WASPAS method
3847 -- 3857Huanrong Wu, Bin Yu. L-fuzzy prime spectra of ordered semigroups
3859 -- 3871Abbas Ali, Muhammad Irfan Ali, Noor Rehman. New types of dominance based multi-granulation rough sets and their applications in Conflict analysis problems
3873 -- 3882Huchang Liao, Xingli Wu, Abazar Keikha, Arian Hafezalkotob. Power average-based score function and extension rule of hesitant fuzzy set and the hesitant power average operators
3883 -- 3893Srinivasan Vijayabalaji, Adhimoolam Ramesh. Uncertain multiplicative linguistic soft sets and their application to group decision making
3895 -- 3908Rani Sumaira Kanwal, Muhammad Shabir. Approximation of ideals in semigroups by soft relations
3909 -- 3910Changlin Xu. Comment on "Improvement of the distance between intuitionistic fuzzy sets and its applications"
3911 -- 3926Tongtong Nie, Peide Liu, Zuosheng Han. Interval neutrosophic stochastic multiple attribute decision-making method based on cumulative prospect theory and generalized Shapley function
3927 -- 0Wang Chuantao, Cai Xiaofei, Li Baowen. Erratum to "Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation based on multi-attribute group decision making for business intelligence system"

Volume 35, Issue 2

1207 -- 1208Shailesh Tiwari, Munesh Trivedi, Mohan L. Kohle. Special issue on ambient advancements in intelligent computational sciences
1209 -- 1224Sankar Mukherjee, G. P. Biswas. Location estimation based routing for mobile adhoc network
1225 -- 1237Tidke Bharat, Rupa Mehta, Jenish Dhanani. SIRIF: Supervised influence ranking based on influential network
1239 -- 1251Nitish Andola, Sourabh Prakash, S. Venkatesan 0002, Shekhar Verma. Secure and lightweight multi user searchable encryption scheme
1253 -- 1265Manwinder Singh, Manoj Kumar, Jyoteesh Malhotra. Energy efficient cognitive body area network (CBAN) using lookup table and energy harvesting
1267 -- 1279Surendar Madhawa, P. Balakrishnan, Umamakeswari Arumugam. Employing invariants for anomaly detection in software defined networking based industrial internet of things
1281 -- 1290Ming Li, Yanling Wu. Study on multipoint relays selection based on SINR and residual energy aware in wireless multi-hop networks
1291 -- 1300Qiubin Su, Zhihao Jia, Lu Lu. Research on user behavior clustering algorithm based on mobile application
1301 -- 1314Anurag Shukla, Sarsij Tripathi. An optimal relay node selection technique to support green internet of things
1315 -- 1324Peicong Luo, Xiaoying Wang. Research on the resource allocation algorithm based on forecasting in mobile cloud computing
1325 -- 1337Maoling Yan, Pingzeng Liu, Rui Zhao, Lining Liu, Weijie Chen, Xueru Yu, Jianyong Zhang. Field microclimate monitoring system based on wireless sensor network
1339 -- 1351Hua Wang, Yingyou Wen, Dazhe Zhao. Identifying localization attacks in wireless sensor networks using deep learning
1353 -- 1361Zhi Xu, Hongwei Ding, Qianlin Liu, Zhijun Yang, Liyong Bao, Gang Zhan. FPGA-based research of monitoring MPDCPD-CSMA protocol in cognitive wireless networks
1363 -- 1373Guangsheng Wu, Juan Liu, Wenwen Min. Prediction of drug-disease treatment relations based on positive and unlabeled samples
1375 -- 1385K. Vinod Kumar, Ranvijay. Enhanced energy aware scheduling in multicore processors
1387 -- 1398A. Bhuvanesh, S. T. Jaya Christa, S. Kannan, M. Karuppasamypandiyan, K. Gangatharan. Application of optimization algorithms to generation expansion planning problem
1399 -- 1406Sunil Kr. Jha, Zulfiqar Ahmad, David E. Crowley. Fuzzy inference for soil microbial dynamics modeling in fluctuating ecological situations
1407 -- 1418Lei Zhu, Xuefei Liang, Lei Wang, Xingrong Wu. Generalized pythagorean fuzzy point operators and their application in multi-attributes decision making
