Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 62, Issue 9

2185 -- 2199Jianhua Mo, Meixia Tao, Yuan Liu, Rui Wang. Secure Beamforming for MIMO Two-Way Communications With an Untrusted Relay
2200 -- 2211Feng Jiang, Jie Chen 0015, A. Lee Swindlehurst. Optimal Power Allocation for Parameter Tracking in a Distributed Amplify-and-Forward Sensor Network
2212 -- 2225Somsubhra Barik, Haris Vikalo. Sparsity-Aware Sphere Decoding: Algorithms and Complexity Analysis
2226 -- 2235John Lipor, Sajid Ahmed, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. Fourier-Based Transmit Beampattern Design Using MIMO Radar
2236 -- 2237Xiaojun Yang. Comment on "Energy Aware Iterative Source Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks"
2238 -- 2249Neil J. Bershad, Eweda Eweda, José Carlos M. Bermudez. Stochastic Analysis of the LMS and NLMS Algorithms for Cyclostationary White Gaussian Inputs
2250 -- 2264Ceyhun Eksin, Pooya Molavi, Alejandro Ribeiro, Ali Jadbabaie. Bayesian Quadratic Network Game Filters
2265 -- 2277Francesco Renna, A. Robert Calderbank, Lawrence Carin, Miguel R. D. Rodrigues. Reconstruction of Signals Drawn From a Gaussian Mixture Via Noisy Compressive Measurements
2278 -- 2289Sajid Ahmed, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. MIMO Radar Transmit Beampattern Design Without Synthesising the Covariance Matrix
2290 -- 2303Gan Zheng, Zuleita Ka Ming Ho, Eduard A. Jorswieck, Björn E. Ottersten. Information and Energy Cooperation in Cognitive Radio Networks
2304 -- 2316Jiayi Chen, Q. T. Zhang, Guanrong Chen. Joint Space Decomposition-and-Synthesis Approach and Achievable DoF Regions for K -User MIMO Interference Channels
2317 -- 2329Jinshan Zeng, Shaobo Lin, Yao Wang, ZongBen Xu. 1/2 Regularization: Convergence of Iterative Half Thresholding Algorithm
2330 -- 2344Yang Song, K. T. Wong, Fangjiong Chen. "Quasi-Blind" Calibration of an Array of Acoustic Vector-Sensors That Are Subject to Gain Errors/Mis-Location/Mis-Orientation
2345 -- 2357Weijian Liu, Wenchong Xie, Jun Liu, Yongliang Wang. Adaptive Double Subspace Signal Detection in Gaussian Background - Part I: Homogeneous Environments
2358 -- 2369Weijian Liu, Wenchong Xie, Jun Liu, Yongliang Wang. Adaptive Double Subspace Signal Detection in Gaussian Background - Part II: Partially Homogeneous Environments
2370 -- 2384Sarmad Malik, Jacob Benesty, Jingdong Chen. A Bayesian Framework for Blind Adaptive Beamforming
2385 -- 2396Xiangrong Wang, Elias Aboutanios, M. Trinkle, M. G. Amin. Reconfigurable Adaptive Array Beamforming by Antenna Selection
2397 -- 2412Italo Atzeni, Luis Garcia Ordóñez, Gesualdo Scutari, Daniel P. Palomar, Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa. Noncooperative Day-Ahead Bidding Strategies for Demand-Side Expected Cost Minimization With Real-Time Adjustments: A GNEP Approach
2413 -- 2423Andrew J. Frank, Padhraic Smyth, Alexander T. Ihler. Beyond MAP Estimation With the Track-Oriented Multiple Hypothesis Tracker
2424 -- 2436Nariman Farsad, Andrew W. Eckford, Satoshi Hiyama. A Markov Chain Channel Model for Active Transport Molecular Communication
2437 -- 2449Bruno Cernuschi-Frías, F. Gama, D. Casaglia. Deepest Minimum Criterion for Biased Affine Estimation
2450 -- 2463Jian Lan, X. Rong Li. Tracking of Maneuvering Non-Ellipsoidal Extended Object or Target Group Using Random Matrix

Volume 62, Issue 8

1899 -- 1912Jaume Riba, Josep Font-Segura, Javier Villares, Gregori Vázquez. Frequency-Domain GLR Detection of a Second-Order Cyclostationary Signal Over Fading Channels
1913 -- 1925Ammar Mesloub, Karim Abed-Meraim, Adel Belouchrani. A New Algorithm for Complex Non-Orthogonal Joint Diagonalization Based on Shear and Givens Rotations
1926 -- 1937Pegah Sattari, Maciej Kurant, Animashree Anandkumar, Athina Markopoulou, Michael G. Rabbat. Active Learning of Multiple Source Multiple Destination Topologies
1938 -- 1949Hong Shen, Zhi Ding, Soura Dasgupta, Chunming Zhao. Multiple Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Time of Arrival Measurement
1950 -- 1961Maziar Sanjabi, Meisam Razaviyayn, Zhi-Quan Luo. Optimal Joint Base Station Assignment and Beamforming for Heterogeneous Networks
1962 -- 1975Robby G. McKilliam, Barry G. Quinn, I. Vaughan L. Clarkson, Bill Moran, Badri N. Vellambi. Polynomial Phase Estimation by Least Squares Phase Unwrapping
1976 -- 1986Alexis Benichoux, Laurent S. R. Simon, Emmanuel Vincent, Rémi Gribonval. Convex Regularizations for the Simultaneous Recording of Room Impulse Responses
1987 -- 1999Bernhard A. Moser, Thomas Natschläger. On Stability of Distance Measures for Event Sequences Induced by Level-Crossing Sampling
2000 -- 2011Wen-Qin Wang, Hing-Cheung So. Transmit Subaperturing for Range and Angle Estimation in Frequency Diverse Array Radar
2012 -- 2027Dinesh Ramasamy, Sriram Venkateswaran, Upamanyu Madhow. Compressive Parameter Estimation in AWGN
2028 -- 2041Ehsan Karamad, Raviraj S. Adve, Jerry Chow. Scalable and Efficient Power Control Algorithms for Wireless Networks
2042 -- 2055Oren Jean, Anthony J. Weiss. Synchronization via Arbitrary Satellite Signals
2056 -- 2065Sajid Ahmed, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. MIMO-Radar Waveform Covariance Matrix for High SINR and Low Side-Lobe Levels
2066 -- 2079Yasushi Makihara, Muhammad Rasyid Aqmar, Trung Ngo Thanh, Hajime Nagahara, Ryusuke Sagawa, Yasuhiro Mukaigawa, Yasushi Yagi. Phase Estimation of a Single Quasi-Periodic Signal
2080 -- 2089Chaogeng Huang, Yong Ching Lim, Gang Li. A Generalized Lattice Filter for Finite Wordlength Implementation With Reduced Number of Multipliers
2090 -- 2099Brandon M. Jones, Mark Campbell, Lang Tong. Maximum Likelihood Fusion of Stochastic Maps
2100 -- 2110Xiongbin Rao, Vincent K. N. Lau. Interference Alignment With Partial CSI Feedback in MIMO Cellular Networks
2111 -- 2126Yunchuan Yang, Cong Sun, Hui Zhao, Hang Long, Wenbo Wang 0007. Algorithms for Secrecy Guarantee With Null Space Beamforming in Two-Way Relay Networks
2127 -- 2142Jason Wung, Ted S. Wada, Mehrez Souden, Biing-Hwang Juang. Inter-Channel Decorrelation by Sub-Band Resampling for Multi-Channel Acoustic Echo Cancellation
2143 -- 2150Oren Jean, Anthony J. Weiss. Passive Localization and Synchronization Using Arbitrary Signals
2151 -- 2164Quanzhong Li, Qi Zhang, Jiayin Qin. A Special Class of Fractional QCQP and Its Applications on Cognitive Collaborative Beamforming
2165 -- 2175Gabriel Agamennoni, Eduardo Mario Nebot. Robust Estimation in Non-Linear State-Space Models With State-Dependent Noise

Volume 62, Issue 7

1619 -- 1633Oded Bialer, Dan Raphaeli, Anthony J. Weiss. Two-Way Range Estimation Utilizing Uplink and Downlink Channels Dependency
1634 -- 1643Eweda Eweda. Dependence of the Stability of the Least Mean Fourth Algorithm on Target Weights Non-Stationarity
1644 -- 1654Goran Marjanovic, Victor Solo. On ${l}_{q}$ Optimization and Sparse Inverse Covariance Selection
1655 -- 1670Jae Young Park, Michael B. Wakin, Anna C. Gilbert. Modal Analysis With Compressive Measurements
1671 -- 1683Rick Ma, Nafise Barzigar, Aminmohammad Roozgard, Samuel Cheng. Decomposition Approach for Low-Rank Matrix Completion and Its Applications
1684 -- 1693An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau, Liangzhong Ruan, Junting Chen, Dengkun Xiao. Hierarchical Radio Resource Optimization for Heterogeneous Networks With Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (eICIC)
1694 -- 1704Jeffrey D. Blanchard, Michael Cermak, David Hanle, Yirong Jing. Greedy Algorithms for Joint Sparse Recovery
1705 -- 1717Sooraj K. Ambat, Saikat Chatterjee, K. V. S. Hari. A Committee Machine Approach for Compressed Sensing Signal Reconstruction
1718 -- 1728Ariel Jaffe, Mati Wax. Single-Site Localization via Maximum Discrimination Multipath Fingerprinting
1729 -- 1739Rajeev C. Nongpiur, Dale J. Shpak, Andreas Antoniou. Design of IIR Digital Differentiators Using Constrained Optimization
1740 -- 1749Chengpu Yu, Lihua Xie, Cishen Zhang. Deterministic Blind Identification of IIR Systems With Output-Switching Operations
1750 -- 1761Wei Shi, Qing Ling, Kun Yuan, Gang Wu, Wotao Yin. On the Linear Convergence of the ADMM in Decentralized Consensus Optimization
1762 -- 1774Zhao Tan, Yonina C. Eldar, Amir Beck, Arye Nehorai. Smoothing and Decomposition for Analysis Sparse Recovery
1775 -- 1784Ge Xu, Shengyu Zhu, Biao Chen. Decentralized Data Reduction With Quantization Constraints
1785 -- 1795Xiaoming Chen, Chau Yuen. Performance Analysis and Optimization for Interference Alignment Over MIMO Interference Channels With Limited Feedback
1796 -- 1811Omer Bar-Ilan, Yonina C. Eldar. Sub-Nyquist Radar via Doppler Focusing
1812 -- 1821Heidi Steendam. On the Pilot Carrier Placement in Multicarrier-Based Systems
1822 -- 1833Ines Meganem, Yannick Deville, Shahram Hosseini, Philippe Deliot, Xavier Briottet. Linear-Quadratic Blind Source Separation Using NMF to Unmix Urban Hyperspectral Images
1834 -- 1849Xue Jiang, Wen-Jun Zeng, Ambighairajah Yasotharan, Hing-Cheung So, Thiagalingam Kirubarajan. Robust Beamforming by Linear Programming
1850 -- 1863Liang Liu, Rui Zhang, Kee Chaing Chua. Secrecy Wireless Information and Power Transfer With MISO Beamforming
1864 -- 1878Paolo Braca, Peter Willett, Kevin D. LePage, Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta. Bayesian Tracking in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks With Port-Starboard Ambiguity
1879 -- 1893Xue Jiang, Wen-Jun Zeng, Ambighairajah Yasotharan, Hing-Cheung So, Thiagalingam Kirubarajan. Minimum Dispersion Beamforming for Non-Gaussian Signals

