Journal: Marketing Science

Volume 37, Issue 6

855 -- 882Xiao Liu 0015, Alan Montgomery, Kannan Srinivasan. Analyzing Bank Overdraft Fees with Big Data
883 -- 911Pradeep K. Chintagunta, Marco Shaojun Qin, Maria Ana Vitorino. Licensing and Price Competition in Tied-Goods Markets: An Application to the Single-Serve Coffee System Industry
912 -- 929Richard Schaefer, Raghunath Singh Rao, Vijay Mahajan. Marketing Self-Improvement Programs for Self-Signaling Consumers
930 -- 952Jia Liu, Olivier Toubia. A Semantic Approach for Estimating Consumer Content Preferences from Online Search Queries
953 -- 969Preyas S. Desai, Devavrat Purohit, Bo Zhou. Allowing Consumers to Bundle Themselves: The Profitability of Family Plans
970 -- 986Amin Sayedi, Kinshuk Jerath, Marjan Baghaie. Exclusive Placement in Online Advertising
987 -- 1008Asim Ansari, Yang Li 0044, Jonathan Z. Zhang. Probabilistic Topic Model for Hybrid Recommender Systems: A Stochastic Variational Bayesian Approach
1009 -- 1028Yufeng Huang, Bart J. Bronnenberg. Pennies for Your Thoughts: Costly Product Consideration and Purchase Quantity Thresholds
1029 -- 1049Nan Yang 0005. An Empirically Tractable Dynamic Oligopoly Model: Application to Store Entry and Exit in Dutch Grocery Retail

Volume 37, Issue 5

685 -- 687John H. Roberts. Practice Prize Report: The 2016 ISMS Gary Lilien Practice Prize Competition
688 -- 709Judith A. Chevalier, Yaniv Dover, Dina Mayzlin. Channels of Impact: User Reviews When Quality Is Dynamic and Managers Respond
710 -- 732Ayelet Israeli. Online MAP Enforcement: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment
733 -- 752Pedro M. Gardete, Yakov Bart. Tailored Cheap Talk: The Effects of Privacy Policy on Ad Content and Market Outcomes
753 -- 770Federico Rossi, Pradeep K. Chintagunta. Price Uncertainty and Market Power in Retail Gasoline: The Case of an Italian Highway
771 -- 792Ron Berman. Beyond the Last Touch: Attribution in Online Advertising
793 -- 811Miguel Godinho de Matos, Pedro Ferreira 0003, Rodrigo Belo. Target the Ego or Target the Group: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Proactive Churn Management
812 -- 837Yang Li, Brett R. Gordon, Oded Netzer. An Empirical Study of National vs. Local Pricing by Chain Stores Under Competition
838 -- 851Elham Yazdani, Shyam Gopinath, Steve Carson. Preaching to the Choir: The Chasm Between Top-Ranked Reviewers, Mainstream Customers, and Product Sales

Volume 37, Issue 4

507 -- 529Alina Sorescu, Sorin M. Sorescu, Will J. Armstrong, Bart Devoldere. Two Centuries of Innovations and Stock Market Bubbles
530 -- 552Raluca M. Ursu. The Power of Rankings: Quantifying the Effect of Rankings on Online Consumer Search and Purchase Decisions
553 -- 568Amin Sayedi. Real-Time Bidding in Online Display Advertising
569 -- 591Xiao Liu 0015, Timothy P. Derdenger, Baohong Sun. An Empirical Analysis of Consumer Purchase Behavior of Base Products and Add-ons Given Compatibility Constraints
592 -- 610Sanjay Jain 0007, Krista J. Li. Pricing and Product Design for Vice Goods: A Strategic Analysis
611 -- 630Ali Umut Guler. Inferring the Economics of Store Density from Closures: The Starbucks Case
631 -- 648Hernán A. Bruno, Javier Cebollada, Pradeep K. Chintagunta. Targeting Mr. or Mrs. Smith: Modeling and Leveraging Intrahousehold Heterogeneity in Brand Choice Behavior
649 -- 667Thanh Tran 0004, Haresh Gurnani, Ramarao Desiraju. Optimal Design of Return Policies
668 -- 681Jihwan Moon, Steven M. Shugan. Explaining Bundle-Framing Effects with Signaling Theory