1419 -- 1430Hamidreza Seiti, Ashkan Hafezalkotob, S. E. Najafi, M. Khalaj. A risk-based fuzzy evidential framework for FMEA analysis under uncertainty: An interval-valued DS approach
1431 -- 1444Xuhui Zhu, Zhiwei Ni, Gongrang Zhang, Feifei Jin, Meiying Cheng, Jingming Li. Combining weak-link co-evolution binary artificial fish swarm algorithm and complementarity measure for ensemble pruning
1445 -- 1457Sapam Jitu Singh, Sudipta Roy, Khumanthem Manglem Singh, Thongam Khelchandra. Motion planning of mobile robot using Fuzzy-GA method along with Three Path concept in dynamic environment
1459 -- 1469J. Amudha, Hitha Nandakumar. A fuzzy based eye gaze point estimation approach to study the task behavior in autism spectrum disorder
1471 -- 1482Yaohui Li, Quanyou Zhang, Yizhong Wu, Shuting Wang. A Kriging-based sequential optimization method with dual transformation for black-box models
1483 -- 1500Georgios Kostopoulos, Stamatis Karlos, Sotiris Kotsiantis, Omiros Ragos. Semi-supervised regression: A recent review
1501 -- 1510Rajdeep Ghosh, Vikas Kumar, Nidul Sinha, Saroj K. Biswas. Motor imagery task classification using intelligent algorithm with prominent trial selection
1511 -- 1518DongGill Lee, Seonghun Kim, Pyungkwan Kim, Yongsu Yang. Automatic sea squirt sorting algorithm based on the HSV color model and weight estimation
1519 -- 1530Shambhu Shankar Bharti, Manish Gupta, Suneeta Agarwal. SVM based Voice Activity Detection by fusing a new acoustic feature PLMS with some existing acoustic features of speech
1531 -- 1539Harikesh Bahadur Yadav, Sumit Kumar, Yugal Kumar, Dilip Kumar Yadav. A fuzzy logic based approach for decision making
1541 -- 1553Manish Gupta, Shambhu Shankar Bharti, Suneeta Agarwal. Emotion recognition from speech using wavelet packet transform and prosodic features
1555 -- 1565Md Sarwar Kamal, Munesh C. Trivdedi, Jannat B. Alam, Nilanjan Dey, Amira S. Ashour, Fuqian Shi, João Manuel R. S. Tavares. Big DNA datasets analysis under push down automata
1567 -- 1578Rupesh Kumar Sinha, S. S. Sahu. Secure image encryption based on improved bat optimized piecewise linear chaotic map through integrated permutation-confusion and double diffusion
1579 -- 1595B. KanagaSakthivel, D. Devaraj, R. Narmatha Banu, V. Agnes Idhaya Selvi. A hybrid wind-solar energy system with ANFIS based MPPT controller
1597 -- 1608Qing Huang, Bo Huang, Zhijun Fang, Meihua Xiao, Ying Yu. Exploiting abstract change pattern from code changes
1609 -- 1620Bandar Almaslukh, Jalal Al-Muhtadi, Abdel Monim Artoli. A robust convolutional neural network for online smartphone-based human activity recognition
1621 -- 1632Arun Rathore, N. P. Patidar. Interval type-2 fuzzy logic based determination of battery charging efficiency applied to standalone hybrid power system
1633 -- 1644Ashish Kumar 0003, Roheet Bhatnagar, Sumit Srivastava. ARSkNN: An efficient k-nearest neighbor classification technique using mass based similarity measure
1645 -- 1656Amanpreet Kaur, Jagroop Singh Sidhu, Jaskarn Singh Bhullar. Artifacts reduction based on separate modes in compressed images
1657 -- 1669Vidhi Vig, Arvinder Kaur. Test effort estimation and prediction of traditional and rapid release models using machine learning algorithms
1671 -- 1683Hojat Moayedirad, Mohammad-Ali Shamsi-Nejad. Modeling of single and bi-objective brain emotional intelligent controllers for improved performance of the dual stator winding induction motor drive at low speeds
1685 -- 1693Lili Zhang, Heshuai Shao, Kai Yao, Qi Li, Huibin Wang. Underwater multi-focus image fusion based on sparse matrix