Volume 62, Issue 6

1335 -- 1347Gilberto Oliveira Corrêa. Robust MIMO Equalization for Non-Parametric Channel Model Uncertainty
1348 -- 1360Hao Wu, Liming Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Xiaohu You. Asymptotic and Non-Asymptotic Analysis of Uplink Sum Rate for Relay-Assisted MIMO Cellular Systems
1361 -- 1376Hagai Kirshner, Michael Unser, John Paul Ward. On the Unique Identification of Continuous-Time Autoregressive Models From Sampled Data
1377 -- 1385Elad Tzoreff, Ben-Zion Bobrovsky, Anthony J. Weiss. Single Receiver Emitter Geolocation Based on Signal Periodicity With Oscillator Instability
1386 -- 1395Zhaoting Liu, Ying Liu, Chunguang Li. Distributed Sparse Recursive Least-Squares Over Networks
1396 -- 1407Nick Harold Klausner, Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, Louis L. Scharf. Detection of Spatially Correlated Time Series From a Network of Sensor Arrays
1408 -- 1423Dan Wu, Chenyang Yang, Tingting Liu, Zixiang Xiong. Feasibility Conditions for Interference Neutralization in Relay-Aided Interference Channel
1424 -- 1437Andrea Simonetto, Geert Leus. Distributed Maximum Likelihood Sensor Network Localization
1438 -- 1453Takehiko Mizoguchi, Isao Yamada. An Algebraic Translation of Cayley-Dickson Linear Systems and Its Applications to Online Learning
1454 -- 1463Jienan Chen, JianHao Hu, Gerald E. Sobelman. Stochastic MIMO Detector Based on the Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithm
1464 -- 1475Goran Marjanovic, Victor Solo. $l_{q}$ Sparsity Penalized Linear Regression With Cyclic Descent
1476 -- 1489Ke Xiong, Pingyi Fan, Zhengfeng Xu, Hong-Chuan Yang, Khaled Ben Letaief. Optimal Cooperative Beamforming Design for MIMO Decode-and-Forward Relay Channels
1490 -- 1500Arash Khabbazibasmenj, Aboulnasr Hassanien, Sergiy A. Vorobyov, Matthew W. Morency. Efficient Transmit Beamspace Design for Search-Free Based DOA Estimation in MIMO Radar
1501 -- 1513Duy H. N. Nguyen, Tho Le-Ngoc. Sum-Rate Maximization in the Multicell MIMO Broadcast Channel With Interference Coordination
1514 -- 1524Simon M. J. Lyons, Simo Särkkä, Amos J. Storkey. Series Expansion Approximations of Brownian Motion for Non-Linear Kalman Filtering of Diffusion Processes
1525 -- 1535Dave Zachariah, Nafiseh Shariati, Mats Bengtsson, Magnus Jansson, Saikat Chatterjee. Estimation for the Linear Model With Uncertain Covariance Matrices
1536 -- 1547Petter Wirfält, Magnus Jansson. On Kronecker and Linearly Structured Covariance Matrix Estimation
1548 -- 1560Fenggang Yan, Ming Jin, Shuai Liu, Xiaolin Qiao. Real-Valued MUSIC for Efficient Direction Estimation With Arbitrary Array Geometries
1561 -- 1575Lu Lu, Geoffrey Ye Li, Amine Maaref. Spatial-Frequency Signal Alignment for Opportunistic Transmission
1576 -- 1589Marcel Nassar, Philip Schniter, Brian L. Evans. A Factor Graph Approach to Joint OFDM Channel Estimation and Decoding in Impulsive Noise Environments
1590 -- 1602Ahmet H. Kayran, Erdogan Camcioglu. New Efficient 2-D Lattice Structures for General Autoregressive Modeling of Random Fields
1603 -- 1612Alberto Caprara, Fabio Furini, Andrea Lodi, Mauro Mangia, Riccardo Rovatti, Gianluca Setti. Generation of Antipodal Random Vectors With Prescribed Non-Stationary 2-nd Order Statistics

Volume 62, Issue 5

1041 -- 1053Salvatore Talarico, Natalia A. Schmid, Marwan Alkhweldi, Matthew C. Valenti. Distributed Estimation of a Parametric Field: Algorithms and Performance Analysis
1054 -- 1069Sheng-Yuan Tu, Ali H. Sayed. Distributed Decision-Making Over Adaptive Networks
1070 -- 1077Berkan Dulek. Universal Bounds on the Derivatives of the Symbol Error Rate for Arbitrary Constellations
1078 -- 1092Ivan W. Selesnick, Ilker Bayram. Sparse Signal Estimation by Maximally Sparse Convex Optimization
1093 -- 1108Yongwei Huang, Daniel P. Palomar. Randomized Algorithms for Optimal Solutions of Double-Sided QCQP With Applications in Signal Processing
1109 -- 1124Ivan W. Selesnick, Harry L. Graber, Douglas S. Pfeil, Randall L. Barbour. Simultaneous Low-Pass Filtering and Total Variation Denoising
1125 -- 1134Giuseppe Fedele, Andrea Ferrise. A Frequency-Locked-Loop Filter for Biased Multi-Sinusoidal Estimation
1135 -- 1146Juri Ranieri, Amina Chebira, Martin Vetterli. Near-Optimal Sensor Placement for Linear Inverse Problems
1147 -- 1156Masoud Hashemi, Soosan Beheshti. Adaptive Bayesian Denoising for General Gaussian Distributed Signals
1157 -- 1170Tsung-Han Chan, Kui Jia, Eliot Wycoff, Yi Ma. MMSE Design of Time and Color Multiplexing Codes
1171 -- 1184Mojtaba Vaezi, Fabrice Labeau. Distributed Source-Channel Coding Based on Real-Field BCH Codes
1185 -- 1197Qing Ling, A. Ribeiro. Decentralized Dynamic Optimization Through the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
1198 -- 1209Amir Eghbali, Håkan Johansson. On Efficient Design of High-Order Filters With Applications to Filter Banks and Transmultiplexers With Large Number of Channels
1210 -- 1220Mojtaba Soltanalian, Mohammad Mahdi Naghsh, Peter Stoica. On Meeting the Peak Correlation Bounds
1221 -- 1234Mojtaba Soltanalian, Peter Stoica. Designing Unimodular Codes Via Quadratic Optimization
1235 -- 1244Fan Zhang, Vincent K. N. Lau. Cross-Layer MIMO Transceiver Optimization for Multimedia Streaming in Interference Networks
1245 -- 1255Christopher Nemeth, Paul Fearnhead, Lyudmila Mihaylova. Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for State and Parameter Estimation in Abruptly Changing Environments
1256 -- 1264Reza Arablouei, Stefan Werner, Kutluyil Dogancay. Analysis of the Gradient-Descent Total Least-Squares Adaptive Filtering Algorithm
1265 -- 1278Dongrun Qin, Zhi Ding, Soura Dasgupta. On Forward Channel Estimation for MIMO Precoding in Cooperative Relay Wireless Transmission Systems
1279 -- 1289Yuan Wang, Haonan Wang, Louis L. Scharf. Optimum Compression of a Noisy Measurement for Transmission Over a Noisy Channel
1290 -- 1304Federico Fontana, Stefano Zambon, E. Bozzo. Rate Switching Filters: Model and Efficient Approximation
1305 -- 1318Ahmed Medra, Timothy N. Davidson. Flexible Codebook Design for Limited Feedback Systems Via Sequential Smooth Optimization on the Grassmannian Manifold
1319 -- 1328An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Joint Power and Antenna Selection Optimization in Large Cloud Radio Access Networks

Volume 62, Issue 4

757 -- 771Srinivas Yerramalli, Rahul Jain, Urbashi Mitra. Coalitional Games for Transmitter Cooperation in MIMO Multiple Access Channels
772 -- 785Mohammad Mahdi Naghsh, Mojtaba Soltanalian, Petre Stoica, Mahmoud Modarres-Hashemi, Antonio De Maio, Augusto Aubry. A Doppler Robust Design of Transmit Sequence and Receive Filter in the Presence of Signal-Dependent Interference
786 -- 796Marius Caus, Ana I. Pérez-Neira. Multi-Stream Transmission for Highly Frequency Selective Channels in MIMO-FBMC/OQAM Systems
797 -- 812Bo Chen, Wen-an Zhang, Li Yu. Distributed Finite-Horizon Fusion Kalman Filtering for Bandwidth and Energy Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
813 -- 827Mário Costa, Visa Koivunen. Application of Manifold Separation to Polarimetric Capon Beamformer and Source Tracking
828 -- 839Jung Hoon Lee, Wan Choi. Multiuser Diversity for Secrecy Communications Using Opportunistic Jammer Selection: Secure DoF and Jammer Scaling Law
840 -- 851Yu-Hao Chen, Yu-Min Lin, Kuan-Yu Ho, An-Yeu Wu, Pai-Chi Li. Low-Complexity Motion-Compensated Beamforming Algorithm and Architecture for Synthetic Transmit Aperture in Ultrasound Imaging
852 -- 867Xiaofei Chen, Fredric J. Harris, Elettra Venosa, Bhaskar D. Rao. Non-Maximally Decimated Analysis/Synthesis Filter Banks: Applications in Wideband Digital Filtering
868 -- 882Dusan Jakovetic, João Manuel Freitas Xavier, José M. F. Moura. Convergence Rates of Distributed Nesterov-Like Gradient Methods on Random Networks
883 -- 891Mostafa Sadeghi, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Christian Jutten. Learning Overcomplete Dictionaries Based on Atom-by-Atom Updating
892 -- 904Nikos Deligiannis, Adrian Munteanu, Shuang Wang, Samuel Cheng, Peter Schelkens. Maximum Likelihood Laplacian Correlation Channel Estimation in Layered Wyner-Ziv Coding
905 -- 918Xiaowen Dong, Pascal Frossard, Pierre Vandergheynst, Nikolai Nefedov. Clustering on Multi-Layer Graphs via Subspace Analysis on Grassmann Manifolds
919 -- 927Dong-hwan Lee, Wonyong Sung. Decision Directed Estimation of Threshold Voltage Distribution in NAND Flash Memory
928 -- 938Yoav Shechtman, Amir Beck, Yonina C. Eldar. GESPAR: Efficient Phase Retrieval of Sparse Signals
939 -- 953Xiaolong Chen, Jian Guan, Ningbo Liu, You He. Maneuvering Target Detection via Radon-Fractional Fourier Transform-Based Long-Time Coherent Integration
954 -- 967Fahd Ahmed Khan, Kamel Tourki, Mohamed-Slim Alouini, Khalid A. Qaraqe. Performance Analysis of a Power Limited Spectrum Sharing System With TAS/MRC
968 -- 980Ping Zhang, Qiao Wang. On Using the Relative Configuration to Explore Cooperative Localization
981 -- 992Mohammadreza Malek-Mohammadi, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Arash Amini, Christian Jutten. Recovery of Low-Rank Matrices Under Affine Constraints via a Smoothed Rank Function
993 -- 1004Minyan Pei, A. Lee Swindlehurst, Dongtang Ma, Jibo Wei. Adaptive Limited Feedback for MISO Wiretap Channels With Cooperative Jamming
1005 -- 1017Zhikun Xu, Chenyang Yang, Geoffrey Ye Li, Yalin Liu, Shugong Xu. Energy-Efficient CoMP Precoding in Heterogeneous Networks
1028 -- 1030Yang Song, Xin Yuan, Kainam Thomas Wong. Corrections to "Vector Cross-Product Direction-Finding' With an Electromagnetic Vector-Sensor of Six Orthogonally Oriented But Spatially Noncollocating Dipoles/Loops"