Volume 37, Issue 3

333 -- 355Yanwen Wang, Michael Lewis 0004, David A. Schweidel. A Border Strategy Analysis of Ad Source and Message Tone in Senatorial Campaigns
356 -- 381Manuel Hermosilla, Fernanda Gutiérrez-Navratil, Juan Prieto-Rodriguez. Can Emerging Markets Tilt Global Product Design? Impacts of Chinese Colorism on Hollywood Castings
382 -- 402Michelle Y. Lu, Jiwoong Shin. A Model of Two-Sided Costly Communication for Building New Product Category Demand
403 -- 424Yuetao Gao. On the Use of Overt Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies
425 -- 444Yuchi Zhang, David Godes. Learning from Online Social Ties
445 -- 468Onesun Steve Yoo, Rakesh Sarin. Consumer Choice and Market Outcomes Under Ambiguity in Product Quality
469 -- 483Bing Jing. Showrooming and Webrooming: Information Externalities Between Online and Offline Sellers
484 -- 504Neil Thomas Bendle, Moeen Naseer Butt. The Misuse of Accounting-Based Approximations of Tobin's q in a World of Market-Based Assets

Volume 37, Issue 2

177 -- 199Anja Lambrecht, Catherine Tucker, Caroline Wiertz. Advertising to Early Trend Propagators: Evidence from Twitter
200 -- 215Andrey Simonov, Chris Nosko, Justin M. Rao. Competition and Crowd-Out for Brand Keywords in Sponsored Search
216 -- 235Ryan Dew, Asim Ansari. Bayesian Nonparametric Customer Base Analysis with Model-Based Visualizations
236 -- 258Navdeep S. Sahni, S. Christian Wheeler, Pradeep Chintagunta. Personalization in Email Marketing: The Role of Noninformative Advertising Content
259 -- 278Tuan Q. Phan, David Godes. The Evolution of Influence Through Endogenous Link Formation
279 -- 293J. Miguel Villas-Boas. A Dynamic Model of Repositioning
294 -- 309Jeanine Miklós-Thal, Michael Raith, Matthew Selove. What Are We Really Good At? Product Strategy with Uncertain Capabilities
310 -- 326Krista J. Li. Behavior-Based Pricing in Marketing Channels

Volume 37, Issue 1

1 -- 4K. Sudhir. Marketing Science: Frontiers
5 -- 21Hannes Datta, George Knox, Bart J. Bronnenberg. Changing Their Tune: How Consumers' Adoption of Online Streaming Affects Music Consumption and Discovery
22 -- 53Jean-Pierre Dubé, Günter J. Hitsch, Peter E. Rossi. Income and Wealth Effects on Private-Label Demand: Evidence from the Great Recession
54 -- 77Eva Ascarza, Oded Netzer, Bruce G. S. Hardie. Some Customers Would Rather Leave Without Saying Goodbye
78 -- 96Wesley R. Hartmann, Daniel Klapper. Super Bowl Ads
97 -- 122Adithya Pattabhiramaiah, S. Sriram, Shrihari Sridhar. Rising Prices Under Declining Preferences: The Case of the U.S. Print Newspaper Industry
123 -- 137Weining Bao, Jian Ni, Shubhranshu Singh. Informal Lending in Emerging Markets
138 -- 152Sridhar Moorthy, Yongmin Chen, Shervin Shahrokhi Tehrani. Selling Your Product Through Competitors' Outlets: Channel Strategy When Consumers Comparison Shop
153 -- 171Matthew J. Schneider, Sharan Jagpal, Sachin Gupta, Shaobo Li, Yan Yu. A Flexible Method for Protecting Marketing Data: An Application to Point-of-Sale Data