1695 -- 1705Chengmin Zhou, Fei Li, Wen Cao, Cao Wang, Yihuai Wu. Design and implementation of a novel obstacle avoidance scheme based on combination of CNN-based deep learning method and liDAR-based image processing approach
1707 -- 1720Ashish Tripathi, K. K. Mishra, Shailesh Tiwari, Naveen Kumar 0011. Improved software cost estimation models: A new perspective based on evolution in Dynamic Environment
1721 -- 1732B. Bhuvaneshwari, A. Rajeswari. 3D Reconstruction using artificial bee colony based iterative closest point algorithm
1733 -- 1742Hong Zhao, Chunning Hou. Recognition of motion state by smartphone sensors using Bi-LSTM neural network
1743 -- 1753Pritam K. Gujarathi, Varsha A. Shah, Makarand M. Lokhande. Emission reduction by combined rule based-artificial bee colony optimization algorithm for converted plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
1755 -- 1764Min Xia, Chong Zhang, Liguo Weng, Jia Liu, Ying Wang. Robot path planning based on multi-objective optimization with local search
1765 -- 1777Samanway Sahoo, Subham Kumar Nandi, Sourav Barua, Pallavi, Showmik Bhowmik, Samir Malakar, Ram Sarkar. Handwritten Bangla word recognition using negative refraction based shape transformation
1779 -- 1790Aman Sharma, Rinkle Rani. KSRMF: Kernelized similarity based regularized matrix factorization framework for predicting anti-cancer drug responses
1791 -- 1806Orazio Giuffrè, Anna Granà, Maria Luisa Tumminello, Antonino Sferlazza. Calibrating a microscopic traffic simulation model for roundabouts using genetic algorithms
1807 -- 1816Ranu Gupta, Rahul Pachauri, Ashutosh Singh. Linear despeckle approach for ultrasound carotid artery images
1819 -- 1834Danúbia Soares Pires, Ginalber Luiz de Oliveira Serra. An approach for fuzzy Kalman filter modeling based on evolving clustering of experimental data
1835 -- 1849Feng-Xia Zhang. Distributivity equation between uninorms and Mayor's aggregation operators
1851 -- 1863Nihal Erginel, Meryem Uluskan, Gamze Küçük, Merve Altintas. Evaluation methods for completed Six Sigma projects through an interval type-2 fuzzy ANP
1865 -- 1874Ying Ma, Xiatian Zhu, Shunzhi Zhu, Keshou Wu, Yumin Chen. Combating the class imbalance problemin sparse representation learning
1875 -- 1888Lintao Zhou, Yanfeng Wang, Yong Jiang. Investment project assessment by a MAGDM method based on the ranking of interval type-2 fuzzy sets
1889 -- 1904Yunrui Bi, Zhe Sun, Xiaobo Lu, Zhixin Sun, Di Liu, Kun Liu. Adaptive type-2 fuzzy traffic signal control with on-line optimization
1905 -- 1922Muhammad Akram, Musavarah Sarwar, Rajab Ali Borzooei. A novel decision-making approach based on hypergraphs in intuitionistic fuzzy environment
1923 -- 1934Sadegh Niroomand. A multi-objective based direct solution approach for linear programming with intuitionistic fuzzy parameters
1935 -- 1942Jamshaid Ahmad, Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei, Ishak Altun. Generalized Θ-contractive fuzzy mappings
1943 -- 1957Shih-Hsiung Lee, Chu-Sing Yang. GPSO-ICA: Independent Component Analysis based on Gravitational Particle Swarm Optimization for blind source separation
1959 -- 1968Nguyen Xuan Thao. A new correlation coefficient of the intuitionistic fuzzy sets and its application
1969 -- 1978Zhiheng Zhou, Yukun Dai, Weisheng Li. Gesture recognition based on Global Template DTW for Chinese Sign Language
1979 -- 1990Shengtao Jiang, Xuewen Mu, Huan Cheng, Qiyue Song. Image thresholding segmentation of generalized fuzzy entropy based on double adaptive ant colony algorithm
1991 -- 1999Mouhya B. Kar, Pradip Kundu, Samarjit Kar, Tandra Pal. A multi-objective multi-item solid transportation problem with vehicle cost, volume and weight capacity under fuzzy environment
2001 -- 2013G. Wei, Y. Wei. Some single-valued neutrosophic dombi prioritized weighted aggregation operators in multiple attribute decision making