Volume 62, Issue 3

531 -- 544Konstantin Dragomiretskiy, Dominique Zosso. Variational Mode Decomposition
545 -- 556Niklas Wahlstrom, Fredrik Gustafsson. Magnetometer Modeling and Validation for Tracking Metallic Targets
557 -- 561Felipe Ramirez-Echeverria, Amadou Sarr, Yuriy S. Shmaliy. Optimal Memory for Discrete-Time FIR Filters in State-Space
562 -- 571Christos Masouros, Mathini Sellathurai, Tharm Ratnarajah. Vector Perturbation Based on Symbol Scaling for Limited Feedback MISO Downlinks
572 -- 582Yingxi Liu, Nikhil Kundargi, Ahmed H. Tewfik. Channel Idle Time Statistics Based Spectrum Accessing Strategies With CSMA Based Primary Networks
583 -- 596Ya-Feng Liu, Yu-Hong Dai. On the Complexity of Joint Subcarrier and Power Allocation for Multi-User OFDMA Systems
597 -- 606Yinguang Li, Guifu Zhang, Richard Doviak. Ground Clutter Detection Using the Statistical Properties of Signals Received With a Polarimetric Radar
607 -- 618Changxin Shi, Randall A. Berry, Michael L. Honig. Bi-Directional Training for Adaptive Beamforming and Power Control in Interference Networks
619 -- 631Kevin Cushon, Saied Hemati, Camille Leroux, Shie Mannor, Warren J. Gross. High-Throughput Energy-Efficient LDPC Decoders Using Differential Binary Message Passing
632 -- 640Tian Xia, Hsiao-Chun Wu. Novel Blind Identification of LDPC Codes Using Average LLR of Syndrome a Posteriori Probability
641 -- 656Gesualdo Scutari, Francisco Facchinei, Peiran Song, Daniel P. Palomar, Jong-Shi Pang. Decomposition by Partial Linearization: Parallel Optimization of Multi-Agent Systems
657 -- 670Lori A. Dalton, Edward R. Dougherty. Intrinsically Optimal Bayesian Robust Filtering
671 -- 683Ido Nevat, Gareth W. Peters, Iain B. Collings. Distributed Detection in Sensor Networks Over Fading Channels With Multiple Antennas at the Fusion Centre
684 -- 693Fuxin Zhuang, Vincent K. N. Lau. Backhaul Limited Asymmetric Cooperation for MIMO Cellular Networks via Semidefinite Relaxation
694 -- 702Divyanshu Vats. High-Dimensional Screening Using Multiple Grouping of Variables
703 -- 717Heng Wang, Minh Tang, Youngser Park, Carey E. Priebe. Locality Statistics for Anomaly Detection in Time Series of Graphs
718 -- 728Huibin Chang, Michael K. Ng, Tieyong Zeng. Reducing Artifacts in JPEG Decompression Via a Learned Dictionary
729 -- 740Junghoon Lee, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu. Stochastic Ordering of Interference in Large-Scale Wireless Networks
741 -- 751Shiwen He, Yongming Huang, Luxi Yang, Björn E. Ottersten. Coordinated Multicell Multiuser Precoding for Maximizing Weighted Sum Energy Efficiency

Volume 62, Issue 24

6355 -- 6365Boli Chen, Gilberto Pin, Wai M. Ng, Chi Kwan Lee, S. Y. Ron Hui, Thomas Parisini. An Adaptive Observer-Based Switched Methodology for the Identification of a Perturbed Sinusoidal Signal: Theory and Experiments
6366 -- 6379Ángel F. García-Fernández, Mark R. Morelande, Jesús Grajal. Bayesian Sequential Track Formation
6380 -- 6390Tomer Lancewicki, Mayer Aladjem. Multi-Target Shrinkage Estimation for Covariance Matrices
6391 -- 6401Fengchao Zhu, Feifei Gao, Minli Yao, Hongxing Zou. Joint Information- and Jamming-Beamforming for Physical Layer Security With Full Duplex Base Station
6402 -- 6413Omar Mehanna, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. Channel Tracking and Transmit Beamforming With Frugal Feedback
6414 -- 6424Jesús Navarro-Moreno, Rosa Maria Fernández-Alcalá, Juan Carlos Ruiz-Molina. A Quaternion Widely Linear Model for Nonlinear Gaussian Estimation
6425 -- 6437Akie Sakiyama, Yuichi Tanaka. Oversampled Graph Laplacian Matrix for Graph Filter Banks
6438 -- 6453Qi Cheng, Piya Pal, Masashi Tsuji, Yingbo Hua. An MDL Algorithm for Detecting More Sources Than Sensors Using Outer-Products of Array Output
6454 -- 6467Karl Berntorp, Anders Robertsson, Karl-Erik Årzén. Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters With Out-of-Sequence Measurement Processing
6468 -- 6480Jonathan G. Ligo, George K. Atia, Venugopal V. Veeravalli. A Controlled Sensing Approach to Graph Classification
6481 -- 6495Alessio Zappone, Eduard A. Jorswieck, Stefano Buzzi. Energy Efficiency and Interference Neutralization in Two-Hop MIMO Interference Channels
6496 -- 6506Bo Yuan, Keshab K. Parhi. Early Stopping Criteria for Energy-Efficient Low-Latency Belief-Propagation Polar Code Decoders
6507 -- 6520Rami Mochaourab, Eduard A. Jorswieck. Coalitional Games in MISO Interference Channels: Epsilon-Core and Coalition Structure Stable Set
6521 -- 6533Shahram Hosseini, Yannick Deville. Blind Separation of Parametric Nonlinear Mixtures of Possibly Autocorrelated and Non-Stationary Sources
6534 -- 6544Alberto Carini, Giovanni L. Sicuranza. Recursive Even Mirror Fourier Nonlinear Filters and Simplified Structures
6545 -- 6553Eweda Eweda. Mean-Square Stability Analysis of a Normalized Least Mean Fourth Algorithm for a Markov Plant
6554 -- 6567Ba-Ngu Vo, Ba-Tuong Vo, Dinh Phung. Labeled Random Finite Sets and the Bayes Multi-Target Tracking Filter
6568 -- 6581Jong-Woo Shin, Young-Jun Lee, Hyoung-Nam Kim. Reduced-Complexity Maximum Likelihood Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Based on Spatial Aliasing
6582 -- 6595Shengheng Liu, Tao Shan, Ran Tao, Yimin D. Zhang, Guo Zhang, Feng Zhang, Yue Wang. Sparse Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform and Its Applications
6596 -- 6611Ivan W. Selesnick, Harry L. Graber, Yin Ding, Tong Zhang, Randall L. Barbour. Transient Artifact Reduction Algorithm (TARA) Based on Sparse Optimization

Volume 62, Issue 23

6077 -- 6088Aniruddha Das, Bhaskar D. Rao. Adaptive Non Orthogonal MFSK
6089 -- 6104Aryan Mokhtari, Alejandro Ribeiro. RES: Regularized Stochastic BFGS Algorithm
6105 -- 6117Nikolaos Chatzipanagiotis, Yupeng Liu, Athina P. Petropulu, Michael M. Zavlanos. Distributed Cooperative Beamforming in Multi-Source Multi-Destination Clustered Systems
6118 -- 6129Andrea Trucco, Marco Crocco. Design of an Optimum Superdirective Beamformer Through Generalized Directivity Maximization
6130 -- 6142Mustafa Fanaswala, Vikram Krishnamurthy. Syntactic Models for Trajectory Constrained Track-Before-Detect
6143 -- 6157Ibo Ngebani, Yabo Li, Xiang-Gen Xia, Sami Ahmed Haider, Aiping Huang, Minjian Zhao. Analysis and Compensation of Phase Noise in Vector OFDM Systems
6158 -- 6170Hussein A. Leftah, Said Boussakta. Novel OFDM Based on C-Transform for Improving Multipath Transmission
6171 -- 6183Richard E. Turner, Maneesh Sahani. Time-Frequency Analysis as Probabilistic Inference
6184 -- 6193Yi Gai, Bhaskar Krishnamachari. Distributed Stochastic Online Learning Policies for Opportunistic Spectrum Access
6194 -- 6208Qingjiang Shi, WeiQiang Xu, Tsung-Hui Chang, Yongchao Wang, Enbin Song. Joint Beamforming and Power Splitting for MISO Interference Channel With SWIPT: An SOCP Relaxation and Decentralized Algorithm
6209 -- 6224Daphney-Stavroula Zois, Marco Levorato, Urbashi Mitra. Active Classification for POMDPs: A Kalman-Like State Estimator
6225 -- 6234Reza Parseh, Kimmo Kansanen. On Estimation Error Outage for Scalar Gauss-Markov Signals Sent Over Fading Channels
6235 -- 6248Xinqian Xie, Mugen Peng, Yonghui Li, Wenbo Wang 0007, H. Vincent Poor. Channel Estimation for Two-Way Relay Networks in the Presence of Synchronization Errors
6249 -- 6264Chao Shen, Wei-Chiang Li, Tsung-Hui Chang. Wireless Information and Energy Transfer in Multi-Antenna Interference Channel
6265 -- 6275Theodoros Tsiligkaridis. Secure MIMO Communications Under Quantized Channel Feedback in the Presence of Jamming
6276 -- 6285Qibin Fan, Yuling Jiao, Xiliang Lu. A Primal Dual Active Set Algorithm With Continuation for Compressed Sensing
6286 -- 6297Xiaoming Chen, Hsiao-Hwa Chen. Physical Layer Security in Multi-Cell MISO Downlinks With Incomplete CSI - A Unified Secrecy Performance Analysis
6298 -- 6308Joong Bum Rhim, Vivek K. Goyal. Distributed Hypothesis Testing With Social Learning and Symmetric Fusion
6309 -- 6322Vikram Krishnamurthy, Cristian R. Rojas. Reduced Complexity HMM Filtering With Stochastic Dominance Bounds: A Convex Optimization Approach
6323 -- 6334Yanting Ma, Dror Baron, Deanna Needell. Two-Part Reconstruction With Noisy-Sudocodes
6335 -- 6348Furkan Can Kavasoglu, Yichao Huang, Bhaskar D. Rao. Semi-Blind Interference Alignment Techniques for Small Cell Networks

Volume 62, Issue 22

5793 -- 5808Reza Vahidnia, Shahram Shahbazpanahi. Single-Carrier Equalization for Asynchronous Two-Way Relay Networks
5809 -- 5824Stefan Wesemann, Gerhard P. Fettweis. Distributed Asynchronous Optimization Framework for the MISO Interference Channel
5825 -- 5838Yann Le Gall, François-Xavier Socheleau, Julien Bonnel. Matched-Field Processing Performance Under the Stochastic and Deterministic Signal Models
5839 -- 5853Jason T. Parker, Philip Schniter, Volkan Cevher. Bilinear Generalized Approximate Message Passing - Part I: Derivation
5854 -- 5867Jason T. Parker, Philip Schniter, Volkan Cevher. Bilinear Generalized Approximate Message Passing - Part II: Applications
5868 -- 5880Roberto Piazza, M. R. Bhavani Shankar, Björn E. Ottersten. Data Predistortion for Multicarrier Satellite Channels Based on Direct Learning
5881 -- 5891Yiyuan She, Yuejia He, Dapeng Wu. Learning Topology and Dynamics of Large Recurrent Neural Networks
5892 -- 5906Julien Huillery, Fabien Millioz, Nadine Martin. Gaussian Noise Time-Varying Power Spectrum Estimation With Minimal Statistics
5907 -- 5918Lu Wei, Olav Tirkkonen, Ying-Chang Liang. Multi-source Signal Detection With Arbitrary Noise Covariance
5919 -- 5929Thanh Le, Csaba Szepesvári, Rong Zheng. Sequential Learning for Multi-Channel Wireless Network Monitoring With Channel Switching Costs
5930 -- 5939Jun Liu, Hongbin Li, Braham Himed. Two Target Detection Algorithms for Passive Multistatic Radar
5940 -- 5949Nicolas Seichepine, Slim Essid, Cédric Févotte, Olivier Cappé. Soft Nonnegative Matrix Co-Factorization
5950 -- 5961Yun Cao, Chintha Tellambura. Joint Distributed Beamforming and Power Allocation in Underlay Cognitive Two-Way Relay Links Using Second-Order Channel Statistics
5962 -- 5972Ron Rubinstein, Michael Elad. Dictionary Learning for Analysis-Synthesis Thresholding
5973 -- 5986Raja Fazliza Raja Suleiman, David Mary, André Ferrari. Dimension Reduction for Hypothesis Testing in Worst-Case Scenarios
5987 -- 6002Gérard Favier, André L. F. de Almeida. Tensor Space-Time-Frequency Coding With Semi-Blind Receivers for MIMO Wireless Communication Systems
6003 -- 6015Pei H. Leong, Thushara D. Abhayapala, Tharaka A. Lamahewa. Multiple 3D Far-Field/Near-Field Moving Target Localization Using Wideband Echo Chirp Signals
6016 -- 6031Peilin Sun, Jun Tang, Shuang Wan, Ning Zhang. Identifiability Analysis of Local Oscillator Phase Self-Calibration Based on Hybrid Cramér-Rao Bound in MIMO Radar
6032 -- 6044Ling-San Meng, Ping-Cheng Yeh, Kwang-Cheng Chen, Ian F. Akyildiz. On Receiver Design for Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication
6045 -- 6058Antonio A. D'Amico, Luca Sanguinetti, Daniel Pérez Palomar. Convex Separable Problems With Linear Constraints in Signal Processing and Communications
6059 -- 6070Esa Ollila, David E. Tyler. Regularized $M$ -Estimators of Scatter Matrix

Volume 62, Issue 21

5505 -- 5520Mohammad M. Mansour, Sam P. Alex, Louay M. A. Jalloul. Reduced Complexity Soft-Output MIMO Sphere Detectors - Part I: Algorithmic Optimizations
5521 -- 5535Mohammad M. Mansour, Sam P. Alex, Louay M. A. Jalloul. Reduced Complexity Soft-Output MIMO Sphere Detectors - Part II: Architectural Optimizations
5536 -- 5551Seksan Laitrakun, Edward J. Coyle. Reliability-Based Splitting Algorithms for Time-Constrained Distributed Detection in Random-Access WSNs
5552 -- 5564Tian Wang, Hamid Krim, Yannis Viniotis. Analysis and Control of Beliefs in Social Networks
5565 -- 5576Zhao Tan, Yonina C. Eldar, Arye Nehorai. Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Co-Prime Arrays: A Super Resolution Viewpoint
5577 -- 5588Martin Schmidt, Mathias Baumert, Alberto Porta, Hagen Malberg, Sebastian Zaunseder. Two-Dimensional Warping for One-Dimensional Signals - Conceptual Framework and Application to ECG Processing
5589 -- 5602Rodrigo B. Moraes, Martin Wolkerstorfer, Paschalis Tsiaflakis, Marc Moonen. Dynamic Spectrum Management With Spherical Coordinates
5603 -- 5614Alireza Shahan Behbahani, Ahmed M. Eltawil, Hamid Jafarkhani. Decentralized Estimation Under Correlated Noise
5615 -- 5628Paolo Di Lorenzo, Sergio Barbarossa. Distributed Estimation and Control of Algebraic Connectivity Over Random Graphs
5629 -- 5639Xia Hong, Sheng Chen 0001, Yu Gong, Chris J. Harris. Nonlinear Equalization of Hammerstein OFDM Systems
5640 -- 5651Frédéric Pascal 0001, Yacine Chitour, Yihui Quek. Generalized Robust Shrinkage Estimator and Its Application to STAP Detection Problem
5652 -- 5662Stephan Rhode, Konstantin Usevich, Ivan Markovsky, Frank Gauterin. A Recursive Restricted Total Least-Squares Algorithm
5663 -- 5676Achraf Mallat, Sinan Gezici, Davide Dardari, Christophe Craeye, Luc Vandendorpe. Statistics of the MLE and Approximate Upper and Lower Bounds - Part I: Application to TOA Estimation
5677 -- 5689Achraf Mallat, Sinan Gezici, Davide Dardari, Luc Vandendorpe. Statistics of the MLE and Approximate Upper and Lower Bounds-Part II: Threshold Computation and Optimal Pulse Design for TOA Estimation
5690 -- 5705Kun-Yu Wang, Anthony Man-Cho So, Tsung-Hui Chang, Wing-Kin Ma, Chong-Yung Chi. Outage Constrained Robust Transmit Optimization for Multiuser MISO Downlinks: Tractable Approximations by Conic Optimization
5706 -- 5715Fan Zhang, Vincent K. N. Lau. Closed-Form Delay-Optimal Power Control for Energy Harvesting Wireless System With Finite Energy Storage
5716 -- 5724Jari Miettinen, Klaus Nordhausen, Hannu Oja, Sara Taskinen. Deflation-Based FastICA With Adaptive Choices of Nonlinearities
5725 -- 5733Zhiqiang He, Sichuan Guo, Yuanbiao Ou, Yue Rong. Multiuser Multihop MIMO Relay System Design Based on Mutual Information Maximization
5734 -- 5747Hang Yu, Justin Dauwels, Philip Jonathan. Extreme-Value Graphical Models With Multiple Covariates
5748 -- 5760Paolo Di Lorenzo. Diffusion Adaptation Strategies for Distributed Estimation Over Gaussian Markov Random Fields
5761 -- 5774Fredrik Andersson, Marcus Carlsson, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Herwig Wendt. A New Frequency Estimation Method for Equally and Unequally Spaced Data
5775 -- 5786Dejin Kong, Xiang-Gen Xia 0001, Tao Jiang 0002, Xiqi Gao. Channel Estimation in CP-OQAM-OFDM Systems

Volume 62, Issue 20

5213 -- 5226Mohammadreza Malek-Mohammadi, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Mikael Skoglund. Iterative Concave Rank Approximation for Recovering Low-Rank Matrices
5227 -- 5239Nicolas Tremblay, Pierre Borgnat. Graph Wavelets for Multiscale Community Mining
5240 -- 5250Timothy Park, Idris A. Eckley, Hernando C. Ombao. Estimating Time-Evolving Partial Coherence Between Signals via Multivariate Locally Stationary Wavelet Processes
5251 -- 5259Ilya Soloveychik, Ami Wiesel. Tyler's Covariance Matrix Estimator in Elliptical Models With Convex Structure
5260 -- 5269Shiwen Lei, Zhiqin Zhao, Zaiping Nie, Qing Huo Liu. A CFAR Adaptive Subspace Detector Based on a Single Observation in System-Dependent Clutter Background
5270 -- 5281James D. B. Nelson. On the Equivalence Between a Minimal Codomain Cardinality Riesz Basis Construction, a System of Hadamard-Sylvester Operators, and a Class of Sparse, Binary Optimization Problems
5282 -- 5293Fang-Ming Han, Ming Jin, Hong-Xing Zou. Binary Symbol Recovery Via $\ell_{\infty}$ Minimization in Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling Systems
5294 -- 5307Rui Wang, Xiaojun Yuan. MIMO Multiway Relaying With Pairwise Data Exchange: A Degrees of Freedom Perspective
5308 -- 5323Muhammed O. Sayin, Suleyman Serdar Kozat. Compressive Diffusion Strategies Over Distributed Networks for Reduced Communication Load
5324 -- 5338Steven T. Smith, Edward K. Kao, Kenneth D. Senne, Garrett Bernstein, Scott Philips. Bayesian Discovery of Threat Networks
5339 -- 5347Alexandre J. Raymond, Warren J. Gross. A Scalable Successive-Cancellation Decoder for Polar Codes
5348 -- 5358Youngmi Hur, Hyungju Park, Fang Zheng. Multi-D Wavelet Filter Bank Design Using Quillen-Suslin Theorem for Laurent Polynomials
5359 -- 5369Aditya Vempaty, Hao He, Biao Chen, Pramod K. Varshney. On Quantizer Design for Distributed Bayesian Estimation in Sensor Networks
5370 -- 5381Jie Xu, Rui Zhang. Energy Beamforming With One-Bit Feedback
5382 -- 5397Nikola Bogdanovic, Jorge Plata-Chaves, Kostas Berberidis. Distributed Incremental-Based LMS for Node-Specific Adaptive Parameter Estimation
5398 -- 5410Rajeev C. Nongpiur, Dale J. Shpak. Synthesis of Linear and Planar Arrays With Minimum Element Selection
5411 -- 5424Wei Zhong, Gang Chen, Shi Jin, Kai-Kit Wong. Relay Selection and Discrete Power Control for Cognitive Relay Networks via Potential Game
5425 -- 5438Zhaoshi Meng, Dennis Wei, Ami Wiesel, Alfred O. Hero. Marginal Likelihoods for Distributed Parameter Estimation of Gaussian Graphical Models
5439 -- 5448Shaolei Ren, Nikos Deligiannis, Yiannis Andreopoulos, Mohammad A. Islam, Mihaela van der Schaar. Dynamic Scheduling for Energy Minimization in Delay-Sensitive Stream Mining
5449 -- 5457Chenrong Xiong, Zhiyuan Yan. Improved Iterative Hard- and Soft-Reliability Based Majority-Logic Decoding Algorithms for Non-Binary Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
5458 -- 5470Mojtaba Soltanalian, Petre Stoica. On Prime Root-of-Unity Sequences With Perfect Periodic Correlation
5471 -- 5486N. Denizcan Vanli, Suleyman Serdar Kozat. A Comprehensive Approach to Universal Piecewise Nonlinear Regression Based on Trees
5487 -- 5496Alba Sloin, Ami Wiesel. Proper Quaternion Gaussian Graphical Models