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2619 -- 2631Yuchen Li, Meilin Wen, Rui Kang, Zaoli Yang. Type-1 assembly line balancing considering uncertain task time

Volume 35, Issue 1

3 -- 9Srikanta Patnaik. Editorial
11 -- 33Chong Su, Yue Gao, Jiang Bingxu, Li Hongguang. An affective cognition based approach to multi-attribute group decision making
35 -- 46Guangzhe Zhao, Yong Tao, Hui Liu, Xianling Deng, Youdong Chen, Hegen Xiong, Xianwu Xie, Zengliang Fang. A robot demonstration method based on LWR and Q-learning algorithm
47 -- 53Ying Han, Xiaoqiang Yu, Xu Li, Chunlong Yao, Xin Zhao. Multiple query optimization approach based on hive+
55 -- 61Yanmei Yan. Interactive programming approach for solving multi-level multi-objective linear programming problem
63 -- 68June-Hyoung Kim. An enhanced classification scheme with AdaBoost concept in BCI
69 -- 74Changhua Jiang, Li Wang, Chunhui Wang. Uncertain rank correlation analysis based on normal interval value
75 -- 86Yan Sun, Fuhong Lin, Nan Zhang. An incentive to share resource-based crowdfunding and repeated game in green cloud computing
87 -- 98Guo Hailong, Wei Yi. Study on HEV's driving condition recognition method based on PSO algorithm
99 -- 109Georgios Kostopoulos, Ioannis E. Livieris, Sotiris B. Kotsiantis, Vassilis Tampakas. CST-Voting: A semi-supervised ensemble method for classification problems
111 -- 122Yit Yin Wee, Wooi Ping Cheah, Shih Yin Ooi, Shing Chiang Tan, Kuokkwee Wee. Application of Bayesian belief networks and fuzzy cognitive maps in intrusion analysis
123 -- 132Lei Zhu, Lei Wang, Xiang Zheng, Yuzhang Xu. The Barabási and Albert scale-free network model
133 -- 140Changhua Yao, Xueqiang Chen, Lei Wang, Wei Tong, Xinrong Wu, Yuli Zhang, Kailing Yao. Coalition game based relay decision distributed learning in high dynamic heterogeneous intelligent UAV networks
141 -- 148Rashmirekha Ram, Mihir Narayan Mohanty. Enhancement of speech using deep neural network with discrete cosine transform
149 -- 158Kwang-Baek Kim, Yu-Seon Song, Hyun Jun Park, Doo Heon Song, Byung Kwan Choi. A fuzzy C-means quantization based automatic extraction of rotator cuff tendon tears from ultrasound images
159 -- 169Chun Yan, Haitang Sun, Wei Liu 0051, Jin Chen. An integrated method based on hesitant fuzzy theory and RFM model to insurance customers' segmentation and lifetime value determination
171 -- 185Xiang Li 0023, Zhijian Wang. Multidimensional context-aware recommendation algorithm towards intelligent distribution of cold chain logistics
187 -- 195Shujie Song, Kangquan Guo. Automatic tracking steering system for off-centered flexible chassis steering axis based on fuzzy-PI composite control
197 -- 209D. Jude Hemanth, J. Anitha, Daniela Elena Popescu, Le Hoang Son. A modified genetic algorithm for performance improvement of transform based image steganography systems
211 -- 222Zhanzhong Wang, Lina Yang, Liying Zhao, Ningbo Cao, Yue Lu. A dual-objective vendor-managed inventory model for a single-vendor multi-retailersupply chain with fuzzy random demand
223 -- 230Peng Lu, Wenhui Li, Dongmei Huang. Transformer fault diagnosis method based on graph theory and rough set
231 -- 241Ming-Fu Hsu, Ching-Chiang Yeh, Sin-Jin Lin. Integrating dynamic Malmquist DEA and social network computing for advanced management decisions
243 -- 255Xiuguo Wu. A security-aware data replica placement strategy based on fuzzy evaluation in the cloud
257 -- 267Hongjun Guan, Zongli Dai, Shuang Guan, Aiwu Zhao. Forecasting model based on heuristic learning of high-order fuzzy-trend and jump rules
269 -- 281Lu Yang, Bowen Cai, Ronghui Zhang, Ke-ning Li, Rong-ben Wang. A new type design of lunar rover suspension structure and its neural network control system