Volume 62, Issue 2

271 -- 282Pannir Selvam Elamvazhuthi, Bikash Kumar Dey, Srikrishna Bhashyam. An MMSE Strategy at Relays With Partial CSI for a Multi-Layer Relay Network
283 -- 294Oshri Naparstek, Amir Leshem. Fully Distributed Optimal Channel Assignment for Open Spectrum Access
295 -- 308Harri Pennanen, Antti Tölli, Matti Latva-aho. Multi-Cell Beamforming With Decentralized Coordination in Cognitive and Cellular Networks
309 -- 321Dionysios S. Kalogerias, Athina P. Petropulu. Matrix Completion in Colocated MIMO Radar: Recoverability, Bounds & Theoretical Guarantees
322 -- 330Dejin Kong, Daiming Qu, Tao Jiang. Time Domain Channel Estimation for OQAM-OFDM Systems: Algorithms and Performance Bounds
331 -- 342Yongchan Gao, Guisheng Liao, Shengqi Zhu, Xuepan Zhang, Dong Yang. Persymmetric Adaptive Detectors in Homogeneous and Partially Homogeneous Environments
343 -- 353Guolong Cui, Hongbin Li, Muralidhar Rangaswamy. MIMO Radar Waveform Design With Constant Modulus and Similarity Constraints
354 -- 362Roy Amel, Arie Feuer. Adaptive Identification and Recovery of Jointly Sparse Vectors
363 -- 375Xiaojing Shen, Pramod K. Varshney. Sensor Selection Based on Generalized Information Gain for Target Tracking in Large Sensor Networks
376 -- 389Wendyam Serge Boris Ouedraogo, Antoine Souloumiac, Meriem Jaïdane, Christian Jutten. Non-Negative Blind Source Separation Algorithm Based on Minimum Aperture Simplicial Cone
390 -- 402An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Cache-Enabled Opportunistic Cooperative MIMO for Video Streaming in Wireless Systems
403 -- 418Reza Abdolee, Benoît Champagne, Ali H. Sayed. Estimation of Space-Time Varying Parameters Using a Diffusion LMS Algorithm
419 -- 430Marco Rossi, Alexander M. Haimovich, Yonina C. Eldar. Spatial Compressive Sensing for MIMO Radar
431 -- 442Jiangfan Zhang, Rick S. Blum. Asymptotically Optimal Truncated Multivariate Gaussian Hypothesis Testing With Application to Consensus Algorithms
443 -- 457Alessio Zappone, Pan Cao, Eduard A. Jorswieck. Energy Efficiency Optimization in Relay-Assisted MIMO Systems With Perfect and Statistical CSI
458 -- 471Hanjie Pan, Thierry Blu, Pier Luigi Dragotti. Sampling Curves With Finite Rate of Innovation
472 -- 484Reza Arablouei, Stefan Werner, Yih-Fang Huang, Kutluyil Dogancay. Distributed Least Mean-Square Estimation With Partial Diffusion
485 -- 495Rajesh T. Krishnamachari, Mahesh K. Varanasi, Kaniska Mohanty. MIMO Systems With Quantized Covariance Feedback
496 -- 510Benjamín Béjar Haro, Santiago Zazo, Daniel P. Palomar. Energy Efficient Collaborative Beamforming in Wireless Sensor Networks
511 -- 524Jiaxian Pan, Wing-Kin Ma, Joakim Jalden. MIMO Detection by Lagrangian Dual Maximum-Likelihood Relaxation: Reinterpreting Regularized Lattice Decoding

Volume 62, Issue 19

4931 -- 4946Stacy Patterson, Yonina C. Eldar, Idit Keidar. Distributed Compressed Sensing for Static and Time-Varying Networks
4947 -- 4958Benxu Liu, Vaninirappuputhenpurayil Gopalan Reju, Andy W. H. Khong. A Linear Source Recovery Method for Underdetermined Mixtures of Uncorrelated AR-Model Signals Without Sparseness
4959 -- 4973Zai Yang, Lihua Xie, Cishen Zhang. A Discretization-Free Sparse and Parametric Approach for Linear Array Signal Processing
4974 -- 4983Tual Trainini, Eric Moreau. A Coordinate Descent Algorithm for Complex Joint Diagonalization Under Hermitian and Transpose Congruences
4984 -- 4996Shree Krishna Sharma, Symeon Chatzinotas, Björn E. Ottersten. Compressive Sparsity Order Estimation for Wideband Cognitive Radio Receiver
4997 -- 5008Zhao Tan, Peng Yang, Arye Nehorai. Joint Sparse Recovery Method for Compressed Sensing With Structured Dictionary Mismatches
5009 -- 5019Guilherme Luiz Moritz, João Luiz Rebelatto, Richard Demo Souza, Bartolomeu F. Uchôa Filho, Yonghui Li. Time-Switching Uplink Network-Coded Cooperative Communication With Downlink Energy Transfer
5020 -- 5029Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula, Satish Mulleti. Super-Resolution Reconstruction in Frequency-Domain Optical-Coherence Tomography Using the Finite-Rate-of-Innovation Principle
5030 -- 5045Adnan Gavili, Shahram Shahbazpanahi. Optimal Spectrum Leasing and Resource Sharing in Two-Way Relay Networks
5046 -- 5058Panos P. Markopoulos, George N. Karystinos, Dimitrios A. Pados. Optimal Algorithms for $L_{1}$-subspace Signal Processing
5059 -- 5072Thakshila Wimalajeewa, Pramod K. Varshney. OMP Based Joint Sparsity Pattern Recovery Under Communication Constraints
5073 -- 5084Juan Castorena, Charles D. Creusere. The Restricted Isometry Property for Banded Random Matrices
5085 -- 5094Yuan-Pei Lin. Variable-Rate Transmission for MIMO Time-Correlated Channels With Limited Feedback
5095 -- 5106Lei Cao, Ramanarayanan Viswanathan. Divergence-Based Soft Decision for Error Resilient Decentralized Signal Detection
5107 -- 5118Zhanwei Sun, J. Nicholas Laneman. Performance Metrics, Sampling Schemes, and Detection Algorithms for Wideband Spectrum Sensing
5119 -- 5131Qinliang Su, Yik-Chung Wu. Convergence Analysis of the Variance in Gaussian Belief Propagation
5132 -- 5142Dimitrios Christopoulos, Symeon Chatzinotas, Björn E. Ottersten. Weighted Fair Multicast Multigroup Beamforming Under Per-antenna Power Constraints
5143 -- 5156Ying Sun, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. Regularized Tyler's Scatter Estimator: Existence, Uniqueness, and Algorithms
5157 -- 5170Huan Tang, Zhi Ding, Bernard C. Levy. Enabling D2D Communications Through Neighbor Discovery in LTE Cellular Networks
5171 -- 5183Leonardo O. Nunes, Wallace Alves Martins, Markus V. S. Lima, Luiz W. P. Biscainho, Maurício V. M. Costa, Felipe M. Goncalves, Amir Said, Bowon Lee. A Steered-Response Power Algorithm Employing Hierarchical Search for Acoustic Source Localization Using Microphone Arrays
5184 -- 5195An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Joint Interference Mitigation and Data Recovery in Compressive Domain: A Sparse MLE Approach
5196 -- 5207Lionel Fillatre. On the Epsilon Most Stringent Test Between Two Vector Lines in Gaussian Noise

Volume 62, Issue 18

4643 -- 4658Ricardo Blasco-Serrano, Dave Zachariah, Dennis Sundman, Ragnar Thobaben, Mikael Skoglund. A Measurement Rate-MSE Tradeoff for Compressive Sensing Through Partial Support Recovery
4659 -- 4672Subhadip Mukherjee, Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula. Fienup Algorithm With Sparsity Constraints: Application to Frequency-Domain Optical-Coherence Tomography
4673 -- 4688Liyang Rui, K. C. Ho. Elliptic Localization: Performance Study and Optimum Receiver Placement
4689 -- 4703Jeremy P. Vila, Philip Schniter. An Empirical-Bayes Approach to Recovering Linearly Constrained Non-Negative Sparse Signals
4704 -- 4712Jun Tang, Ning Zhang, Zhikun Ma, Bo Tang 0002. Construction of Doppler Resilient Complete Complementary Code in MIMO Radar
4713 -- 4722Pu Wang, Zhe Wang, Hongbin Li, Braham Himed. Knowledge-Aided Parametric Adaptive Matched Filter With Automatic Combining for Covariance Estimation
4723 -- 4736Konstantinos E. Themelis, Athanasios A. Rontogiannis, Konstantinos Koutroumbas. A Variational Bayes Framework for Sparse Adaptive Estimation
4737 -- 4747Tsung-Hsien Liu, Chun-Ning Chiu, Pei-yu Liu, Yuan-Sun Chu. Block-Wise QR-Decomposition for the Layered and Hybrid Alamouti STBC MIMO Systems: Algorithms and Hardware Architectures
4748 -- 4759Tianxian Zhang, Xiang-Gen Xia, Lingjiang Kong. IRCI Free Range Reconstruction for SAR Imaging With Arbitrary Length OFDM Pulse
4760 -- 4771Yingfei Diao, Zhiyun Lin, Minyue Fu. A Barycentric Coordinate Based Distributed Localization Algorithm for Sensor Networks
4772 -- 4785Li Xiao, Xiang-Gen Xia, Wenjie Wang. Multi-Stage Robust Chinese Remainder Theorem
4786 -- 4797An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Hierarchical Interference Mitigation for Massive MIMO Cellular Networks
4798 -- 4810Jie Xu, Liang Liu, Rui Zhang. Multiuser MISO Beamforming for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer
4811 -- 4823Anamitra Makur, Asha Vijayakumar. Theory, Design and Application of Arbitrary Order Arbitrary Delay Filterbanks
4824 -- 4838Jens Steinwandt, Florian Roemer, Martin Haardt, Giovanni Del Galdo. $R$ -Dimensional ESPRIT-Type Algorithms for Strictly Second-Order Non-Circular Sources and Their Performance Analysis
4839 -- 4846Matheus Souza, André R. Fioravanti, José Claudio Geromel. ${\cal H}_2$ Sampled - Data Filtering of Linear Systems
4847 -- 4856Cagdas Bilen, Gilles Puy, Rémi Gribonval, Laurent Daudet. Convex Optimization Approaches for Blind Sensor Calibration Using Sparsity
4857 -- 4867Dae Gwan Lee, Paulo Jorge S. G. Ferreira. Superoscillations With Optimum Energy Concentration
4868 -- 4881Robert Hesse, D. Russell Luke, Patrick Neumann. Alternating Projections and Douglas-Rachford for Sparse Affine Feasibility
4882 -- 4895Tarig Ballal, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri. Low-Sampling-Rate Ultra-Wideband Channel Estimation Using Equivalent-Time Sampling
4896 -- 4910Mohamad Assaad, Walid Ben-Ameur, Faiz Hamid. Resource Optimization of Non-Additive Utility Functions in Localized SC-FDMA Systems
4911 -- 4924Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri, Geert Leus, Alle-Jan van der Veen. Rigid Body Localization Using Sensor Networks