283 -- 291Chuang Song, Junwei Lei, Huali Wu. Attack angle tracking for high speed vehicle based on variable structure and Taylor type FLNN neural network
293 -- 304Jonathan Rojas Simón, Yulia Ledeneva, René Arnulfo García-Hernández. Calculating the significance of automatic extractive text summarization using a genetic algorithm
305 -- 314Ramamani Tripathy, Debahuti Mishra, V. Badireenath Konkimalla, Rudra Kalyan Nayak. A computational approach for mining cholesterol and their potential target against GPCR seven helices based on spectral clustering and fuzzy c-means algorithms
315 -- 323Haiyan Hu, Jiandong Yang, Chunlin Tian. Research on intelligent optimization of parameters of deurring process with fluid-impact to automobile master cylinder cross hole
325 -- 332H. He. Research on prediction of internet public opinion based on grey system theory and fuzzy neural network
333 -- 341Yang Jun Gao, Feng-ming Zhang, Qing Guo, Chao Li. Research on the searching performance of flower pollination algorithm with three random walks
343 -- 351Xiaodong Yu, Hongbin Dong. Remote sensing image classification based on dynamic Co-evolutionary parameter optimization of SVM
353 -- 365Eder Vázquez Vázquez, René Arnulfo García-Hernández, Yulia Ledeneva. Sentence features relevance for extractive text summarization using genetic algorithms
367 -- 381David Quintana, Francisco Chávez, Rafael Marcos Luque Baena, Francisco Luna. Fuzzy techniques for IPO underpricing prediction
383 -- 392Olutomilayo Olayemi Petinrin, Faisal Saeed. Bioactive molecule prediction using majority voting-based ensemble method
393 -- 403Hong Xue, Yiliang Lin, Yi Yuan, Jinyu Cai. Early warning classification of cluster supply chain emergency based on cloud model and datastream clustering algorithm
405 -- 414Chuanhe Shen, Liang Feng, Ying Li. A hybrid information capturing methodology for price volatility and its application to financial markets
415 -- 421Ruiming Fang, Rongyan Shang, Shunhui Jiang, Changqing Peng, Zhijun Ye. A trend cloud model-based approach for the identification of wind turbine gearbox anomalies
423 -- 438Fuad A. Ghaleb, Anazida Zainal, Murad A. Rassam, Faisal Saeed. Driving-situation-aware adaptive broadcasting rate scheme for vehicular ad hoc network
439 -- 444Jiangdong Bao, Jingdong Zhang, Shuiping Shi, Jan Johansson. Cleaner production assessment of group company based on improved AHP and grey relational analysis
445 -- 459Chuanteng Huang, Zhijun Wang. Simplified model for estimating the punching load and deformation of RC flat plate based on big data mining
461 -- 468Ran Zhao, Bowen Wang. Modified J-A model and parameter identification based on data mining
469 -- 483Chuanteng Huang, Shuang Pu, Binbin Ding. An analytical punching shear model of RC slab-column connection based on database
485 -- 499Yiyin Wei, Mingrui Hao, Guangren Duan, Junwei Lei. Control law design for elastic aircraft based on intelligent variable structure
501 -- 512Narayan Nahak, Ranjan Kumar Mallick. Enhancement of small signal stability of power system using UPFC based damping controller with novel optimized fuzzy PID controller
513 -- 522Li-Qing Qiu, Dai Jinlong, Haiyan Liu, Wen Yan. Detecting opinion leaders in online social networks using HybridRank algorithm
523 -- 532Xi-Lang Tang, Mingqing Xiao, Yajun Liang, Bin Hu, Lei Zhang. Application of particle filter technique to online prognostics for solenoid valve
533 -- 547Luis A. Morales Rosales, Ignacio Algredo-Badillo, Carlos Arturo Hernández Gracidas, Hector Rodriguez-Rangel, Mariana Lobato Báez. On-road obstacle detection video system for traffic accident prevention
549 -- 558Ángel Hernández-Castañeda, Hiram Calvo, Omar Juárez Gambino. Impact of polarity in deception detection
559 -- 564Kevin Putra Dirgantoro, Yeon-Mo Yang. Feasibility study on the rectifier diode and bridge circuit theory
565 -- 575Fengxia Xu, Zhang Xuejie, Xiaohui Song, Shanshan Wang. Composite control of RBF neural network and PD for nonlinear dynamic plants using U-model
579 -- 588Xiu-Yun Wu, Bin Pang 0004, Zhen-Yu Xiu. Pointwise (L, M)-fuzzy uniformities induced by (L, M)-fuzzy pseudo-metric and pointwise pseudo-metric chains
589 -- 599Yongliang Liang, Zhuoran Lin, Ke-jun Li, Lin Niu, Jianguo Zhao, Wei Jen Lee. Priority assessment model of on-line monitoring devices investment for power transformers
601 -- 607Jieyong Zhou, Zhenyu Zhang. Solving large scale fuzzy singular linear systems
609 -- 625Feng Wang, Junjun Mao. Aggregation similarity measure based on intuitionistic fuzzy closeness degree and its application to clustering analysis
627 -- 637Yongbing Wang, Yongming Li 0001. Minimization of lattice multiset finite automata
639 -- 649S. Zolfaghari, S. Meysam Mousavi. Construction-project risk assessment by a new decision model based on De-Novo multi-approaches analysis and hesitant fuzzy sets under uncertainty
651 -- 658Enes Yavuz. Comparison theorems for summability methods of sequences of fuzzy numbers
659 -- 662Akansha Mishra, Amit Kumar, Meraj Ali Khan. A note on "Fuzzy Hungarian MODI algorithm to solve fully fuzzy transportation problems"
663 -- 671Shuli Liu, Xiaoyue Hu, Meizi Yin. A binary risk decision method based on quantum decision theory
673 -- 681Ya Qin, Yi Liu. Maximal filter and its topology in lattice implication algebras
683 -- 692Mohammad Imdad, Mohammed A. Ahmed, Hatem A. Nafadi, Anupam Sharma. Fixed point theorems for L -fuzzy mappings in L -fuzzy metric spaces
693 -- 703Waqas Mahmood, Waqas Nazeer, Shin Min Kang. A comparison between lower and upper approximations in groups with respect to group homomorphisms
705 -- 716Zhen-Yu Xiu, Bin Pang 0004. A degree approach to special mappings between M-fuzzifying convex spaces
717 -- 727Jun Tao Wang, Pengfei He, Arsham Borumand Saeid. Stabilizers in MTL-algebras
729 -- 737Dong Han, Shan Gai. 0 sparseness constraints and its applications to face recognition
739 -- 748Sk. Amanathulla, Madhumangal Pal. Surjective L (2, 1)-labeling of cycles and circular-arc graphs
749 -- 766C. Pazhanimuthu, S. Ramesh. Grid integration of renewable energy sources (RES) for power quality improvement using adaptive fuzzy logic controller based series hybrid active power filter (SHAPF)
767 -- 778Xiaoheng Deng, Detian Zeng, Hailan Shen. Causation analysis model: Based on AHP and hybrid Apriori-Genetic algorithm
779 -- 791Peide Liu, Junlin Liu, Yanchang Chu, YuMing Zhang. Multi-attribute group decision making method based on neutrosophic trapezoidal fuzzy linguistic frank aggregation operators
793 -- 806Zelin Wang, Ying-Ming Wang, Liang Wang. Tri-level multi-attribute group decision making based on regret theory in multi-granular linguistic contexts
807 -- 821Rika Sharma, Kesari Verma. A fuzzy inference model for rainfall prediction
823 -- 829Tao Ning, Hua Jin. A cloud based improved method for multi-objective flexible job-shop scheduling problem
831 -- 844Karnam Sreenu, Sreelatha Malempati. FGMTS: Fractional grey wolf optimizer for multi-objective task scheduling strategy in cloud computing
845 -- 859Mohammad Nadjafi, Mohammad Ali Farsi, H. Jabbari Khamnei. Quantitative based fault tree analysis: An integrated fuzzy Monte Carlo and its application on launch escape emergency detection system
861 -- 876Sungtae Shin, Reza Tafreshi, Reza Langari. EMG and IMU based real-time HCI using dynamic hand gestures for a multiple-DoF robot arm