Volume 62, Issue 17

4349 -- 4362Younes Abdi, Tapani Ristaniemi. Joint Local Quantization and Linear Cooperation in Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks
4363 -- 4374Xin Yuan, V. Rao, Shaobo Han, Lawrence Carin. Hierarchical Infinite Divisibility for Multiscale Shrinkage
4375 -- 4389Sergio Barbarossa, Paolo Di Lorenzo, Pasquale Vecchiarelli. Parameter Estimation of 2D Multi-Component Polynomial Phase Signals: An Application to SAR Imaging of Moving Targets
4390 -- 4398R. Biswas, K. Khamaru, K. K. Majumdar. A Peak Synchronization Measure for Multiple Signals
4399 -- 4410Matthew Anderson, Gengshen Fu, Ronald Phlypo, Tülay Adali. Independent Vector Analysis: Identification Conditions and Performance Bounds
4411 -- 4424Muhammed O. Sayin, N. Denizcan Vanli, Suleyman Serdar Kozat. A Novel Family of Adaptive Filtering Algorithms Based on the Logarithmic Cost
4425 -- 4435Xiaohu Shen, Manohar Shamaiah, Haris Vikalo. Iterative Learning for Reference-Guided DNA Sequence Assembly From Short Reads: Algorithms and Limits of Performance
4436 -- 4450Babak Hassibi, Morten Hansen, Alexandros G. Dimakis, Haider Ali Jasim Alshamary, Weiyu Xu. Optimized Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Signal Detection in MIMO Systems: An Analysis of the Stationary Distribution and Mixing Time
4451 -- 4466Yongpeng Wu, Shi Jin, Xiqi Gao, Matthew R. McKay, Chengshan Xiao. Transmit Designs for the MIMO Broadcast Channel With Statistical CSI
4467 -- 4478Xia Hong, Sheng Chen 0001, Chris J. Harris, Emad Khalaf. Single-Carrier Frequency Domain Equalization for Hammerstein Communication Systems Using Complex-Valued Neural Networks
4479 -- 4489Koji Harada. Nonparametric Spectral Estimation of Phase Noise in Modulated Signals Based on Complementary Autocorrelation
4490 -- 4504Yimin Liu, Tianyao Huang, Huadong Meng, Xiqin Wang. Fundamental Limits of HRR Profiling and Velocity Compensation for Stepped-Frequency Waveforms
4505 -- 4515An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Phase Only RF Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems With Limited RF Chains
4516 -- 4531Hannan Lohrasbipeydeh, T. Aaron Gulliver, Hamidreza Amindavar. Blind Received Signal Strength Difference Based Source Localization With System Parameter Errors
4532 -- 4546Xiaoping Lai, Zhiping Lin. Optimal Design of Constrained FIR Filters Without Phase Response Specifications
4547 -- 4556Mehrdad Yaghoobi, Laurent Daudet, Michael E. Davies. Dictionary Subselection Using an Overcomplete Joint Sparsity Model
4557 -- 4572Markus V. S. Lima, Tadeu N. Ferreira, Wallace Alves Martins, Paulo S. R. Diniz. Sparsity-Aware Data-Selective Adaptive Filters
4573 -- 4586Chunxiao Jiang, Yan Chen, K. J. Ray Liu. Evolutionary Dynamics of Information Diffusion Over Social Networks
4587 -- 4596Seifallah Jardak, Sajid Ahmed, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. Generation of Correlated Finite Alphabet Waveforms Using Gaussian Random Variables
4597 -- 4610Zubair Khalid, Rodney A. Kennedy, Jason D. McEwen. An Optimal-Dimensionality Sampling Scheme on the Sphere With Fast Spherical Harmonic Transforms
4611 -- 4626Chengpu Yu, Lihua Xie, Yeng Chai Soh. Blind Channel and Source Estimation in Networked Systems
4627 -- 4636Lalan Kumar, Ardhendu Tripathy, Rajesh M. Hegde. Robust Multi-Source Localization Over Planar Arrays Using MUSIC-Group Delay Spectrum

Volume 62, Issue 16

4039 -- 4051Zhaoxi Fang, Xiaojun Yuan, Xin Wang. Towards the Asymptotic Sum Capacity of the MIMO Cellular Two-Way Relay Channel
4052 -- 4063Jian Du, Shaodan Ma, Yik-Chung Wu, H. Vincent Poor. Distributed Hybrid Power State Estimation Under PMU Sampling Phase Errors
4064 -- 4076Vincent Choqueuse, Adel Belouchrani, El Houssin El Bouchikhi, Mohamed El Hachemi Benbouzid. Estimation of Amplitude, Phase and Unbalance Parameters in Three-phase Systems: Analytical Solutions, Efficient Implementation and Performance Analysis
4077 -- 4090Liang Sun, Matthew R. McKay. Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding for Multiuser MIMO Systems With Quantized CSI Feedback and User Scheduling
4091 -- 4104Alireza Roodaki, Julien Bect, Gilles Fleury. Relabeling and Summarizing Posterior Distributions in Signal Decomposition Problems When the Number of Components is Unknown
4105 -- 4113Henrik Ohlsson, Yonina C. Eldar, Allen Y. Yang, S. Shankar Sastry. Compressive Shift Retrieval
4114 -- 4128Joakim Andén, Stéphane Mallat. Deep Scattering Spectrum
4129 -- 4144Jie Chen, Cédric Richard, Ali H. Sayed. Multitask Diffusion Adaptation Over Networks
4145 -- 4157P. P. Vaidyanathan. Ramanujan Sums in the Context of Signal Processing - Part I: Fundamentals
4158 -- 4172P. P. Vaidyanathan. Ramanujan Sums in the Context of Signal Processing - Part II: FIR Representations and Applications
4173 -- 4186Jung Kuk Kim, Phil Knag, Thomas Chen, Zhengya Zhang. Efficient Hardware Architecture for Sparse Coding
4187 -- 4198Javad Mirzaei, Shahram Shahbazpanahi. Sum-Rate Maximization for Active Channels With Unequal Subchannel Noise Powers
4199 -- 4208Timo Gerkmann. Bayesian Estimation of Clean Speech Spectral Coefficients Given a Priori Knowledge of the Phase
4209 -- 4223M. Salman Asif, Justin Romberg. Sparse Recovery of Streaming Signals Using $\ell_1$-Homotopy
4224 -- 4236Kobi Cohen, Qing Zhao, Ananthram Swami. Optimal Index Policies for Anomaly Localization in Resource-Constrained Cyber Systems
4237 -- 4244Gengshen Fu, Matthew Anderson, Tülay Adali. Likelihood Estimators for Dependent Samples and Their Application to Order Detection
4245 -- 4255Gengshen Fu, Ronald Phlypo, Matthew Anderson, Xi-Lin Li, Tülay Adali. Blind Source Separation by Entropy Rate Minimization
4256 -- 4269Mai Quyen Pham, Laurent Duval, Caroline Chaux, Jean-Christophe Pesquet. A Primal-Dual Proximal Algorithm for Sparse Template-Based Adaptive Filtering: Application to Seismic Multiple Removal
4270 -- 4283Sung Sik Nam, Hong-Chuan Yang, Mohamed-Slim Alouini, Dong In Kim. An MGF-Based Unified Framework to Determine the Joint Statistics of Partial Sums of Ordered i.n.d. Random Variables
4284 -- 4297Han Guo, Chenlu Qiu, Namrata Vaswani. An Online Algorithm for Separating Sparse and Low-Dimensional Signal Sequences From Their Sum
4298 -- 4310Antoine Liutkus, Derry Fitzgerald, Zafar Rafii, Bryan Pardo, Laurent Daudet. Kernel Additive Models for Source Separation
4311 -- 4326Che Lin, Chia-Jou Lu, Wei-Hao Chen. Outage-Constrained Coordinated Beamforming With Opportunistic Interference Cancellation
4327 -- 4338Soheil Feizi, Georgios Angelopoulos, Vivek K. Goyal, Muriel Médard. Backward Adaptation for Power Efficient Sampling

Volume 62, Issue 15

3727 -- 3740Anh H. Nguyen, Yichao Huang, Bhaskar D. Rao. Learning Methods for CDF Scheduling in Multiuser Heterogeneous Systems
3741 -- 3753Jiang Zhu, Xiaohan Wang, Xiaokang Lin, Yuantao Gu. Maximum Likelihood Estimation From Sign Measurements With Sensing Matrix Perturbation
3754 -- 3767Laming Chen, Yuantao Gu. The Convergence Guarantees of a Non-Convex Approach for Sparse Recovery
3768 -- 3783Markku Renfors, Juha Yli-Kaakinen, Fredric J. Harris. Analysis and Design of Efficient and Flexible Fast-Convolution Based Multirate Filter Banks
3784 -- 3798Morteza Ibrahimi, Andrea Montanari, George S. Moore. Accelerated Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
3799 -- 3808Weile Zhang, Qinye Yin, Wenjie Wang, Feifei Gao. One-Shot Blind CFO and Channel Estimation for OFDM With Multi-Antenna Receiver
3809 -- 3821Christopher K. Turnes, Doru Balcan, Justin K. Romberg. Superfast Tikhonov Regularization of Toeplitz Systems
3822 -- 3832Juan P. Pascual, Nicolás von Ellenrieder, Martin Hurtado, Carlos H. Muravchik. Adaptive Radar Detection Algorithm Based on an Autoregressive GARCH-2D Clutter Model
3833 -- 3848Eduardo A. B. da Silva, Lisandro Lovisolo, Alessandro J. S. Dutra, Paulo S. R. Diniz. FIR Filter Design Based on Successive Approximation of Vectors
3849 -- 3862Dorina Thanou, David I. Shuman, Pascal Frossard. Learning Parametric Dictionaries for Signals on Graphs
3863 -- 3873Nasim Moallemi, Shahram Shahbazpanahi. A Distributed Reflector Localization Approach to Ultrasonic Array Imaging in Non-Destructive Testing Applications
3874 -- 3886Ali Cagatay Cirik, Yue Rong, Yingbo Hua. Achievable Rates of Full-Duplex MIMO Radios in Fast Fading Channels With Imperfect Channel Estimation
3887 -- 3896Wonjung Lee, C. Farmer. Data Assimilation by Conditioning of Driving Noise on Future Observations
3897 -- 3910Deborah Cohen, Yonina C. Eldar. Sub-Nyquist Sampling for Power Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radios: A Unified Approach
3911 -- 3923Siddharth Deshmukh, Balasubramaniam Natarajan, Anil Pahwa. State Estimation Over a Lossy Network in Spatially Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems
3924 -- 3938Zaid J. Towfic, Ali H. Sayed. Adaptive Penalty-Based Distributed Stochastic Convex Optimization
3939 -- 3952Wei-Cheng Liao, Mingyi Hong, Ya-Feng Liu, Zhi-Quan Luo. Base Station Activation and Linear Transceiver Design for Optimal Resource Management in Heterogeneous Networks
3953 -- 3964Anh-Tuyet Vu, Ba-Ngu Vo, Robin J. Evans. A Particle Marginal Metropolis-Hastings Multi-Target Tracker
3965 -- 3975Maurizio Awais, Guido Masera, Maurizio Martina, Guido Montorsi. VLSI Implementation of a Non-Binary Decoder Based on the Analog Digital Belief Propagation
3976 -- 3989Robby G. McKilliam, André Pollok, William G. Cowley, I. Vaughan L. Clarkson, Barry G. Quinn. Carrier Phase and Amplitude Estimation for Phase Shift Keying Using Pilots and Data
3990 -- 4005Jie Chen, Cédric Richard, José Carlos M. Bermudez, Paul Honeine. Variants of Non-Negative Least-Mean-Square Algorithm and Convergence Analysis
4006 -- 4017Huaqiang Shu, Laurent Ros, Eric Pierre Simon. Simplified Random-Walk-Model-Based Kalman Filter for Slow to Moderate Fading Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems
4018 -- 4033Faouzi Bellili, Achref Methenni, Sofiène Affes. Closed-Form CRLBs for SNR Estimation From Turbo-Coded BPSK-, MSK-, and Square-QAM-Modulated Signals