877 -- 885Cüneyt Çevik, Sehla Eminoglu. Generated fuzzy metric spaces and some topological properties
887 -- 899Hossien Eghdami, Ali Akbar Estaji, Toktam Haghdadi. Fuzzy roughness in Lie algebra by reference point
901 -- 915Yu-Han Huang, Gui-Wu Wei. TODIM method for Pythagorean 2-tuple linguistic multiple attribute decision making
917 -- 925Lilian Shi, Jun Ye 0001. Multiple attribute group decision-making method using correlation coefficients between linguistic neutrosophic numbers
927 -- 935Jun Fang, Zhiming Li, Fan Yang, Mengyuan Zhou. Solution and α-path of uncertain SIS epidemic model with standard incidence and demography
937 -- 944Yanbing Gong, Lin Xiang. Ranking generalized fuzzy number with geometric coordinate points approach
945 -- 955Amir Ahmad, Shehroz S. Khan, Ajay Kumar. Learning regression problems by using classifiers
957 -- 966Jun Tao Wang, Arsham Borumand Saeid, Mei Wang. On derivations of commutative multiplicative semilattices
967 -- 978Thien Khai Tran, Tuoi Thi Phan. A hybrid approach for building a Vietnamese sentiment dictionary
979 -- 993Mona Hosny. On generalization of rough sets by using two different methods
995 -- 1006Haidong Zhang, Yanping He. Hesitant fuzzy compatible rough set and its application in hesitant fuzzy soft set based decision making
1007 -- 1019Zhaozhuang Guo, Yankui Liu. Modelling single-period inventory problem by distributionally robust fuzzy optimization method
1021 -- 1036Totan Garai, Dipankar Chakraborty, Tapan Kumar Roy. A multi-item generalized intuitionistic fuzzy inventory model with inventory level dependent demand using possibility mean, variance and covariance
1037 -- 1054Jie Tang, Fanyong Meng 0001, Cunlin Li, Chenhua Li. A consistency-based approach to group decision making with uncertain multiplicative linguistic fuzzy preference relations
1055 -- 1062Mei Wang, Xiaolong Xin, Jun Tao Wang. Integral hoops and integral filters
1063 -- 1075Hua Mao, Shufeng Zhao, Lanzhen Yang. Relationships between three-way concepts and classical concepts
1077 -- 1086Zhongying Zhao, Shaoqiang Zheng, Chao Li, Jinqing Sun, Liang Chang, Francisco Chiclana. A comparative study on community detection methods in complex networks
1087 -- 1101Mauricio Begnini, Douglas Wildgrube Bertol, Nardênio A. Martins. Practical implementation of an effective robust adaptive fuzzy variable structure tracking control for a wheeled mobile robot
1103 -- 1117Ömer Faruk Bay, Meral Ozarslan Yatak. Type-2 fuzzy logic control of a photovoltaic sourced two stages converter
1119 -- 1126Abolfazl Ebrahimzadeh, Zahra Eslami Giski. Tsallis entropy of dynamical systems - a general scheme
1127 -- 1131C. Muralidaran, B. Venkateswarlu. Generalized ranking function for all symmetric fuzzy linear programming problems
1133 -- 1146Wen Song, Jianjun Zhu, Shitao Zhang, Xiaodi Liu. A multi-stage uncertain risk decision-making method with reference point based on extended LINMAP method
1147 -- 1160Kishorjit Nongmeikapam, Wahengbam Kanan Kumar, Ranita Khumukcham, Aheibam Dinamani Singh. An Unsupervised Cluster-wise Color Segmentation of Medical and Camera Images using Genetically improved Fuzzy-Markovian Decision Relational Model
1161 -- 1168Xiaobin Guo, Yuan Wei, Zhouzhou Li. Further investigation to approximate fuzzy inverse
1169 -- 1178Aniruddha Samanta, Kajla Basu. An attraction based particle swarm optimization for solving multi-objective availability allocation problem under uncertain environment
1179 -- 1191Caihui Liu, Witold Pedrycz, Jin Qian, Meizhi Wang. Covering-based multigranulation decision-theoretic rough set approaches with new strategies
1193 -- 1204Lifen Jia, Xiangfeng Yang, Xin Gao. A new definition of cross entropy for uncertain random variables and its application