Volume 62, Issue 14

3499 -- 3509John Z. Sun, Dhruv Parthasarathy, Kush R. Varshney. Collaborative Kalman Filtering for Dynamic Matrix Factorization
3510 -- 3522Reza Arablouei, Kutluyil Dogancay, Stefan Werner, Yih-Fang Huang. Adaptive Distributed Estimation Based on Recursive Least-Squares and Partial Diffusion
3523 -- 3535Ali Ghobadzadeh, Saeed Gazor, Mohammad Reza Taban, AliAkbar Tadaion, S. Mohammad Moshtaghioun. Invariance and Optimality of CFAR Detectors in Binary Composite Hypothesis Tests
3536 -- 3551Muhammad Fainan Hanif, Le-Nam Tran, Markku J. Juntti, Savo Glisic. On Linear Precoding Strategies for Secrecy Rate Maximization in Multiuser Multiantenna Wireless Networks
3552 -- 3564Jordi Serra, Montse Nájar. Asymptotically Optimal Linear Shrinkage of Sample LMMSE and MVDR Filters
3565 -- 3577Gang Yang, Chin Keong Ho, Yong Liang Guan. Dynamic Resource Allocation for Multiple-Antenna Wireless Power Transfer
3578 -- 3590Yuichi Tanaka, Akie Sakiyama. $M$ -Channel Oversampled Graph Filter Banks
3591 -- 3603Ranjitha Prasad, Chandra R. Murthy, Bhaskar D. Rao. Joint Approximately Sparse Channel Estimation and Data Detection in OFDM Systems Using Sparse Bayesian Learning
3604 -- 3615Leandro Ronchini Ximenes, Gérard Favier, André Lima Férrer de Almeida, Yuri C. B. Silva. PARAFAC-PARATUCK Semi-Blind Receivers for Two-Hop Cooperative MIMO Relay Systems
3616 -- 3630Ammar Zafar, Redha M. Radaydeh, Yunfei Chen, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. Enhancing the Efficiency of Constrained Dual-Hop Variable-Gain AF Relaying Under Nakagami- $m$ Fading
3631 -- 3642Ana Sovic, Damir Sersic. Efficient Least Absolute Deviation Adaptive Wavelet Filter Bank
3643 -- 3653Yohan Petetin, François Desbouvries. A Class of Fast Exact Bayesian Filters in Dynamical Models With Jumps
3654 -- 3666Martin Storath, Andreas Weinmann, Laurent Demaret. Jump-Sparse and Sparse Recovery Using Potts Functionals
3667 -- 3681Amirpasha Shirazinia, Saikat Chatterjee, Mikael Skoglund. Joint Source-Channel Vector Quantization for Compressed Sensing
3682 -- 3694Chengfang Ren, Mohammed Nabil El Korso, Jérôme Galy, Eric Chaumette, Pascal Larzabal, Alexandre Renaux. On the Accuracy and Resolvability of Vector Parameter Estimates
3695 -- 3705R. Torres, Z. Lizarazo, E. Torres. Fractional Sampling Theorem for Alpha-Bandlimited Random Signals and Its Relation to the von Neumann Ergodic Theorem
3706 -- 3719Peter G. Vouras, Trac D. Tran. Robust Transmit Nulling in Wideband Arrays
3720 -- 0Kanghee Lee, Jie Yang 0021, Hyuck M. Kwon. Comments on "Distributed MMSE Relay Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks"

Volume 62, Issue 13

3293 -- 3304Chao Jia, Brian L. Evans. Constrained 3D Rotation Smoothing via Global Manifold Regression for Video Stabilization
3305 -- 3320Pedro A. Forero, Ketan Rajawat, Georgios B. Giannakis. Prediction of Partially Observed Dynamical Processes Over Networks via Dictionary Learning
3321 -- 3336Tirza Routtenberg, Joseph Tabrikian. Cyclic Barankin-Type Bounds for Non-Bayesian Periodic Parameter Estimation
3337 -- 3348Patrick Carroll, Kaleel Mahmood, Shengli Zhou, Hao Zhou, Xiaoka Xu, Jun-Hong Cui. On-Demand Asynchronous Localization for Underwater Sensor Networks
3349 -- 3359Md. Zulfiquar Ali Bhotto, M. Omair Ahmad, M. N. S. Swamy. Robust Shrinkage Affine-Projection Sign Adaptive-Filtering Algorithms for Impulsive Noise Environments
3360 -- 3370Muhammad Zia, Zhi Ding. Bandwidth Efficient Variable Rate HARQ Under Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes
3371 -- 3378Dae Gwan Lee, Paulo Jorge S. G. Ferreira. Superoscillations of Prescribed Amplitude and Derivative
3379 -- 3392Seisuke Kyochi, Yuichi Tanaka. General Factorization of Conjugate-Symmetric Hadamard Transforms
3393 -- 3402Xianwei Li, Huijun Gao. ∞ Filtering for Linear Discrete-Time Systems With Application to Channel Equalization
3403 -- 3414Håkan Johansson. Relations Between Zero-IF Receiver I/Q and TI-ADC Channel Mismatches
3415 -- 3428Emmanuel Delande, Murat Uney, Jeremie Houssineau, Daniel E. Clark. Regional Variance for Multi-Object Filtering
3429 -- 3441Chia-Shiang Tseng, Juwendo Denis, Che Lin. On the Robust Design of Adaptive Distributed Beamforming for Wireless Sensor/Relay Networks
3442 -- 3453Pengcheng Shen, Chunguang Li. Distributed Information Theoretic Clustering
3454 -- 3463Sivaraman Dasarathan, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu. Distributed Estimation and Detection With Bounded Transmissions Over Gaussian Multiple Access Channels
3464 -- 3478Po-Yu Chen, Ivan W. Selesnick. Group-Sparse Signal Denoising: Non-Convex Regularization, Convex Optimization
3479 -- 3493Shang-Ho Tsai, H. Vincent Poor. Power Allocation for Artificial-Noise Secure MIMO Precoding Systems

Volume 62, Issue 12

3029 -- 3041Ondrej Hlinka, Franz Hlawatsch, Petar M. Djuric. Consensus-based Distributed Particle Filtering With Distributed Proposal Adaptation
3042 -- 3054Aliaksei Sandryhaila, José M. F. Moura. Discrete Signal Processing on Graphs: Frequency Analysis
3055 -- 3068Sijia Liu, Makan Fardad, Pramod K. Varshney, Engin Masazade. Optimal Periodic Sensor Scheduling in Networks of Dynamical Systems
3069 -- 3083Yu Zhang, Mihaela van der Schaar. Collective Ratings for Online Communities With Strategic Users
3084 -- 3097Mirsad Cirkic, Erik G. Larsson. SUMIS: Near-Optimal Soft-In Soft-Out MIMO Detection With Low and Fixed Complexity
3098 -- 3110Hang Ma, Yu-Han Yang, Yan Chen, K. J. Ray Liu, Qi Wang. Distributed State Estimation With Dimension Reduction Preprocessing
3111 -- 3124Junjie Ma, Li Ping. Data-Aided Channel Estimation in Large Antenna Systems
3125 -- 3134Dae Gwan Lee, Paulo Jorge S. G. Ferreira. Direct Construction of Superoscillations
3135 -- 3142Oren Jean, Anthony J. Weiss. Geolocation by Direction of Arrival Using Arrays With Unknown Orientation
3143 -- 3152Francesco Papi, Melanie Bocquel, Martin Podt, Yvo Boers. Fixed-Lag Smoothing for Bayes Optimal Knowledge Exploitation in Target Tracking
3153 -- 3164Christoph Hellings, Lennart Gerdes, Lorenz Weiland, Wolfgang Utschick. On Optimal Gaussian Signaling in MIMO Relay Channels With Partial Decode-and-Forward
3165 -- 3179YouZhe Fan, Chi-Ying Tsui. An Efficient Partial-Sum Network Architecture for Semi-Parallel Polar Codes Decoder Implementation
3180 -- 3193Yasin Yilmaz, Xiaodong Wang. Sequential Distributed Detection in Energy-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
3194 -- 3207Yujie Gu, Nathan A. Goodman, Amit Ashok. Radar Target Profiling and Recognition Based on TSI-Optimized Compressive Sensing Kernel
3208 -- 3219Bhavya Kailkhura, Swastik Brahma, Yunghsiang S. Han, Pramod K. Varshney. Distributed Detection in Tree Topologies With Byzantines
3220 -- 3231Weize Sun, Hing-Cheung So, Yuan Chen, Longting Huang, Lei Huang. Approximate Subspace-Based Iterative Adaptive Approach for Fast Two-Dimensional Spectral Estimation
3232 -- 3245Omur Ozel, Khurram Shahzad, Sennur Ulukus. Optimal Energy Allocation for Energy Harvesting Transmitters With Hybrid Energy Storage and Processing Cost
3246 -- 3260Stephan Reuter, Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo, Klaus Dietmayer. The Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter
3261 -- 3271Xiongbin Rao, Vincent K. N. Lau. Distributed Compressive CSIT Estimation and Feedback for FDD Multi-User Massive MIMO Systems
3272 -- 3283Mahdi Marsousi, Kaveh Abhari, Paul Babyn, Javad Alirezaie. An Adaptive Approach to Learn Overcomplete Dictionaries With Efficient Numbers of Elements

Volume 62, Issue 11

2751 -- 2764Y. Yang, Z. K. Peng, X. J. Dong, W. M. Zhang, G. Meng. General Parameterized Time-Frequency Transform
2765 -- 2777Wei Gao, Jie Chen, Cédric Richard, Jianguo Huang. Online Dictionary Learning for Kernel LMS
2778 -- 2786Pedro A. Rodriguez, Matthew Anderson, Xi-Lin Li, Tülay Adali. General Non-Orthogonal Constrained ICA
2787 -- 2802Feng Xi, Shengyao Chen, Zhong Liu. Quadrature Compressive Sampling for Radar Signals
2803 -- 2813Chen Chen, Yeqing Li, JunZhou Huang. Forest Sparsity for Multi-Channel Compressive Sensing
2814 -- 2826Hua Lan, Yan Liang, Quan Pan, Feng Yang, Chao Guan. An EM Algorithm for Multipath State Estimation in OTHR Target Tracking
2827 -- 2836Chun-Su Park. Recursive Algorithm for Sliding Walsh Hadamard Transform
2837 -- 2849Bernhard Etzlinger, Henk Wymeersch, Andreas Springer. Cooperative Synchronization in Wireless Networks
2850 -- 2859Shuxing Li, Gennian Ge. Deterministic Construction of Sparse Sensing Matrices via Finite Geometry
2860 -- 2870Rodrigo Cabral Farias, Jean-Marc Brossier. Scalar Quantization for Estimation: From An Asymptotic Design to a Practical Solution
2871 -- 2878Jacqueline Christmas. Bayesian Spectral Analysis With Student-t Noise
2879 -- 2893Siheng Chen, Fernando Cerda, Piervincenzo Rizzo, Jacobo Bielak, James H. Garrett, Jelena Kovacevic. Semi-Supervised Multiresolution Classification Using Adaptive Graph Filtering With Application to Indirect Bridge Structural Health Monitoring
2894 -- 2905Dana Lahat, Jean-François Cardoso, Hagit Messer. Blind Separation of Multi-Dimensional Components via Subspace Decomposition: Performance Analysis
2906 -- 2921S. Derin Babacan, Shinichi Nakajima, Minh N. Do. Bayesian Group-Sparse Modeling and Variational Inference
2922 -- 2937Hyun Jong Yang, Bang Chul Jung, Won-Yong Shin, Arogyaswami Paulraj. Codebook-Based Opportunistic Interference Alignment
2938 -- 2944Natalia Y. Ermolova, Olav Tirkkonen. Laplace Transform of Product of Generalized Marcum Q, Bessel I, and Power Functions With Applications
2945 -- 2957Sandeep Gogineni, Muralidhar Rangaswamy, Brian D. Rigling, Arye Nehorai. Ambiguity Function Analysis for UMTS-Based Passive Multistatic Radar
2958 -- 2972Kyle Q. Lepage, David J. Thomson. Reduced Mean-Square Error Quadratic Inverse Spectrum Estimator
2973 -- 2983Reza Arablouei, Kutluyil Dogancay, Tülay Adali. Unbiased Recursive Least-Squares Estimation Utilizing Dichotomous Coordinate-Descent Iterations
2984 -- 2998Alberth Alvarado, Gesualdo Scutari, Jong-Shi Pang. A New Decomposition Method for Multiuser DC-Programming and Its Applications
2999 -- 3012Daniel E. Hack, Lee K. Patton, Braham Himed, Michael A. Saville. Detection in Passive MIMO Radar Networks
3013 -- 3023Daniel E. Hack, Lee K. Patton, Braham Himed, Michael A. Saville. Centralized Passive MIMO Radar Detection Without Direct-Path Reference Signals

Volume 62, Issue 10

2469 -- 2479Bertrand Le Gal, Christophe Jégo, Camille Leroux. A Flexible NISC-Based LDPC Decoder
2480 -- 2491Richard K. Martin, Alexander Folkerts, Tyler Heinl. Accuracy vs. Resolution in Radio Tomography
2492 -- 2503Weihua Zheng, Kenli Li, Keqin Li. Scaled Radix-2/8 Algorithm for Efficient Computation of Length-$N=2^{m}$ DFTs
2504 -- 2516Ping Kwan Tam, Kainam Thomas Wong, Yang Song. An Hybrid Cramér-Rao Bound in Closed Form for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation by an "Acoustic Vector Sensor" With Gain-Phase Uncertainties
2517 -- 2530Bingo Wing-Kuen Ling, Charlotte Yuk-Fan Ho, Kok Lay Teo, Wan-Chi Siu, Jiang-Zhong Cao, Qingyun Dai. Optimal Design of Cosine Modulated Nonuniform Linear Phase FIR Filter Bank via Both Stretching and Shifting Frequency Response of Single Prototype Filter
2531 -- 2541Harish Chintakunta, Hamid Krim. Distributed Localization of Coverage Holes Using Topological Persistence
2542 -- 2553Keyong Han, Arye Nehorai. Nested Vector-Sensor Array Processing via Tensor Modeling
2554 -- 2565Salvatore Caporale, Nicolo Speciale. Analytical Construction and Fast Computation of Frequency Warping Operators and Dual Frame
2566 -- 2579Matthias Hotz, Christian Vogel. Linearization of Time-Varying Nonlinear Systems Using A Modified Linear Iterative Method
2580 -- 2594Hua-Jie Shao, Xiao-Ping Zhang, Zhi Wang. Efficient Closed-Form Algorithms for AOA Based Self-Localization of Sensor Nodes Using Auxiliary Variables
2595 -- 2610Kenneth M. Pesyna, Zaher M. Kassas, Robert W. Heath, Todd E. Humphreys. A Phase-Reconstruction Technique for Low-Power Centimeter-Accurate Mobile Positioning
2611 -- 2625Florian Roemer, Martin Haardt, Giovanni Del Galdo. Analytical Performance Assessment of Multi-Dimensional Matrix- and Tensor-Based ESPRIT-Type Algorithms
2626 -- 2641Yujiao Zheng, Ruixin Niu, Pramod K. Varshney. Sequential Bayesian Estimation With Censored Data for Multi-Sensor Systems
2642 -- 2655Yuanxin Wu, Jinling Wang, Dewen Hu. A New Technique for INS/GNSS Attitude and Parameter Estimation Using Online Optimization
2656 -- 2666Nil Garcia, Alexander M. Haimovich, Martial Coulon, Marco Lops. Resource Allocation in MIMO Radar With Multiple Targets for Non-Coherent Localization
2667 -- 2680Shwetha Edla, Narayan Kovvali, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola. Electrocardiogram Signal Modeling With Adaptive Parameter Estimation Using Sequential Bayesian Methods
2681 -- 2695V. Sriram Siddhardh Nadendla, Yunghsiang S. Han, Pramod K. Varshney. Distributed Inference With M-Ary Quantized Data in the Presence of Byzantine Attacks
2696 -- 2708Ahmed Mahdi, Vassilis Paliouras. A Low Complexity-High Throughput QC-LDPC Encoder
2709 -- 2718Brian L. Mark, Yariv Ephraim. Explicit Causal Recursive Estimators for Continuous-Time Bivariate Markov Chains
2719 -- 2729Yiftach Richter, Itsik Bergel. MMSE-SLNR Precoding for Multi-Antenna Cognitive Radio
2730 -- 2745Simon Järmyr, Björn E. Ottersten, Eduard A. Jorswieck. Statistical Framework for Optimization in the Multi-User MIMO Uplink With ZF-DFE

Volume 62, Issue 1

5 -- 16Yiming Ma, An Liu, Yingbo Hua. A Dual-Phase Power Allocation Scheme for Multicarrier Relay System With Direct Link
17 -- 30Anna Jezierska, Caroline Chaux, Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Hugues Talbot, Gilbert Engler. An EM Approach for Time-Variant Poisson-Gaussian Model Parameter Estimation
31 -- 43Yilin Mo, João Pedro Hespanha, Bruno Sinopoli. Resilient Detection in the Presence of Integrity Attacks
44 -- 55Josep Font-Segura, Gregori Vázquez, Jaume Riba. Nonuniform Sampling Walls in Wideband Signal Detection
56 -- 68Bernard Mulgrew. The Stationary Phase Approximation, Time-Frequency Decomposition and Auditory Processing
69 -- 84Shibin Wang, XueFeng Chen, Gaigai Cai, Binqiang Chen, Xiang Li, Zhengjia He. Matching Demodulation Transform and SynchroSqueezing in Time-Frequency Analysis
85 -- 94Meisam Razaviyayn, Mohammad Hadi Baligh, Aaron Callard, Zhi-Quan Luo. Joint User Grouping and Transceiver Design in a MIMO Interfering Broadcast Channel
95 -- 106Sandeep Gogineni, Muralidhar Rangaswamy, Brian D. Rigling, Arye Nehorai. Cramér-Rao Bounds for UMTS-Based Passive Multistatic Radar
107 -- 120Nafiseh Shariati, Jiaheng Wang, Mats Bengtsson. Robust Training Sequence Design for Correlated MIMO Channel Estimation
121 -- 130Tuomas Haarnoja, Kari Tammi, Kai Zenger. Exact LTP Representation of the Generalized Periodic-Reference FxLMS Algorithm
131 -- 140Chengpu Yu, Cishen Zhang, Lihua Xie. A New Deterministic Identification Approach to Hammerstein Systems
141 -- 155Pingping Zhu, Badong Chen, Jose C. Principe. Learning Nonlinear Generative Models of Time Series With a Kalman Filter in RKHS
156 -- 167Efthymios Stathakis, Joakim Jalden, Lars K. Rasmussen, Mikael Skoglund. Uniformly Improving Maximum-Likelihood SNR Estimation of Known Signals in Gaussian Channels
168 -- 182Feng Yin, Carsten Fritsche, Fredrik Gustafsson, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. EM- and JMAP-ML Based Joint Estimation Algorithms for Robust Wireless Geolocation in Mixed LOS/NLOS Environments
183 -- 195Demba E. Ba, Behtash Babadi, Patrick L. Purdon, Emery N. Brown. Convergence and Stability of Iteratively Re-weighted Least Squares Algorithms
196 -- 210Hao Fang, Sergiy A. Vorobyov, Hai Jiang, Omid Taheri. Permutation Meets Parallel Compressed Sensing: How to Relax Restricted Isometry Property for 2D Sparse Signals
211 -- 224Kejun Huang, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Ananthram Swami. Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Revisited: Uniqueness and Algorithm for Symmetric Decomposition
225 -- 238Jesper Kjær Nielsen, Mads Græsbøll Christensen, Ali Taylan Cemgil, Søren Holdt Jensen. Bayesian Model Comparison With the g-Prior
239 -- 251Maryam Abolfath Beygi, Vikram Krishnamurthy. Biosensor Arrays for Estimating Molecular Concentration in Fluid Flows
252 -- 265Marcos H. Maruo, José Carlos M. Bermudez, Leonardo S. Resende. Statistical Analysis of a Jointly Optimized Beamformer-Assisted Acoustic Echo Canceler